My Birthday Prayers to God in 2020

My Birthday Prayers to God in 2023

Birthdays are once in a year affair for everyone on earth. It takes wisdom to understand that being alive to witness this amazing day year after year is nothing but the grace of God.

You don’t want to be an ungrateful human so you’d definitely love to say some words as gratitude to God as you make that birthday post on your social media account (s).

Not only can you take a peek, but you can make your choice of the best words to say as your birthday prayers to God in this collection of quotes.

Happy Birthday to Me Prayers to God

It’s your birthday and you wish to bless God in prayers for everything? It’s just a perfect time and place to get that done. Use these my birthday prayers to God to get it done. And don’t forget to share.

1. Thank you God for bringing me this far in life. You’ve blessed me with divine 1health, a beautiful life, more than enough happiness and peace of mind. You’ve provided me with blessings worth more than earthly treasures and I’ll never take this for granted. Thank you so much for loving me. Thank you for making me witness another birthday, Lord. Happy birthday to me.

2. Dearest heavenly Father, I want to thank you for smiling on me. You have blessed my life with so many riches that I can only say you’re good to me. Thanks for the riches of health and wealth. My heart is happy because I’m confident that you’ll keep smiling on me. Thanks to you Lord, I can witness another birth anniversary. Happy birthday to me.

3. My sunshine and the source of my inspiration, thanks for filling my life up with countless blessings. Thanks for filling me with rays of sunshine and warmth. You’re my God, and I’ll not forget to appreciate you for the gift of a beautiful life. As I add another year to my years, I pray that you continue to colour me with your love. Let my days be long and fun-filled.

4. A new age is here for me and I’m confident it brings with it blessings. Dear Lord, I just want to take a moment to appreciate every day of my life you’ve brought me from so far. I’m not sure I wanna ask for anything, but you know I won’t reject your gifts. I’m grateful God, happy birthday to me.

5. To God the creator of life and all, I have nothing to say than a mighty thank you for the life you gave me. My journey so far has been you, the reason I’m asking you to take the wheel of this new year and steer me to greatness. Thank you because I’ll have a wonderful year ahead. Happy birthday to me.

6. I can’t help but thank God for life and everything. Happy birthday to me today.

7. Help me to love you and walk in your ways till the end of my days. Happy birthday to me.

8. I am so grateful for another chance at another year, it can only be you God. Happy birthday to me.

9. Many blessings I pray for today and always. Thank you, Lord, for everything, happy birthday to me.

10. From the bottom of my heart, all I can say is I am grateful Lord for another year. Happy birthday to me.

11. My life is a precious gift which I’ll eternally be grateful for. Thank you, God, for another year of grace ahead me.

12. So many wishes and requests on my mind but before then, thank you, Lord, for adding another to my years. Happy birthday to me.

13. Good health, great grace, divine favour and mercies are all I ask if you today Lord.

14. As I step into the journey of another year, surely goodness and mercy will follow me. I wish me a happy birthday.

15. I am most grateful to you the most High God because you’ve brought me so far. Happy birthday to me.

16. Your blessings are so amazing, that I can’t keep the tears away. You’ve been amazing Lord, thank you for giving me the chance of another year.

17. You are an amazing God! Thank you for this opportunity to witness another year. Happy birthday to me.

18. All the glory to the most high who has kept me this far. Thank you Lord for your goodness always. Happy birthday to me.

19. Your love is amazing always and I’ll never take it for granted. Thank you God for always keeping me. I can’t have enough of your love. Happy birthday to me.

20. My heart rejoices and gives all the glory to you my maker for keeping me till this day. Thanks for making me celebrate another birthday.

21. Thank you God because you answer me always. You will have my praises forever. Happy birthday to me.

22. Thank you God for a life of bliss and peace which you’ve given me. All of my achievements I dedicate to you. Happy birthday to me.

23. I dedicate my joy and happiness of today and always to you, my God. Thank you for the life goodies you’ve blessed me with. Happy birthday to me.

24. Your love had been amazing and the journey has been awesome so far. Thank you, Lord, for adding to my years.

25. Because I have enjoyed your mercies that endure forever over the years, I say thank you, God. Happy birthday to me.

26. Your overwhelming love is what has kept and brought me this far. Thank you God for granting me another year.

27. Father of all universe, there’s nothing for me to say than gratitude, for how far you’ve been my strength. Thank you lord as I add another year today.

28. Your praise will forever be in my mouth and heart. Thank you for your amazing love in my life.

29. There’s so much you’ve done for me that I can’t tell it all. I love you and I say thanks to you as I celebrate another birthday today.

30. You gave me life and this is more than enough to praise you for. Thank you for this grace to celebrate another birthday.

31. Thank you most wonderful father, it’s another birthday for me again and all I can think of is just Thank God.

32. To you oh Lord be my praises from now till the end of days. I cannot praise you enough.

33. Because you always hear, see and keep me, I’ll eternally be grateful. Thank you for preserving me till another birth anniversary.

34. To the most amazing presence in the universe, thank you Lord always, for the gift of life. Happy birthday to me.

35. Your love has kept me and I am eternally grateful to have you as my Father. Thank you, God. Happy birthday to me.

36. Over and again you’ve proved to be a wonderful father. Thank you, Lord. Happy birthday to me.

37. I am never ungrateful Lord, thank you for how far you’ve brought me. Happy birthday to me.

38. The most important gift you’ve given me I’ll forever appreciate. Thank you, Lord, for it all. Happy birthday to me.

39. Through it all, I feel your love surround me, thank you always, my Lord and God. Happy birthday to me.

40. Your love has made me a happy child and I’ll always thank you for it all.

41. Even if my tongues number to a million, I will still be grateful for every goodie of life you’ve given to me.

42. I am confident you’ll keep me as you’ve always done so all I can do is just thank you for the rest of my life. Happy birthday to me.

43. Unto you will I lift my gratitude to forever and always. Thank you, Lord, for giving me the grace of another year.

44. You’ve given me life, Al I can do is spend the rest of it to show my gratitude. Happy birthday to me.

45. So many uniqueness you built in me, I am grateful Lord for health and wellness. Birthday blessings to me today.

46. My heart, my life is yours till evermore Lord, you’ve kept and sustained me over the gears today and that’s more than enough.

47. You will forever have my praises, my Creator. Thank you for another beautiful year ahead of me. Happy birthday to myself.

48. Heavenly Father, I just want to say thank you for this day again. Thank you for the gift of another birthday.

49. I have tasted and seen your blessings all around me. Thank you Lord for another year of pleasant surprises. Happy birthday to me, today.

50. You’ve given me the opportunity of a fruitful life. Thank you Lord for another year.

51. Your joy is my strength always and you’ve proved to be my only father over the years. Thank you, Father Lord, happy birthday to me.

52. There are so many goodies that I’ve enjoyed which has made me confident that you’ve got my back always. Thank you, my gracious father.

53. For all these years of love and favour, I just want to say thank you, Father. Happy birthday to me.

54. All I just want to say is ‘Thank you, Lord’. It’s another of my birth anniversary today.

55. I will praise you all of my days father, thank you for adding another year to my years today.

56. I just want to say I love you Father and I will for the rest of my days. Thanks for another birthday today.

57. All my life will be spent in showing my appreciation to you the creator of all things. Thank you for another birthday today.

58. All my love and gratitude to you today Lord, I am eternally grateful to you. Happy birthday to me today.

59. I am your son and you’ve stood by me as the greatest Father. Thank you Lord for this grace, happy birthday to me.

60. You’ve kept me even in stormy days, you are my real Father and the real MVP. Happy birthday to me today.

61. I am sure you’re so proud whenever you look down at what you’ve made me into. Thank you my most gracious father. Happy birthday to me.

62. It’s undeniable that your love surrounds me always. I am grateful for another birthday Father.

63. I am one of your miracles, my life is a great testimony of your love and I am so grateful God. Happy birthday to me.

64. Nothing can compare to how awesome you are to me Lord, thank you for it all. Happy birthday to me.

65. No one can love and keep me as you do, thank you so much, eternal love.

66. You know I love and appreciate you, God, always and ever. Thank you for the gift of ME. Happy birthday to me.

67. I am your son, you are my Father. Thank you for the endless love. Happy birthday to me.

68. Through all these years God I feel your love and care. Thank you for how far you’ve brought me.

69. My heart rejoices and blesses you, Lord, thank you for the every day life’s blessings.

70. You have set me high up and I am forever grateful. Thank you, my loving father. Happy birthday to me.

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