Happy Belated 1st Birthday Wishes

Happy Belated 1st Birthday Wishes

First birthdays are a big deal. That’s why, when you miss the birth anniversary of such celebrants, it’s important to excellently make up for it.

With the right words stringed together, you can excite even a 1-year-old celebrant with your late birthday wishes.

Therefore, I’ve composed beautiful and intense happy belated 1st birthday wishes on your behalf. All you need to do is make a choice.

Furthermore, look through the three categories in this post to find the most suitable one for you.

Belated 1st Birthday Wishes and Quotes

Don’t doubt my love for you even though these genuine birthday wishes for you came late. May you live a life of fulfilment and bliss. Happy belated first birthday, my darling. I love you.

See this collection of belated 1st birthday wishes and quotes.

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1. Even though you live in my heart, somehow I forgot yesterday was your day. Please accept my wishes. Happy belated 1st birthday. I wish you many more years of happiness and prosperity.

2. Because you deserve birthday blessings every day, the angels thought it wise that I send you my wishes today instead. Happy belated 1st birthday, my love. I wish you many years of perfect health and wealth.

3. Please don’t get mad at me for coming late with your wishes. The angels gave me too many to bring. Happy belated first birthday, sweetheart. May you enjoy a lifetime of prosperity, peace, joy, favour, good health, grace and love.

4. The best day of the year is here with your wishes; happy belated 1st birthday, my darling. May the days and years before you fulfil all the dreams you shall have and the goals you shall set. I love you.

5. You deserve a happy life, dear celebrant, and it’s what I pray for you as you clock one today. Happy belated birthday, sweetie.

6. To the smartest, cutest and loveliest one year old I know; may this new age help you encounter fresh happiness, new joy and huge prosperity in the company of your loved ones.

Belated 1st Birthday Messages

I’ve come with a truckload of blessings for your birthday hence, the late arrival of my wishes. Happy belated first birthday, angel. May the world be kind to you at all times. May you live long in prosperity and glee. I love you.

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7. This may be a late birthday message but it’s a genuine one still. Happy belated 1st birthday, sweetie. You’ve been a source of joy and so shall you continually be. I love you.

8. Don’t worry about growing older, you’ve got the best family and friends around you, sweetie. Happy belated 1st birthday, my love.

9. You’ll grow up to be loving, smart, kind, prosperous and happy. I can see that through the rainbow in the sky. Happy belated 1st birthday, sweetie.

10. Because it’s your birthday, I’ll bring heavenly gifts to your doorstep. Happy belated birthday, sweetie. As you turn one, may your life experience perfection in every aspect. I love you.

11. Even as a baby, you’ve been an angel to us. Happy belated first birthday, sweetie. It hurts to come late with the wishes but they’re yours still. I wish you a lifetime of happiness and prosperity. May you have lovely experiences.

12. May you grow stronger as you grow older every day and year. Happy belated first birthday, my dearest. Many more happy years shall you experience.

13. Take all my love on this day as you should yesterday. Happy belated birthday, sweetie. It’s your first year on earth, I hope you enjoy all that it brings to you and yours.

Belated 1st Birthday Blessings

Your birth anniversary is special to me. I promise I’ll be on time every other time you need me. Happy belated 1st birthday, my darling. May you live healthily and happily in all-around blessings. I love you truly.

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14. I’ve turned my wishes into blessings because they’re what you truly deserve. Happy belated 1st birthday. May this new age wrap you in love and expose you to goodness.

15. May your peace of mind be everlasting, and your joy be continually full. Happy belated first birthday, cutie. It’s still a great joy to celebrate your birth today.

16. May you have all the good things in life abundantly. May all your dreams come true when you start to dream. Happy belated 1st birthday, my darling.

17. Nothing else matters on this day to me more than these blessings for you; may you enjoy many more happy years on earth. I pray that you grow up to be the best version of yourself. Happy belated birthday, angel.

18. Happy belated first birthday to a young angel. May this new age usher in a happy season for you. May you have the good things of life. Live long and prosper, sweetie.

19. I pray that the Lord guide your path and endow you with wisdom and knowledge to live a prosperous and happy life. Happy belated 1st birthday, my darling.

20. Every year of your life shall be pleasant and the days ahead of you shall be fruitful. Happy belated 1st birthday, celebrant. Many more prosperous years shall you celebrate. I love you.

Did any of these wishes, quotes, messages, and blessings meet or exceed your expectations? Please let me know in the comments below.

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