1st Birthday Countdown Quotes

1st Birthday Countdown Quotes for Baby Girl or Boy

The day a child hits one year old is a very sacred and significant day in their lives. It is a day the gift of birth is celebrated; it is a day to reflect on the struggles and challenges that eventually led to the existence of your little angel.

To different people, first birthdays can be celebrated in different ways but having a countdown to the D-Day is one of the most unique ways of celebrating it. Writing adorable infant quotes for one-year-old and cute morning countdown messages for the days that proceed before a baby’s first birthday is a thrilling thing to do for most parents.

How a first birthday is celebrated is sometimes believed to have a lasting impact on the life of a child. It’s best to shower a child with love, care, and attention even if there would be a big party in honour of the child on their first birthday. 1st Birthday countdown quotes and wishes for infants, lovely countdown quotes for one-year-old and wonderful prayer message for an infant’s first birthday is one of the best gifts for a child that’s almost one.

How many days is it to your child’s first birthday? If it is in less than 10 days, start counting down now! Make use of these first birthday countdown quotes for baby girl or boy as you begin a countdown. Whisper them to your child even if they won’t understand.

10 Days Left for My Baby’s First Birthday

It’s just 10 days before we celebrate a significant day of your life. I wish the zero would just disappear so that I would be left with a day to wait for your first birthday. Happy Birthday in advance, you are my bundle of joy.

1. I’m counting darling, I’ve always been counting! 10 days left until it’s your first birthday. Thank you for staying with me, you came to me with a message of love and joy. Just a few days before we witness your first year on earth. May the purity of your heart never meet the impurities of Life. I love you, my baby!

2. It’s officially 10 days to your birthday my little angel! And I can’t stay calm! No birthday gift will be given to you can surpass the laughter and peace you brought to your home. As you clock one in few days, my wish is to provide you with all the love and care you’ll ever need.

3. It’s the smile you give to me that makes my life worth living. In 10 days, it’ll be your birthday. In 10 days, the world will celebrate your first year on earth. In 10 days, your reign as King over my life will mark a year. I look forward to celebrating your first birthday. I’ll continue to love you every year of your life.

4. It’s the 10th day of your birthday and I feel overwhelmed by all the sincere love you have shown. It’s been a wondrous journey with you and I can’t wait to get off with you on this new journey of your life.

5. Yay! Here comes the 10th day to your first birthday! It felt like yesterday when I took you out with me from the hospital! I’m glad to see you healthy and growing strong. I love you, baby! Thank you for showing me the right way to love, you will always be in my heart. Happy Birthday in advance.

9 Days Left for My Baby’s First Birthday

I feel content with my life. I have someone like you who makes me laugh and smile all the time. You are my bundle of joy and in 9 days, I’ll get to celebrate your first year on earth. Happy Birthday In advance! Best wishes.

6. I feel so excited to be 9 days away from celebrating my angel’s first birthday. It feels wonderful to be closer to the day I get to observe my child’s first year on earth. Darling, you came into my life and gave meaning to my existence, so don’t feel surprised that I’m having a countdown to your birthday.

7. I am 9 days away from being the mother/father of a one-year-old adorable child. You have given yourself to me to be loved, and I will forever shower my love on you. I’ve watched you cry, smile, and laugh and I wish to stay with you as you grow and repeat that process

8. Soon, 9 days will mark the first of many “happy birthdays” you will ever receive in your life, and as your mother/father, I hope to be the first to say a happy birthday to you. Happy Birthday in advance, my little one! You will always own my heart and love.

9. With your beautiful smile, you have warmed my heart and the next 9 days will make it a year since you brought with you the most sincere kind of love. It’s becoming difficult to not say it out loud but I have to since it’s only 9 days remaining. Happy first birthday to you, I’ll always love you.

10. Nine days seems like a long time as it stands in between today and your birthday. You look so little but somehow you have occupied my thoughts and my heart. My dear baby, I’ll stay with you and supply you with love as we walk towards celebrating your first birthday.

8 Days Left for My Baby’s First Birthday

I have just 8 days left to celebrate your first birthday. In as much as I have a lot of things planned out for you, I’ll never forget to splash you with all the attention and love you deserve. I love you, and I hope you see you happy.

11. It’s just 8 days to your first birthday, why does it look like 8 months? I’ve walked and lived patiently with you since you were born, why is it that I feel paranoid now that it’s 8 days to your birthday? Maybe it’s because you will be celebrating your official one year on earth. Happy Birthday to you in advance.

12. I’m one of the happiest people on earth. I guess my excitement has something to do with the fact that your first birthday is 8 days away. My heart has been beating with love for you and I can’t believe you will be turning a year soon. I’ve never loved anyone unconditionally for a year, you are my record-breaker.

13. It’s 8 days to your birthday and I’ve promised to make it the best days of my life. You will be surrounded by happy people and kind words will be said to you even if you can’t understand. I want to make your first birthday special, so prepare to drown yourself in my love. I wish you the best baby!

14. Am I overreacting to do an 8-day countdown to your first birthday? Definitely not overreacting! It’s a rare moment for you and me, so I’m ready to savour the taste of slowly walking towards your first year on earth. Happy Birthday in advance, my baby!

15. Eight days to your first birthday and I’m already feeling ready to conquer the world with you. There are lots of things we can do together when you grow up so I’m glad to see you growing up. Your first birthday will be special I promise you.

7 Days Left for My Baby’s First Birthday

7 days before your birthday seems like forever. I admit I’m feeling impatient but it’s because I can’t wait to see you grow into a unique person with an awesome personality. Giving you love until you celebrate your first birthday. Love you!

16. It’s already 7 days to your birthday, for every day until you observe your birthday, I’ll make a wish on your behalf and I hope to see them turn to reality every time you celebrate your birthday. For today, I wish you a life of no pain. Happy Birthday in advance to you.

17. For the rest of my life will be dedicated to making you feel loved. Thank you for bringing hope to my life. It’s just 7 days away from your first birthday, but to me, it feels like 7 years. I’ve waited for so long that it seems like a dream to me that you’ll be having your birthday soon.

18. I looked at the calendar and found out it is just 7 days to your birthday. For the first time in my life, I’ve fallen in love with the number 7 because it brings me closer to your first birthday on earth. In honour of these 7 days left, I promise to live for your smile and do everything in my power to make you happy.

19. I can’t imagine how my heart will beat for joy on your first birthday. It’s 7 days left and I’m feeling both nervous and happy for you. Happy Birthday in advance my cutie pie. Your mum/dad will always cherish the times you spent with us before you clocked one. Stay healthy!

20. The number seven has always been significant in the life of a person. It’s just 7 days left to your first birthday I hope something memorable happens to light up your world. I love and cherish you.

6 Days Left for My Baby’s First Birthday

Today was colourful! I feel excited to experience 6 more colourful days that will come before your first birthday. Your birthday will be as beautiful as you, and I hope to create memories on that day that will make you smile when you are being told in years to come. Happy birthday in advance!

21. Six days left to commensurate your first birthday. You may not understand what’s going on or what I’m saying to you right now but I promise you one thing. As your mother/father, I will walk with you and lead you out of any darkness you may as you grow up. Your first birthday will be celebrated in a way that’ll be very memorable for your family.

22. It’s so fun to live the next 144 days waiting for your birthday. Happy birthday in advance. You are the first person I’ve loved without taking a look at the red flags. Loving is so easy and refreshing. Just as you have brought joy to my life, I hope to be the stars that glitter in your dark moments. My baby will be one year old soon.

23. I see hope, happiness, love, and life when I look into your eyes. Six days is the only thing that’s standing between witnessing the day you came to this world with love and happiness. Have a little patience my adorable prince/princess, just six days left before you are celebrated.

24. Happy Birthday in advance to you! May all the love you will be surrounded with on your birthday stay with you and infect you to become a person filled with love. May your first birthday make you bring out your charm which is your laughter. It’s just 3+3 days before your D-day.

25. Just six days left to your first birthday. From this day to your special day, may everything you do bring a wide smile to your face. Your mum and dad love you, and we can’t wait to see you grow up to understand the amount of love we can give to you. Best wishes!

5 Days Left for My Baby’s First Birthday

In 5 days, everyone who cares for you will come to you will a gift. They will laugh at you and call you cute. With care, they will pinch your cheek and whisper to you. I hope on that day, you respond to them with your cute smile. I hope you feel loved.

26. I never knew life could be so interesting to live until you came into my life. I never knew I’ll one day feel anxious waiting for a “day” until today which is 5 days to your birthday. Thank you for making me experience the cute moments that come with love. I’m grateful to you for living these months with me and finding me worthy to be your mother/father.

27. Five days to your birthday has got me thinking and made me realize a lot of things. I always thought love can only be sustained through communication but look at us! We only communicated through our hearts but our love keeps growing stronger. I love you, baby! And I can’t wait to witness your first birthday which is 5 days from today.

28. These 120 hours before your birthday is the happiest moment of my life. Before we celebrate your unique day, I want to let you know that my life with you has been adventurous. You taught me a lot of things and took me through a journey that will forever be in my heart. I love you, and I look forward to your first birthday.

29. I’m proud of the person you have taught me to be. Your birthday is 5 days away, on that day I’ll be celebrating your birthday and also a year of receiving free lectures on patience and love from you. As little as you are, you have made an impact on my life. I’m glad to be your mother/father.

30. In 5 days, the sun will shine bright to show its love for you. The night before your special day, the moon will glow while telling stories of how it fell in love with you. On that day, I will stand by you as you celebrate your first birthday and shower you with good wishes.

4 Days Left for My Baby’s First Birthday

In 4 days, you will be one year old. Here’s a glass to all the times you gave me sleepless nights, here’s a glass to all the times you made me cry with joy. I raise a glass in honour of your first birthday, may you experience the goodness.

31. My prince/princess, I’ve gotten your presents ready and I’ve prepared lots of ballons ready for your first birthday that is 4 days away. I’ll make your day a special day even if I know that nature will take its course and make you forget the details of what happened. Best wishes, my angel.

32. Your birthday is in 4 days, I can’t contain my joy! My angel will be one year old very soon. My heart is beating fast, I can feel it trying to explode! I know it’s normal for me to feel this way since every minute draws me closer to your birthday. Happy Birthday to you in advance!

33. I don’t need to check the calendar to be reminded of your birthday. I can feel it in my heart just as I can feel your every pain. You may find it difficult to speak to me, but I know you are happy to clock one. Have patience dear! Your birthday is just 4 days away!

34. In the next 4 days, your first birthday will blossom like a beautiful flower. Your special day will be as unique as you. May all the love and attention you need flow to you. Happy Birthday in advance!

35. I’m starting a countdown to the day that saw the beginning of your existence. 4 days left to go! Thinking of your birthday, I can’t help but remember all the sleepless we both went through! I’m glad we came out stronger.

3 Days Left for My Baby’s First Birthday

It’s barely 3 days left for your first birthday but I feel that now is the right time to make a wish. I wish that your first year on earth starts with favour. May every year of your life open new opportunities and favour for you. Happy Birthday in advance, lovely one!

36. My angel, it’s 3 days left to your first birthday! I’m filled with joy as though your day is here already! Happy Birthday in advance! I hope this day runs faster than ever before lest I overstress myself with excitement.

37. Three is one of the smallest numbers there is! But today, I can’t help but question the truth about “three”. Your first birthday is three days away but everyone thinks I’m crazy because I think 3 days is so far away. Happy Birthday in advance! I’ll keep watch over you as we approach your special day.

38. As the hours go by, I sink deeper into my thoughts. As it is your first birthday in 3 days, I’ve been counting and naming the blessings you brought with you. I came to a realization that three days won’t be enough to count you have given to me. Thanks for everything!

39. I’m thrilled about your first birthday that is in 3 days. Everything has been planned out for you but I feel nervous. Your smile is giving me assurances that all will be well so I have faith that your special day will be unique. I hope you feel loved on your birthday.

40. My mind has been on the birthday cake to get for you even if I know you can’t eat cake and that your birthday is still three days away. I’m planning on blowing your birthday candles together with you because I find it cute. I hope you don’t get angry at mummy.

2 Days Left for My Baby’s First Birthday

A birthday comes once a year, this is the first time for you. As we approach your day which is 2 days away, I hope to let you know that I love you. For the rest of my life, I’ll keep loving you. Happy Birthday in advance, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me.

41. It’s in 48 hours, but I can’t stop thinking of how you make me smile in different ways. You have given me joy, peace of mind, and the purest of love. It’s a good thing that we are both alive to witness the days that proceed with your birthday. I’m sending you my best wishes in advance.

42. This year will be a great one for you. As your mother/father, I’ll try my best to give you all that you deserve. You are the child of my dreams and the joy of my world so, I’ll make myself the joy of your world and mother/father of your dreams.

43. It is fun to do a countdown to your birthday! It’s just two days left! Doing this countdown has given me the good energy I need to celebrate your first birthday with you. As you celebrate every year of your life, I hope you celebrate it with good energy.

44. Every opportunity I find will be used to celebrate your coming birthday. Others may wait until it’s your special day to send you their best wishes but you mean more to me, so I won’t wait until it’s your special day. I love you, my baby! May you be surrounded by goodness and may then darkness of life never see you. 2 days left to go!

45. Until it is your birthday, I’ll keep wishing you all the best. My heart is here for you and it beats for you. Not a day has it stopped beating for you! Wishing you a wondrous birthday ahead! I’ll make sure to fulfil this wish of mine, I promise you.

1 Day Left for My Baby’s First Birthday

1 day left for your first birthday, I can’t express how much joy I feel to celebrate your first ever birthday with you. Let’s start your life’s journey with love and attention. The last 364 days with you have been splendid! I look forward to an exciting 366 days with you.

46. Tomorrow feels so far away but I have faith in the joy that will come with it after it’s gone. The day that lies after tomorrow keeps whispering to me, it is telling me If the joy it brings and the happiness it is willing to shower on you. I hope it fulfils every of its promise to you. Happy first birthday in advance!

47. It’s a day to your birthday! I’m willing to burn the candles through the night while praying for you. It’s a new journey for you, I hope to give you all the strength you need to start this new page of your life. Turning ” one” is a good thing! I’m happy for you.

48. It’s one day left for your first birthday! I’ll stand guard and count in hours until your day comes. It’ll be an honour to be the first to say ” happy birthday to you”, I hope to seize this honour for myself. The day after tomorrow will be great, every day of your life will be great. Love you!

49. My adorable child, I’m loving the feeling that comes with the days to your birthday! I wish every day would be as awesome as today and tomorrow. The day after tomorrow will mark a significant day in your life, I hope you are ready to walk into this bliss that awaits you. Happy Birthday in advance!

50. In 24 hours, I’ll celebrate in joy your first birthday. I’ll put a hold on everything that matters to me because you are more valuable to me. Today and tomorrow seem like a good time to start showering you with good wishes. May your stay on earth be great and may you find fulfilment in all you do. Love you!

The good thing about countdown messages is that they enable you to send your wishes to your loved one before anyone else. Seize this once in a lifetime opportunity to say something nice about your baby before anyone else. Many are waiting in lines to send their greetings to your baby on his/her first birthday, don’t wait any longer. Get hold of these first birthday countdown quotes for baby girl or boy.

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