8 Days to Go Birthday Countdown Quotes Wishes

8 Days to Go Birthday Countdown Quotes Wishes

The excitement that comes with birthdays is so much that it is unfair that it should last only for a day. This is where birthday countdowns come in. The beautiful thing is that, as far as birthday countdowns go, there are no rules, you can start your countdown whenever you wish.

The gift of a new age is amazing because having life is where every other thing begins. You are well in your right to be excited for your birthday or that of your loved ones. This period should help you reflect on everything that happened in the past year as you prepare to become a year older. This is where friendships and connections come in because together is always better. It will always feel better to do birthday countdowns with other people than alone.

I’m beyond happy to be a part of your 8 days to go birthday countdown and even though we don’t know each other, it was a delight to put down every word on this list. Whether you’re filled with excitement, gratitude or all-around jitters, these 8 days to go wishes and quotes for your birthday countdown were written with love and happiness for you. These quotes can go on your social media platforms and if you just want to say it out loud to yourself, that’s okay too.

So, storm into these top 8 days to go birthday countdown quotes and wishes for yourself and your loved ones.

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8 Days Birthday Countdown Quotes

My birthday countdown has officially begun and honestly, I need these days to go by a little faster. It’s 8 days to go and no one can take my joy and excitement away. I’m too high up in the birthday spirit.

1. Just 8 more days to my birthday and it’s all starting to feel a lot more real. It will truly be as magical as I have planned it out.

2. I act like I’m ok but the excitement is getting through to me.
8 days to my birthday party and it will be awesome.

3. My birthday is in 8 days and it feels like ages away.
Anyway, I’ll wait it out because my birthday will be beyond fantastic.

4. I cannot wait for my birthday to come any sooner.
8 days is beginning to feel a lot like 8 weeks.

5. I have no doubt that my birthday will be worth the wait so 8 days doesn’t feel like so much any more.

6. 8 more days to go before my birthday, I’m trying to be as calm as I can be.
Ps. Trying and absolutely failing.

7. In 8 days, I’ll begin another chapter of this beautiful life that God has given me.
I am beyond thankful for the years so far and for everything coming ahead.

8. With everything the past year has been, I’m both excited and thankful to be moving on to a new age, in 8 days, that will happen and I couldn’t be more excited.

9. Knowing that I’ll be a year older in 8 days brings all my blessings to a full circle.
Thankful for the past year and ready for the next.

10. This countdown to a new age has been everything I hoped it will be and now, we’re down to just 8 days.
I can’t wait.

11. I’m too busy basking in the birthday spirit with 8 days to my big day.
I feel so many things but gratitude is high on the list.

12. Once in a year, I get to feel this special and I’m going to enjoy every minute of it.
8 days and a few more hours to go.

13. The build-up to another birthday is here and it’s 8 days to go.
It feels incredibly beautiful and I’m beyond thankful.

14. Taking in all the pre-birthday love and happiness as it comes.
8 more days and I’ll soak in all the birthday love.

15. 8 more days to my special day and I’m still working on my wishlist.
It’s going to be a birthday to remember, I just know it.

Birthday Countdown 8 Days Left

As the days get closer, the excitement gets even bigger.
I just cannot wait, well I have no choice but to do so.
Only 8 days left to my birthday and it couldn’t go by any sooner.
Again, I cannot wait!
I know that everything will be near perfect.

16. My birthday isn’t for another 8 days but I’m already filled with so much excitement and I’m totally unapologetic about it.

17. I can’t wait for all the goodness that this new age of mine will come with.
Now, I just have to wait for 8 days to go by as fast as possible.

18. I have waited for months, what is another 8 days that I can’t patiently wait for.

19. Birthday in 8 days and I cannot wait for everything that will come with it.
I’m thankful and everything in between.

20. Birthday girl in 8 days and I don’t mind rubbing off my excitement on everyone and everything.
I can tell that it will be awesome.

21. My birthday is in 8 days and I’m going to tell anyone who cares to listen(even if they don’t want to).

22. A part of me cannot wait for my birthday to come in 8 days, another part of me wants to enjoy these last few days of what has been an amazing year.

23. Your birthday countdown has been fully activated and we have 8 days until your special day.
Relax and enjoy all the excitement.

24. Soak in these last few days until your birthday and make sure that you’re fully ready for what’s coming next.
Happy birthday in advance.

25. I know that your birthday is in 8 days but I wanted to wish you a super early happy birthday while I join your official countdown to the big day.

26. Happy 8 days in advance birthday to me.
(yes, I just made it a thing).
I’m going to enjoy the build-up to my birthday.

27. Making an eight days wishlist as I count down to my birthday.
It promises to be full of adventures and happy moments.

28. Starting an 8 days countdown to my birthday felt like something I wanted to do this year, so here we go!

29. A new chapter of my life begins in 8 days.
As nervous as it makes me feel, I cannot wait to have all the experiences and moments of a new age.

30. I remember my last birthday like it was yesterday and now I’ll have another birthday in 8 days.
Just wow!
I feel so blessed.

Birthday Countdown 8 Days to Go

I remember when it was about sixty days plus, now it’s just 8 days to my birthday.
What a time I have had this past year and I’m more than ready to embrace the realities and adventures of a new chapter.
Let’s go!

31. My birthdays are obviously one of my favourite days in the entire year and I’ll experience that feeling in 8 days, that’s pretty awesome.

32. In 8 days, it will be world (insert your name) day.
It already promises to be an incredibly exciting year ahead.

33. No matter what is happening in my life, my birthday always brings me much needed joy and peace.
In 8 days, I’ll have that beautiful feeling again.

34. Countdown to another special birthday and I sincerely hope that everything will be as amazing as I need it to be.

35. 8 days is all that is standing between me and my birthday.
With a lot of impatience and excitement, I’m counting the days until then.

36. There are 8 more days to your birthday.
What kind of best friend will I be if I wasn’t counting it down with you(insert wink emoji).

37. Best friends wish each other a happy birthday in advance.
I know that your birthday isn’t until 8 days but I wish you so much love and blessings ahead of your birthday.

38. As eager as I am to get to my birthday, there’s still 8 days to go.
I know that these next few days will lead up to a happy birthday.

39. Dear self, in 8 days, you will be a year older.
I’m so proud of all the progress that you have had and I can’t wait for everything else that will follow.

40. I haven’t been able to get enough sleep since my birthday countdown began.
Now we’re finally down to the last 8 days and it’s all starting to feel so real.

41. I’m too excited to sleep at night and that’s because I know that this coming birthday will mark a lot of beautiful beginnings for me.

42. Cheers to my birthday in 8 days, I’ll countdown every day until my special day.
Happy birthday in advance to me.

43. Marking off another day on my calendar.
It’s still 8 days to my birthday and it couldn’t get here any faster.

44. The days seem a lot slower but I know that come what may, my birthday will definitely arrive in 8 days.
Cheers to me.

45. In eight days, a new age will be upon me and I have no doubt that it will be absolutely beautiful and rewarding.

46. Thankful for the year that is coming to an end and being all excited for my new age coming in 8 days.

47. Feeling the pre-birthday jitters but completely wrapped up in a state of eternal gratitude.
Thank you, Jesus.

48. Delighted to be counting down to my birthday.
8 more days to go and I can already tell that it will be beautiful.

49. I keep looking at the clock and wondering why it’s not going any faster.
Either way, in 8 days, I’ll be a year older and that’s all that matters.

50. The countdown to my birth anniversary is always exciting.
I know that I’ll have another incredibly amazing age to come.
Dear new chapter, see you in 8 days.

Writing all these 8 days to go birthday countdown wishes has got me excited for my own birthday. These quotes can be written as reminders on your diary, used in your WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram stories.
And believe me, 8 days can feel so long when you’re waiting for your birthday but it will definitely come around.
Happy birthday in advance to you!

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