Happy 1st Birthday Cousin Wishes and Quotes

Happy 1st Birthday Cousin Wishes and Quotes

First birthdays are such a big deal that we usually wish we can throw a party for the celebrant. However, whether you’re preparing a party for the celebrant or not, the loveliest birthday wishes for your cousin who is just turning one will help start their day as a child star.

So, I’ve crafted original and captivating happy 1st birthday cousin wishes and quotes for your cousin on your behalf.

If you look through, you’d see different categories of these wishes including quotes, prayers and messages.

Whichever choice you’ll make, I’m sure it’ll be a good one cause they all are great.

First Birthday Wishes and Prayers for My Cousin

As you clock one today, may your path become brighter and your steps become wiser. I hope you grow up to be the best version of yourself. Happy first birthday to you, dear sweet cousin. I love you so much.

These first birthday wishes and prayers for my cousin are the best.

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1. It’s your first birthday, dear cousin. I pray for happiness, longevity, prosperity and peace of mind for you as you continue on this journey of life. Wishing you a lifetime of gratitude.

2. May the clouds above be protection over you for every distance you walk. May the good things of life be in your possession. Happy first, birthday, sweet cousin.

3. I pray that life treats you like royalty and the angels keep you safe from harm. May this day ignite years of prosperity for you. Happy first birthday, sweet little cousin.

4. I pray that the Lord bless and protect you. May He cause His face to shine upon you for good. Happy first birthday, dear cousin. It’s you and the heavenly angels against the world.

1st Birthday Messages for Cousin

You’re lovely, sweet and so good to look upon. Happy 1st birthday, angelic cousin. You’ve been a source of joy for us all and I hope you continually are even in decades and decades to come. I love you.

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5. The sun and the moon herald your first birthday today. May all the good things come to you, and may you lead a life of prosperity and happiness. Happy 1st birthday, darling cousin.

6. There’s a need for love in this life. Don’t worry, I’ll give you plenty of it. Happy 1st birthday, my cute cousin. May line fall in pleasant places for you.

7. Arise and shine; it’s your 1st birthday today. Eat the cake and savour the day. I’m sure you’ve got a bright future ahead of you. Happy birthday, darling cousin. I love you.

8. I’m so thankful that you’re growing to become the best cousin in my world. Happy 1st birthday, sweetie. May you live to see many more of your days on earth. I love you.

Happy First Birthday Cousin Quotes

When your birthday comes, cakes aren’t enough and neither are the wishes. So I pour out all my love on you instead. Super thankful to have you as my little cousin. Happy first birthday to you, sweetie.

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9. In our arms, you’ll grow with love and under our care, you’ll enjoy many more blissful years on earth. Happy first birthday, dearest cousin.

10. I want you to know that the best year of your life so far is here. Get ready to feel and enjoy the beauty of your destiny. Happy first birthday, my love and cousin.

11. Today is your day and it suits you more than I can say. Thankful for your growth in the past months. Happy first birthday, lovely cousin. You’ve been the cutest thing on the planet since we met.

12. A special day for a special someone. Thank you for being my sweet, little cousin. Happy first birthday, cutie. I wish you long life and bliss. I love you.

Birthday Wishes for 1 Year Old Cousin

You’ve got the eyes of an angel and the beauty of a star. Happy first birthday to you, sweetie. As you are 1 year old today, I wish you a lifetime of prosperity, good health and bliss. Have a lovely and remarkable celebration. I love you.

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13. My wishes for you on this historical day include a life full of health, void of troubles and decorated with an abundance of goodness. Happy birthday to my sweet 1-year-old cousin.

14. I count you as a blessing. Hence, I’ll celebrate your birthday as a privilege. I wish you many more of this special day in your lifetime. Happy birthday to you as you turn one.

15. Today is so unique because you were born unto us. Happy 1 year on earth, sweet cousin. May the moments, days, weeks, months and years before you be pleasant to the core. I love you.

16. You’ve been such a cute and sweet little cousin. Happy 1 year on earth. I wish you unending peace and joy, and a lifetime of bliss and gratitude.

Birthday Wishes for Cousin Turning 1

It’s your birthday today and I’m sure it’s why the clouds are brighter and the sun shines better. Happy first birthday, sweet cousin. As you turn 1 today, may you be cocooned in the arms of the angels for protection and warmth. I love you.

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17. To my dear cousin turning 1, these are my wishes for you; may you live a happy and fruitful life. May your path be straight and void of troubles. Enjoy your day, sweet cousin.

18. As you turn 1 today, may you grow healthier, happier and more loving. Happy birth anniversary to you, my angel. I love you so much.

19. May life give you all that you need to feel true happiness, genuine confidence and profound peace of mind. Happy first birthday to you, dear cousin.

20. From one cousin to another; may this be the beginning of happy moments and pleasant occurrences in your life. Many more prosperous years shall you see. Happy first birthday, love.

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