Happy 70th Birthday Poems for Friend

Happy 70th Birthday Poems for Friend

For a friend turning 70, a poem may be the right way to wish them a happy birthday, especially if you want to actually give them something special, as they are no longer young.

When you’re celebrating the 70th birthday of a friend, and you want to send a special birthday greeting, then a poem is just the thing. These poems will surely help you wish them a very happy birthday at age 70.

Sometimes, the cards and cash do not have enough space to write words to a big birthday. If you’re looking for some heartwarming 70th birthday poems that you can dedicate to your friend, then you’ve come to the right place.

70th birthday poems are written especially since the person has entered a stage of life that is important and distinctive. 70th birthday poems for friends can be written from the heart by someone lucky to have them as their friend. Even if the person is not a friend, but someone very close, then a poem can be written about them.

The best happy 70th birthday poems can be sent to anybody and may be used for a wide variety of reasons. The most common need for the best happy 70th birthday poems is when someone has a friend or relative celebrating their 70th birthday. The hardest thing about this milestone is that it makes you look back on your own life and ask questions about what you have accomplished with all those years.

70th birthday poems for friends are the ones that light up their hearts with a smile. We do it by exploring their life with flowers in the form of words that can touch and, in some cases, tickle them.

Time passed quickly. Before we knew it, it was our friend’s 70th birthday. But how do you mark the passing of seven decades and all the hopes, dreams, and joys that come with it? By sending a gift of words, of course – in the form of an original poem from here. This is more than just a greeting; it’s a mark of respect and affection for your dear friend that our finely-crafted verse will bring to life in just the right way.

When celebrating a 70th birthday, there’s a lot to celebrate. You’ve lived for three score decades and 10! That’s quite an accomplishment! You’ve probably seen and experienced so much in your lifetime. You might have had ups and downs, but overall you’ve enjoyed your life.

Sweet 70th Birthday Poems for My Best Friend

Your 70th birthday
Not one wrinkle do you have,
You are still as beautiful as the day we met,
You take care of yourself in so many ways,
It’s great to see you looking so young and bright,
Your day be sweet as you are
For you, I can compose many poems
You deserve it, my best friend.

1. Happy 70th birthday, dear friend!
I can’t believe you’re 70,
You’ll always be young to me, my friend
Life’s lines are not straight,
Never-ending at times,
The path to your future.

2. Older we grow,
But not by much.
May all your wishes come true,
On your 70th birthday.

3. To a young 70-year-old,
70 is the new 50,
Wishing you a longer,
A healthier life, my friend,
May the next 70 be your best yet.

4. Today is your 70th birthday,
So, it’s time for us to celebrate
With you, our friend,
Whose heart has always been pure.

5. You’ve made it to 70,
A big fat big one.
You’ve lived a full wonderful life,
I’m glad to have known you.

6. I am glad that you’re mine,
On Your 70th birthday,
We will celebrate
And you’ll always remain young.

7. Celebrating the birthday of a friend,
In his 70th year today,
Hope he’s even more inclined
To meet me after today.

8. You’re the best!
I hope you are younger.
At your 70th birthday.
Many birthdays to come,
I pray you to live to see,
Many more birthdays.

9. I love you, dear friend
I wish you a day
With love, peace and happiness
And your heart to never age
And your love to never wane

10. Happy birthday and the best to you
Your 70th birthday is a classic!
As you turn 70 and your youth is through,
We wish you the best. You deserve it!

11. It’s your 70th birthday
And you are the same age as me,
You look great and happy,
The 70th birthday, I wish for you.

12. Friendship is a chain that
Connects two hearts,
You are the best of friends,
That I know,
And I want to say,
Happy 70th birthday,
I wish you all the best.

13. I wish you the best of luck
The best of many things,
I wish you could live forever,
So, we could keep partying.

14. Dearest friend,
Today is your special day,
You have helped me through so many days,
There’s nothing I wouldn’t do,
Happy birthday and many more

15. When you are 70, I can still see you as young.
Anytime, I can count on you,
You’re the best.
“Happy Birthday.”

16. Today is your birthday,
So happy birthday to you,
Seventy years have passed,
Seventy is a big number,
Seventy is a magic number,
Seventy is a special number for today
Happy 70th birthday

17. When I was a boy, I had a friend
We did so much together,
Hiking, camping and even fishing.
Now that you are 70 (and I’m not so young)
I hope you enjoy this poem,
From me to you.
All the best.

18. When I think back
In all the years we’ve been together,
I am so grateful
For the memories and laughs, we’ve shared.
On your 70th birthday
I hope you’re smiling,
The way you always have all your

19. Being blessed with your friendship
It is like the stars being blessed with light,
Your friendship is my delight,
For it has taught me what love is.

20. Seventy years to this day,
Has flown by so fast,
May you be blessed with many more,
And may you be loved by God.
Happy 70th birthday to you.

21. How time flies!
It’s 70 years young,
May you always be healthy,
Happy and successful.
Congratulations on reaching this milestone.

22. My dearest friend,
Seven decades have gone by,
I would like to keep you young forever,
For you are still my dearest friend.
In a world of turmoil and unrest,
Your friendship is my only true repose

23. Happy 70th Birthday
May your day be filled with sunshine,
And your life is always blessed by God.
Here’s to many years in prosperity.
Happy birthday, my friend.

24. My dear friend,
There’s love in every wrinkle.
May you always be happy,
May you always have peace within.
May you always have love surrounding you,
This I wish for you on this very day.
Happy 70th birthday to you.

25. I’m wishing you,
70 more years of enjoyment,
Your friendship is a treasure,
That will last a lifetime, won’t it?
Happy birthday to you.

26. A new journey
A new beginning.
A new chapter in your life
A new year to remember.
May the next 70 years
Bring you more happiness and love.
Happy birthday to you, dear friend.

27. The old Sailor said
To the girl in the bar,
“Love is only a dream,
Not worth investing in.
My advice to you,
Is to run as fast as you can,
And save yourself a lot of pain
But your friendship is worth it.
Happy 70th birthday to you.

28. A friend, a dear friend,
Is such a treasured thing.
You’re the best of friends,
I can’t imagine life without you.
Happy 70th birthday to you.

29. I’ve known you for many years
Been there for you through the years
Here’s to you my dearest friend,
Happy 70th birthday to you
Cheers to your future, dear friend.

30. You’re a friend who’s been there for me,
You’ve stood by me through thick and thin,
Hugged me tight when I’ve felt blue,
And I want to say I love you.
Happy 70th birthday to you.

31. I wish you, my dear old friend,
70 more years of life and,
When your years are full,
I wish I may be there to hold your hand.
Happy birthday to you, dear friend.

32. The best to do
The best to give
The best to live
The best to love
Happy 70th birthday, my friend,
I wish you more happiness.

33. My dearest friend,
All my wishes for you today
Are good health, love and happiness
To live many more years,
As time goes by,
My love for you grows,
For it is unconditional,
Your friendship is to be a treasure.
Happy 70th birthday to you.

34. Happy birthday, dear friend,
I’m so glad to have a friend like you.
Your love, kindness and care,
Always warms my heart.
May your next 70 years
Be filled with laughter
Happy 70th birthday to you.

33. As the candles flicker, and the cake gets thinner,
Time is ticking quickly,
I want to wish you a happy birthday!
On this special day
On your 70th anniversary.
Cheers to a bigger future.

34. Happy birthday to you,
A big wish for your big day.
May you have more good times,
Then the years that have gone by.
Happy 70th birthday to you, dear friend.

35. My lovely friend,
I’m happy with our lives,
We’re all done now,
Now we’re heading for 70!
Happy birthday to you, dear friend.

36. There once was a time
When life was so carefree.
The days were filled with so much excitement
And the future seemed so divine.
Now, you are 70.
Happy birthday to you, friend.

37. My Dearest friend,
You are so loved and so dear,
May your next years be blessed,
With the best of prayer.
Happy 70th birthday to you, dear friend.

38. You’re a walking inspiration
You’ve seen it all.
You’ve seen history in the making,
And you still look so fine.
Happy 70th birthday to you.

39. Today is your birthday,
At the start of another year,
Loving you, I’m so glad,
You’ve entered this new year,
With all your health and happiness.
Keep shining, and happy 70th birthday.

40. You are 70 years old today
Filled with wishes for a bright future.
So here’s to 70 more,
And may you age as well as fine wine.
Happy birthday to you, my best friend.

41. A toast to the birthday girl,
The one and only Grandma.
May your day be filled with joy and happiness,
Your presence here is truly a blessing.
Happy 70th birthday, dear friend.

42. A wish for 70th birthday
I wish you the age of health,
A day of joy, a week of wealth,
A year of happiness and
Many years to live…

43. Happy birthday wishes
I hope all your dreams and wishes come true,
On your 70th birthday,
You get a cake,
You get candles to blow out,
You get presents,
And most of all,
You get lots of love.

44. Growing old is important,
You’ve got to take care of yourself,
Take care of your body,
As you grow old, you won’t be able to run,
You might not be able to swim,
You might not be to sprint,
But you still got yourself in shape
Happy 70th birthday, dear friend.

45. Wishing you all the best,
In your 70th year.
May you have many more,
And enjoy them all.
Happy birthday to you, dear friend.

46. May you have many more birthdays,
May you be blessed with a long and healthy life,
May you never have to say goodbye,
We love you.
Happy 70th birthday, dear friend.

47. I’m so happy for you,
This is the start of a great adventure,
You’re truly like no other,
I wish you the best for 70 years.
Cheers to your coming years, friend.

48. May you be blessed with good health,
Joy and happiness,
And lots and lots of love,
To see you through your 70th year,
All that you wish for,
Be in store,
And then some more.

49. I love you so much
You’re my life, my dear friend,
My best friend, my companion,
Our roots are deep,
I love you so much,
Happy 70th birthday my dear.

50. You’re my best friend,
You’re my dearest friend,
I love you,
I love you,
I love you,
I love you,
With a love that will never end,
Never end, never end.
Happy 70th birthday to you.

Funny 70th Birthday Poems for A Friend

May you live to be a hundred and a day
And if you do, I’ll be a hundred and two
So far so good,… oops 100 plus 2,
I better get myself a new best friend
Because by then, you’d have no teeth
Happy birthday to you, friend.

51. She’s 70 years young,
But acts much younger.
She has a smart and witty mouth,
That makes me smile.
She’s like a mom to me,
Tells me what to do,
And gives me good advice

52. What does it mean to be 70?
Lots of laughs, some tears,
Not much of a difference compared to 69.
But being 70 is a lot better,
Then being 69,
‘Cause, when you’re 70,
You become wiser.

53. When I hear your voice
I get butterflies in my stomach,
When I see you, my heart skips a beat.
When I’m with you,
I’m on the best ride to the fun.

54. 70th birthday poems, dear friend,
Are the most wonderful,
You’re the greatest friend,
My heart beats for you,
All my love,
I send it to you.
Happy 70th birthday.

55. At 70, I must say,
It’s nice to be 70,
And still, be able to move around!
I wish you more grace
As you journey onto hundred.
Happy 70th birthday, y friend.

56. Life is Hard, is it not?
Many struggles, hardships and tears.
We wish to make your 70th birthday
A special one, with all smiles and cheers.
Happy 70th birthday, my friend.

57. Here’s a smile,
And a hug and a kiss,
I’ll be there with you,
On your 70th birthday.

58. It’s your 70th birthday
You’re looking like a million bucks,
Hoping that your life,
Is as happy as you.
Keep smiling; it’s your strength.
Happy birthday to you.

59. You’re a special friend in my life,
Birthday’s are great when friends are around.
Thanks for making my life special,
I hope we have many more to come.
Happy 70th birthday to you.

60. Oh, dear friend, 70’s here,
1st of the century,
I hope it’s not the last of your years,
But if it is, you have had your share.
I’d be here
Always to help you.

61. You’re a great friend.
When times are bad and tough,
You’re a shoulder to cry on.
You’re a shoulder to lean on.
You’re a shoulder to run to.
You’re a shoulder to lean against
You’ll always be relevant.
Happy 70th birthday, friend.

62. You have bloomed
From a wildflower,
Into a beautiful Rose,
With such a sweet scent
That it makes the whole room smell,
Like the colour of your eyes,
Or the colour of your hair.

63. There are many reasons.
Why I love you.
You can be so sweet.
I love that it’s true.
That you are 70 years today.
Happy birthday to you, friend.

64. 70 years into life
All I see, in days gone by
Beautiful memories,
That I cherish
Your 70th birthday Is a special day,
I wish you another 70 years of life.

65. If I could be a fly on the wall
I would see you, my friend,
Smiling from ear to ear
That’s because I’m the one
Who sent you a present
I’m glad to make you smile
On your 70th birthday.
Happy birthday to you.

66. We met as teenagers,
You were a year older than me.
Now you’re 70 years old.
I hope you had a lovely birthday.
Happy birthday to you.

67. Friends are one of life’s greatest gifts,
They make you happy when you are sad.
One friend, in particular, makes me smile,
On this birthday, I just want to say,
Thank you for the friendship,
I look forward to more years.
Happy 70th birthday to you.

68. Today is your birthday,
And I want you to know,
I hope that you have a day,
That is fun and full of joy.
Happy 70th birthday to you.

69. I wish I could give you
The moon and the stars
I wish I could take you there,
On a magic carousel ride
I wish I could give you a hug and a kiss
To make you feel better when you’re feeling down
Happy 70th birthday to you, my friend.

70. A friend is like a precious gem,
So valued and rare.
To me, you’re like a diamond,
That will last through all time.
70 looks good on you. Happy birthday.

71. A friend is like a flower,
It needs water,
And love to grow,
People need care too,
To grow into a fine tree,
We are all flowers,
And we need care,
To grow into fine people
Happy birthday to you, friend.

72. I know that you’ve had many friends,
But none like me.
You’ve outlived many, but me, you’ll live forever.
Not only do you have me,
You have your family.
You have never lost a loved one.
Happy 70th birthday to you, friend.

73. When you were born,
Your life was full of hope,
I hope your birthday is a blast,
And you get everything you wish for.
Cheers to your next years,
Happy 70th birthday, my friend.

74. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,
But you can teach a new dog old tricks.
You can’t take a jog down memory lane,
But you can take a walk down memory lane.
It’s your 70th birthday,
Love to take a trip back to the old days?
Happy 70th birthday to you.

75. A friend is a gift we give ourselves,
A friend is a gift of a lifetime.
If a friend is a gift of a lifetime,
Then you are a gift of a lifetime,
So on your 70th birthday, I
I wish you many gifts for a lifetime.

76. I told a joke today
When I dropped to my knees,
And laughed so hard my sides hurt,
I was thinking of you.
Happy 70th birthday to you.

77. Remember the time
When we were young,
Now we’re here to celebrate
Your 70th birthday.
May you have another 70
To make us all proud.
Poetry is your passion,
And I’m glad we’re friends

78. What a year it has been,
70 years of your life.
You have accomplished so much,
A lot of life is left to live.
Happy birthday to you.

79. Why 70 is a big deal?
I wish you a day,
That every minute brings,
A new piece of cake,
And something to say,
To help you grow,
And stay so fit, and healthy,
Happy birthday to you, friend.

80. Dear friend,
May your 70th year
Be filled with joy and glee,
And may you continue to
Make us smile and laugh.
Happy birthday to you.

81. Friend, you’re awesome.
Not a day goes by that’s not,
Filled with life and a desire,
For your presence in my life,
Is worth more than I imagined.
Happy 70th birthday to you.

82. Look at you growing older,
Time has flown by so quick,
But for your birthday,
Here’s a gift for you,
Enjoy each day as it comes,
Your life is precious, you know,
No one is immortal, you know.
Happy 70th birthday to you, dear friend.

83. A friend at 70 is a friend indeed,
You’re a unique and special Friend,
You’re a friend that’s dear to me.
Age in grace. Happy 70th birthday to you.

84. You are my best friend.
Whenever I am in trouble,
You are the first one to stand with me,
You are my confidante,
Providing me with the best advice,
I love you, my dearest friend.
Happy 70th birthday to you.

85. You are always the first,
To answer a call,
No matter the time,
You’ve been my friend,
For quite some time.
And today, I celebrate you at 70.
Happy birthday to you.

86. 70 years young,
I hope you’ll live to be 100.
I wish you health,
And for your birthday,
I am sending you,
I hope all your dreams come true.

87. Cheers,
Still standing after all these years.
I’m so happy you made it through.
Happy 70th birthday to you, my friend.

88. On your 70th birthday,
I want to wish you the best.
May your life be filled with joy,
Love and happiness.
As you move higher in this life.
Happy birthday to you.

89. Best wishes for your 70th,
May you never sleep alone.
May your light shine bright.
May you always be loved.
May you always be kind. May you always smile.
May you always have a friend,

90. As you are turning 70,
I wish you a long and healthy life,
A life filled with love, friendship, joy and laughter,
And may your candles on your birthday cake,
Be as bright as your smile.

91. Your birthday,
As you turn 70.
You’re as pretty as you were,
The day I first met you.
Congrats on this special day
Happy birthday to you.

92. As old age approaches,
I pray that your health stays clear.
May you live another 70 years,
And continue to inspire.
Happy birthday to you.

93. May this birthday be
Full of smiles and cheer,
It’s a joy to be with you,
I wish you were here,
I’ll be thinking of you all day,
As I am a friend,
Who really loves you
Happy birthday to you.

94. Although your time is coming to an end,
Your life’s been inspirational.
You’re a kind soul,
With a heart of gold.
My long time friend,
I’ll carry you in my heart.
Happy 70th birthday to you.

95. I, who have nothing,
Am rich today.
My heart is overflowing
With friends like you.
As you celebrate your special birthday
I wish you many more to come
Happy 70th birthday to you.

96. You’re never too old
To have fun
To get silly
To give gifts
To support others
To be mischievous
To enjoy life
To live and have fun.
Happy 70th birthday to you, friend.

97. Today, you are 70 years
That I will never forget.
I hope you continue to smile,
As we celebrate your 70th.
Cheers, dear friend.

98. Friends are like candles,
Some are burned out,
Some are just beginning,
Some are still glowing, Some have stayed longer,
And some have passed,
But as for you, dear friend,
I’ll wish you a happy 70th birthday.

99. You were there for me,
When I needed a friend.
Through good times and bad,
You have been there for me.
Thank you for being a friend.
Today, I celebrate you.
Happy 70th birthday to you.

100. Happy Birthday, my friend.
I hope you have a wonderful year,
And a great birthday to boot.
You are one of the greatest friends I have,
And I love you with all my heart.
Cheers to the next 70 years of your life.

I hope you are thrilled by these happy 70th birthday poems for friend listed here because that is the exact feeling we want your friend to have after receiving them from you.

Do not forget that special times like these call for special acts of love. These poems would do just that. Relive those memories with your friends as they turn septuagenarian today or in the days ahead. Please, share with all your friends.

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