Happy 70th Birthday Cousin Wishes and Quotes

Happy 70th Birthday Cousin Wishes and Quotes

Cousins are not just young people alone, we also have very old people who are cousins. When the birthday of your cousin is near, you have to come up as a cousin to celebrate them. Exciting ways to wish an older cousin happy birthday are also lovely things one should seek for.

You are here because you desire to know what to say for a 70th birthday and because you cherish your cousin so much. This is very good because it affords you the opportunity to bond. What is more than bonding? Though 70 years, most people love being in the attention stage. If only for today, why not give all the needed attention to your cousin, after all, birthdays come but once in a year.

Then, you would have to learn the exact words to say in the birthday message to a close family member which should give that ‘stand out’ feeling from among others. So many of those issues have been resolved right here with these happy 70th birthday cousin wishes and quotes below. I know you have the positive feeling of getting the best message for that purpose. Here you go!

70th Birthday Wishes for My Cousin

Happy 70th birthday to you, my beloved cousin. I cherish and adore you for your wealth of wisdom and understanding. I wish you perfect health as you continue to stride in glory.

1. My dear cousin, happy birthday to you. You have been awesome in the years past, I pray that you continue to be awesome as you go up in age as wiser in knowledge. Congratulations to you on your 70th birthday.

2. Happy 70th birthday to you, my favourite cousin. Here is to your sound health, prosperity and all-around peace. I pray for the hand of the Almighty never to depart from you.

3. Don’t bother about the wrinkles on your face, my dear cousin. With every smile radiating over your face at 70 years, they will all fade away. Only keep smiling as you celebrate your 70th birthday. Happy birthday to you.

4. If for every year you have lived, we give you a candle on your cake to blow out, then we would have to extend your birthday beyond just a day because you can’t blow them all out at once. Happy 70th birthday to you, dear cousin.

5. I have always wished to send a lovely message to you at 70. And finally, I’ve got the chance today on the occasion of your 70th birthday. Happy birthday to you, may you increase in your achievements in this new age, dear cousin.

6. Your years are golden. Your life is beautiful and your days are blessed. I wish you abundant life and grace to carry on in the journey of life. Happy 70th birthday to you, dear cousin.

7. Dear cousin, you had the great privilege of clocking 70 years before me, so I wish you more grace as you continue on the path of greatness. Happy birthday to you.

8. Dear cousin, I am super proud of you and I pray that you will continually experience joy in all your ways. Congratulations on your 70th birthday, my dear cousin.

9. How precious are you at 70 years! You keep appearing young and fresh. I wish you this continuous grace over and above you all the rest of your days. Happy 70th birthday, my cousin.

10. Happy 70th birthday to you dear cousin. See ow 70 years looks very good on you. Keep shining and glowing in freshness and calmness of mind. Congratulations.

Happy 70th Birthday Cousin Quotes

A septuagenarian is one to be close to because every word from their mouths is a word on the marble and quotes that will inspire. Happy 70th birthday to my amiable cousin. Best wishes.

11. I wish you all the best as you keep ageing with grace. May the glory of your future overwhelm, overpower and overshadow that of the past you have lived. Happy 70th birthday, my amazing cousin.

12. Growing up is optional but growing old is mandatory. I don’t see you growing old, rather I see you getting better by the day and by the year. Happy 70th birthday to you.

13. Happiest birthday to the most wonderful cousin in the world. Grey hairs are the crown of the aged, I pray that you will enjoy this new age in comfort and peace of mind. Happy 70th birthday to you.

14. The higher we go in life, the more reserved and circumspect we become in our actions. Happy 70th birthday to you, dear cousin. You have come this far not to suffer but to relax. Enjoy.

15. Happy birthday to the best cousin I have. I wish you more blessings, honour and splendour in all your ways. Once again, enjoy your 70th birthday.

70th Birthday Prayer Messages for Cousin

Happy birthday to you, my lovely cousin on your 70th birthday. The good Lord who has kept you thus far will continue to keep you and uphold you. That’s my prayer for you. Happy birthday to you.

16. Your 70th birthday is one that will give you joy and happiness that you have never experienced. I pray that you are rewarded for all your past efforts. Happy birthday, dear cousin.

17. Happy 70th birthday to you, my best cousin. I am glad to see that you are looking younger even at 70. I pray that your life be preserved for greater feats. Happy birthday, cousin.

18. I am glad that a cord stronger than physical ones binds us together all in one fold. Happy 70th birthday to you, my lovely cousin. God’s blessing will always rest and abide with you.

19. I pray that all your hope is not truncated and neither will your expectations be cut short. Happy 70th birthday to you, dear cousin.

20. Happy birthday to you, my precious cousin. You are a blessing to this world and I pray that this life will be pleasant to you in every aspect that you desire. Happy 70th birthday to you.

That’s the perfect thing to do. Yes, celebrating your loved ones, friends and family members and most especially this special 70th celebration of your cousin is something that is worthy. So, make use of these happy 70th birthday cousin wishes and quotes.

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