Happy Belated 18th Birthday Wishes

Happy Belated 18th Birthday Wishes

Due to the hustles and stress of life, you may fail to send a birthday wish to a sibling or loved one on their 18th birthday. If that is the case for you, it is never too late to do the right thing.

Peradventure you missed their birthday celebration, forgot about it or maybe failed to send them wishes and you know they would be unhappy about it, it would be unwise to remain nonchalant when you know it would make them have a bad perception of you.

You can salvage such a situation with some belated prayer messages for 18th birthday, 18th birthday prayer wishes and quotes or a couple of happy birthday wishes for an 18year old. I am sure whoever reads it won’t stay mad at you for long.

When you know you have erred by missing a birthday event, you can let the person know that you feel sad about it with a promise of making it up. It is always a good thing to start with messages of apology for missing a birthday. It is the first right step you can take.

There are no worries when trying to come up with words to say to an 18year old a day or days after his or her birthday. A simple word that carries your thoughts is all that matters. If you are still struggling to come up with those words, these happy belated 18th birthday wishes are meant to help you.

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Happy Belated 18th Birthday Wishes and Quotes

Your 18th birthday came faster than I thought but I wasn’t available to send you wishes and quotes. May your life experience a new beginning, happy belated birthday to you.

1. Though you may think your celebration is over, it is not. Greater and better days are coming ahead for you. happy belated birthday.

2. This 18year old era in your life shall be a time where God will show Himself in your life and all the positive steps you are going to take will work for you. happy belated birthday.

3. Bigger and better things have been positioned for you, nothing shall ever become a veil in your eyes to miss it. Happy belated birthday to you.

4. Close your eyes and thank God, because His words are against those that have set their eyes to destroy your life. This 18th birthday shall not be the end of you.

5. You are going to be celebrated this year because you have just entered the beginning of adulthood and may your light and life grow brighter than every eye can see. Happy belated birthday.

6. From this day forward, every day that you spend on earth shall not be devoid of God’s mercies and favour on your life. Happy belated birthday to you.

7. As there is always a cause to celebrate, so shall celebrations never be far away from you. congratulations on a new year in your life, happy belated birthday to you.

8. Though I missed your birthday, I will never fail to wish you a happy birthday and more years filled with long life and God’s goodness. Happy belated birthday to you.

9. As you have clocked 18years old, I wish you a life filled with experiences that will shape you positively and bring you closer to your destiny. Happy belated birthday to you.

10. Cheers to a new beginning and better days prepared for you. your life shall become a beacon for your peers and those in the same age as you and you shall never be led astray. Happy belated birthday.

Happy Belated 18th Birthday Messages

Your life is certainly going to be something that brings messages of hope and joy to the lives of many that come across you. I say happy belated 18th birthday to you and as you have celebrated so shall they celebrate you.

11. You are always going to headline the pages of things that are good and your life will attract good people to you. happy birthday belated birthday.

12. You have reached a point in your life where some tough choices will be made but you aren’t alone because God will always be there for you.

13. I know that you might be used to things going fast but there are moments where things will look slow and you might reach a point of giving up. Please don’t, because it is just a step to something big in your life. Happy belated birthday.

14. All good things don’t come easy, there is a lot of lessons to be learnt from those words. Never give up and work hard and the good things you want will come to you. happy belated birthday to you.

15. Hard work pays, but God’s grace and favour pay best. Combine both and see your life grow big and tall like a mustard tree. Know this and trust in God and you shall be established, happy belated birthday.

16. As you learn the right principles of life so shall the light in you never grow dim and it shall be visible to many like a lighthouse to ships and sailors. Happy belated birthday

17. At this moment in your life, I wish you get to discover yourself better and follow a path to achieve the greatest thing you desire and when you do, your heart shall know endless joy. Happy birthday.

18. There are no shortcuts to success and the road to having your desires is never straight and smooth. Circumstances may arise to deter or frustrate you but don’t waver, you will always make it.

19. Work hard, pray and put God first because he is the only insurer and assurance that you need to get things right. As you do so, keep having a blissful belated birthday.

20. I want you to know that God is always with you to lead and direct you. with every single day that you spend on earth, you are guaranteed never to fail. Happy belated birthday to you.

Belated 18th Birthday Blessings

The blessings of God shall be your anchor in troubled waters and a ledge to keep you from falling into chaos. Happy belated 18th birthday to you as you stay strong and blessed.

21. You are blessed in all good things that you do, and whatever you place your hand on shall always work for you. stay blessed.

22. You will always succeed where many failed and the favour of God shall open doors for you in areas where you least expect. Do have a wonderful and glorious day in your 18year old life.

23. The safety of God and his mercies shall continuously lead you to places that will always favour you and you shall always remain safe and protected.

24. The Lord shall supply all you need, yes you shall not be found begging in the streets neither shall you have a cause to borrow. You shall lend to nations and merchants shall search for you from afar. Happy belated birthday to you.

25. The grace of the Almighty blesses and sustain you. you shall not be absent when it is time for you to be promoted because his grace shall always order your footstep. Congratulations as you keep enjoying your birthday blessings.

26. What leads youths and teenagers astray will never locate you. the lord shall shield you from every darts of the wicked that causes people to fall from His grace. Trust in him always as you continue your blessed life in him.

27. Your family and those closely associated with you are blessed. All that they would need to give you a better life shall always be provided and they will never be stressed because of you.

28. You shall never have any cause to be sick or hospitalized. What kills youth and teenagers in this current age shall not come near you neither shall you encounter accidents of any sort.

29. Your destiny is safe and secure against those who wish to see you fall. Every evil eye against you has been shut. You are blessed and nothing will rob you of the blessings.

30. May you always find grace from all cardinal points that your turn and may the star that will lead good men and women to you not be covered. As you have celebrated so shall the spirit of excellency remain with you.

You shouldn’t fold your hands with a promise to send a birthday wish to someone on their next birthday when you can do something now. Belated birthday wishes count a lot when you need to remind someone that you didn’t forget the day they were born. You may be a very busy person or unable to come up with good words to write, don’t let that stop you because this is what these happy belated 18th birthday wishes are meant for.

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