Happy 61st Birthday to Me Wishes and Quotes

Happy 61st Birthday to Me Wishes and Quotes

Nobody can celebrate you better than you and nobody can wish things for you better than you.

You know what you’ve been through, you know what you would want to see in your life better than anybody else.

So, while your loved ones should celebrate you and send wishes to you on your birthday, you should also do the same.

In case you are wondering how to go about it, I’ve made your job easier. Find here happy 61st birthday wishes to me to celebrate yourself.

61st Birthday Prayer Wishes for Myself

I’m so grateful to God for the gift of life. I know nobody that can thank Him better than myself. He fulfilled all the deep wishes of my heart, so I’m thankful. My utmost prayer this year is a peaceful life. Happy 61st birthday to me and best wishes to me.

1. Goodness gracious! It’s my 61st birthday today. I rejoice on this very special day knowing that I have the most precious gift in the world, and that is life. I’m thankful for life. May the Lord crown the rest of my years with more blessings.

2. Happy 61st birthday to me! I’m celebrating 61 years of divine wonders of God in my life. God has brought me this far, and I can’t be more appreciative. May His will over my life supersede every other.

3. Best birthday wishes to me today, I literally cannot contain my joy. Cheers to being 61 and strong. I wish myself a very amazing birthday knowing I’m blessed and highly favoured.

4. My excitement today is reaching the rooftop. It’s my birthday, and I can’t keep calm! This day, I pray to the God who hears me always, for contentment, stability, and success. Happy 61st birthday to me.

5. I deem myself lucky to be alive today. I don’t take God’s mercies for granted, and that is why I give thanks. Thank you, Father, for nourishing my life with great benefits. Happy 61st birthday to me.

6. Today is a wonderful day in my life. It feels great being alive and experiencing the excitement of a new year. I look younger than my age, and that’s one of the things I’m thankful for. Happy 61st birthday to me.

7. I’m officially plus one today. I have been a blessing to the world around me, and the world around me has equally blessed me. Celebrating my 61st birthday is a great feat, so, join me, let’s make a toast to life and getting older.

8. My life so far has been incredibly wonderful. I have lived a guarded life under God’s close watch, nothing ever happens without his knowledge, and that gives me so much faith to keep trusting him even with the rest of my years on this earth. Happy 61st birthday to me.

9. I bless God for seeing my 61st birthday. I never knew I would live this long, with all the fears surrounding my life and family, it pleases me to say; Father, I’m grateful.

10. A lot of seasons have passed, people have come and gone, so many waters have gone under the bridge but, in all things, God remained constant. If I don’t recognize God’s mercies over my life then, I’d be ungrateful. Happy 61st birthday to me.

11. I celebrate today because it’s nothing like every other day. Happy 61st birthday to me. I’m fast becoming old but, seeing my children and the wonderful things God is doing through them makes me so happy.

12. The world has gone old in my memories but, it’s still new every day. I’m happily celebrating my 61st birthday in good health and sound mind. May all good things never cease to happen in my life.

13. Knowing God has been a huge plus in my life. There are places and things He has safeguarded me from, and but for His divine power over me, I’d be long gone. So, today, I’m grateful for letting God be the captain of my life. Happy 61st birthday to me.

62nd Birthday Quotes for Me

I wish I had brilliant quotes to describe my life so far; life has been good to me. Yes, there were ups and downs but that’s what makes life full and interesting. And I’m glad for the experiences that life have given me. Happy 62nd birthday to me.

14. I count it all joy being alive and seeing the world age in my eyes. On this remarkable day of my 62nd birthday, I ask for nothing but the choicest of blessings from the universe. Happy birthday to me.

15. What a fabulous day to be born! For a 62-year-old, I feel super excited. Being able to stand up from my bed every morning feels like a miracle, and I do not, for one moment, take that for granted.

16. This is the most spectacular day of my existence. In this generation and time, being alive till 62 makes me feel like a good old guy. Nevertheless, I thank my maker for the privilege of my 62nd birthday.

17. God gave me the eyes to see all the possibilities that have come across my path in life, and of a surety, I have been blessed in life. Happy 62nd birthday to me.

18. Growing through life and different experiences makes me feel at liberty to celebrate my 62nd birthday. Heavens bless this day always. Happy 62nd birthday to me!

19. Wishing myself a happy 62nd birthday today is a thing of great delight. May I remain blessed as always as I have been in life.

20. With pure joy and happiness that never ends, I celebrate myself today. Happy 62nd birthday to me. I have been one lucky fellow in this life. Everything I have achieved so far is totally by grace, and I thank God always for this.

21. I have passed through tremendous adversities in life but, none of that has swayed my trust in God. If not for Him, I would have been long gone. So, celebrating my 62nd birthday today is a great blessing.

22. Surviving life at 62 isn’t so much because I believed in myself, rather it’s a tale of God’s faithfulness. On this 62nd birthday, I just want to honour God for being the number one person in my life.

23. On this special occasion of my 62nd birthday, I just want to rejoice and be thankful for the days I have seen and those yet to be seen. Cheers to a wonderful new year for me.

24. This day, an exciting new chapter of my life has been opened. I keep wondering how I got this far. Realizing it’s Godspeed makes so much sense. Happy 62nd birthday to me.

25. I’m truly the coolest 62 year old of all time. Happy birthday to me! Seeing my children all around makes me feel so young. I’m truly blessed.

Happy 63rd Birthday to Me

Happy 63rd birthday to me. It has been 63 years of God’s goodness and mercy over my life. May the Lord bless all that concerns me grants me His peace, joy and favour as I continue to navigate life.

26. It’s exactly 63 years ago today, an incredible soul came to life. Happy 63rd birthday to me. Here is wishing myself a super-duper birthday celebration.

27. My eyes have been privileged to witness so many precious periods of my life. I’m particularly appreciative of all the wondrous beauty I have seen in the past 63 years. Happy birthday to me.

28. More than all the wealth in the universe, I’m thankful for life. Happy 63rd birthday to me. May God’s river of joy never cease to flow in my heart.

29. Here is wishing myself an extraordinary 63rd birthday. Of a certainty, I’m lucky to be here today and celebrating this great birthday. Happy birthday to me.

30. To the rarest human being in the world; happy 63rd birthday! May joy forever walk with me.

31. Happy 63rd birthday to me! I’m so impressed with whom I have turned out to become, all credits to God. This walk hasn’t been easy but, it has been worth it.

32. Hurrah! I feel really good today. Happy 63rd birthday to me. I celebrate myself for the little wins, and the days I have been honoured to see. God has been indeed gracious to me.

33. I turned 63 today, which means I’m not getting younger anymore. I have been tremendously lucky to witness this special day, and I pray for more wonderful days like this in my life. Happy birthday to me.

34. Glory be to God for letting me see this day in my life! Happy 63rd birthday to me. Being able to witness this day is already a huge miracle.

35. On my 63rd birthday, I wish myself an abundance of the most valuable possession on earth; happiness and health. Happy birthday to me.

36. There is absolutely nothing better in this world that I desire than to walk with a heart full to the brim with joy and gratitude. That’s all I ask from God on this my 63rd birthday.

64th Birthday Prayers for Myself

It’s my 64th birthday today and I can’t believe it. It almost seems like I was 30 yesterday. I have so many things to be thankful for and I’m not taking any for granted. My prayers for myself are continuous good health and prosperity. Happy birthday to me.

37. I’m super happy for myself and my lovely family! On this occasion of my 64th birthday, I pray for long life and a joyfully united family. Happy birthday to me.

38. This is a special 64th birthday, I just want to appreciate God for taking good care of me and all the people around me all these years. I would be truly nothing without you, Lord.

39. This is my 64th birthday, and I’m glad to proceed with writing a new chapter of my life. Yesterday is gone, this new age is right before my eyes, and I’m going to live it with the full assurance that God is in it with me.

40. Here is wishing myself a fabulous birthday. This is surely going to be my year of perseverance and fulfilment. Happy 64th birthday to me.

41. I believe all my dreams have come through right before my eyes. My past has been nothing but accomplishing, because, I have an amazing God standing by me. Happy 64th birthday to me!

42. I owe all the blessings I have received in life to God, I do not doubt that I’m God’s dearest masterpiece. Happy 64th birthday to me.

43. On this day of my 64th birthday, all I wish for myself is genuine happiness and peace all through the remaining years of my life. May God crown my life with His goodness.

44. I pray for the happiest of birthdays for myself as I turn 64 today. I choose to make this stage of my life an amazing one. Happy 64th birthday to me.

Happy Birthday to Me 65 Years Old

A big, big happy birthday to me. I’m 65 years old today. Life has been good to me and it has also thrown me curveballs. Through it all, I’m alive, hale and hearty, so I’m grateful. If you see this, please say a prayer for me.

45. May God continue to make my journey smooth and unhindered. Happy 65th birthday to me. If I’m asked how I got this far, I certainly can’t tell but I’m super appreciative of the wonderful people in my life.

46. This is my year to do the remarkable things I wished I had done in the past, and nothing is going to stop me from accomplishing it. Happy 65th birthday to me.

47. Happy 65th birthday to a fortunate person like me. I am so thankful that I am alive, healthy, and joyful. Nothing is more important to me in this world than these three things.

48. Whatever path I have travelled in life, I have always counted on God to be there with me. Here is wishing myself an exceedingly happy 65th birthday.

49. I’m so grateful to God for giving me the privilege to behold this age of my life in all sincerity. So far, I have been blessed, and it’s a thing of joy.

50. Someone just clocked 65 today, cheers to me! Happy 65th birthday to me. This very day, I choose to be audacious in the pursuit of my remaining goals in life, there is no stopping for me, onward through this journey, I go!

51. This isn’t just any 65th birthday, it is another wonderful reminder that I’m loved and worthy of all the remarkable accomplishments larger than life that could still come my way.

52. Happy 65th birthday to me, I’m so emotional right now. I’m grateful for myself. I truly don’t deserve this grace, and I thank God every day for it.

53. Any moment I remember God’s goodness and mercies to me. I shout for joy. It feels good celebrating my 65th birthday on this earth. Wow! Thank God in all things.

54. In my years in life, God has never disappointed me, He has been truly faithful to His promises over my life. Even though some promises delayed, they came to pass eventually. I just want to say; thank you, Lord.

Happy 66th Birthday to Me

Happy 66th birthday to me. I don’t have any complaints; I have enjoyed 66 years of God’s faithfulness so far. I pray that God will continue to keep me, my friends and my loved ones. We will continue to bask in God’s grace and goodness.

55. Happy 66th birthday to a resilient and delightful soul. I’m alive witnessing this day and age, it means the world to me. I feel so happy turning a year older today. Cheers to my new age!

56. It is with great joy and fulfilment that I’m here celebrating another year of my life. I praise God for the things I have survived, all the challenges throughout the previous years of my life didn’t swallow me up. Happy 66th birthday to me.

57. Growing up, all I had was God, myself, and some guts. I have gotten this far relying on those three things. Of truth, my life has been amazing. Happy 66th birthday to me.

58. Happy 66th birthday to me. As I mark a year older today, I’m greatly appreciative of all the wonderful things the universe has let me see, all the wonderful people around me, and the gift of being alive and well.

59. I’m not holding back any pleasure today. I will make every minute of this 66th birthday count. I will laugh as much as possible and sing until my heart feels light. Happy 66th Birthday to me.

60. The most amazing thing I did last year was putting myself first, and that was a very fantastic year of knowing myself. This year, I’m putting that on repeat, o yea! Happy 66th birthday to me.

61. Happiest 66th birthday to me. I shall experience the best year ever. I know my life has been fulfilling but, I’m adding some new colourful feathers to my cap this year.

62. It’s a delightful 66th birthday celebration. Happy birthday to me. It feels so great to be here. I shall rejoice this day and forevermore.

63. Times are gone, decades have passed yet, I’m preserved. Happy 66th birthday to me. This year, I’m going to be more kind to myself, and live every minute of the day like it’s my last.

64. Everything makes sense now. All those struggles of yesteryears are beginning to make sense. Now, I’m reaping the fruit of my labour. Nothing feels better than that. Happy 66th birthday to me.

Birthday Wishes to Self at 67

I am so happy to be celebrating my birthday today. I remember how many doubted me as a young child but through self-will and determination, I’m here celebrating my success at 67. My wishes for myself are joy and peace in my remaining years on earth. Happy birthday to me.

67. Seeing myself hit 67 is something to be appreciative of. Here is wishing myself a productive and successful new age. As I blow off the candles on my cake, may all the looming darkness and negativities around my life be blown away.

63. Happy birthday to me today! The journey so far has been tremendous. I’d like to thank God for being exceptional and super loving to me. I wish myself a joyous new year.

64. What a day to be born. I’m short of words. I can’t believe today marks the start of a new chapter for another 365 days on planet earth. Best wishes to myself!

67. It’s that time of the year again. I strongly believe this new age would be nothing short of great. My 67th year on earth should be for peace and gratitude.

68. My world has been truly colourful. Surrounding my life are so many things to be grateful for. Happy 67th birthday to me. Here is wishing myself the most wonderful year ahead.

69. One of the most incredible people to ever exist was born today. As I mark one year older today, I wish that everything in my life will advance to the next level. Happy 67th birthday to me.

70. I have been in love with myself for as long as I can recall. With each passing birthday, I love myself even more. I’m wishing myself the most remarkable year ever. Happy 67th birthday to me.

71. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life having regrets. I want to be more beautiful and wealthier. Happy 67th birthday to me.

72. I’m so grateful to be alive to see this day. It is worth celebrating. I know I will be alive to celebrate more years. Here is wishing myself a fabulous year in view. Happy birthday to me.

68th Birthday Messages for Myself

I wish myself a happy 68th birthday. I’m thankful for all the messages I received today. I’m proud of myself and all I’ve accomplished in all the 68 years I’ve spent on earth. And I’m not backing down; there is still more yet to accomplish. I pray for grace and will to keep pushing.

73. There’s no better way to say I’m thankful for the gift of life than this. Happy 68th birthday to me. I never thought I would make it this far.

74. On rare days like today, I’m always at my best, happy, thankful, and overjoyed. I’m no longer scared of life’s troubles because I know they come and go. Happy 68th birthday to me.

75. I felt truly exceptional when I woke up today, especially when I remembered it’s my birthday! A very happy birthday to me.

76. Today is unique. I’m stronger and wiser than in the previous years. In this new chapter of my life, I vow to make the most out of it. Happy 68th birthday to me.

77. Finally, my birthday is here, a special someone was brought to earth today. I’m delighted to be at this point in my life, and I appreciate my journey so far. Happy birthday to me.

78. Look who is excited. Oh! I can’t help but be merry, I have added another year to my life today. Grief shall not have any authority over me this year. Happy birthday to me.

79. I’m wishing myself a joyous birthday. I have to lead a life of distinction. I’m not surprised how I have been able to transform my world so far. I pray for more strength and wisdom to do greater. Happy 68th birthday to me.

80. Happy birthday to me! On this special day of my birth, I just want to thank God, and be happy. There’s nothing greater than time for myself and my family. I hope today will bring something special to me.

81. One thing I have come to accept so much is that there is no failure for me. In all my experiences, It is either I win or I learn, I never lose. Having all of that in mind has made life a lot easy to handle in very difficult times. Happy 68th birthday to me.

82. Hurray! Today is my birthday, and I’m so happy to be alive, breathing, and devoting my life to God and the people that matter to me. I love my life! Cheers to my new age. Happy 68th birthday to me.

83. God has been by my side through thick and thin. It relieved and positioned me in the right perspective to do whatever I know I can believe that God will finish the rest. Happy 68th birthday to me.

84. Happy 68th birthday to the toughest hero I know. All I have accomplished this far have been unbelievable. I’m so proud and thankful.

85. Another phase in life to do and be some more is here, happy 68th birthday to me. I’m more than thankful to be alive, and in good spirits. Wishing myself the most out of the new year.

86. Cheers to the person I have become! I have seen doors open for me and I have seen things get worse and then, get good. I thank God for preserving me this long to witness my 68th birthday.

Best 69th Birthday Quotes for Myself

I have seen enough quotes about life to last a lifetime but what stands out for me is that life is what you make of it. I’m glad I learnt that early. I wish myself the grace to keep having the best perspective of life. Happy 69th birthday to me.

87. I admire the way I see the world. I have so much good around me. This tripled my winning chances in life. I believe this 69th birthday and those that will come later will continue to be super amazing. Happy birthday to me.

88. Today, I’m a year older, a year wiser, and a year stronger. Happy 69th birthday to this gracious soul. Everything I have now, God gave. I can’t be more delighted. Cheers to an exceptional year.

87. I walked through a long path of growth. I have been blessed and highly favoured by God. I still do hope to exploit this new year to the fullest as God gives me the strength. Happy 69th birthday to me.

88. I’m very proud of who I have become. This phase of my life is all about rest and appreciation. I don’t need anything except more time for God, myself, and my family. Happy 69th birthday to me.

89. Happy birthday to me. My life has been nothing short of fulfilling. This new age that I have been privileged to see shall be more beautiful than the previous years.

90. I’m pleased to see another new year of my life. I remain thankful for all that I have been able to achieve. Life is an individual race, and embracing mine was the best decision I ever made.

91. It’s a huge miracle celebrating my 69th birthday today. Happy birthday to me.

92. Every new year reminds me of God’s faithfulness to me. I have not been the best of myself but, I promise to keep trusting in God for grace.

93. Miracles happen every new day, and that of today is the miracle of a new year. Happy 69th birthday to me.

94. God fashioned me so beautifully. I have attracted the best things in life, and I’m grateful. Happy 69th birthday to me.

95. Every word of God I hear somehow finds a way to work for me. I have built my faith knowing this all my life. Happy 69th birthday to me.

96. Today, I’m a year older, and I can’t help but wonder how much good, life has brought my way.

97. Happy 69th birthday to me. It feels good to see the beauty of my 69th birthday, fresh and untapped.

98. The most important things I’m grateful for are the simplest things in life; breath of life, sound mind, and wisdom.

99. Looking back at all the years I have been lucky to see. I certainly know that It was just the grace of God.

100. What is more precious than life itself? Happy 69th birthday to me. I’m super thankful to see this exciting new year.

Now, you don’t have to struggle to find the words to celebrate yourself. You now have a list of happy 61st birthday wishes to me at your disposal.

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