Happy 52nd Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Happy 52nd Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

It is two years after their golden jubilee. While you might feel like they have put all that yearly celebration behind them. They might just be even more into birthday celebration than you think.

And as long as these celebrations mean anything to them, you should find a way to make them feel as special as you think they would want to feel

A good way to make this possible is doing some sweet and yet simple things like sending them some of these happy 52nd birthday wishes for girlfriend on their special day.

Best 52nd Birthday Prayer Messages for Girlfriend

Happy 52nd birthday to you, my love. As you become a year older, the grace of God will find you, hold you and send the dividend of answered prayers your way. You are the best girlfriend in the world!

1. I am looking at you from where I stand and I still cannot believe that you are already 52 years. May the Lord continue to hold you. Happy 52nd birthday

2. I have always been sure about my feelings for you. May that same sense of assurance about the success of your business come upon you

3. May the New Year be a great one able to take you out of any and every form of looming misery? Happy birthday to you.

4. Your life has been a testimony so far. My utmost prayer is that the testimonies this year will be greater than ever. Happy 52nd birthday to you.

5. As you move into a new year, may you gain a new pace for speed towards fulfilment. Happy 52nd birthday to you.

6. It is your 52nd birthday and I am glad to still have you around after such a tough year. Have a better year this year. Happy 52nd birthday to you.

7. More than ever before, I am wishing you great health and a sound mind. Happy 52nd birthday to you, my love.

8. You have the most infectious smile my love and I am proud that I get to be around to witness every minute of it. Happy 52nd birthday to you.

9. You have aged so gracefully so far. May you continue to age gracefully. Happy 52nd birthday to you.

10. I have concluded that you are the sweetest person I know. Happy birthday to you.

11. You have taught me so many things, especially that I am the one for you and the world is ours for the taking. Happy 52nd birthday to you

12. I take the greatest joy in learning from you and also teaching you. Let us do more of these things in the New Year. Happy birthday to you.

13. I am overwhelmed with joy on a day like this because life has given me so much and my greatest gift is around to celebrate every minute of these things with me. Happy birthday to you.

Happy 52nd Birthday Girlfriend Quotes

You have been living a great life over since I have had you in my life and I am very proud of how far you have come. Happy 52nd birthday to you. You are the girlfriend of the year, no doubt.

14. Truly, many things have happened over the years and not many things have been able to convince me that we are not meant to be. Happy 52nd birthday to you.

15. My heart still skips a bit when I wake up and feel you beside me. You are the utmost gift God has given me. Happy birthday to you.

16. You started a fire in me the first time I set my eyes on you and I am glad to let you know that that fire is still burning fiercely. Happy birthday to you, my love.

17. You have embraced me with love in downtimes and have shown me the most authentic level of care when I didn’t think I deserved it. Thank you and happy 52nd birthday to you, my love.

18. You are the most amazing friend to me and you manage the work of a friend with being a lover just perfectly for me. Thank you and happy birthday to you.

19. I didn’t know I wanted commitment when I first saw you but it didn’t take me long after then to know I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. Happy birthday to you, my love

20. You are the most dearest and closest to my heart and I am very grateful for how you have cared for it so far. Happy birthday to my great girlfriend.

21. You have the key to everything as far as I am concerned and it feels rather beautiful to be that vulnerable with someone. Happy birthday to you, queen.

22. You are the queen of our kingdom and you have been the most badass queen I have ever seen. Happy 52nd birthday to you.

23. You have everything figured out and that is one trait I admire most about you. Happy birthday to you, my love.

24. You are the greatest gift I received five years ago and since then, it has been a greater journey than I ever imagined. Happy birthday to you.

25. You are the one for me, beautiful. I hope you do not still doubt the fact that our love is meant to be until aeon at such age. Happy 52nd birthday to you.

52nd Birthday Greetings for Girlfriend

How happy you have made me! I am so happy to have you in my life, my dearest. Have a wonderful celebration, my dearest girlfriend. I am sending lots of hugs and greetings your way.

26. You have the grace that many people never got. I hope you celebrate your 52nd like it is going to be a great year because it will be

27. If you just allow things to flow, this is going to be one of the greatest years of your life. Happy birthday to you.

28. It is a pretty great and significant number. Don’t you agree? Well, have the best of it! Happy 52nd birthday to you.

29. You will come out on top and better this year. Happy 52nd birthday to you.

30. Whatever you decide to do this New Year, I hope you embrace your truth and soar like the eagle you are. Happy 52nd birthday to you.

31. You have everything it takes to be the star every time and at all times. Go be just that, girlfriend. Happy 52nd birthday to you.

32. Never think anything is too late for you to achieve at this age. Happy 52nd birthday to you.

33. I wish you more energy and zest because you will be needing them to achieve all these things, I am still convinced you are set to achieve.

34. May the odds this year not be against you, my love. Happy 52nd birthday to you.

35. My utmost prayer is that everything you are going to be doing as you step into a new year will be a success that you celebrate. Happy 52nd birthday to you.

36. Just so you know, I do not mind wearing celebratory clothes and smiles every other month as long as you are smashing those goals. Happy 52nd birthday to you, girlfriend.

Cute 52nd Birthday Wishes for a Girlfriend

It is that time of the year to show you just how much you have made me happy. Have a great day, my cute, loving girlfriend. my wish for you is that the year makes you even happier than you already are. Happy 52nd birthday, my dearest.

37. You have not lived a conventional life so far and I am proud to be with a woman bold enough to change the status quo with ease and on her own terms. Happy 52nd birthday to you.

38. You are genuinely the most courageous woman I know and the fact that you have the most beautiful smile to complement that just makes you completely irresistible. Happy birthday to you.

39. I hope that I see you smile a lot this year than the last year. Have a great 52nd birthday, my beloved girlfriend.

40. There is no reason for back and forth. I am declaring my love for you eternal on this day! Happy 52nd birthday to my eternal love.

41. You have the most striking eyes. But, your personality is just as striking if not more. And these are the things that have kept me going in the face of anything over the years. Happy 52nd birthday to you, dearest.

42. You have been so beautiful and perfect. I could not find a blemish even if I tried. Happy 52nd birthday to you, my dear.

43. May this new beginning bring peace and ease your way because you are deserving. Happy 52nd birthday to you.

44. You are the love of my life and getting to see you celebrate some milestones has to be the best things ever. Happy birthday to you.

45. You have shown that you are courageous more than I ever gave you credit for and I am sorry. Happy birthday to my courageous girlfriend.

46. You have the best body features and all of them complement your mind and heart in the most alluring ways. Happy 52nd birthday to you.

47. Your 52nd birthday is very much a milestone and a beautiful one at that. I am so glad to be a participant.

48. I hope that beyond the level of success I am sure you will attain this year, you also get to have a lot of fun

49. I am happier as your boyfriend than I have ever been with any role in my life. Happy birthday to you, beautiful.

50. Here is to more years of being each other’s everything. Happy 52nd birthday to you.

Have you had a look at these happy 52nd birthday messages? Do you find any of them worthy enough to make your girlfriend happy at her 52nd birthday?

Then, send as many as you love to your girlfriend, she deserves it.

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