Happy 48th Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Happy 48th Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Sometimes you get a little lucky and get a second chance or even a third chance at love. My advice to you if you are in this category, don’t harden your heart.

Instead, be as open to love as you can be and you will find that there are a lot of things to enjoy from doing this. So, your amazing and lovely girlfriend is celebrating her 48th birthday?

Go all the way for her and don’t hold anything back. Of course, it is important that you get all the things that matter to her. But, also consider using some happy 48th birthday wishes for girlfriend to brighten her day than it already is.

Best 48th Birthday Prayer Messages for Girlfriend

Have a great celebration on this day and enjoy all the love that will be coming your way, my dearest girlfriend. Happy 48th birthday to you, my dearest girlfriend.

1. Every day after waking up, I thank God for the gift of you. Today, I am praying that God grants you long life and prosperity. Happy 48th birthday to you.

2. I have watched you for years and I am sure that above all else, happiness means the most to you. May you be happy this year? Happy birthday to you.

3. My utmost prayer to you this year is that we experience God’s blessings and favour everywhere and on any project you set out to do. Happy 48th birthday.

4. This birthday is pretty special. May the year bring you special love and good tiding? Happy birthday to you.

5. Trust me when I say that you deserve God’s loving graciousness and love this New Year. I hope you get everything that you deserve. Happy birthday to you.

6. I pray for ease in all ramifications as the New Year begins because you deserve peace and solace. Happy 48th birthday to you.

7. May you gain clarity this New Year and may things only get better. Happy birthday to you.

8. You will not have any reasons to regret this year because every decision you have taken in the past and the ones you have taken before will materialize into great things. Happy 48th birthday to you.

9. It takes courage to still be this enthusiastic about birthdays at this age. But, you, my dear, do it with so much ease. May you continue to experience that ease. Happy birthday to you.

10. May the Lord surround you with good tidings this New Year. Happy 48th birthday to you, my love.

11. It has been quite the year, don’t you agree? Anyway, my prayer is that you know peace and ease this New Year. Happy 48th birthday to you.

12. Your aura is contagious. So is your smile and laughter. As you begin a new year, you will smile and laugh more. Happy 48th birthday to you.

13. I wish you the grace to weather the New Year and the poise to take life in and make the best of every challenge. Happy 48th birthday to you.

Happy 48th Birthday Girlfriend Quotes

I wish you long life and prosperity, my beloved. You have been God’s gift to me in many ways and I can’t deny that you are tee best girlfriend ever. Happy 48th birthday to you.

14. You are the most beautiful person I have ever met even after all these years on earth. Happy 48th birthday to you.

15. I hope that you get everything that you have ever desired and everything you will now start to pursue. Happy 48th birthday to you.

16. I hope that this New Year lets you live your best life and erases any form of pain from your path. Happy birthday to you.

17. You make me feel the most intense emotions and the way you do it without even trying makes me even more in love with you.

18. You have the best mind I know, the best laugh I know and you cook the best meals. Happy 48th birthday to my perfect girlfriend.

19. Trust me when I say that I would not have it any other way. Happy 48th birthday to you.

20. You are the perfect girlfriend for me and although it might have taken so long to meet you, I am the happiest man alive that I got to do that. Happy birthday to you.

21. I think it is about the right time to let you know that I still consider times spent with you the best times of my day. Happy 48th birthday to you.

22. You were brave enough to do things I was too scared to do, and by going for those things, we are a power couple today. Thank you, so much and happy birthday.

23. Although, I cannot say that our journey so far has been without challenges. I can say that I would choose to do it all with you over again. Happy 48th birthday to you

24. It is not new that I pray that you stay with me forever. Looking at all we have achieved today however has intensified that prayer for me. Happy birthday to you, my love.

25. You are God’s gift to me. And you continually prove to me that God himself ordained you to be mine. Happy 48th birthday to you.

48th Birthday Greetings for Girlfriend

I am not ashamed to admit that you are the love of my life whenever I am questioned, because honestly, you are. Happy 48th Birthday to you, my girlfriend. I am sending love and greetings your way, and oh! Gifts too.

26. I already always find time to thank you for being amazing. But, what says I cannot give thanks again on a special day like this. Happy 48th birthday to you.

27. Everywhere you go, I am going to be watching for your smile because it melts my heart. Happy 48th birthday to you.

28. I hope that the world does not dim your light or steal your smile, my love. Happy 48thy birthday to you.

29. You’re such a happy person and you continue to make everyone around you happy. That’s exceptional, girlfriend! Happy birthday to you.

30. You have the right humour, the right charm and of course, the perfect beauty. Happy 48th birthday to you, my love.

31. You are the love for me and the friend I never had growing up. Happy 48th birthday to you

32. I want to use this chance to appreciate you for being a great listener and an even better problem solver. Happy 48th birthday to you.

33. With me in your life, I feel like I am invincible and cannot be broken – that is how much your love means to me. Happy 48th birthday to you.

34 . Your 48th birthday celebration means a whole lot to me, dear. Happy birthday to you, beloved.

35 . I cannot wait to be holding hands with you again. Enjoy your day and happy birthday to you, love.

36. It is a good day because it is the day the world celebrates the queen of my heart. Happy birthday to you, love.

Cute 48th Birthday Wishes for a Girlfriend

You have all these cute habits that I love very much and your heart is the most beautiful thing about you. Have a great 48th birthday celebration, my dearest cute girlfriend.

37. You are in for a surprise if you think I have not booked somewhere you love for a few hours of dining and wining privately. Happy birthday to you.

38. I do not want to sound too high and mighty. But, I have never been loved by any other person since I got together. Happy birthday to you.

39. You are the closest thing to my heart and I promise to be keeping it with all thy might. Happy birthday to you.

40. You are one of the most ambitious persons I know. May this New Year be great for you?

41. May the year be the perfect examination for good energy and joy. Happy 48th birthday to you, love.

42. You are the most amazing at your job. So, while romance is great. I only want one thing: that your promotion happens soon and is pass.

43. You are the one for me, and I and not going to neglect the part that you have agreed to do forever for me. Happy 48th birthday to you.

44. You have worked to get to this good place in business and relationship and I am so proud of you. Happy birthday to you, sir

45. I have resolved with the fact that you are the utmost blessing the universe thought to give me a long time ago. Happy 48th birthday to the woman of my world.

46. I hope that you receive the courage that you will need to outlast all the challenges that will come with the New Year. Happy 48th birthday to you, my love.

47. You are going to be celebrating a lot this New Year. Believe it and it will be so! Happy birthday to you, my love.

48. You have what it takes to change the world and take over the world. Happy 48th birthday to you.

49. I am so glad that I have someone as solid as you in my corner. Happy 48th birthday to you.

50. You have demonstrated loyalty in more ways than one to me and I daily hope that I can reciprocate as we continue on this journey. Happy 48th birthday to you

You can have a great time even if it is your girlfriend celebrating, celebrate her special day with her like it’s yours. Also, don’t forget to send some of these happy 48th birthday wishes to make the day perfect.

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