Happy 18th Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

Happy 18th Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

Love is a beautiful thing. To give it as well as to receive it. It is better experienced than explained. And that’s what makes it so special.

Now that you have found love, you should consider yourself as one of the luckiest people on earth, and you should celebrate your lover all the time, especially on their big day.

When you have a boyfriend you love that’s celebrating a milestone like his 18th birthday, one of the best ways to celebrate or show him love is to send him beautiful birthday wishes like the ones written here. He will definitely love them and love you even more.

I know that’s why you are here. So, go ahead and make the 18th birthday of your boyfriend awesome by celebrating him with these happy 18th birthday wishes for boyfriend.

Best 18th Birthday Prayer Messages for Boyfriend

Above all else, I wish for you all that your soul has ever desired. Have an amazing 18th birthday, my darling boyfriend.

1. My darling boyfriend is a year today. I bless God for your life. You shall live to witness more of the years. Happy 18th birthday boo! I love you.

2. I am happy like today is my birthday but it is really the birthday of someone special in my life, my handsome boyfriend. May you excel far and beyond. Your wishes are granted to wish accordingly. Happy 18th birthday!

3. You are in your penultimate year as a teenager. I’m so happy for who you are and who you are becoming. You are more mature than your age and that alone makes me glad. Happy 18th birthday my best man. I love you!

4. You are already 18! I celebrate you now and always. May you thrive more excellently and beautifully than you have always been doing. Happy birthday, boyfriend!

5. I am the happiest person on earth right. I am so lucky to have been your girlfriend. I bless the day I said ‘yes’ to our ‘together forever.’ Happy 18th birthday sweet boyfriend. The sky is not your limit.

6. Kings are queens, queens are kings. You are mine and I am yours. We are both one. I love the way you love me and how you make me feel. Your purposes are accomplished by God’s special grace. Happy 18th birthday. I love you.

7. Dear boyfriend, you are forever mine. I bless God for giving you the grace of witnessing your 18th year. You will prosper in all that you do. Happy birthday to you!

8. I am so proud of you boyfriend. At your young age, you have achieved a lot. I love how you show your affections to me. I appreciate you. Happy 18th birthday. You will keep flourishing and flying higher.

9. Dear boyfriend, as you celebrate your 18th year, you will live to celebrate your 98th birthday. You will live long enough to see your blessed generation. Happy birthday, darling.

10. I pray that God will make your way prosperous and you will have good success. Happy 18th birthday darling boyfriend.

11. Many happy returns my dear boyfriend. Know that as you celebrate your 18th birthday, you will bear long-lasting fruit. You are fruitful and not barren in all ramifications.

12. You will never wither and whatever you do shall prosper. Happy 18th birthday to my favourite, my dear boyfriend.

13. You will experience peace in all the days of your life. Your body will also be made in perfect peace. Happy birthday, darling boyfriend. It’s your 18th birthday, I love you.

14. Many happy returns to you on your day. I pray God will always rescue you from your enemies and keep you from being harmed. Happy 18th birthday boyfriend.

15. You will forever live to testify to the greatness of the goodness of God in your life. It’s your 18th birthday boyfriend, happy birthday.

16. I pray that your strength will be renewed by God and you will always find favour before God and man. Happy 18th birthday to you!

17. You are loved than you can imagine. You capture my heart every moment. I pray that you will be more superior in quality and superabundant in quantity than your colleagues. Happy 18th birthday my loving boyfriend.

18. You are designed to be great, excellent and to stand out. I love you now and always. Happy 18th birthday to you.

19. I pray that all that you lay your hands on thrives and that you progress in every aspect of your life. Happy birthday to you, darling boyfriend, enjoy your day.

20. As you begin your 18th-year journey in life, no matter how much everything seems so hard, God will lead and put you through with ease. Happy birthday my boyfriend boo!

Happy 18th Birthday Boyfriend Quotes

Happy birthday to a special person, my darling boyfriend. Welcome to your 18th year and your best year yet.

21. As a radiant light does not go dim, you will not fade out but shine brighter than your peers. Happy 18th birthday to you.

22. You smile beautifully. You look stunning and you have a sweet soul. You are one in a million. Happy birthday to you, boyfriend as you turn 18.

23. Birthdays come just once a year but each birthday speaks about you. The world is incomplete without you, boyfriend. Happy 18th birthday to you.

24. I celebrate you darling boyfriend and will always do. Happy 18th birthday to you.

25. As the sun shines brighter, your life will shine brighter and brighter too. Happy 18th birthday my boyfriend.

26. Your life will be as beautiful as what you can imagine. Happy 18th birthday my dear boyfriend.

27. There is something spectacular about you that makes me want to know more, I can even deny it myself. You are amazing. Happy 18th birthday boyfriend, keep flourishing.

28. The handsomeness in you cannot be described in words. I love you than you can ever imagine. Happy 18th birthday my love.

29. You are the source of my joy. My everything I have ever wished for. It’s your 18th birthday happy birthday my boyfriend.

30. Thanks for all that you have been doing for me. Knowing you has never been something I would regret. I am happy I met you. Happy 18th birthday my boyfriend.

31. Happy 18th birthday dear boyfriend. Success is yours in all your endeavours. Keep winning.

32. You are an inspiration to me, and the best gift I have ever received. Happy 18th birthday darling boyfriend. I love you.

Happy 18th Birthday to My Boyfriend

May your birthday be filled with everything you have ever wished for. I love you so much, boyfriend. Happy birthday to you.

33. Many happy returns to my darling boyfriend. It’s your 18th birthday, have a blast.

34. You are loved. Thank you for the moments spent together and the memories we are creating. Happy 18th birthday. With love from your boyfriend.

35. I wish you the good desires you have wished for yourself. Happy 18th birthday boyfriend.

36. You are not only my boyfriend, you are my mentor, my lover, my best friend, and my everything. Happy 18th birthday dear one.

37. May your joy know no bound my darling boyfriend. Happy 18th birthday.

38. Happy new year to you my boyfriend. It has been a beautiful journey with you. It’s your 18th year today, I hope you enjoy it to the fullest.

39. You are a blessing to me. You make me feel so much confidence in myself. You made me find who I am. Thanks for always. I love you so dearly. Happy 18th birthday my boyfriend.

40. I will love you now and forever. Even in the afterworld, if it exists, I will still choose to be with you. Happy 18th birthday my boyfriend. I wish you a fun-filled day.

41. Happy birthday to my dream man. I have waited for this special day to come and now it’s here. It’s your 18th darling boyfriend, you will live long.

42. My boyfriend who is in the process of becoming my fiance and husband, happy 18th birthday to you.

43. You are my sweetie pie, cuppy cake, and the apple of my eye. Happy 18th birthday to you, boyfriend.

44. Dear boyfriend, I want you to know that both in good and hard times, I will always be right here by your side. Happy 18th birthday love.

45. Darling boyfriend, you are very dear to me and I won’t trade you for anything. Happy 18th birthday to you.

46. I cannot wait for us to start living the life we wished for ourselves. While we wait for that time to come, I still choose to remain by your side and pour my love on you. Happy 18th birthday to you.

47. Even many men, you stand out differently. Your kind is rare. You are a gem, and I will make sure I do not lose you. Happy 18th birthday darling boyfriend. I love you!

48. Although you are young, you are mighty and that does not restrict you from pursuing your dreams. I see you as a goal-getter and I love you for that. Happy 18th birthday boyfriend, keep shining.

49. I care for you. I admire you. You are one in a million. I celebrate you, darling. Happy 18th birthday sweet boyfriend.

50. You have been so good all the way. I am really grateful for everything. Have a blast 18th year birthday my lovely boyfriend.

51. Hurray!!! Happy 18th birthday lovely boyfriend. I love you!

52. I have always loved you for who you are. You are beautiful, handsome, loving and caring. You are just so much. Happy 18th birthday beautiful boyfriend.

53. The blessings of God is upon you and yours. Happy 18th birthday, boyfriend.

54. You are my answered prayer and I am glad to celebrate your 18th birthday with you today. Happy birthday, boyfriend.

55. Your path is guided in life by God’s grace. Do have a spectacular day ahead. Happy 18th birthday.

56. You are more than enough to me. You are what every woman would ask for. I am so lucky to have you. My boyfriend, happy 18th birthday.

57. My true love, my only boyfriend, I wish you the best 18th birthday ever.

58. You are a wonderful being I have ever seen in my entire life. Happy 18th birthday to you my dearest boyfriend.

59. I can do anything for you baby. But what I can’t do is to stop loving. I love you big. Happy 18th birthday my wonderful boyfriend.

60. I have doubted myself if I could deserve someone amazing but you proved me wrong by been that amazing person in my life. Happy 18th birthday dearest boyfriend.

18th Birthday Greetings for Boyfriend

Happy birthday to my darling boyfriend. I pray that you enjoy all things good in your new year.

61. It is your 18th birthday. I hope you have a great day.

62. Happy birthday to my 18-year-old boyfriend. I wish you a happy life.

63. Blissful birthday to my boyfriend who is turning 18 today.

64. This day will be remarkable and memorable in your life, my dear hubby. Happy 18th birthday to you.

65. You have done well with all that you have achieved so far. I am more than proud of you. Happy 18th birthday boyfriend darling.

66. I will always love you every day of my life. You are blessed. Happy 18th birthday.

67. With my love, I will honour and satisfy you. Happy 18th birthday.

68. You are radical for Him who made this worthy of celebration. Happy 18th birthday to you.

69. You shall rise above the tower by God’s grace. Happy 18th birthday to you my boyfriend.

70. Men of the world shall call you blessed. They shall not seize to calling you blessed. Happy 18th birthday.

Cute 18th Birthday Wishes for My Boyfriend

This is wishing the best guy I know who also doubles as my boyfriend a happy 21st birthday. I love you and pray that this birthday opens doors to great achievement in your life.

71. You have this beautiful smile and an amazing look that steals my heart. I truly love you. Happy 18th birthday to you.

72. You are a handsome man and I love to see you happy because your happiness is my source of joy. Happy 18th birthday to you.

73. Yaaaaaay!!! It is my darling boyfriend’s 18th birthday. Happy birthday to the man that made me his own. You are loved.

74. You are not only beautiful, but you are also intelligent, hardworking and wonderful. I admire you every day. Happy 18th birthday to you.

75. I pray that goodness and mercy will continue to follow you. Today is your 18th birthday my boyfriend, I wish you a fruitful day.

76. The spirit of excellence overshadows you. You shine brighter and brighter. Cheers to the new year my boyfriend!

77. My God will meet your needs according to His riches in His glory. Happy 18th birthday to you my darling boyfriend.

78. You will always shine among others like stars in the sky. Happy 18th birthday to you.

79. You are the best boyfriend ever. Your 18th birthday is here!
Happy birthday!

80. My wish for you is that the grace of God shall be sufficient for you. Happy 18th birthday. With love from your girlfriend!

81. As long as I live, you will forever be in my heart. Happy 18th birthday boyfriend.

82. You are a big 18!
Happy birthday my dear boyfriend.
You will be broken.

83. The Lord will strengthen and uphold you all the days of your life. Happy 18th birthday my lovely boyfriend.

84. This 18th year is all-round blessing for you. Happy birthday my boyfriend.

85. Happy birthday to my dear boyfriend. Just as you smile, keep smiling because God has got you. Enjoy your 18th birthday.

86. May you continually be relevant. Happy 18th birthday to you my heartbeat.

87. It is a new dawn of God’s divine blessings for your life. Happy 18th birthday baby, I love you!

88. You are loved and cherished. Glorious 18th birthday to you my boyfriend. Keep going higher.

89. I am proud to be yours and you being mine as well. I love you. Happy 18th birthday my boyfriend.

90. I wish you a good, happy and healthy life, my boyfriend. Happy 18th birthday.

Funny 18th Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

My darling, I pray you always have a reason to smile. And I promise to always be that reason. Happy 18th birthday, my darling.

91. My wish is that you will always be more serious than ever before. Have a beautiful 18th birthday boyfriend.

92. Happy 18th birthday my boyfriend. I wish you grow better and also become more responsible in all that you do.

93. You have always told me that you love me. I wish that love will not fade away from your heart. Happy 18th birthday my darling boyfriend.

94. My wish for you darling boyfriend as you celebrate your 18th birthday is that you will also be happy and not be sad.

95. God will enlarge your coast, my dear boyfriend. Happy 18th birthday to you.

96. I wish that you will be present around me forever. Happy 18th birthday my boyfriend.

97. God’s grace, mercy and favour will always speak for you. Happy 18th birthday my boyfriend.

98. God will bless you and make you fruitful in all ramifications. Happy 18th birthday to you my boyfriend.

99. I wish that you will stop hating yourself when you are wrong but always accept that there’s no crime in being wrong. Happy 18th birthday to you.

100. To my 18-year-old boyfriend celebrating his birthday today, I wish you success beyond the kind of success you wish for yourself. Happy birthday, love!

Thank you for reading this Happy 18th Birthday wishes for boyfriend post, please do send them to your sweet guy and show him all the love he deserves.

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