Happy 50th Birthday Wishes to Aunt

Happy 50th Birthday Wishes to Aunt

Aunts are just awesome. They fit into so many family profiles. They are good babysitters, mom and second mom, a great sister and a friend. I know you have that aunt that pampers you even when your mom says no!

The fifth decade is one of life’s major landmarks, and it deserves all the inspiring words, wishes, and loves you can share.

Wouldn’t it be nice to send your sweet aunt a heartfelt message to commemorate her 50th birthday? You wouldn’t want to use the here-we-go-again boring text to wish your aunt a happy birthday. You dare not!

Finding the perfect words to choose is not usually the easiest thing to do but I have come to your rescue with these fabulous wishes for your aunt’s birthday.

Below you would find the finest happy 50th birthday wishes for aunt in her 50’s. Some are funny, others are inspirational but none is boring. You can pick the ones you love to wish your aunt a happy 50th birthday. You choose!

Happy 50th Birthday Messages for My Aunty

Today is a great day undeniably. 50 years ago, a damsel was born. She played a vast role in my lives and I am forever grateful to you, aunty. Happy birthday and have a successful second half of the century!

1. A birthday message to my dearest Aunt. You are an amazing and incredible woman. You have made me both proud and happy not just now that you turn fifty but since I was a schoolgirl. I wish you all the best in life, aunty! Happy birthday.

2. Happy 50th anniversary. My world has been a better place having you in it. Many happy returns, aunty!

3. For the past half a century you’ve been Fantastic, Intellectual, Fun, Tremendous and Youthful. Yes! You are fifty. Congrats Aunty.

4. My aunt, it is not wrinkles but smile lines. Hearty cheers to you at your golden jubilee anniversary!

5. I couldn’t pray for a better cousin birthed by the best aunt. My cousin is cool just like her mom is. Thanks for being a cool mother to my cousin and a great aunt to me. Have a blast on your 50th birthday, aunty!

6. Aunt was still forty-nine years old till yesterday. She has upped it by one year over the night. A much more happy and sound life ahead. Cheers!

7. My aunty may act three, feel eighteen, look twenty-nine but it all adds up to 50. Happy 50th birthday, ma’am. Have a blast!

8. You are the best aunt in the world. You have put smiles on my face and on everyone you’ve come across. That’s is the true measure of a life well-lived. Congratulation on 50 years well lived. May you continue to put a smile on our faces as you add more years. Happy birthday, Aunt

9. I’ve always wondered why it is called the golden jubilee. With you clocking 50, I need not ask again. I have seen the awesomeness with my eye. Have a great new year!

10. I wasn’t there the first few decades of your life to wish you a happy birthday. I am here on your 50th birthday to wish you a very happy birthday. May all your unfulfilled wishes be fulfilled in this new phase of your life!

11. So much fire your 50 birthday cake candles are generating. Not to worry, I have the entire fire department on standby should there be any upshot. Happy 50th, Aunt!

12. Many people have been in my life but your role surpasses them. On your 50th birthday, I wish you joy and very long life. Way to go, aunty!

13. You are closer to clocking 100 than you’ve ever been, Aunty. You are halfway there. Way to go, Aunty. Cheers!

14. You are a fortune we would always treasure and never forget. May your golden birthday bring more joy than all other birthday combines. Wishing you a great new year and a happy birthday!

15. My role model. A shining example to me while I grow up. As you reach your 50th birthday today, I wish you continue to set the pace to all and sundry. Happy birthday, Aunty. Form your favourite niece.

16. Turning 10 was exciting! Turning 50 should be five times more exciting for you.

17. You deserve a medal and a grand birthday for reaching this level. You are 50 in years but you’re still as pretty as when you were younger. Wishing you a wonderful happy birthday!

18. I am not a man of many words so I‘ll use these three words to qualify you. “Best Aunty Ever”. Happy birthday. May you live the next 50years in sound health!

19. Taking 50 days to count the blessing you have been to us is not enough. 50 years is a long way and I am happy you have reached it. Happy birthday, aunt! Long life and prosperity.

20. You have helped us fulfil some of our dreams. As you turn 50 today, my wish is that all your dreams come true and your wishes are fulfilled. Happy birthday!

21. You never gave up on me even when I almost gave of on myself. That’s one of the many good things about you. To my aunt that never quits, happy birthday.

22. You are in my thoughts always. You have been more than an aunt, you have been my best friend. Happy birthday, aunty!

23. 50 hearty cheers to my aunty on her 50th birthday. let the party begin!

24. One of my wishes is that I will be like you one day. You are making it harder day after day as you are the best at what you do. You are a great aunt. Happy 50th birthday, dear Aunt.

25. Only you could rival my mom on who knows me best. Thanks for the listening ears and all the advice you gave to me even when o could not talk to my mom. Happy 50th birthday, best friend and aunt.

26. Thank you for being the woman who still has most of my childhood secrets. You have always been there when I need some to confide in other than my mom. You are special to me. Have a special 50th birthday.

27. I know you want to go all the way to a 100. The good news is that you are halfway there. The second lap isn’t as hard as the first. Have a smooth lap and a happy birthday.

28. Life doesn’t come with a manual. It rather comes with mothers and aunts. Thank you for being there all these years. Happy birthday, Aunt

29. Though getting old is full of many ups and downs but you have managed to bring a respectful man up. All I could remember about you as I grow up is all good. Trust you remain good and have a good 50th birthday. Happy birthday, aunt!

30. Thank you for all the nice and embarrassing stories about my parent you told me. You could have kept them from me but you being you, you share it all the same. Have a story-worthy 50th birthday.

31. Thank you aunt for making my childhood worthwhile. You’ve been an amazing being to me and my family. Wishing you a blessed birthday. Happy golden jubilee.

32. You are serious and strict when you need to be but I could never keep a straight face every other time. You are good at cracking me up. Wishing you a lively and fulfilled birthday. Happy 50th, Aunty.

33. I have met quite many positive people in life but your positivity surpasses them all. You have set a positive foundation on which I am building. Thank you, aunty. I am one of the products of your years of positivity. Happy 50th birthday. Remain positive.

34. May your 50th birthday celebration rock. May the next 50years be better than the first. Go and have an incredible year. Happy birthday, Aunty.

35. A quick look over the last few years shows that you are on a path of better days. May you never have a better yesterday. Happy birthday.

36. How time flies. It has been twenty-five years since you celebrate your 25th birthday. Happy birthday, Aunty and congratulations on reaching another life’s milestone.

37. You are closer to perfection than you think. If only getting old means getting better. Happy 50th year of getting better!

38. 50 is just a number, the same as 10 and 90 when you are forever young. Happy birthday, dear aunt. I love you!

39. Aunty, hang out with the people that say 50 is the new 30. At least we would then be in the same age bracket. Happy 50th or should I say 30th birthday. Forever young, aunt.

40. You only turn 50 once in a lifetime. Hope it worth it, aunty!

41. I can’t wait to see you and personally congratulate my dearest aunty for clocking 50th. Happy birthday.

42. How time flies. It seems just like yesterday that you held me for the first time. All the memories flash by real quick. You are already fifty, aunty. You are leaving us, youngsters, behind. May all your days be filled with wishes being fulfilled. Happy 50th birthday.

43. The first time I know you, you are wonderful. Another year after, you are more wonderful. Yet another year, you do not seem to stop. I have lost count of the years but I would not lose the count of the time you have been wonderful, Aunt. Happy 50th birthday.

44. I don’t like the fact that I have to wait a whole year for your birthday to come around. But when it does come, it is always worth the wait. Happy birthday aunty.

45. I have seen how you rejoice when receiving birthday wishes and messages. I want to join in it and add to the number of times you are happy. A very happy birthday to you.

46. You have taken up a lot of roles in my life. You’ve been my babysitter, another mom, and my best friend. Cheers to you on your 50th birthday!

47. You have been exactly what I needed to grow up into a fine woman. Your life as a role model has helped shaped me into what I have become. Congratulation on your 50th birthday.

48. You’ve made it half a century. My wish for you is 50 more birthday to come. Happy birthday to my special aunt!

49. Life is a series of adventures. Your physical age doesn’t affect the frequency of the adventure. Since you are just a teenager at heart, aunt. I wish you have an adventurous new year. Happy birthday.

50. My aunt is not getting older, she is just getting more distinguished! Cheers to you, a distinguished member of our family.

51. A toast to my aunt clocking 50 today. A toast to a long and happy life. Happy birthday, Aunty.

52. The world is a better place with you in it for the past fifty years. Many happy returns. Have a wonderful day and a fantastic year at 50.

53. Go with the flow on the big five-oh! Don’t let ageing get you down. Have a good time on your feet, aunty. Happy birthday.

54. Worry less, the hairs are not all grey yet. They’re just strands of birthday glitters growing on your head. It’s your 50th birthday, dear aunt!

55. You’ve reached the beginning of the wonder years. Wonder where your keys at? Wonder where your glasses are? Wonder what day it is? Wonder whose birthday it is? Well, I’ll answer that, it is your 50th birthday.

51st Birthday Wishes for Aunt

This is the first year in the second half of your 100 years. I wish you pleasant wishes and health as fresh as a one-year-old. Strength and agility like that of a youth. The wisdom and words of an adult. And a very happy birthday. Quit the worry, Aunt. It is your 51st birthday.

56. Already placed fifty candles on your cake all with wishes attached but guess what, there is room for one more. My wish is that all other wishes be fulfilled. Have a fulfilled life, Auntie.

57. If you are the new face of 51, then it is going to be a wonderful year! You are the youngest and cutest 51 aunts I know. Happy Birthday.

58. You are pretty good for any age. One could mistake your pretty face for a teenager and your wisdom for a woman in her 90’s.

59. I would add an extra line to the birthday message I would send you just to accommodate the 51st wish. Happy 51st birthday.

60. Whatever you do for this New Year will turn out great. We would celebrate your 5th birthday like it is your first. Happy birthday. Do have a great new year!

52nd Birthday Wishes for Aunt

These 52nd birthday wishes I send to you are not just any other birthday wish. They are compliments that have made me happy because I love you so much and all I have for you are good thoughts. Wishing you a blessed year ahead. Happy 52nd Anniversary.

61. Relax and enjoy your 52nd birthday. Who cares if you are older, aunt? You are also wiser and you’ve always been fantastic. Happy birthday

62. Hi, aunt. Welcome to your new age. It is getting difficult to find a cake that could fit all the candles for your birthday. Happy 52nd birthday aunty.

63. I know only one person fine, fun, and fantastic at 52 today. Guess who? It’s you. Special birthday greeting to you.

64. Welcome to your 52nd birthday. If your face feels warm, it is either the heat from the cake candles or a hot flash. Happy birthday, dear aunt.

65. Happy birthday to an aunt that is 52 but acts 22.

53rd Birthday Wishes for Aunt

Cheers to my dear aunt on your 53rd birthday. I am raising a glass in your honour & a couple of glasses! Smile incredibly and enjoy yourself because you are a special aunt and it is a day special to you and us. It is your birthday. My wishes for you is to witness more of it in sound health.

66. To the aunt that has supported me and helped me soar higher than I could on my own, a very happy 53rd birthday.

67. So full of compassion, love, action, grace, and mercy. Talking of no other than my aunt and it is her 53rd birthday. Best birthday wishes for her!

68. I hope you get lots of support and love for your special day from us, your family members. You have always been there for us.

69. I don’t know if you are getting older or younger. Sure, your age and wisdom increase but feelings around you says you’re getting younger. Happy birthday to this young-old woman.

70. Your influence is seen in my life and I know it will be transferred to children yet unborn. You are such an influential person to me. A very happy birthday my dearest aunt!

54th Birthday Wishes for Aunt

You have always been at the centre of all my sunny days. You have encouraged me to play and work. You have done so much than I can number. Please have a spectacular birthday. My good wishes are with you, aunt, on your 54th birthday.

71. All the 54 years of your life, you’ve worked toward making my wishes come true. I am nothing but returning the favour. May all your birthday wishes come true. Happy 54th birthday, aunt.

72. We are both getting old, aunt but I would always be your little nephew. Happy birthday, Aunty

73. Empathy, sincerity, love, fun to be around, and love. You check all these boxes and some. The more I know you, the more I appreciate your value to me. Happy 54th, aunt.

74. When life gives us a birthday, we eat cake. I would advise you the same but you are not watching your weight and sugar level. A little wouldn’t harm, topped off with a lot of wishes for our 54th birthday. Happy birthday, Aunty!

75. At your age, you have seen it all, done it all, and seen it all. You just can’t remember it all. Thank you for being awesome when you can remember it. Happy Birthday, Aunt.

55th Birthday Wishes for Aunt

Best birthday wishes for my aunt who is as pretty and strong even at 55. I wish you grow from strength to strength and your beauty never fades. May your heart always be filled with joy and cheerfulness on your 55th birthday.

76. My aunt is not fifty-five. She’s just twenty with thirty-five years of experience and fun. Hearty birthday to you.

77. Fifty-five years ago, a great woman is born. She would grow to be my favourite aunt. It a privilege to be called your nephew. Happy 55th birthday!

78. These last years, you’ve been such a smart, funny, kind and seriously an amazing aunt. May your birthday lives up to how remarkable you are.

79. You deserve every good thing that you could get. Here is to wishing such a wonderful aunt a happy birthday. Wishing all your birthday wishes come true.

80. I wrote a story when I was 10 with you as an action figure in it. Decades later, you are still the superhero you were to me then. Wishing you a super-duper 55th birthday.

56th Birthday Wishes for Aunt

Happy 56th birthday wonderful aunt. You are such a delightful and superb person to me. You deserve so much happiness on your special day. My wishes for your 56th birthday are numerous. do have a great life in sound health and wealth.

81. If we were to be numbered, we could have been inseparable like five and six. Alas, we are not numbers but you are fifty-six, and I, somewhat half of that. Wishing you the 56th birthday. Long life and prosperity.

82. Exultant birthday to the kindest, selfless, and most generous aunt I have. No one could replace you. Happy 56th birthday.

83. If I could turn back the time, I wouldn’t because I know from experience that you always do better than yesterday. I want to see your best yet this year. Happy 56th birthday my better-than-yesterday aunt. You are awesome

84. I would soon have to read bedtime stories to you after I have babysat you. It is time to pay you back for all the babysitting and bedtime stories you told me when I was a kid. Happy birthday, sweet aunt!

85. I may not be here with you on your 56th birthday but I promise you three things; you are always on my mind; I celebrate you as if you were here, great aunt; I would be there on your next birthday.

57th Birthday Wishes for Aunt

You’ve always been there with the comfort of a friend, the love of a sister, and the guidance of a mom. You have always supported me even when I have no idea you did. Tons of gratitude as you clock 57th today. God bless you, Aunt. Happy Birthday.

86. To the woman that allows me to do things mom never did. You are a lifesaver. Happy 57th, aunty. You will live more in good health.

87. You are my favourite aunt. It’s not because you are the only aunt I have but because you are special and dear to me. Happy 57th birthday dearest aunt.

88. Today is a special day, my aunt is clocking 57 years. I wish you every happiness on your birthday. Hearty cheers, Aunty.

89. Though you are 57 seven today and I am less than half of that. You did not make the age difference obvious. Thank you for being such a great aunt and a good friend. Do have a spectacular birthday.

90. I could throw a birthday party for you but you already have more than 50 of those. You want a quiet birthday and you will have that this year. (Whispers) have a peaceful life.

59th Birthday Wishes for Aunt

You have lost a lot to make me what I am today. The sleepiness nights you had to stay with my mom, the budget you have to cut to make up for my wants and needs. I can’t ever repay you but my wishes for you is that God will reward you more than I can. Happy 59th birthday, aunt!

96. Your 59th birthday is the best you’ve ever had. It’s the last of your 50’s and the gateway into your 60’s. Do have a fulfilled life!

97. The end of your fifth decade opens the door for your sixth. I wish you have all closed doors opened to you as you celebrate your birthday, aunty!

98. My babysitter in two dimensions. You babysat me when you were a teenager, and now you babysit my child on your 59th birthday. Thanks for been there always. Happy birthday Aunty!

99. Hurray! Aunt is closer to retirement than ever. That’s if she would keep her word to me. Shell be sixty next year but she feels 30 and that a good thing for her good health. Enjoy more sound health in the years to follow. I love you aunt! Happy Birthday.

100. How old are you? If you are going to count those cake candles to know, you had better let us eat the cake because it would take you about a minute if you count one candle a second. Happy 59th birthday aunty.

You made it thus far. So, which one did you choose? You must have found some interesting 50th birthday wishes here. It is now your turn to pick one or more to send to your aunt to make her day.

You must make her feel special just as she is! It is that easy!

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