Happy Birthday Poems for Aunt from Niece or Nephew

Happy Birthday Poems for Aunt from Niece or Nephew

Seeking to surprise your aunt with scintillating birthday messages that will thrill an aunt? Yes, here is the best place to get them. Celebrating birthdays is open for all and when the birthday of your aunt is just around, you want to impress her.

Here, I have a list of very beautiful messages for birthday of all ages that you can use. Our big aunties also deserve to be loved and celebrated. Always remember that it makes you more special and closer to them.

You may not have the money for those fine gifts which your aunt could have afforded were it your birthday, but you should send her amazing words of a birthday to make someone blush with joy. Celebrating your aunt with the best birthday message will require you to peruse this list of happy birthday poems for aunt from niece or nephew and select the best that suits her. Your time will be rightly spent well.

Happy Birthday Aunt Poems from Niece

My dear aunt, I could sing for you all days but I am not sure if you would dance, so, I have decided to send you a poem for your birthday. May it be a beautiful one for you. Happy birthday to you. From your niece.

1. Aunties are lifesavers
And like the screen savers of my phone
I have displayed your beautiful pictures
On the memory of my device
Because you deserved to be shown
To the entire world. Happy birthday to you.

2. I desire to be a good aunty like you
And while I am your niece
I look up to you for many examples
Which you never fail to release
Happy birthday to a wonderful aunt.

3. A message from a niece to an aunt
Like the biblical advice regarding the ant
Learning from you is the best thing to do
As I approach you in your steps daily,
I keep seeing newer development
Happy birthday to PACESETTER

4. Happy birthday to you, dear aunt
What more can I wish on this day?
For in wisdom, you lack none
In understanding, you are well equipped
In knowledge, you are abreast
But I say more increase in all
Happy birthday to you. From your niece.

5. Birthdays are special, especially to aunt
And your first message in the morning
Comes from a niece like mine
You have to know that you are as special as the sun
Happy birthday to you.

6. When the alarm sounds for your birthdays
The sun has to cooperate
The moon has to align
The starry stars, a sign they must give
To recognize your special day
As desired by me, your niece. Happy birthday, aunt

7. No one can give the type of comfort you give
For you are an aunt with a special touch
The excellence of your crafts are second to none
The crafts of love, care and concern
Happy birthday to you, my special one
And this is from your niece.

8. A special message to my aunt
Wonderful are the works of my God
For perfect are his creatures and beautiful
Are the design of His images
Glad to know that in all of these
You, my aunt, are one of those beautiful designs
Happy birthday to you. From your niece.

9. Greatly to be praised is the Lord
Lovely is his name and wonderful is
The works of his hands.
On this day, the heavens perfected work
On a soul that made her way to the earth
Happy birthday to my aunt.

10. There is no one able to replicate
What God has perfected from the beginning
But he has given us the spirit
To continue in His footsteps
And such is the feats of my aunt
In her ways of loving and caring
Happy birthday to you today.

11. To love is to care
To care is to show concern
To show concern sometimes is to scold
And like our heavenly Father
He chastises those he loves
You combine all, my aunt.
Happy birthday to you.

12. A niece’s message to an aunt
On your special day, I celebrate you
On this glorious day, I’ll announce to you
For you are such a lovely aunt
And you deserve all the joy of the day.
Happy birthday to you.

13. The beauty of families is the love shared
And today is another day to put you on the spot
Yes, you deserve all the shower of love and affection
Because you are the centre of attraction
Today is your birthday, my dear aunt
Happy birthday to you.

14. I checked through my entire dictionary
To get the best word to describe my aunt
For I desire to make this day a special one
As a niece, it’s my turn to make you happy
Happy birthday to you, my aunt.

15. I hold you to a very high value
And these few years, you have kept it
You have not disappointed
You are a special aunt; a golden one
Happy birthday to my aunt
And this is from your niece.

16. Sometimes, we don’t have enough words
In the entire world and all languages
To describe the people that are special to us
Like my beautiful aunt,
But I know that you are a jewel
An inestimable one. Happy birthday to you.

17. God bless the day you were born
The world was blessed with your addition
So, today I celebrate you and wish you well
Happy birthday to my beloved aunt
You are beautifully made
Your niece loves you very much.

18. Happy birthday to you, my aunt
There is no other aunt as worthy as you
You are the reflection of the light of God
Happy birthday to you
Like your niece, I’ll always celebrate you
And wish you well.

19. Like the rays of the sun
You’ll always shine and not hindered
Like the drops of rain
You will always make an impact wherever
Happy birthday to you, dear aunt
You will always be adored and cherished.

20. Happy birthday to a woman of excellence
Happy birthday to a star that glows
Just as the night is decorated by the stars
Your life is such that touches other lives
In ways that make beautiful impacts
On others. Happy birthday, my aunt.

21. Happy birthday to you, my dear aunt
Words are not enough to describe how I feel
But the limit of my knowledge as a niece
I wish you the very best
And I know that the years ahead
Hold for you greater achievements.

22. Happy birthday to you, my lovely aunt
You are a pearl not found on the surface
Because the best things on earth are hidden
To be your niece is a great privilege
Because you are the world’s best aunt.
Happy birthday to you.

23. Lovely aunt, today is your special day
I celebrate you exceedingly more
For you have been a pillar of support
You are one in a million
And you are special as you mark your birthday
I wish you all the best and higher level
Happy birthday to you.

24. The way to become great is the love way
And that you have been doing with so much zeal
Happy birthday to you, my lovely aunt.
You have always been a wonderful woman
And many greater feats are on your way
Wishing you all the very best.

25. Today is another day; a beautiful day
To celebrate a beautiful woman
In all diligence, you have stood out
In all, you have been a positive influence
Happy birthday to you, my lovely aunt
This is from our niece.

26. Happy birthday to you, dear aunt
Great was the day you came
And great is today that you are being celebrated
I cherish you and know that you are unique
I wish you success in good health
And many years to explore the earth.

27. Happy birthday to you, dear aunt
The best of today belong to you
Each passing day can be for different people
But today is for you.
And you are blessed to be born this day
For this, I wish you joy unspeakable.

28. How lovely are the words that bring peace
Such are the words that fill your mouth
And makes you stand out
Among many women, my dear aunt
Happy birthday to you, dear aunt
Your niece adores you.

29. The day of your birth heralded your journey
On the path of greatness and success
And as you mark your birthday once again
I wish you a happy birthday.
And hope that you have the best
In this year and this new age.

30. There are many great celebrations on earth
But birthdays stand out among them
Birthdays come but once in a year
And your day has come, so we celebrate you
Happy birthday to you, my lovely aunt
I wish you many more wins.

31. It is with great delight that I write this
Love comes down from on high
Illuminating our lives and souls
You took up the mantle to do the work
And did very well in your capacity as an aunt
In mine as a niece, I wish you a happy birthday.

32. Wonderful is the day you were born
Great is your ability to see ahead
Edifying are the words from your mouth
Dear aunt, happy birthday to you
Long may you live and greater shall be your exploits
This little love is from your niece

33. I can see your glory approaching
And your celebration coming like a train
Fully loaded with beautiful things
Happy birthday to you, my dear aunt
Long may you live and peace shall be your life
Continue to swell in beauty.

34. Happy birthday to you, my aunt
You are a light to our world
Brighter is the destiny of the sun
May you continue to shine as a light
And your glory shine like the dawn
Happy birthday to you, my aunt.

35. Happy birthday to the world’s best aunt
Your pure heart will always continue to beat
For love and comfort
All around you, I see peace and joy
These are your companions in this new age
From your niece.

36. Whatever is good and lovely
These are my wishes for you
As you mark another new year
And a record-breaking revolution round the sun
Happy birthday to a special aunt
And this is from your niece.

37. Life comprises of all that man is supposed to do
Either we come early or at a later time
No one comes late
But the creator has destined each person
According to the time allotted
Happy birthday to the reigning aunt I have

38. From the rising of the sun
To the setting of the same
May you be lifted to places of honour
And may your excellence become a study
For others coming behind you
Happy birthday to my lovely aunt.

39. The beauty of the Highest is upon you
Though they say beauty lies with the beholder
Yet I know that yours beats them all
Not only with your physical but also in your within
I love you as a niece and I celebrate you
Happy birthday, my aunt.

40. No matter how long the night maybe
The day must surely break
No matter how thick the clouds maybe
The sun will never fail to shine
As you celebrate your birthday
May all work together for your good
Happy birthday to an aunt from her niece.

41. The shining of the sun is unhindered
By the reflection of the moon
For the glory of the sun stands out
And the resplendence of the moon
Doesn’t affect the former
Happy birthday to a glorious aunt.

42. No matter how long it may be
The best part of the night will always appear
Though little, but never forgotten
You are a special aunt; never to be forgotten
Happy birthday to you.

43. The beauty of life is the soul touched
In the sojourn of our individual lives
For the best thing to do in this world
Is to make the world a better place
For all to live in. Happy birthday to you
A lovely aunt loved by all especially, your niece.

44. Better is the little we have with contentment
Then the many with troubles here and there
Your life is the example of a satisfied one
And with you as a living example, we have hope
Happy birthday to an aunt worthy of emulation.

45. No matter how many they are
The soul of men doesn’t run away from the celebration
And with someone like you
Celebration worths every inch of it
For you are a special person.
Happy birthday to an aunt
From your niece.

46. When helpers are not around, men struggle for long
But with the people positioned for us
Difficult tasks are done in the easiest ways
Special appreciation to the like of your type
Who reserves nothing in helping others
So, on this sunny day,
Your niece wishes you a happy birthday.

47. In life, they say we win some and lose some
But to reduce the frequency of the loss
Important people are places in our lives
With the right connection, we learn from them
And escape many pitfalls
Happy birthday to you, my aunt.
You a very important to me, your niece.

48. You are the apple of the Lord’s eye
For you are a special creation of the Lord
To help and lift others up
May you never lack help
When you need it most
Happy birthday to an amazing aunt.

49. Better is a minute of joy in the life of a man
Than many years of struggle
For today is a day fully loaded
With joy, merriment and celebration
Happy birthday to you, my aunt
You are the world’s best aunt.

50. The trees respond to the signal of the wind
Every plant knows the interpretation of sunlight
Every bee recognizes the pheromones of the queen
May success and goodness find you and locate you
Happy birthday to an amiable aunt
Your niece says enjoy your perfect day.

Birthday Poems for Aunt from Nephew

My sweet aunt. Here is your nephew wishing this poem for your birthday could be transformed into a serenade to make you feel loved on this special day. Happy birthday to you.

51. Happy birthday to a lovely aunt
Great are your days and greater the ones
To come and blessed be your new age
To be an aunt to a nephew like me
Is something I will never take for granted.
Happy birthday to you.

52. Happy birthday to you, m lovely aunt
Your days are blessed and your years
Are crowned in resplendent honour
No one can stop you for you are
The unlimited version of all aunts.
Happy birthday. From your nephew.

53. From the depths of my heart
I call forth favour, honour and joy
To locate you and abide with you
May your joy know no sorrow
I love you, my dear aunt.
Happiest birthday to you, from nephew.

54. There is no one as desirable as you are
For with you, life becomes easy to navigate
Your understanding of my idiosyncrasies
And your tolerance of my unending questions
Are the reason why you will to me
Be ever special. Happy birthday, my aunt.

55. happy birthday to you, my lovely aunt.
You are the replica of Mother Theresa
For in all your dealings, you exhibit
Unparalleled love and care.
Happy birthday to you, and wishing you
A long life in comfort and peace.

56. Happy birthday to you, my lovely aunt
You are so enduring to the best of my knowledge
And your beauty is beyond words
May heaven smile upon you
And he earth cooperate with you
Happy birthday to you.

57. What is a nephew without an aunt
A life with an aunt is a special one
For aunties the marrow inside the bones
They are the mayonnaise from cheese
Happy birthday to a gentle and loving aunt.
Wishing you all the very best.

58. To be a nephew is one thing
To have an aunt is another thing
And to have a loving aunt is still another
I have the best aunt in the world
And on this special day, I say
Happy birthday to you.

59. The life of nephews are defined by their aunts
For without an aunt or uncle, you are nephew to no one
Even when you have one, without love
It only becomes just a dry estate
Happy birthday to you.

60. As a kernel is to its shell
Is a nephew to his aunt
As snail is to its shell
Is an aunt to her nephew
You are very special, my dear aunt.
Happy birthday to you.

61. The covering of an animal is its furs
That of a bird is the feathers
The coverings of humans are the fellows
And that of a nephew is his aunt
Happy birthday o my special uncle.
Long-life to you.

62. No matter how beautiful we may be
No matter how influential or popular
There are people in our lives who matter
People that made sacrifices
You are one of such, my lovely aunt
Happy birthday to you.

63. Happy birthday to a special aunt
To the one who checks on me daily
An aunt who plays with me like a baby
Happy birthday once again.
I celebrate you today and always.

64. With you available in every life
Every day is like a visit to the parks
Every hour is like watching a favourite movie
Every minute is like chatting with a best friend
With you, every second of life is fun
Happy birthday to you.

65. Everyone deserves an aunt
An aunt so terrific and lovely at the same time
Aunts like you give life more pleasant meaning
And defines life in the most appreciable words
I am lucky to know and have you
Happy birthday to you.

66. My life is full of colours and fun
Life is exciting when you are present
An aunt that is as special as a mother
An aunt that bonds like a favourite friend
Happy birthday to an aunt for a nephew like me.

67. The best cartoons on the televisions
Cannot give me the satisfaction and fun
That you would give when you are around
And to know I will learn more
Is just fun and at the same time interesting
Happy birthday to you, my aunty.

68. With an aunt in your life
You are doubly blessed
For in her, you have a mother
Who will not scold you by yelling
And a friend with whom
Secrets can be assuredly safe
Happy birthday to you, aunt.

69. When the life of a nephew s beautiful
The hand of an aunt is directly involved
Because aunts are comforting
And they are agents of inspiration
To bring light to your gloomy day
Happy birthday to you, my AUNT.

70. I wish aunts are occupants of the same building
Though we don’t see often, yet
Every one of your prints is still felt within me
You make life a smooth place to enjoy
On this special day, I send my best wishes
And hugs on this virtual platform

71. You make my face shine up
And brighten my day like the dawn
My cheeks register every of your presence
With the ebullient smiles dissipating from it
Happy birthday to you, my beloved aunt
Wishing you all the very best.

72. I miss you a lot, my dear aunt
For these days have passed just like a night
And knowing today is your birthday
Is another reason to smile and join you
In this celebration mood.
Happy birthday to you, my aunt.

73. I have tried all my life to find out
Why aunts were sent to the earth
But when you started showing up
Then I found my answer
Aunts are the magic wand for excitement
Happy birthday to you

74. If every family is drawn as a family tree
Then you are the most succulent leaf
And I can’t imagine how the tree
Will be without its best leaf
Happy birthday to you, aunt

75. Something is regular in the life of every nephew
Life without the company of their aunts
Are usually characterized by boredom
Aunts are agents of merriment and fun
Happy birthday to you, my aunt.

76. Even when you are far away
I still feel your hug and I cuddle in it
Knowing that when you appear
I’ll get them in full and in reality
Happy birthday from your nephew
To the best aunt in the world.

77. My dear aunt, on this birthday
I confess that I desire to be as kind
As you are. To be lovely just as you are
Because I know I have a part of you with me
Continue to be a role model
Happy birthday to you.

78. I can call you for just any reason
And you’d still pick up and listen
Even when you probably knew what
I wanted to discuss with you on
But you didn’t ignore based on the assumption
That’s why I always see you as my idol
Happy birthday to you, my aunt.

79. Every day may be beautiful for people
But one day, there’s that cloud that gives us
A feeling of sadness.
Then you need aunt like mind.
An aunt that fits properly in the life
Of his nephew. Happy birthday.

80. Every day is like a Christmas
For a nephew with an aunt
For the bond between them
Is a special one. Happy birthday
Tan aunt in a nephew’s life is awesome
And on this day, I celebrate you.

81. An aunt like you to a nephew like me
Is the perfect illustration of the bond
That exists in special families
Though you are my special aunt
You chat away with me like your friend
And today I wish you a happy birthday.

82. There are many aunts in the world
But yours is different because you are different
You touch my life in a different way
And your birthday is supposed to be
A public holiday to celebrate Aunt’s day
Happy birthday to you, my aunt.

83. To a nephew like me
You are the best aunt in the world
To have you is to possess gold
And to lose you is more painful
Than losing an ornament
Happy birthday to you.

84. Your life is an example to many people
Every aunt is supposed to be like you
And every nephew is supposed to have

An aunt which takes care of them as you
Happy birthday to you, dear aunt
I wish you God’s blessings.

85. When God visits a family
He gives the nephew an aunt
I didn’t pray to have one
So I consider myself very lucky
To have an aunt like you
Happy birthday to you.

Sweet Poems for Your Aunt’s Birthday

On my aunt’s birthday, there many things as good as a birthday message for you but none will do the work this beautiful poem will do. Happy birthday the most fabulous aunt.

86. Sweet like sugar
Sweeter than honey
Cool like ice
Soothes like menthol
That’s my aunt
Happy birthday to you.

87. Today, I’m going to celebrate you
In a special way.
By giving sweet treats to my friends
To tell them how sweet my aunt is
And that this is for her birthday
Happy birthday to you.

88. To a lovable aunt
Happy birthday to you
Let every bird in the air
Chirp and sing in their numbers
For today is my aunt’s birthday
Happy birthday to the special one.

89. I can bask in joy all-day
When you around
Even my friends grow jealous
Of the type of aunt I have
So, I celebrate you with them today
Happy birthday to you, dear aunt.

90. My birthday wishes for you
Are stored up in the best intentions
But the singular I have for today
Is to sing for you all day long
And tell you HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

91. My wishes are numerous
But my desires for you are the best
I wish you to be at the top of your career
And to be very respected wherever you go
Happy birthday to you, my aunt
You are the best in the world.

92. Happy birthday to you, dear aunt
No one can celebrate you as you deserve
But I will try to appreciate you because
You are the early morning’s brightness to me.
Happy birthday to you, dear aunt.

93. Families sometimes can appear
Like a business world in a monopoly
But with the likes you, my dear aunt
Different brand and varieties are seen
You do things do differently
Happy birthday to my special aunt.

94. Water is colourless but it is essential
But you, my dear aunt, aren’t like that
Even though you are very essential
Yet you give the best of colours
To all events that have you in it
Happy birthday to you, my lovely aunt.

95. You are an aunt without equal
You are an aunt beyond comparison
Life with you is very good and colourful
Because there is absolute freedom
And an expression of self
Happy birthday to you.

96. I can lay claim to it anywhere
That I have a very good aunt
I can beat my chest about it
That I have the world’s best aunt
And that is you.
Happy birthday as you celebrate today.

97. I may not fully understand now
Why you are so good and lovely
Buti wish that as I grow older
I would know better and understand more
And even be better than you were
Happy birthday to you, my aunt.

98. To treat a patient is different
From treating a healthy person
And both are still totally different from
Treating a family member
You do all with the expertise no one knows
I wish you all the heavenly love and blessings
Happy birthday to you, my aunt.

99. I wonder what it means to be lovely
And to treat people so affectionately
But when I consider your ways
I found out that you are just naturally lovely
Happy birthday to you, my lovely aunt.

100. There is no better nomenclature
On the family tree
Hence I would have renamed you and your position
But I think you play the role of an aunt
So perfectly well that it made more sense
To see other aunts as learners
Happy birthday to you, my adorable aunt.

You value your aunt and I know she values you too, but watch your value for her rise higher after sending the messages in the form of poems on her birthday. Can you wait? Send to as many aunts as possible and don’t forget to come back for many more.

Make good use of the happy birthday poems for an aunt from a niece or nephew here.

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