Happy 19th Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

Happy 19th Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

Love will always be a beautiful thing, regardless of the age. This is why you should be going all out for your boyfriend today. Your focus should be on ensuring that he has an amazing celebration for his 19th birthday.

The good thing is that we’ve made things even easier for you with these birthday 19th wishes for boyfriend. You can send him as many as you’d like.

Hope you find them to your liking!

Best 19th Birthday Prayer Messages for Boyfriend

As you’ve stepped into your new year with good health and vitality, may you remain so for the rest of the year. Happy 19th birthday, my lovely boyfriend. Have the best year ahead.

1. As you celebrate another year, may heaven open its reserves of blessings and testimonies for you. Happy birthday, honey.

2. One thing I’m certain of is that you’ll attract favour like never before this year. Welcome to year 19, boyfriend.

2. There’s direction on your path this year. You’ll see and hear all that you need to make your life beautiful. Happy 19th birthday, my love.

4. May your vision for your life become much clearer and stronger to you this year. Cheers to chapter 19, baby. I love you.

5. This year, you’ll enjoy the capacity to do more than you did in the previous year. Happy 19th birthday, babe.

6. You’re destined for greatness. And nothing will cut your life short before you attain it. Welcome to your 19th chapter, boyfriend.

7. There’s light shining in abundance on your path. And no man will be able to take it out. Happy birthday, honey!

8. May your path be filled with amazing testimonies this year. May 19 be a truly remarkable year for you, babe. Happy birthday.

9. Everything’s aligning to make a beautiful year for you. I can feel it in my bones. Happy birthday, babe.

10. Your life will continually attract sweetness, from the north, east, west and south. Happy 19th birthday, love. You rock!

Happy 19th Birthday Boyfriend Quotes

I may not have had a lot of guys in my life. But I know for a fact that you’re the best boyfriend I’ve had. Welcome to your new year, babe. Happy 19th birthday!

11. You fill my thoughts as no one else does. And I’m hoping that this year is filled with loads of blessings for you. Happy birthday, love.

12. When the applause from others gets low, I’ll be here cheering for you loudly. Cheers to a year as sweet as honey. Happy 19th birthday.

13. Every day of this year will be filled with extraordinary things for you. Just as you fill my life with extraordinary things. Happy birthday, baby.

14. All your desires will see results this year. Thank you for being everything I could have ever asked for. I love you, babe. Happy birthday!

15. You’ve given me everything I ever prayed for. May every day of this new year also give you what you ask of it. Happy birthday, my love.

16. To have attracted a guy like you to my life, I did something right. May you attract the blessings you require to make this year a beautiful one for you. Happy 19th birthday love.

17. You’ve made my life a beautiful mosaic. As you celebrate your 19th year today, may your life play out beautifully for you. Happy birthday, honey.

18. I’ve known an abundance of blessing and happiness since you became my boyfriend. May rivers of abundance continually flow out of you this year. Happy 19th birthday, love. It’s already a good year!

19. Thank you for blessing my life with a lot of things. It is my wish that God will continually hold your hands and be by your side this year. Happy birthday, love.

20. For someone your age, you’re definitely wise. I pray that you’ll enjoy more wisdom to navigate whatever this year will bring you. Happy birthday, boyfriend.

21. (Insert boyfriend’s name), you’re just perfect for me. I pray that you have a perfect year as well. Happy birthday, my darling.

22. I’m addicted to the good life because of you. Cheers to many years ahead, babe. I love you so much!

Happy 19th Birthday to My Boyfriend

You’re the cutest and sweetest boyfriend ever. Here’s to long life, prosperity and good health for you. I love you so much, honey. Happy 19th birthday.

23. Still can’t believe that we’ve been together for years now. I’m surely looking forward to what your new year has in store for you, for us. Happy 19th birthday, my love.

24. Economic report aside, you’ll thrive this year. This is one fact that I’m sure of. Happy birthday, sugar baby.

25. This year, you’ll find the strength to execute the goals and vision in your heart. Happy birthday, sweetie.

26. May you never be empty at any point in this new year. May abundance be your testimony all through. Welcome to your new year!

27. East, north, west and south, will bring you blessings in abundance this year. Welcome to your best year yet!

28. You’ll experience satisfaction like never before this year. You will find answers to all of the yearnings and questions you have. Happy birthday, babe.

29. In the time I’ve known you, you’ve been a role model to the people around you. I pray that you will continue to be a shining example even this year. Happy birthday, my king.

30. Over you and life all that concerns you, the plans of the enemy will not come to pass. Amen. I love you so much, boyfriend. Happy birthday.

31. Fruitfulness will abide in your household forever. Abundance will be the order of the day for you. Happy 19th birthday, my darling.

19th Birthday Greetings for Boyfriend

I’d sing for you. But we’ve agreed that my talents lie in other places. So, I’m wishing you the very best year you’ve ever had. Happy 19th birthday, sweet boyfriend!

32. I pray God to enlarge your coast and cause this year to be filled with testimonies for you. Happy 19th birthday, my love.

33. May each day come with the strength to do all that you’ve set out to do this year. Welcome to your new year, boyfriend.

34. May you experience favour in places you never expected to. May this year truly be the best one you’ve had so far. Happy birthday, baby.

35. This is your year for soaring high. And soaring high, you shall. Happy 19 years birthday, babe. I love you.

36. May the peace of God be with you every day of this year. May you experience his joy, warmth and comfort all year long. Happy 19th birthday.

37. This year, abundance is yours. This year, the Lord will provide for you and your family like never before. Happy birthday, sweet.

38. This year will be a significant one for you. You’ll always look back to it, and have cause to be grateful. Happy 19th birthday, boyfriend.

39. May you attract a lifetime of blessings this year. May all your needs be provided. Happy birthday, love of my life.

40. You’re already a success. You’re already a star. And you’ll continue to shine for the whole world to see. Happy birthday, my love.

41. May your life be filled with tides of good news and blessings. May you find reasons to laugh all year long. Happy birthday, sweet.

Cute 19th Birthday Wishes for My Boyfriend

There’s nothing and no one in the world that can make me as happy as you make me. That is why you need to live way longer than 19. Happy birthday to the cutest boyfriend ever. I wish you the very best.

42. The stars shine brighter whenever I’m with you. May your star also shine brighter this year. Happy 19th birthday, sweetheart. I love you loads.

43. I must have loved you in a past life. Because I’m so certain that I’ll end up with you if there’s another life. Happy birthday, sugar.

44. A reoccurring dream for me is holding hands with you, and strolling together when we’re both old. Happy 19th birthday, love.

45. I may have a lot going on for me right now, but you’ll always be top on my list. And you’ll continue to remain so. Happy birthday, love of my life.

46. There’s nothing and no one I can’t take on. And it’s because you give me strength. I pray that you’ll keep getting stronger yourself. Happy 19 years birthday, honey.

47. There’s nothing I’d change about you. You’re just perfect. And you’re good for me. Keep living, babe. Happy 19th birthday.

Funny 19th Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

You’ve been my private comedian for as long as I can remember. This year, I hope that I can make you laugh half as much as you’ve made me. Happy 19th birthday, love. Wish you a great year ahead.

48. Trying real hard to crack a joke, but you know how much I suck at it. Happy 19th birthday, boyfriend. I love you plenty.

49. You make me laugh all the time, and I’m trying hard to return the favour. But I guess I’m not just funny. So, here’s a promise to tickle you a lot this year. Happy birthday, babe.

50. What gets me all the time is how you believe that you have the sweetest voice. I should record you singing one of these days. Happy birthday, love.

Hope you found the happy 19th birthday wishes for your boyfriend to your liking. Here’s wishing your boyfriend a happy 19th birthday (again)!

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