Happy Birthday to My Soldier Boyfriend Wishes

Happy Birthday to My Soldier Boyfriend Wishes

You may think your gallant boyfriend is a hardened unmoved soldier; trust me, you can easily reduce him to tears with your touching birthday wishes. To ignite more beautiful sparks of your love in your soldier boyfriend, there are a million ways of expressing your heart-melting emotions without mentioning the overused “thank you for saving the world” phrase.

If you don’t feel like it, nothing compels you to communicate your heartfelt wishes and love to your heartthrob on his birthday. You may choose to punish your absentee soldier boyfriend with your deafening silence on his special day; in retaliation for the pain of missing him so much.

Love is beautiful! Showering your love on the one you profess your undying devotion, isn’t just romantic. It’s divine and heart-melting! Men aren’t mushy, or so they thought. Your man may likely bawl his eyes out after reading your emotion-laden missive. Really? You bet!

Care for magical potions that will make your boyfriend’s heart swell up in love for you? Want to touch him to the core of his being? Do you want reassurance that your stoic soldier boyfriend is first of all a man with real emotions? Birthday wishes, quotes, greetings and prayers are the perfect magical potions or wands! If you have the recipe for perfect composition and words delivery, you should get ready to be an ecstatic recipient of love overload. Yes!

Care to dazzle your darling soldier boyfriend with cute birthday love messages? Are you eager to strum the strings of his heart with funny or witty birthday quotes? Want to reach out to your army/marine/navy/airforce boyfriend with heartfelt, life-changing birthday prayers? Are you wondering what to write on your social media handle on your hero’s birthday? Perplex if you should just celebrate your soldier heartthrob on only Facebook? You can celebrate him on Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp status as well without sounding like a broken record.

Help is here already! Your soldier boyfriend’s birthday needn’t be bland. Here are cute and fascinating happy birthday to my soldier boyfriend wishes:

Best Birthday Prayer Messages for Soldier Boyfriend

‘ Everything I have is yours, darling boyfriend. I’m sending a message of my unchanging love as my best gift to you on your special day. Happy birthday, my cute and charming soldier! My prayer for you today is for God to keep you safe under his protective arms. The Lord shall keep you as the apple of his eyes, today and forever.’

You are the guardian angel to bring love, light and happiness to your darling soldier boyfriend. These birthday prayer messages are one of the best gifts you can shower him with:

1. Happy birthday to the most courageous boyfriend in the world. May the Lord keep you and watch over you. You are a star; may your light continue to dazzle all. You are a priceless gem; you shall forever be invaluable. You are a premium boyfriend, may I always rejoice over you in Jesus awesome name.

2. Happy birthday to the guy that sets my world ablaze with love. You make me indescribably happy without even trying. My sun rises and sets around you, my sugarplum. I’m so proud of you, soldier. I pray for God’s divine protection upon you at all times. May the Lord keep you safe, always. Have a lovely day, my knight in shining armour.

3. Happy birthday to my darling boyfriend. Thank you for being a patriot by choosing the noblest profession of all. It’s because of you and others, we feel safe in the country. May the Lord put upon you, his impregnable armour of protection. On the day of battle, he shall make you invincible, secure and safe. Have a blast!

4. Happy birthday to my adorable and valiant boyfriend. You are my forever hero and champion. Real heroes do not wear capes, they put their lives on the line for others to feel safe. You’re my hero, soldier. I love you. I pray that you’ll not keel over in the line of duty. May the Lord shield you in every battle. May he grant you long life and good health. May the Lord keep you as the apple of His eyes, always. Cheers, darling!

5. Happy birthday to my handsome, courageous and extraordinary boyfriend! You are a champion; mine, and everyone else’s. May the Lord watch over your going and coming in assigned duties. He shall be your guard and defence in times of danger. Have a super cool celebration, darling.

6. Happy birthday to my super duper cute, caring and cool soldier boyfriend. Thank you for loving me so fully and intentionally. I wouldn’t exchange you for all the riches in this world. May the Lord go ahead of you on every duty this year. May His glory be your rear guard. May His covenant of life keep you safe, now and always. I adore you, sweetie.

7. Happy birthday to my superhero boyfriend. Loving you is what I enjoy doing best. Your light shall not set in your youth. The Lord shall keep you safe from bodily harm and watch over you in all your ways. Have a victorious new year, soldier. Love you loads!

8. Happy birthday to my soldier my hero! Darling, you’re my guardian angel. Thanks for choosing to be part of those who fight to keep us safe, free and secure. I pray for God’s unfailing protection over you. You shall not be missing in action, nor become a casualty of war. The Lord shall keep you safe this year and forever. I love you, dearie.

9. Happy birthday to my dearest gallant soldier boyfriend and shining star. I love you, officer. This heart beats solely for you. Always remember this when you are in s foreign land, fighting battles to make our world a better and safer place to live. May you never become a prisoner of war. May the Lord keep you safe from flying or stray bullets. May you always escape ambushes and be free from harm.

10. Happy birthday to my beloved boyfriend. The army might have taken you far away, you feel so close because you live so vibrantly in my heart. May you live long, safe and free from harm, today and always. You are a hero, I love you.

11. Tomorrow is not promised, but the memories of the amazing past are cherished. Today is a gift and I celebrate God for the best gift ever: You! Happy birthday, my gallant soldier. May the fire of the warzones elude you every day of your life. Cheers, Honey.

12. Happy birthday to my amazing soldier boyfriend. I love you very much, buddy. May the power of our love keep you safe in the fiercest of battle. The angels of the Lord shall be your protective shield, always.

13. Happy birthday, my hero. To me, are sweeter than honey. You are the cherry on my cupcake topping. I hope you know you can always count on my prayers. May the Lord keep you safe in his protective arms. No harm shall befall you on the warzone, offduty and wherever you are. I love you, soldier.

14. Happy birthday to the best filling in my pie; hope you know I’m bland and tasteless without you. You are h my Sunshine, my sole bright. You are a valiant soldier, born to win every battle you fight for our nation. In Jesus’ name, you shall not die but live to be decorated with many medals and give glory to God. Love you today and always.

15. Happy birthday to the love of my life. There’s no fear in love; rather, my heart is confident that the Lord shall keep you as the apple of His eye. He shall keep you safe and sound wherever you’ve been assigned to fight to keep our nation safe and secured. I love crazily, soldier.

16. Happy birthday to my man of valour. I wish you long life in good health and with a sound mind. May the Lord bless you when you go out to fight and watch you coming in. May He keep His angels in charge over you, and keep you from every harm. I’m proud to call you mine, soldier. Love you always.

17. A wonderful birthday to an extraordinary boyfriend of the uniform! Darling, love you put a huge smile on my face. May the Lord be with you every step of the way this season of your life. I surround your life with walls of angels and fire. No evil shall befall you. You will not fall in battle nor be a victim of accidental discharge/death. It shall be well with you, always.

18. Happy birthday, darling boyfriend. As you are assigned to serve far from home, may you dwell in the secret place of the Lord and abide under the shadow of the almighty. May you never be left behind in a battle. You shall always escape dangers unscathed, in Jesus’ name. Hugs and kisses.

19. A trillion salute to a gallant soldier! Happy birthday, my precious boyfriend. May the Lord bless you with good health, long life and loads of happiness. Cheers to a victorious new year!

20. A hearty birthday to my heart’s sole pleasure. Thank you for all you and the military do, to keep us free and safe. May you live long and well. May evil be far from you in Jesus’ name. On the day of battle, the Lord shall be your refuge and fortress. He’ll shield you from danger and keep you safe this new year and beyond. Love you fiercely!

Happy Birthday Soldier Boyfriend Quotes

” A sweet birthday quote will certainly bear my heart to you on your special day. Happy birthday, my enchanting soldier boyfriend. Your love is as intoxicating as a premium vintage wine. Little wonder, I’m forever yours. I adore you, Sweetie!’

You need to light your soldier boyfriend’s birthday with these cute and captivating quotes:

21. Real heroes do not wear capes; they put their lives on the line for others to feel safe. Happy birthday, my soldier boyfriend and hero. I wish you a beautiful day and many years to come. I love you, Honeypie.

22. Keeping others safe is the noblest virtue of all! Thanks for all you do to keep everyone safe and well. I’m so proud to be your girlfriend. Happy birthday, my soldier boyfriend and superhero. Have a blast, dearie!

23. Thinking about you is all I do most days. I love you for putting your life on the line so that civilians will feel safe. Happy birthday to the love of my life. My soldier boyfriend, I love you so much. Please, keep safe!

24. The peace and freedom we enjoy are from your determination and commitment to our country and citizens. You are my hero, soldier. I adore you to stupor. Happy birthday, darling boyfriend.

25. For the incredible strength and determination to make an excellent career in the military, my admiration of you is second to none. Happy birthday to my man. You are amazing! I love you. I wish you a life well-spent in sound health. Cheers!

26. You are the boyfriend I will forever cherish and the soldier man I’ll always be proud of. Happy birthday, my heartbeat. I’ll always be here to welcome you home, praying for your safety and well-being. Cheers to glorious years ahead.

27. To the world at large, you are one of many. Part of a crowd called the military. To me, you are the world, the centre of my universe. The one who makes my heart beats to the tune of our love’s special rhythm. Happy birthday, Sugarpie. You are the best!

28. When you fight to keep us safe, I’m here praying that the Lord shall keep you protected and unharmed. He will bring you home, safely. Happy birthday to my boyfriend. I love you now more than ever.

29. You are committed to fighting for our country: I am committed to loving and supporting you absolutely and unreservedly. Happy birthday, my hero. You are the lone soldier after my heart.

30. I walk like a queen because your love is my royal domain. You are the king of my heart, my boyfriend, and my superhero. Happy birthday, soldier. I love you, now and forever!

31. You may think I love you like it’s being bombed out of existence, but what I feel for you is much more. More like being bonkers for you. Happy birthday, officer. You rule my heart with love and care. I adore you, sweetie. Have a blast!

32. When duty and love clashes; duty wins because of commitment while love reigns without reining you in, from your duty. You are my boyfriend and forever love, but the military is in your blood. Happy birthday, darling. May you live long and well. I’ll always be here to welcome you home in my arms. Always!

33. When you are far away in a foreign land, the memory of your sweet love keeps me warm. Happy birthday, precious boyfriend. You are brave, smart, caring and every shade of attractive awesome. Loads of love to you this day and always.

34. I would have died you for deserting me on a special day like this; but, a deserter, you are not. Only the call of duty could have kept us apart on your birthday. Still, my heart is full of wonderful wishes for you, soldier. Happy birthday, darling boyfriend. You rock my heart like a star!

35. My heart patrols freely on the memory lanes of the wonderful moments we share when you are home. On this special day of yours, I wish you happiness, God’s divine protection and all that your heart desires. Happy birthday, sweetie.

Happy Birthday to My Soldier Boyfriend

‘Happy birthday to you, my super dapper cute soldier boyfriend! Your love is shirking me like I’m a teenager falling newly in love. You are everything I want, need and desire. You make me so happy it seems like a dream…like a dream come true. I love you now and always, darling. Have a wonderful day!’

Love is sweet when you decorate your beloved’s heart with these lovely happy birthday wishes to my soldier boyfriend:

36. Happy birthday to my soldier boyfriend. Your love is permanently deployed to the most special place in my heart. I can’t wait to decorate your face with the medals of sumptuous kisses. Have a wonderful birthday Sugarplum.

37. Happy birthday, Handsome! You are wonderful, caring and outstanding; I’m proud to have you as my boyfriend, soldier. My heart is forever with you, darling.

38. Happy birthday to the man with the big guns. I cherish you, boyfriend. I love everything about you; your discipline, commitment, smartness, uniform, rank and boldness. You are the soldier after my heart. Have a spectacular celebration!

39. Happy birthday to you, darling boyfriend. Thank you for putting your life on the lines for me and every one every time. I wish you a very special birthday, with all my heart, soldier. Cheers!

40. Happy birthday, my dearest soldier boyfriend. Thanks for the courage and motivation for combating the fiercest opponents, to keep our world safe. My love and admiration for you explode each day. I love you to the moon and back! Cheers, darling!

41. Happy birthday, trooper. My ink is full, wet and fat because you gave me and everyone else’s right to express ourselves freely. You are a hero, boyfriend. I love you, loads! Have a lovely day.

42. Happy birthday to my Saint in disguise! You are my guardian angel, darling boyfriend. A one in a million man of the uniform for daily facing dangers on all our behalves. May your special day be decorated with honour and joy. You rock my heart with glee!

43. You face untold dangers, hardships and difficulties, just to give us the peace we need and bask in, with reckless abandon. Happy birthday, darling soldier boyfriend. You are my eternal hero.

44. Happy birthday to my formidable soldier boyfriend. Your love in my heart is an impregnable fortress to others. Loving you gives me a special type of joy that your unavoidable absence can’t diminish. Have a most memorable day, Sweetie!

45. Happy birthday to my noble soldier boyfriend. This separation, albeit for a good cause, is killing me softly. Loving and missing you terribly, is my current reality. I can’t wait to be engulfed in the warmth of your loving embrace as I give you the hero’s welcome. Love you always!

46. Happiest birthday to my super-duper hero soldier boyfriend! By chance, our paths crossed. By choice, I love you to stupor and await your magnetic presence. May your day be filled with awesome memories!

47. Happy birthday, my amazing soldier boyfriend. Thanks for all you do to keep the flag flying. Keep on rocking the grace to live to tell the stories of your many war exploits. I love you today and always.

48. Happiest birthday to my elite soldier boyfriend. You dazzle not my heart with your numerous awards for bravery or sparkling medals. Your love and commitment is the forever attraction. I cherish you, darling. Have a splendid day.

49. Happy birthday to my dearest boyfriend. It’s tough with you mostly away, but I’m thankful for your exceptional service to our well-being. Have a most spectacular day ever, with loads of love and lots of kisses from your devoted girl!

50. Happy birthday to my precious gift of inestimable value. Darling boyfriend, thank you for making the world happier, safer and brighter. Cheers to you this lovely day and forever, soldier! Love you!

51. Happy birthday to my cool as a cucumber and handsome as sin boyfriend! I love you with military precision, as your love marches relentlessly in my heart. Have a blast, officer of my heart. You rock!

52. Happy birthday to my gorgeous soldier boyfriend! You aren’t getting older, but younger, classier and classical. Your love which is in my heart isn’t a preacher of peace, it’s a war cry for eternal fulfilment in love’s sweet arms. Cheers to a great day, Honey!

53. Happiest birthday to my super cool and calm boyfriend! Bomb that coolness today and fight for the right to be happy with careless abandon on your special day. Keep cool, still. I love you like that. Enjoy your day, my love!

54. Happy birthday, darling boyfriend! I’m honoured to be a soldier’s boyfriend. Whenever I’m afraid, I choose to have faith in the power of our love, to keep you safe at all times. Enjoy your birthday, dearie. You deserve it!

55. A wonderful birthday to you, boyfriend. I am very proud of you: being a soldier is noble and admirable. I love you so much for being an outstanding one. Have a spectacular day, Honey. You deserve it!

Birthday Greetings for Soldier Boyfriend

” A spectacular birthday greeting to you, my boyfriend, personal soldier and the absolute uncontested love of my life. May your star shine, sparkle and shimmer brightly. I wish you loads of love and happiness with tons of kisses from your smitten girlfriend. Cheers, Honey!’

Light up your soldier boyfriend’s day with these colourful birthday greetings:

55. Loving you this much makes me understand what it feels like to be a prisoner of war. My heart is captivated by your love, delightfully so. Happy birthday to my darling soldier boyfriend. You are a precious gem; a rarity among men. I love the way you love me so completely. It’s intoxicating. I wish you the most wonderful birthday ever!

56. A beautiful birthday greetings to my gorgeous and gallant soldier boyfriend! Happy birthday to you, darling. Your love is as intoxicating as it is addictive; there’s no getting over you anytime soon. I’m eternally resigned to enjoying your tender loving care. I adore you, an officer of my heart! Cheers to the most amazing and unforgettable day!

57. A lovely birthday greetings to my remarkable soldier boyfriend. You alone have the control key to my heart. The marching order is to love me forever…almost as much as I love you. I wish you loads of happiness, lots of blessings and long life in absolute safety.

58. You may be a soldier, but you are my boyfriend. Your first duty may not be to me, but the calling of your chosen career. I know your heart beats solely for me, just as mine is attuned to the sound of your love music. Beautiful birthday greetings to you, darling. I wish you God’s blessings and protection, always.

59. Happy birthday, boyfriend! With a love more powerful than your most sophisticated rifle, I send you beautiful birthday greetings on this special day of yours. You are special, fiercely loved and always in my heart. I wish you a day of pure bliss, catching magical moments amid chaos or order. Cheers, love!

60. A splendid birthday greetings to my everyday crush! You have done well by everyone for your valiant efforts on the battlefield. It’s now time for you to party, and party hard! Happy birthday to my ever gallant soldier boyfriend! Love you always!

61. A lovely birthday greetings to you, my soldier boyfriend. I wish you the happiest birthday ever. I will always be here for you. Please, stay safe wherever you are deployed to. I love you!

62. Birthday greetings to the one who fights to put a smile on the faces of million others! I wish you loads of joy and tons of happiness on your special day, darling soldier boyfriend. Love you!

63. Warmest birthday greetings to the one that makes saying goodbye so hard! My heart is yours, trooper. I wish you the calmest and safest birthday ever with loads of fun to boots!

64. Lovely birthday greetings to the love of my life. Precious soldier boyfriend, you are worth having and waiting for. You are a rare gem with whom my heart is forever knitted in love. Have the most wonderful birthday ever!

65. Awesome birthday greetings to the one who inspires others with his selfless services and great sacrifices.
Honeybun, I’m proud to be a soldier’s girlfriend. You are the best boyfriend ever, I love you. I wish you a happy birthday.

66. A heartwarming birthday greetings to my soldier boyfriend! A sweetie like you is the perfect frosting on life’s yummiest birthday cake. Have fun, dearie!

67. A touching birthday greetings to my super-duper soldier boyfriend. Thank you for freedom of speech and press, right to life and all you fight with sweat and blood to give us freely. You are my superhero! I love you to the moon and back! Be happy, always!

68. My love for you bids war trumpet cease, and enfolds the whole world in lasting peace. Loving birthday greetings to my exceptional soldier boyfriend. I adore you!

69. Call me fragile; I’m not strong, but your love gives me the strength to give you all the support you need to keep standing. A sizzling hot birthday greeting to you, darling boyfriend. You are my forever crush, soldier! A zillion salute from me with love. Cheers to a fun-filled day!

70. Birthday greetings to my beloved soldier boyfriend. I wish to throw the biggest, fun-filled and loveliest birthday bash ever for you, but it can wait. Always know this heart is forever yours. Love you loads, Honeypie!

71. Happy birthday, my swaggerlicious soldier boyfriend! Warmest greetings to you on your special day. Here’s letting you know you are the most special person in my life. Cross my heart. Enjoy your day!

72. When two fiery hearts clash, sparks fly! Dazzling birthday greetings to you, my love. You are everything I desire, boyfriend. My soldier, champion, loverboy, buddy and much more. I wish you a brilliant future full of fulfilling promises. Cheers!

73. When you find yourself alone figure, in a fox hole in enemy territory, know that you’re never alone. I’ll always be there with you. My love shall be your guardian angel to keep you safe. Warm birthday greetings to you, soldier. I cherish you!

74. Happy birthday greetings to you, my dearest soldier boyfriend. I love you passionately. I wish you a superb birthday celebration! Have fun, dearie!

75. Awesome birthday greetings to the lone ranger soldier boyfriend that rocks my heart with cocky confidence. Loving you is a duty and a delight. You are exceptionally outstanding! I wish you a happy new year. You are the best!

Birthday Wishes for My Soldier Boyfriend Long Distance

‘A beautiful birthday wishes to my heartthrob. Darling boyfriend, the cutest soldier in the army, love of my life, the apple of my eyes; no distance is too long or powerful to diminish my love for you. It only intensifies it. I love you, Sugarpie. I wish you the best of this new year in safety and peace. Cheers!’

These beautiful birthday wishes for my soldier boyfriend will surely break the long-distance barrier:

76. When two hearts become one, distance is never a barrier. Loving you this much has made me strong. There’s no time to feel bad, barely enough time to enjoy our time together and savour every memorable moment, afterwards. Happy birthday, darling boyfriend. I wish that all your dreams shall come true. Cheers!

77. A mushy happy birthday to the special man that rocks my heart from a long distance, with reckless abandon. Congratulations, my soldier boyfriend. You’re my unbridled passion and life’s delightful treat. I wish you everything beautiful, peaceful and excellent. Have a blast, love!

78. A heartfelt birthday wishes to the man that rocks my heart like a boss. Yes, a boss and more, soldier. I love you to the moon and back, boyfriend. The long-distance between us is the fuel that keeps the fire of my love ignited. On this special day of yours, I wish you loads of joy, peace and God’s safety, always!

79. But for the long-distance, I intended to paint every nooks and cranny of the town with all shades of fun. Happy birthday, boyfriend! I wish you many more victorious years ahead. Love you, soldier!

80. Hello stranger, oops, boyfriend! It’s been a while, no thanks to the long distance. This doting girlfriend of yours would love to report for spoiling your silly duty. An electrifying kiss served with a cuddly hug, is a good way to kick off your birthday. I wish you a lifetime of happiness in safety, soldier. Lots of love to you!

81. A lovely birthday wishes to the one that would do anything to put a smile on my face. I’m forever yours, darling boyfriend. Today, and every day, you’re welcome to break the long-distance barrier; invade and occupy all available spaces in my heart. Have a fabulous day, soldier.

82. Where two hearts melt and meld into one, long-distance ceases to be a barrier. It’s your birthday, darling boyfriend and lieutenant of my forever wishes! Happy birthday to you, love. You are my incurable addiction. Getting high on you is my sole vice. I wish you a lifetime of joy, safety and peace. You are my superhero, darling.

83. Spectacular birthday wishes to my heartthrob! Let’s close rank and the long distance, to give you the best birthday treat you so richly deserve. May the odds favour you, always! Still crazily in love with you.

84. A glorious birthday wishes to my darling soldier boyfriend! Distance is a barrier only for those whose love’s deep connection has gone haywire. Ours is clear and unclogged I struck gold in you in every way. Sugarplum, my mind, my prayers and the very best of me, are forever yours. I love you. Enjoy your day!

85. When two minds beat as one; it isn’t a cliche. It’s the reality of two unpretentious lovers, though separated by long distance, yet open and unabashed with each other. Happiest birthday wishes to you, boyfriend. I love you immeasurably, soldier. Cheers!

85. Loving a soldier shouldn’t be this easy. You are such a sweet, caring and loving boyfriend, my precious gem! You evoke so many emotions within me, regardless of the long-distance that I go mushy by the very thought of you. An amazing birthday wishes to you, my love. Keep smiling, I cherish you!

86. A splendid birthday to the reigning prince of my heart. Darling soldier boyfriend, I wish I can bridge the long distance in a second on a day like this. Just to celebrate your awesomeness! Still, I wish you loads of joy with tons of love and kisses, from your besotted girlfriend.

87. I try my best not to fall apart while you’re away, yet it’s so difficult to love this fiercely from such a vast distance. Especially, when all I feel like doing is to rush you with love so rich, on your special day. A beautiful birthday wishes, darling soldier boyfriend. You rock!

88. Happy birthday to you, boyfriend. Serving the country as a soldier is hard on your doting girlfriend. Miles apart on a special day like this is tearing my heart apart. This tough girl is a pure jellyfish without her solid soldier rock. I love you, sugarplum. I wish you lots of joy and loads of blessings. Cheers!

89. Killing me softly is this long distance that stretches endlessly between us. Happy birthday to my vibrant, smiling, and loving soldier boyfriend. There’s never a dull moment with you, my baby. The resulting boredom from your absence is becoming a tad unbearable. I wish you a lifetime of safety, love and happiness, munchkin.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Soldier Boyfriend

‘ When you have a prankster for a girlfriend, then you should expect funny birthday wishes and unadulterated naughtiness on your special day. I sincerely wish to take you on a voyage trip to the moon on my power bike, but it broke down in space. Never mind, my darling, we’ll go on a cruise riding the stars. Happy birthday, darling soldier boyfriend. You rock my heart with glee, always!’

Get your soldier boyfriend to guffaw helplessly with your funny birthday wishes:

91. Happy birthday, my darling boyfriend. Your birthday gift this year is spectacular! You get to pick the best gift of your choice: it’s either you choose me, myself or I. One is an explosive mine, the other is a bazooka and the last is an erupting volcano. You have a second to decide. Sending you loads of hugs and kisses, soldier.

92. It’s your birthday, darling boyfriend. I plan to drink myself to stupor and blow up a mine, to celebrate the love of my life! Kidding, soldier! I wish you a lifetime of God’s immeasurable blessings and divine protection. Love you loads!

93. It’s a beautiful day, with a great start. I woke up with an award-winning money-spinning idea: a potential goldmine! I’ll go to Amazon and put you up for sale to the highest bidder, with the most catchy caption like a tall glass of smashing army boyfriend for sale! Soldier boy dripping with amazing gorgeousness for rent! What do you think, buster? Happy birthday, my darling boyfriend. I love it now and always!

94. Now I know how to raise money for your surprise birthday party at the Ritz Carlton hotel! I’ll auction off all your medals to the keenest bidder and keep you for myself. Happy birthday, my boo of life. Love is my forever song to you, my adorable boyfriend. It’s in the lines and stanzas of the poem I compose for you. Have a wonderful day, munchkin!

95. If I bribed your superior officer with a smashing french kiss, would you be allowed to take the day off? Just the two of us, in a blissful world of our own, where I’d spoil you rotten with overflowing love. Happy birthday, boyfriend. You rock!

96. Loving you is cumbersome, all I do is to think about you all day long! Unimaginable is not being loved by you; it’s a suicide mission. Well, I love loving you. I cherish all the memories of you. Happy birthday, cupcake. I wish you extra helpings of all your heart desires today and always!

97. Happy birthday, darling soldier boyfriend. I have no plan to get your favourite wine today since your love is like a rich red wine: sweet, fine, and slightly intoxicating. We will drink ourselves to stupor from the well of our sparkling love/wine. You are a premium brand, sweetie. I love you!

98. Help honeybun, I’m hooked! Loving you is like getting addicted to a vintage wine; an expensive and rich blend. Filling and satisfactory in every way. From the first sip, I got hopelessly hooked. What better day to seek help than your birthday. On second thoughts, I love the addiction! I plan to hoard this premium brand of sparkling richness forever. Happy birthday, my adorable soldier boyfriend!

99. A hearty and happy birthday to my beloved soldier boyfriend. Darling, I’m nuts about you. Will you be my psychiatrist? Can the military doctor treat my rare ailment? Get the right prescription for me, my love. Fill my heart with the music of your sweet love. Whisper sweet nothings into my eagerly waiting ears. It’s precisely what I need to bloom like a flower. I love you, handsome. Enjoy your day to the fullest; you deserve it!

100. Happy birthday, my charming boyfriend. Can you ask the arm to give you an honourable discharge just for today? You’ll reapply as a recruit tomorrow, right after your smashing birthday gig. Yea, kidding! Just bless me with that cute smile of yours! By the way, that naughty prank you pulled on my birthday? All is forgiven, my darling! Just expect an explosive comeback from yours truly. Don’t thank me, love is giving me crazy ideas, already! Have a spectacular day, dearie!

Bravo! It’s awesome of you to go all out for your soldier boyfriend on his special day. They fight for the good of all, yet they are the forgotten ones. Lavishing your love for your boyfriend means a lot. It gives him the will to stay alive. It gives them the strength to keep a clear head to escape danger. It’s the only bright spot in their otherwise uncertain and dangerous existence.

You aren’t just celebrating your man; you are pouring life into that lone soldier (army, marine, navy or airforce). The picture of their loved ones or cherished memories of memorable moments with their beloved, adds vigour and life to them.

Just a birthday? No, more than a birthday! It’s love, affirmation, reassurances, faith and hope rolled into one.

Thank you for going out of your way to do something special for your boyfriend on his special day. Do you have any questions? Please, feel free to ask. Any suggestions or comments? I’ll gladly respond. It’ll be a real pleasure hearing from you.

Kindly share this with your friends, family and loved ones.

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