Happy 4th Birthday Wishes Messages and Quotes to My Nephew

Happy 4th Birthday Wishes, Messages and Quotes to My Nephew

Birthdays are very important to everyone, especially children, and even your young nephew, niece and cousins are not an exemption. When it’s their birthday, you need to create long-lasting birthday memories for them.

For your little nephew’s 4th birthday, you may be thinking about the best gift for a 4-year-old nephew or how to make his birthday special. Don’t think too far, the answer is right here.

Words get to children a lot, same as a thoughtful birthday gift, all you need to do is say the right words and he’d be glad. Let him know how much you love him with cute words from your heart.

Celebrating him with heartfelt birthday wishes and quotes would go a long way, so, spice up his day with some of these wonderful happy 4th birthday wishes, messages and quotes to my nephew below. You’d be glad you did. He may not be able to read them now, but with the help of the parent(s), your wishes will be conveyed to him and he will grow up to appreciate them.

4th Birthday Wishes for Your Nephew

Happy 4th birthday to you, my sweet nephew. My wishes for you this day are a life filled worth happiness and great achievements. Cheers to long life, my darling.

1. I can’t believe you are four years old already, I pray God to grant you the Grace to celebrate more years. Happy birthday.

2. You are four years today and it means you are moving forth in life. Happy birthday, dear.

3. The day reminds me of your birth and it assures me of a great year ahead, happy birthday with lots of gifts.

4. Celebrating your birthday every year gives me joy and knowing you are four years old today gives me greater joy, you are blessed dear. Happy birthday.

5. Indeed, you have been that special kid that everyone always wishes to have, I pray you continue to be special to God and us all. Happy fourth birthday, darling.

6. May you be a pride to us dear, God bless your new age with long life and good health. Happy fourth birthday.

7. See who’s plus one today, my little nephew is four today, we celebrate you with lots of prayers. Happy birthday.

8. Sweetheart, I cannot deny how grateful I am to God for making you see your fourth birthday and I pray God protects you to celebrate more.

9. Yes! It’s my nephew’s birthday and I can’t hide it, happy fourth birthday dear and I wish you long life and prosperity.

10. May you stand out among your peers as you turn four today. I love you dear, little nephew.

11. Happy fourth birthday to one of my favourite nephews, May God grant you knowledge, wisdom and understanding as you celebrate today.

12. Our Prince is four today, may God bless this new year for you gloriously, happy birthday nephew.

13. Nobody got a cute nephew like mine, happy fourth birthday dear, may you continue to be a source of happiness and joy for everyone.

14. See how time flies, you are now a big boy, happy birthday little nephew, shine on darling.

15. You are becoming a big boy gradually but enjoy being a child first, happy birthday nephew, may God crown you gloriously.

16. You may be little but you have a big heart and a big brain, I know you will be successful and I am sure of it. Happy four-year-old, dear.

17. Congratulations on your 4th birthday. I wish you nice gifts, a great birthday party and a lot of fun with your friends, God bless your new age dear.

18. Birthday blessings on you dear, I hope you will have a gigantic celebration, happy 4th birthday dear.

19. Four years is not easy to come by and you are here celebrating this new age. Cheers to a fruitful year ahead, my darling.

20. May God grant your desires little nephew, make sure you make a wish and blow out all four candles. Happy birthday, dear.

21. Oh, birthday boy, you turned four today and I am excited, may God make you the best four years old today.

22. Sweet nephew, make sure you have a super-duper 4th birthday celebration today. May heaven celebrate and prosper you.

23. Turning four is not just cool but super cool. Happy birthday little nephew. May you grow up to be a great man.

24. On this day, you deserve four big hugs, four big kisses and four big wishes, your new age is blessed nephew.

25. On your birthday, I want to give you bags of gifts that contains all that you wish to have, the happier you are today the bigger the gifts become.

Happy 4th Birthday Nephew Quotes

It’s your special day, darling. Enjoy it to the fullest. I wish you greater heights in life. Happy 4th birthday, my sweet nephew.

1. May you have a course to celebrate more birthdays with lots of love times four of this today as you turn four today. Happy birthday, dear nephew.

2. May your fourth birthday find you happy and as cute as ever, Happy 4th birthday little nephew. Enjoy your day.

3. Hip! Hip! Hip! Hurray, cheers to the latest big boy in town who clocks four today, favor and grace shall be your portion. Happy birthday, my cute nephew.

4. I wish you a happy birthday because you are a big boy of four today, may heaven shine forth its lights on you.

5. I hope your birthday will be as amazing as you are; you deserve all the best in life. Happy fourth birthday, dear.

6. I hope that you drown in your gifts today and get the best Birthday present ever, Happy 4th birthday, sweetheart.

7. May all your birthday wishes come true and that’s my birthday wish for you and more, my precious 4 years old.

8. I hope you grow up to be an explorer and a kind person. I hope you will always treasure every minute of every day. Happy birthday little nephew, Have fun.

9. This year, I hope your birthday is the very best birthday that a 4-year-old boy can have, Happy 4th birthday, little one.

10. Celebration will not cease in your life in Jesus name, you will continue to be a blessing to us all. Happy fourth birthday to you, my sweet nephew.

11. I hope you know I love you and, on this day, you are getting four times my love because I will spoil you with gifts. Happy 4th birthday, nephew, grow and prosper.

12. I don’t know the kind of gift I can get you on your fourth birthday but I am very sure that the biggest I can give to you now is to pray for you that you will grow and glow in glory. Happy birthday, baby.

13. What makes you more special today is because it’s your birthday and the angels are stretching their hands to pray for you. Happy birthday little one.

14. You are that little angel at four, flip your wings and fly to the highest height in life. Happy birthday, nephew.

15. See all the beautiful and colourful flowers and gifts sent to you on this my dear that is just a little way to wish my favourite nephew a bountiful four years birthday today.

16. Have fun, play as much as you can, overfeed yourself and be happy because it is your new best year. Happy birthday, little one at four.

17. May God’s blessings not end, May your happiness not cease and May you live a fulfilled life is what I pray for you on this day. Happy fourth birthday, little nephew.

18. From the first day you were born, we knew you are very special, you proved it was true from the first birthday to the fourth today. I wish you a very happy and memorable fourth birthday.

19. May your 4th birthday be happier than your third, you are a blessing and we love you so much, may smile not erase from your face. Happy birthday.

20. I wish you peace and pleasure for every moment of your life, May GOD give you joy and happiness, happy prosperous fourth birthday, little nephew.

21. Let the abundance of the Lord follow your path every day of your life as you clock plus one today, Happy 4th birthday, darling.

22. Your smiles gives me Joy, I have prayed to God that he makes the smiles and happiness permanent from this day onwards. Happy fourth birthday, my love.

23. On your 4th birthday, I pray GOD to cover you with the best of happiness and health. Happy birthday, nephew.

24. No matter how busy my schedule is, I will never forget your birthday my favourite nephew. May God crown you with blessings, grace and favour. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

25. it is your special day, every second today is for you, after all, it’s your birthday, let the world know you aren’t three anymore but four today. Happy birthday, love.

Happy Birthday Wishes for 4 Years Old Nephew

My darling nephew is 4 years of today. My wishes for you today is a life filled with sweetness and happiness. Happy birthday, prince charming.

1. I have many reasons to be happy today, one of them is that you turned four today and I pray for God’s grace for the rest of the year. Happy birthday, nephew.

2. Congratulations to the 4-year-old prince, on your special day, you can have fun today as you want, Wishing you a lot of fun for you and your friends. Your new age is blessed. Happy birthday, dear.

3. You may not know what to wish for, I make you four wishes today because you clocked four today, I wish you health, happiness, prosperity and lots of love. Happy 4th birthday, my favourite.

4. All I really want is to see you smile and see that your dreams are coming true, happy fantastic four birthday to you little nephew.

5. Heaven celebrate a special one who clocks four today, May God elevate you and grant you grace through this year and more. Happy birthday, nephew.

6. I cannot believe that you are the little kid that I held in my arms, I love you to the moon and back baby. Happy 4th birthday.

7. I pray to God this day that he should make all your dreams come true and keep you alive to grow in grace and blessings. Happy fourth birthday, sweetheart.

8. Watching you grow has been one of the greatest blessings I received; see you now growing into a handsome boy. May God envelop you with love in abundance. Happy birthday, my love.

9. More knowledge, wisdom and understanding are what I wish for you this day as your clock four. Happy birthday, nephew.

10. My little nephew is four today, I can’t keep calm, may this new age usher you into a greater height in Jesus name. Happy number four birthday to you.

11. I might not have enough money to take you out today but know that you have someone praying endlessly for you. Happy birthday, my love at four.

12. You are a light that shines, may you continue to shine bright as you move to a new age at four. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

13. May goodness, mercies and joy continue to follow you all the days of your life. Happy birthday, little one. I love you.

14. May your every step in this New Year take you to a new level in life dear. Happy fourth birthday, my favourite nephew.

15. I join the host of Angels to celebrate you today. Happy birthday dear nephew, may this 4th birthday bring you good tidings.

16. Birthdays are special days to celebrate not just anyone but a special one like you my nephew, I pray God answers all your prayers in this new age. Happy birthday, dear.

17. 1, 2 buckle your shoes as you get ready to step into victory, blessings, good health and long life. Happy fourth birthday, dear.

18. My baby is 4 today, I am excited yea, may you grow in grace, love, kindness, peace and joy in Jesus name. Happy birthday, nephew.

19. You will stand out among standards, you will be at the top and not beneath, happy birthday, my lovely nephew.

20. You deserve special treatment each moment of this day, tell me what you want and you will get it, long life and prosperity dear. Happy birthday to you, nephew.

21. Allow me to spoil you today with lots of gifts, it’s your big four today and nobody is taking it from you. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

22. I just forwarded my wishes for you to the angels in heaven to start pouring out birthday blessings on you. Happy fourth birthday, to you, my dear.

23. Today you should have fun, play until you finally have enough for the day because it’s your born day. Happy fourth birthday, my love.

24. Anywhere you step your feet this new age, you shall find favour, the grace of God will be sufficient for you now and always. Happy fourth birthday, dear.

25. My Darling nephew is four today and I pray that God grant you joy, love, peace and blessings this day. Happy birthday, dear.

Happy 4th Birthday Prayer Messages to My Nephew

Happy 4th birthday to you my wonderful nephew. You know I love you so much. I pray you’d grow up to become a shining light. God bless you, darling.

1. Cutie boo, happy birthday dear, may you continue to be a source of joy for us and the people around you. Four years is good for you.

2. I am so blessed to have you as my nephew, you have brought joy to us all, grow and prosper dear. Happy fourth birthday my love.

3. May heaven bless you this day with knowledge, wisdom and understanding as you clock a new age today. Happy fourth birthday my baby.

4. One of the best days of my life was four years ago when you were given birth to, May God give you every reason to be happy and cheerful always. Happy birthday little nephew.

5. I woke up with a massive smile on my face because today is my nephew’s birthday, continue to grow in grace baby, Love you very much. Have a blast on your fourth birthday.

6. Four is a fantastic number and it shows how much you are growing Excellently, I pray for you this day that you will fantastically be elevated in this New Year. Happy fourth birthdays my darling nephew.

7. I would like to wish my handsome nephew a very happy fourth birthday; I hope you have a wonderful birthday filled with many blessings. Happy birthday love.

8. Happy Fourth Birthday to my amazing little nephew, you are such a clever, loving and brilliant little boy. As you clock four today may your joy never cease.

9. There’s no better way to celebrate someone who is 4 years old than to pray for him or her, I pray that heaven will smile at you, Happy 4th birthday.

10. A blessed birthday to my nephew. You are four years old today and it is my prayer that you will never walk alone, God will always be your guard and prosper you.

11. Even though you are one year older, may you always have someone by your side to help you have a blessed four years birthday nephew.

12. You are blessed with many years today, happy birthday, my Darling nephew and do enjoy your celebration.

13. May the God we serve keep you strong, kind, loving, and caring, May He add more years to your life. God bless you, I love you, Enjoy your special day.

14. In this new year of yours, may you never fumble, may the angels of the Lord continue to guard you, bless you and take you to the zenith of your joy.

15. Blessed birthday to my nephew. You are plus one today and it is my prayers that may you always have someone by your side to help you. Aunty loves you very much. I can’t wait to celebrate with you later today

16. On your 4th birthday, my only wish is for you to have the best birthday any 4-year-old child can ever experience! Happy 4th birthday, darling nephew.

17. I have got nothing much to say today on your fantastic four days than to pray for Gods wisdom, grace, favour and upliftment in this new age. Happy birthday, son.

18. Being surrounded by the most loving and cherished people you have is enough reason to spice up your day with lots of prayers. Happy fourth birthday, love.

19. I hope that you’ll live a long life that is so happy, blessed and that you will get everything that you needed in life. Happy 4th birthday to you.

20. You are now 4 years old and you’re growing up to be an incredible young man, May you become like a tree planted in the rivers of water, enjoy your four age today. Happy birthday, dear.

21. You are the greatest source of my happiness and today on your birthday, I wish that you’ll get as much happiness as you’re giving us. Happy 4th birthday to you, darling.

22. You will become great in life and the journey for that has been stamped by God and I will always be your number one fan. Happy 4th birthday darling, I love you.

23. I pray that you’ll have the best gorgeous moments this life has to offer and that God will keep you away from evil eyes. To my adorable nephew, happy 4th birthday dear.

24. On your 4th birthday today, my only wish is that your guardian angels may continue to guide you and protect you from anything that can be of harm to you. I love you so much. Happy birthday.

25. Happy 4th birthday little nephew, my only wish is for your life to be more awesome now and forever, Have a blessed special day today.

It’s your nephew 4th birthday and you need to make it a super amazing celebration. That’s why you need to send a couple of these amazing happy 4th birthday wishes, messages and quotes to my nephew to him. He will grow to appreciate it.

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