Happy 42nd Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

Happy 42nd Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

Most people appreciate being celebrated especially on important days like birthdays and one valid way of doing this is by sending heartwarming birthday wishes.

Your boyfriend is an important person in your life and it is important to make him feel important on his special day by sending him a gift or a card filled with words to make him feel special.

It is his 42nd birthday so you need to do things your boyfriend would appreciate and a good place to start is by sending any of the happy 42nd birthday wishes for boyfriend below.

Best 42nd Birthday Prayer Messages for Boyfriend

You are the best boyfriend I have ever had and on this special occasion of your 42nd birthday today, I am sending you loads of prayers and messages to show just how special and important you are to me. Happy birthday my love.

1. You are 42 years young and I pray you remain healthy and strong even as you grow. Happy birthday to you sweetheart.

2. Hey honey! What plans do you have for the day? I spent the best part of my morning praying for you and I really cannot wait to see you.

3. Happy birthday to the only man in my heart, the one I love more than any other person in the world.

4. I pray this new year will take you a step closer to fulfilling your goals. Happy birthday, my dear, we are going to have a lot of fun.

5. Happy birthday to the love of my life; I pray this new age of yours will be favourable, beautiful and enjoyable for you.

Happy 42nd Birthday Boyfriend Quotes

Happy 42nd birthday to my lovely and amazing boyfriend, the mere fact that I am surfing the net to get the best birthday quotes for you shows how important and special you are to me. Have a fantastic new year babe.

6. Happy birthday to a man every man should emulate, happy birthday to a man every man should aspire to be and happy birthday to a man I love with all my heart. Cheers!

7. You are so matured and intelligent, you are just what I want and that’s why I am holding on to you forever. Happy birthday.

8. I care so much about your happiness and I care so much about all that concerns you. Happy birthday, sweet.

9. Happy birthday to a man that has added tremendous value to my life. Your impact is so much that it cannot be quantified. I love you with all my heart darling

10. You love me in a way I never thought I would ever be loved, the way you care for me is unbelievable and my heart is full of gratitude for you. Happy 42nd birthday dear.

Happy 42nd Birthday to My Boyfriend

Happy 42nd birthday to my boyfriend who has shown over and over again how much I mean to him. Thanks for loving me the way you do, thanks for always showing me care and thanks for always having my back.

11. Birthdays are special days, you are a special man and these two major reasons are why I must celebrate you today. Happy birthday to you honey.

12. Being 42 is a huge deal. You should be proud of all you have accomplished. Happy birthday, darling, we need to celebrate.

13. You have a lot to be thankful for and that is the major reason why you need to celebrate yourself today. Happy birthday to you

14. Life will be good, don’t worry about all the challenges you have been through, focus on yourself and remain true to yourself. Happy birthday

15. Hey honey, I am excited about your birthday and cannot wait for you to leave work so we can celebrate. Today is going to be a fun and sunny day.

42nd Birthday Greetings for Boyfriend

I can’t believe it’s your 42nd birthday already, I am happy and excited for you and I just had to send my greetings at this time to show how happy I am for you. Happy birthday, boyfriend, you best believe that I will go out of my way to make today a blast.

16. Happy birthday honey, I celebrate your 42nd year of making an impact on Earth and in the lives of everyone around you.

17. Happy birthday to a man that has shown himself different from the throng of bad men out there. Not once have I regretted knowing you.

18. I met you at a time I had given up on finding love and I have no single regret. Happy birthday to my boyfriend.

19. Being your girlfriend for years have been satisfying. I love us together and I hope we stay together forever. Happy birthday.

20. Happy birthday honey, time is moving too fast, why can’t you stay 42 forever.

Cute 42nd Birthday Wishes for My Boyfriend

21. Happy birthday to my favourite pillow and a big cheer to more soft embraces.

22. How about we ditch partying and just spend the day together watching our favourite movie. Happy birthday boo.

23. My birthday wish for you is your greatest heart desires. Happy birthday honey.

24. I have been looking forward to today and now that it is finally here, I have so many ideas that they are leaving me confused. Happy birthday babe.

25. Whatever you have planned for today, make room for me. I have a little surprise for you. Happy birthday, honey.

Funny 42nd Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

Happy 42nd birthday to my funny and witty boyfriend who has added fun and laughter to my world. My wishes for you are a lifetime of happiness and a heart that is forever merry. I love you to the moon and back.

26. You act really grumpy for a 42- year- old. Lossen up babe, you ain’ t an old man yet.

27. There is nothing a true love’s kiss cannot accomplish. So, for your birthday, I am going to give you a million kisses.

28. I got you a big cake and if you can’t eat it all, I would offer my assistance out of love for you. Happy birthday sweet.

29.You are not too old for wishes, start making them and watch them come true.

30. I am going to get a cake with 42 candles, yep, you heard that right. So, start your breathing control exercises. 42 might take the breath out of you. Happy birthday

Words are powerful and can make huge impacts. Sending birthday messages is a culture that might never go out of practice and you should make it a habit to reach out to your loved ones on their special days.

Send these Happy 42nd Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend to your guy and watch him beam with a smile as he receives them.

Don’t forget to leave a comment as it would be lovely to know what you think.

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