Happy 36th Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

Happy 36th Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

Your boyfriend deserves some show of love every day but most especially on his big day – his birthday.

You can show him love in different ways but trust me, love shown with words linger much longer in the heart as it resonates to the deepest part of the heart. You need to show him how much you love him and what he means to you in words.

Do you feel you’re short of words to express your love to your boyfriend on his 36th birthday? Relax! All the words you need are right here to make his special day a remarkable one!

Your boyfriend will be blown away with the massive show of love, not only with your gifts but also with the lovely words that come with the gifts! What’s more amazing than having a girlfriend who showers you with the most beautiful words of love on special days? You want to be that amazing girlfriend? Then, choose any of these happy 36th birthday wishes for boyfriend and show your boyfriend some love!

Best 36th Birthday Prayer Messages for Boyfriend

A boyfriend like you is rare and I’m glad I can boldly say this rare gem is all mine! I can’t describe how much you’ve positively affected my life and how much you’ve been my support system. On this your 36th birthday, I wish that you get the life you’ve always dreamed of, that you experience joy and love in the most remarkable ways. Happy birthday!

1. To someone who has always exhibited restraint and tolerance when it mattered most. Your powerful nature keeps me glued to you in love and spirit. May God cause His face to shine upon all that concerns you. Happy 36th birthday, my boyfriend.

2. I have always learnt to accept that friendship could be temporary but your disposition and commitment have always proved me wrong. May the love of God never depart from your life. Keep living love! Happy 36th birthday, my love.

3. Left to me, love was seen as a feeling but you made it live for me. May your life continue to flourish like the tree planted by the riverside. Happy 36th birthday, love.

4. I can say I got my own, through the reflection of how amazing you have been over the years. Your love remains sincere and true always. May your days be long, my love. Happy 36th birthday, my love.

5. Boldly, I attest to the saying that having a friend is not enough, but being a friend with your lover is everything. Thank you for making me believe. May you continue to move from glory to glory. Happy 36th birthday, my boyfriend.

Happy 36th Birthday Boyfriend Quotes

Hey, boyfriend! I hope you know you’re all that matter today and every other day? Your love is so consistent like the northern star. I’ve never for once doubted it! Happy 36th birthday to you, the day is as special to you as it is to me because today, I was blessed with an angel. I love you, my prince charming.

6. At a certain age, peace of mind becomes everything. Thank you for the love that comes with surpassing peace. Happy 36th birthday, my boyfriend.

7. Your show of commitment and love confirms the fact that as humans we should always live by the power of our example not the example of our power. Thank you for always been the teacher. Happy 36th birthday to my amazing guy!

8. You made me a prophet not because I was religious, only because your love came as a prophecy to me. Happy 36th birthday, my boyfriend.

9. “What you give lives”, the love you give lives in my heart forever. You’ve built a beautiful edifice in my heart and I know love lives here! Happy 36th birthday, my sweetheart.

10. You made the time right by choosing to love me. Thank you for doing things at the right time, I love you. Happy 36th birthday, my baby.

Happy 36th Birthday to My Boyfriend

To the most amazing lover whose shoulder I can always rest on, I know life would have been difficult without you by my side, but I’m grateful that I have you forever. Thank you for all our moments, they make me giggle when I’m alone, I wouldn’t trade them for anything and I’m looking forward to many more memories with you. Happy 36th birthday, dear boyfriend.

11. A very special day for a very special person. I wish you encompassing breakthrough all through your lifetime. Happy 36th birthday, handsome.

12. You walk love, you talk love, you live love. Everything about you is lovely and amazing. I can’t just get enough of you, you are too much to behold. I wish you the best of life in good health. Happy 36th birthday, my boyfriend.

13. Isn’t it amazing? Oh yes, it is! Is it selflessness? Is it care? Is it the knowledge? Which of these can II deny? I cherish you from the depth of my heart. I wish you many happy returns of today, baby. Happy 36th birthday, my baby.

14. It is a Herculean task if I decide to unravel the mystery behind your loving nature. You are just phenomenal. I wish you great grace in all sector of your life. Happy 36th birthday, my love.

15. I am very grateful to God for yet another year with you celebrating your unwavering support and love. I wish you exceeding greatness. Happy 36th birthday, my boyfriend.

36th Birthday Greetings for Boyfriend

I really would love to document all our memories because trust me, those memories flatter my heart. Your birthday is one of the most amazing moments of the year and I’m super excited to have met an angel in human form in you! Happy 36th birthday to you, my darling boyfriend. All I wish for you is joy and happiness. May you experience breakthroughs and resounding success. I love you.

16. I love the composed and poised one, which is definitely you. You’re the real definition of awesomeness! Happy 36th birthday, my angel.

17. Just because of love, you became a singer, just because of love, you became a musician, just because of love, you got a profession to conjure love songs. I love you. Happy 36th birthday, my boyfriend.

18. I admire the way you administer the dose of love. Thank you for recognizing and treating my sickness which is love. Happy 36th birthday, my baby.

19. To someone who makes me feel loved and appreciated. I must confess you rule my heart. Happy 36th birthday, my boyfriend.

20. I always wish love has no end but you made me believe it is forever. Happy 36th birthday to my amazing boyfriend.

Cute 36th Birthday Wishes for My Boyfriend

Happy 36th birthday to the one whose name resonates in my mind all day long. Thank you for making me love you effortlessly and even loving me in many folds in return. I couldn’t have asked for another kind of love. You’re just the best! On this special day, I wish you everything good in life without any exception. You should enjoy your day, my love.

21. I celebrate you today and forever love. I appreciate the little and big wins with you, they’re what makes life worth living. Happy 36th birthday, my love.

22. You remain focused and committed to the love we both share. I remain grateful to God for the gift of you. Happy 36th birthday, my boyfriend.

23. I have seen your compassion and love, I feel it. You are super amazing, baby! I won’t trade your love for anything in the world! Happy 36th birthday, my boyfriend.

24. Your birthday brings to me a refreshing memory of how lovely you have always been. The consciousness of you been my best part makes me forever happy. Happy 36th birthday, my prince.

25. A day won’t go by without acknowledging the supremacy of the most high through the concept of love. You made me appreciate love more. Happy 36th birthday, my boyfriend.

26. I admire your sense of humour, your disposition to the things that mattered and your caring attitude. These have always endeared me to you. Your witch love you so much. Happy 36th birthday, my angel.

27. To my favourite person, I celebrate you as you mark another year full of grace and mercy. I can’t wait to have my cake and eat it. Happy 36th birthday, my boyfriend

Funny 36th Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

Sometimes, I wonder where you’ve been all years long because since I met you, it’s been a rollercoaster of affection. You’re that amazing guy with the amazing touch! On the occasion of your 36th birthday, I want to spoil you and make you know you’re worth all the love, respect and affection. Happy 36th birthday to you, dear boyfriend!

28. To someone who stole my heart without been accused and charged to the law court for theft. Don’t stop stealing what belongs to you. Thank you for the sacrifice of love. Happy 36th birthday, sweetie.

29. To the one that is always wrong at all times leading to apologies to me, the one that is always right is saying a big thank you for the love and care. Happy 36th birthday, my prince charming.

30. My baby boo, stop being a bully to your baby. I love you so much. Happy 36th birthday, my love.

Thank you for reading through the happy 36th birthday wishes for boyfriend. I’m sure the words are worth your time! Don’t forget to comment and share with your loved ones. Let them feel the love as well!

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