Happy Birthday Twin Nephews

Happy Birthday Twin Nephews Wishes and Quotes

It’s your twin nephews’ birthday and you have to celebrate them by sending them good wishes and probably getting them a gift.

They are your nephews and twins at that – I know I’m probably biased but twins are great – so they deserve it.

However, if you don’t know how to put the words together to wish them a happy birthday, highlighted below are a collection of happy birthday twin nephews wishes and quotes to celebrate your nephews today.

Best Birthday Wishes for Twins Nephew

Your birthday every year is one of the best days in the year for me because that was the date one of my wishes to become an aunty was fulfilled. So, although finding the best gift because you are twins is challenging, I enjoy it. I wish you all the happiness in the world.

1. Happy birthday to my twin nephews. You brought us double joy. I couldn’t contain the euphoria my heart felt the first time I set my eyes on both of you, and sincerely the sight of you still makes me so happy.

2. There is never a dull moment with the two of you; best twin nephews. The way I love you both is heavenly. It’s another 365 days of God’s faithfulness, happy birthday.

3. It’s the birthday of my two little musketeers. You both are hardly adolescents yet you defend the house like no man’s business. I feel so honoured to be family with you. Happy birthday my twin nephews.

4. When God gifted you both to the family, He handed us the best gift ever. Happy birthday to the best twin nephews in the world. Welcome to a delightful year.

5. What can be more celebrated than the birthday of the coolest twin nephews in the world? Happy birthday, lovelies. You both are extraordinarily blessed. Cheers to a brand new year.

6. I can’t get over the feeling of having two great twin buddies in the house. The day you both arrived in the world was the greatest moments of our lives. Happy birthday, my twin nephews.

7. The oneness I see in you both is something that can’t be taken away. Happy birthday to the best twin nephews in the world. You’re blessed and highly favoured.

8. Your kind of blessing don’t come by easily. You both are a great bundle of joy, a wonderful addition that left our mouths agape with surprise. Happy birthday, my very sweet twin nephews.

9. When God’s countenance was shown upon our family, you both arrived. It was and still is a wonderful testimony, I can’t stop telling everyone about it. Happy birthday, my twin nephews. Have fun!

10. You were both worth every effort. The journey of raising two awesome human beings is out of this world. I’m so glad to be a part of your lives. Have a heartwarming birthday party, my twin nephews.

11. When your mum was heavy with you both in her womb, she didn’t know she was carrying two amazing souls. Today, I feel so good having you both in my life. Happy birthday, my twin nephews.

12. Look whose big day it is! Happy birthday, twin nephews. You have no idea how much I have waited for this day. Happy birthday to you both. Have fun!

13. I can’t contain my joy. Happy birthday to my twin nephews. I think I’m the happiest person in the world today. I was there the day you both arrived on this earth, and ever since my life has never been the same again.

14. Seeing how strong and well you are kicking it makes me feel so glad. We never knew the both of you will survive because of the medical reports. Happy birthday to my twin nephews. It’s always a delight being around you both.

Happy Birthday Twin Nephews Images

It’s exciting to know that my favourite twin nephews are celebrating their birthday today. Today is your day, so, you can have all you want but above all, I wish you are always happy and filled with peace.

Below are happy birthday wishes and images you can use as your twin nephews celebrate their big day.

15. Happy birthday twin nephews. The family wouldn’t be the same without the both of you. As far as twins go, you guys are still the finest specimens around.

16. My lovely twin nephews, I miss you big! Happy birthday, cuties, you deserve the world and some extra. Have fun today.

17. It’s a wonderful day to celebrate two great humans. The lord shall crown you both with his goodness, and make your paths peaceful. Happy birthday, twin nephews.

18. Happy birthday, twin nephews. This year shall be your best year yet, nothing shall ever stop your shine.

19. What a splendid day to be born. Happy birthday to my twin nephews, you will have an increase on every side this year ’cause God has marked you two for divine blessings.

20. I could tell by the broad smile on your cheeks that you’re going to have so many fun memories today. Happy birthday my twin nephews, may you never have a better yesterday.

21. I’m more than delighted to celebrate your birthday, my twin nephews. Where others struggle to reach, you will get there effortlessly. Cheers to an amazing year!

22. Every inch of me is screaming happy birthday to you both right from this end. I wish I was around to share your joy today. Here is wishing you both a fabulous year ahead!

23. Look how cheerful your faces are. Happy birthday, twin nephews, It’s the dawn of a promising year, relax and watch God do magic in your lives.

24. You both are a reminder of how magnificent and merciful God is. I still remember the first time I held you in my arms, it felt surreal. Happy birthday, twin nephews.

25. Just think of any kind of fun you both want to have today ’cause I’m game. Let’s paint the town red! Happy birthday, twin nephews.

26. I feel so privileged to be a part of your lives, my twin nephews. Happy birthday! Welcome to an extraordinary year full of endless possibilities.

27. If I could get to the bottom of the oceans, I will get you both the most precious stones ’cause you’re precious to me. Happy birthday, twin nephews.

28. The tale of God’s faithfulness in your lives has remained on my lips. To be part of your celebration today gives me so much happiness.

29. My bowels are full of laughter and thanksgiving. When God spared your lives, he gave me the most beautiful gifts to cherish. Happy birthday, twin nephews.

30. Your arrival into the family brought back a lot of excitement into our lives, and every day ever since your birth, things have gone from good to better. Happy birthday, twin nephews. Have an amazing birthday.

Happy Birthday My Twin Nephews

Hi, my favourite twin nephews, how are you enjoying your birthday? I wish you are having a blast and I’m about to make it even greater when you see the gifts I have sent your way. Have a great one. Happy birthday.

31. Happy birthday, my twin nephews, you both rock my world, and I’m more than delighted to be part of your lives every day. Cheers to another year.

32. I have never seen anything more beautiful than the charm in your eyes and the gracefulness in your personalities. Happy birthday, my twin nephews, welcome to your best year yet.

33. You both ignited the fire of love, unity, and tenderness in the family. I’m more than pleased to be related to you, my twin nephews. Happy birthday.

34. Ever since you both were born, there have been tremendous changes all around us, and I’m always thankful for you. Happy birthday, my twin nephews.

35. Happy birthday, my twin nephews. There can’t be a better time to celebrate your special day than now. I wish you both soundness in mind and spirit.

36. You dish out doses of awesomeness every blessed day, I can’t get enough. It is such a pleasure celebrating with you, my twin nephews.

37. The joy you both exude is boundless. Happy birthday, my twin nephews, I simply can’t control the way I feel around you two. Have a memorable birthday.

38. You both are the evidence of God’s promise to your mother. I’m full of testimonies concerning you. Happy birthday, my twin nephews. Welcome to the start of a new dawn.

39. Nobody comes in contact with you both without leaving with a tingling of hope. A lot of inspiration emanates from where you both are. Happy birthday, my twin nephews. Have a great birthday.

40. You make our smiles complete, nephews. Happy birthday to you both. Thank you for making the family this warm and lively.

41. It’s always a thrilling moment celebrating with you both. Happy birthday, my twin nephews. May God enlarge your coast this new year.

42. You were a testimony that shut the mouth of enemies. To this day, a lot of persons can’t still believe you both happened. Happy birthday, my twin nephews.

43. Happy birthday, my twin nephews. You’re the world’s best twins, you are both great in every way. May God’s presence never depart from your lives.

44. It’s that time of the year again when the family celebrates the best nephews in the world. Happy birthday, my twin nephews. You both have a way of mending brigades in our hearts.

45. To know the both of you is to love you. Our lives are fuller since we were both blessed with you both. Happy birthday, my twin nephews. You’re blessed and highly favoured.

46. Nothing can be compared with the joy you bring. Happy birthday, my twin nephews. You make the world all around you shine so brightly.

47. What more can a family ask for? You have both been so amazing. Happy birthday, my twin nephews. I’m grateful for your gifts.

48. Happy birthday, my twin nephews. Here is wishing you both a year full of success and breakthrough.

49. You both are very special to me. I feel really lucky to be your aunt/uncle. Happy birthday, my twin nephews. I can go to the ends of the earth for you.

50. Happy birthday, my twin nephews. It’s celebration o’clock. You shall both live to spread your beauty and goodness to the world.

To wrap up, not only will one of these happy birthday twin nephews wishes and quotes warm your nephews’ heart, but it will also make you their favourite aunt/uncle.

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