Happy 4th Birthday

Happy 4th Birthday Cousin Wishes and Quotes

For an average adult, birthdays are big deals. How much more our little angels who will begin the countdown from the day after the previous one. Birthdays are memorable and exciting days for four-year-olds. It’s a day of surplus access to candies, chocolates and yummy but restricted delicacies. You can bet your little cousin’s fourth birthday calls for a big celebration. The little one is counting on you to make their 4th birthday awesome with treats. The world is at their feet, their older cousin is capable of pulling a magical 4th birthday merriment.

When your precious and precocious bundle of joy cousin turns four, it’s time to make their day every colour of unforgettable. Showering your beloved with love on their birthday is one way of letting them knows how much you care.

It’s a wonder how much memory a four-year-old retains and recalls years later. Memories of awesome birthday wishes and experiences are retained for life. They are smarter than we give them credit for. Be a huge part of your beloved cousin’s 4th birthday, make him/her feel ultra-special with lovely and endearing birthday wishes.

Now that your darling cousin has graduated from the terrible twos, it’s time to light up their world on his 4th birthday. Give them the treat they so richly deserve; you should set the tone for a memorable birthday with these cute birthday wishes and quotes.
Are you searching for nice birthday wishes for your little cousin? Here are lovely happy 4th birthday cousin wishes and quotes just right for you:

Fourth Birthday Wishes and Prayers for My Cousin

‘My darling cousin, your birthday is about to enter the Guinness book of records as one of the best in town. You can count on it as I wish you the most fabulous fourth birthday celebration ever. I pray the world will celebrate you, always.’

Your dearest cousin’s birthday is about to go down with a big bang with these fourth birthday wishes and prayers for my cousin:

1. Happy birthday, little cousin. Oh, not so little anymore. You are the cutest child in my world. May you have an awesome 4th birthday.

2. Happy, birthday, darling cousin! You are such an adorable charming 4 years old. May you have a new year full of wonderful experiences!

3. It’s your 4th birthday, my adorable cousin. I’m positively enthralled by your charms. Happy birthday, munchkin. May the Lord bless you with the most memorable birthday ever.

4. Happy birthday, dearest cousin. You are the light that always makes our world sparkle. Loving you is easy peasy like cheese. May you never lose your radiance.

5. Happy 4th birthday to my darling cousin with the delightful swagger. May the Lord clothe you with the garment of greatness, sweetie. May He continue to be with you as you grow in wisdom, and stature, in favour before God and man.

4th Birthday Messages for Cousin

‘ I can’t promise you the moon, but I can promise you the yummiest cake ever on your special day. Happy 4th birthday, darling cousin.’

Light up your cousin’s birthday with these lovely happy 4th birthday messages for cousin:

6. Happy birthday to my dearest cousin of inestimable value. You are wiser and smarter than any 4-year old I’ve ever come across. May you have the happiest birthday experience with loads of fun. May the universe be kind to you as you continue to be a blessing to all.

7. Happy birthday to you, darling cousins. Small but mighty. You are so beautiful, poise and elegant; it’s baffling to say this is your 4th birthday. Enjoy a new year as awesome as you are.

8. Happy 4th birthday, darling cousin. You are a wealth of endless blessing through and through; an all-round delight. You deserve the yummiest cake made with utmost love, ever. Have a fun-filled celebration, honey.

9. Happy birthday to my darling cousin. 4th is the new definition of great vibes. I love your smiles; it’s captivating. You’re a real delight to have around; a breath of fresh air, always. Rock your day with swagger like the star you are.

10. Four years ago, a star was born into a royal home. I can’t keep quiet; my favourite cousin is four shades of awesome today. You are a bundle of boundless joy. Happy 4th birthday, my sweetie pie.

Happy Fourth Birthday Cousin Quotes

‘A quote from the most genuine of hearts, on a great day for an adorable cousin. Hope you know you can count on me to make your 4th birthday as beautiful as you desire.’

Make your favourite cousin’s birthday an unforgettable experience with these catchy happy fourth birthday cousin quotes:

11. With you, life is beautiful. I love your charming smile; it’s irresistible. I adore your vibes; it’s refreshing. Your childish swagger is the real deal. Happy 4th birthday, sweet cousin.

12. It’s your 4th birthday, darling cousin. Keep smiling! Keep bubbling! Keep rocking our world with glee by being unique ‘You’!! Happy birthday, sugarplum.

13. A twinkling shimmering shining star is what you are. An angel sent to give endless joy. You are a priceless treasure, little cousin. Happy 4th birthday, honeybun.

Birthday Wishes for 4 Years Old Cousin

‘A winsome cousin deserves the best wishes on a special day. Happy 4th birthday to my sweet cousin. May life always give you what you deserve and more.’

Trust me, your little cousin isn’t going to forget you in a hurry with any of these cute birthday wishes for 4 years old cousin:

14. Happy 4th birthday, dearest cousin. You are such an adorable child; always sweet to behold and to hold. I wish you a life filled with sunshine, full of fun, happiness, good health and uncountable blessings.

15. Happy birthday, my bubbling bundle of endless joy. I wish you tons of happiness, loads of excitement and a mountain of delightful gifts on your 4th birthday and many more years to come.

16. Hurray, my favourite cousin is four years of mind-blogging old today! May you continue to beat all odds to achieve the great feat in life. Cheers to more amazing years ahead.

Birthday Wishes for Cousin Turning 4

‘Turning 4 is almost magical. It means you’re leaving the league of the terrible twos to a charming chap. I wish you a happy childhood with loads of great memories. I wish you a happy birthday my cute cousin.’

Want to make a lasting impression on your darling cousin on his/her birthday? These birthday wishes for cousin turning 4 it is:

17. Happy birthday to my royal cuteness. Hard to believe you’re turning four already. Make four wishes and watch the angels bring them to pass. I wish you a 4th birthday celebration as sweet as you are, cousin dearest.

18. Happy 4th birthday to my precious, not so little cousin at four. You are one year shy of five. You are smart, precocious, lovely and adorable. May your birthday be as beautiful as your heart desires.

19. A special day, bright with hope, filled with tons of gifts, loads of balloons, lots of chocolates, candies, gums and graced with cakes. You just turned four, darling cousin, it’s time to make your day dreamy. Happy 4th birthday to you. May the world announce and applaud your greatness.

20. Happy 4th birthday, precious cousin. You just turned four, yet you are bold and ready to take on the world and make a massive impact like a superman. May all your dreams come true. Have a blast, sweetie!

Well, you did it! You just made your darling cousin day all shades of special, memorable and ultra nice. He/she isn’t going to forget you in a hurry. In fact, if you aren’t their favourites before now, be sure you just moved yourself to the top of the list of my favourites. Competing back to back with their most favourite toys.

Gifts are nice, but lovely words from their adored older cousins are much nicer. Lovely birthday wishes and gifts are a great combination. Words are powerful. Positive words build up as no one forgets a kind word.

It’s awesome you chose to be part of your cousin’s special day in this special way. Tons of thanks to you for choosing this write up. I’m glad to be of assistance. Your pleasure in my services is my utmost delight.

Kindly share this with your colleagues, friends and loved ones. You just might be a lifesaver! I will gladly welcome questions, comments and suggestions. Thank you.

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