49th birthday wishes for husband

Happy 49th Birthday Wishes and Quotes for Husband

Every day is special in its own right, but some days are separated from others because it is special for some people. One of these special days is a birthday. Birthdays are moments of joy for people and an opportunity to receive the attention one craves for.

Now, if you are married or have a married partner, then, it becomes a double celebration. Imagine how it would be when you send happy 49th birthday wishes and quotes for husband to your darling man who is looking to his golden age but this year celebrating his 49th birthday. You know how special a birthday can be with the best of messages, then, try this out.

The messages in this section have been carefully written to express every good desire and wishes for a birthday celebration of a 49-year husband. I’m sure you would see some messages you desire to fully express to your husband. Now you have the magic wand to make your husband sprawl in love all over you. Use it NOW!

Happy 49th Birthday Husband Quotes

The love of a husband is beyond that which is expressed with the mouth; they are expressed in his actions and quotes. On your 49th birthday, I raise my cup to say happy birthday to you.

1. Every husband is a potential lover but not all lovers are potential husbands. I got my package; 2-in-1. Happy 49th birthday to my wonderful husband.

2. Happy birthday to the most reliable husband in the world. I cherish you today as you celebrate this 49th birthday. You are one in a million.

3. Gold is a treasured metal and diamonds are forever but you surpass them all, my dear husband. Happy 49th birthday to you.

4. The best of the things to come is to wish you abundant life and prosperity. Happy birthday to you, my dear husband. Congratulations on your 49th birthday.

5. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. You are not just good looking, my dear husband; you are wonderfully made. Happy 49th birthday to you.

6. Good things come to those who think good and act well. Happy 49th birthday to a man who says and practises good things. Happy birthday to you, my husband.

7. Whatever that is good. Whatever that is pure. Whatever that is worthy. Whatever that is of good report; these are the things that characterize your life. Happy 49th birthday to you, dear husband.

8. I have a handsome husband; he is not just handsome in the physical, he has a good heart. Happy 49th birthday to you, darling.

9. Happy is the woman who finds her head rested on your chest. Happy 49th birthday to you, my lovely husband.

10. Every day of our lives pushes us farther into the challenges we are to overcome for greatness. Your 49th birthday is here. Go on and win every challenge out there. Happy birthday to you.

49th Birthday Wishes for My Husband

On your 49th birthday celebration, I congratulate you and wish you all the very best as you enjoy a remarkable year, my dear husband.

11. You are the best husband in the world. Happy 49th birthday to you. I wish you more open doors in this new age.

12. I wish you the ease of access into places of greatness as you move along your ordained path. Happy birthday to you, my husband.

13. Happy 49th birthday to you, my husband. You are a rare gem. Continue to shine the light of God in you. You are unstoppable.

14. Dear husband, I celebrate you on this 49th birthday of yours. I wish you many more years in joy, gladness and comfort. Enjoy a blessed year.

15. Happy 49th birthday to the best husband in the world. Today marks the beginning of another chapter in your life. Receive grace to move higher

16. Dear husband, you are an amazing man. On this occasion of your 49th birthday, I wish you all the best and goodness that your birthday entails.

17. You are my beloved, my special man and husband. Happy 40th birthday to you. I wish you good health and more money in your account.

18. Happy birthday to you, dear husband. I wish you all the beautiful things new ages bring. Your 49th birthday is to your lifting and prosperity.

19. Dear husband, happy birthday to you. I wish you abundant peace like a river, happiness that flows without hindrance. Enjoy your 49th birthday my husband.

20. My golden husband is a year shy of his golden age. I celebrate you today. I wish you many happy returns of this day. More grace unto you.

49th Birthday Prayer Messages for Husband

My prayer for you on this memorable day of your birthday is that everything works together well for you. Receive the messages of peace from God as you celebrate this 49th birthday, my dear husband.

21. Happy birthday to you, my dear husband. As you clock your 49th birthday today, I pray that your years will glow with greatness and pride. Happy birthday to you, dear.

22. I always know you to be a calm husband. Celebrating this 49th birthday will bring you into a new realm of total serenity and tranquillity. Happy birthday to you, my husband.

23. There is nothing that you desire that shall not be given to you as you mark your 49th birthday on this day. You will be like a tree planted by the streams of water. Your leaves will never wither. Happy birthday, my husband.

24. Happy 49th birthday to you, my precious husband. May your prosperity break through the nations. Enjoy this new year.

25. I pray for you today that you will forever be relevant as long as you live. You are dearly loved, my husband. Happy 49th birthday to you.

26. Dear husband, happy 49th birthday to you. You will become a lender to nations and never borrow from any. Cheers.

27. Dear husband, it was like yesterday when you celebrated your 40th birthday. Look at how close you are right now to make it to your 50th birthday. I love you. On this 49th birthday, you will never know shame.

28. Happy 49th birthday to you, my special husband. As you celebrate your day today, I pray that the heavens open upon you.

29. Happy birthday to you, my lovely husband. I pray that the joy you experience today will never be truncated and your life will glow from height o height. Happy 49th birthday to you.

30. Your 49th birthday is here; it is a good day to be glad. I pray and ask that many blessings will come over you and remain permanent.

Celebrating your husband is not a day’s job; it is done daily but today is a special day because of the age he’s celebrating, so with these happy 49th birthday wishes and quotes for husband, you have the best day for your partner.

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