Happy Belated 2nd Birthday Wishes

Happy Belated 2nd Birthday Wishes

The little ones are so special to us and we should always let them know how special they are at every opportunity, especially on occasions like their birthdays.

While they may not understand yet what this means, they will definitely grow to see how much love they have been showered, which will, in turn, teach them how to love other people.

Your two-year old’s birthday just passed and if you have been looking for ways to show love to the child, then these happy belated 2nd birthday wishes are specifically written for your use.

Belated 2nd Birthday Wishes and Quotes

My baby is 2 already! Even if you cannot read this just yet, I will not hesitate to let you know how special you are to me and the family. Your birthday’s passed already but I’ll always celebrate you! Happy belated birthday, dearest. Best wishes.

1. You are such a glorious child. Happy belated 2nd birthday little one, I’m so blessed to have you. Grow and prosper in God’s wisdom and grace.

2. In all your gettings, you possess God’s wisdom. Happy belated 2nd birthday, baby girl. I can’t wait to see you grow and do amazing things!

3. I have always loved to watch you grow. You are beautiful in and out. Happy belated 2nd birthday my baby, I love you forever.

4. Even though you are 2 already and gradually becoming big, you still remain my baby. Smiles. Happy belated birthday, my boy.

5. You are the best gift to me from God and I thank Him for this grace. You shall live long and prosper. Happy belated 2nd birthday son.

6. It is better later than never. Happy belated 2nd birthday little one. God will endow you with everything He has in plan for you. Love you!

7. My love for you is deep and unspeakable. You are my joy. I thank God for keeping you. You will forever live in good health and wealth. Happy belated birthday my son.

Belated 2nd Birthday Messages

My darling, as you have marked your 2nd year on earth, I pray that God launches you into greater heights in life, more than your imagination. I love you so much. Happy belated birthday!

8. My little angel is two already. What a great day to rejoice in the Lord! Happy belated birthday, child. I love you.

9. The face of God shines on you. You are sure going places. Happy belated birthday my beautiful niece.

10. I can’t say how exactly I feel. On your birthdays, I cry for joy seeing you grow this fast. It was just like yesterday when I had you. You were very little. Now, you’re a big 2. You keep growing and glowing my dear. Mummy loves you. Happy belated birthday.

11. You are a blessed child. Blessed in all that you do. Even when no one cares, I will always care for you. Happy belated second birthday, my sweetest son.

12. You are full of God’s wisdom. You have the wisdom of God. Happy new year my baby, you are loved. Happy 2 in arrears.

13. You do great things. You grow higher and beyond. The sky is surely not your limit. Happy belated 2nd birthday, nephew.

Belated 2nd Birthday Blessings

As you celebrate your 2nd year on earth, I pray that God’s goodness and favour will never cease upon you and yours. You continue to grow from strength to strength and glory to glory. You are blessed, my darling. Happy belated 2nd birthday!

14. You’re now 2, my dear.
God has been kind to us. You are a testimony to our family. Our family is incomplete without you. Happy belated birthday to you!

15. I pray for God’s grace, goodness, favour and mercy on you. You prosper in all that you do. Happy 2 in arrears.

16. I have loved you. I love you. I will forever love you. My pearl, happy belated 2nd birthday.

17. You’re wonderful to me. My status changed to being a mother at your birth. Thank you for this. I wish you a very happy birthday.

18. You will always be strong, healthy and wealthy. God surely has good plans for and He surely will fulfil them. Happy belated 2nd birthday.

19. You are a heritage of the Lord, son. God prospers you in all your ways my sweet son. Happy belated birthday from Mummy to you.

20. You are my heartbeat. I wish you a happy and fulfilled life, and you shall have good success. Happy belated 2nd birthday. I love you.

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