Happy nd Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Happy 42nd Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Your girlfriend is 42 years of age, wow! What are you waiting for that you haven’t showered her with heart-melting and romantic words that’ll shiver her and intensify the fire of your relationship the more?

Apart from the surprise and awesome birthday party you may have planned for her, it also very important to have a well thoughtful, beautiful and romantic birthday message. The drill now is how you choose to deliver it!

As a man, no matter how great your writing ability is, you will always encounter an exhausting moment of trying to put words together and just staring at an empty phone screen thinking of how to come up with a creative and lovely write up to wish you girlfriend a happy and romantic birthday. If that’s the case with you, I have got you covered.

Forty-two years of age is an age of reality in personality and purpose, most definitely, it’s a year of industry. Saturate your girlfriend with these very lovely, romantic and sweet happy 42nd birthday wishes for girlfriend.

You would for sure!

Go through and collect from my encompassing varieties of happy, sweet and love binding birthday wishes to get your girl wowed and more in love with you and to celebrate her on the occasion of her birthday.

Most definitely, you wouldn’t want to hesitate!

Then, let’s plunge in!

Best 42nd Birthday Prayer Messages for Girlfriend

To my sweetest heart and beauty of my life, having you celebrate your 42nd birthday to me is like celebrating your 24th birthday. You are so beautiful, agile, and most of all, still very lovely. I pray that this new year of yours shall birth newness, all that concerns you shall be made anew. I love you. Happy birthday, dear girlfriend.

1. Hey sweet babe, having you as my sugar pie is a blessing to me. As you mark your 42nd birthday today, may you enjoy peace and happiness all through this new year of your life. You are such an awesome girlfriend to have. And I really love you. Happy birthday!

2. My sugar pie, it’s your 42nd birthday today, yeah! We’re gonna paint true town red. I love you so dearly my love. May your path be made gracious and may you find the happiness and joy you deserve. Happy birthday, darling. Enjoy your day!

3. Sweetie, honey, you are getting beautiful by the day, your 42nd birthday is as though you are celebrating your 24th birthday, your faithfulness as a girlfriend is indeed remarkable. I really love you and keep you so dearly in my heart. May this day, month and year of your life be an awesome year for you. Happy birthday. Get dressed, I’m coming over, I’m gonna spoil my girl with a nice treat today!

4. To my sweetness, may your forty-second birthday bring to you happiness and joy in every second of your life. I love you, babe. Happy birthday.

5. Happy birthday to the sweetest, youngest, most beautiful and energetic forty-two-year-old lady like you. You’re my girl and sweetheart, I love you dearly.

6. As you mark your 42nd birthday today, dearie, may smiles and happiness be the order of the year for you. Love and beauty become your ornaments of life. I love you, my sweetheart. Happy birthday.

7. You’re 42 years already! Oh, how blessed and favoured I am to have you here with me and to see you grow wiser, stronger and beautiful. May all blessings be abundant for you this new season of your life. Happy 42nd birthday my sweetest angel.

8. I cannot quantify the measure of my love for You are my dearie. May your 42nd birthday be a remarkable and lovely one for you. Keep glowing, girlfriend. I love you!

9. May 42 bring you realities of good things and your desires be favoured. Happy birthday, dearie. Much love.

10. Life for you will just begin and new achievements shall be your accomplishments. Happy 42nd birthday to my sweetheart.

11. Cool it off dearie. 42 looks so good on you. You are not just growing older but also growing more beautiful and lovely.
Happy birthday, girlfriend.

12. Hurray girlfriend! For good 42 years, you have been a source of joy and happiness to many around you. Enjoy another year of blessings galore. Happy birthday.

13. The fact that I’m celebrating your 42nd birthday brings a lot of joy and happiness. It’s my prayer that an abundance of joy, strength and blessings shall come your way in r this new year of your life. Happy birthday, girlfriend.

14. Delightful adventure, abundance of realities and sweetness, these and more shall you enjoy. It’s your forty-second birthday age gracefully!

15. May all the dreams you have for yourself come into reality much more in this time of your life. Forty-two years is just the beginning of the peak for you. Happy 42nd birthday.

16. Growing older for you shall be productive and full of liveliness for you. May this new year be a year of favour for you, girlfriend. Happy 42nd birthday to you.

17. Happy 42nd birthday to a special lady. May your life be full of joy unending and happiness undiluted. Love you, girlfriend. Happy birthday.

18. You are growing in three major ways which are beautifully, wisely and lovely. May you enjoy peace and joy more abundantly in the new season of your life. Amen.

19. May your journey in life be sweet and your path be made more smooth and hitch-free. Enjoy more days of realities, girlfriend. Happy 42nd birthday to you.

20. You are a special lady, a lady of worth. May you enjoy sound health, goodliness and love in this new phase of your life. Happy birthday, sweet girlfriend.

Happy 42nd Birthday Girlfriend Quotes

Birthdays are special celebration for special people like you. You are a special babe, girlfriend. It’s your birthday. Enjoy more life. Happy 42nd birthday, girlfriend.

21. Happy birthday to someone who is as special and lovely as you are. You are the epitome of beauty and love. Enjoy your day, darling. Happy birthday.

22. As you grey in age, may you flourish and blossom like the sunflower and may your living be blessed.

23. Age gracefully, darling. This new age of your shall be blessed for you. Happy 42nd birthday to you, girlfriend.

24. Dreams come true when truly aimed and realities are made possible even at an age as 42. May all your dreams come true, girlie. Happy 42nd birthday.

25. Congratulations to you, dearie. Do have my best wishes, love. I love you so much. Happy 42nd birthday.

26. Have a wonderful and great day darling. May you enjoy the newness and a whole package of freshness in this new age of yours. Happy birthday, girlfriend.

27. This 42nd year of your life shall be a unique year for greater heights and the breaking of new grounds. Enjoy your day darling. Happy birthday to you!

28. The eagle is known for high places, the peacock is known for beauty. As you hit the 42nd year of your life, may your life be saturated with joy and happiness all around. Happy 42nd birthday to you, my lovely girlfriend.

29. You are ageing yet getting more beautiful. Actually, 42 looks good on you, my love. Stay more focused and enjoy your day, girlfriend. Happy 42nd birthday to you!

30. It’s a whole new year for you, girlie. Make every moment worth living for. More blessings, love and peace to you. Amen. Love you dear, a happy and meritorious birthday, my love.

42nd Birthday Greetings for Girlfriend

Happy birthday to you, my girl. I celebrate with you. May your heart be blessed and your life be filled more with joy and happiness.

31. A whole package of new achievements, new grounds of greatness, peace like a river and a heart full of love. All these and more shall be yours in this new phase of your life. Happy 42nd birthday to you, my love.

32. May lines fall in places for you. New grounds shall be broken by you, greater heights shall be attained by you. I can’t wait to have you here now, darling. Happy birthday to you.

33. I admire you by the day, every moment is another time for me to love you the more. I celebrate you, my love. Happy birthday to you.

34. You are the epitome of beauty. You are forty-two yet you are growing more beautiful, wiser and lovelier. I love you, darling. Happy 42nd birthday to you.

35. I so much admire you, you are not just my girlfriend but my beloved. May our love grow stronger and stronger by the day. May your life radiate with beauty and love.

36. May your heart find more peace and bliss, may your health be sound, may you break new grounds of achievements. I love babe. Happy birthday to my lovely girlfriend.

37. Age beautifully, grow more wisely, develop completely and overall, age gracefully, my love. Happy 42nd birthday to you.

38. Hello love, it’s your birthday today, I greet you, my love. May this new phase of your life birth newness in your life. Happy birthday, dearie.

39. Loving you is a blessing for me. I have grown to love you as the years go by. Age forty-two looks good on you. Happy birthday to you darling.

40. Happy birthday girlfriend, age 42 is another year of realities and successes for you. I pray for a sweet and loving year ahead for you, dearie.

Cute 42nd Birthday Wishes for a Girlfriend

My wish for you is life and life more. Happiness undiluted and joy are unlimited. Happy 42nd birthday, darling girlfriend. I love you so much.

41. New insights, new foresight, happiness galore shall be yours now and henceforth. Happy birthday!

42. Favour, grace, mercy and love shall be the order of the whole year for you. Happy 42nd birthday, girlfriend.

43. Joy and happiness shall never leave your abode. Love and peace shall be your companion. Happy 42nd birthday, girlfriend.

44. Unlimited joy and happiness will be your portion in this new year of your life. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

45. My best of wishes is what you desire for yourself. Happy 42nd birthday to you, darling.

46. Many blessings, uncountable miracles and a life filled with happiness all through. Happy birthday, sweetie.

47. Boundless joy, unlimited happiness and sweetness. This year shall be a wonderful year for you, love. Happy 42nd birthday to you, my sweet loving girlfriend.

48. My wish for you this year shall be fruitfulness and blissfulness all through. May you be blessed and favoured. Happy birthday to my sweetie.

49. May your heart be blessed and your path be made more smoother. Enjoy your day, dearie. Happy 42nd birthday, my love.

50. Happy birthday, girlie. This year shall be a year with a difference for good. You shall be loved and cherished the more. Happy 42nd birthday.

Most definitely, celebrating your girlfriend at 42 years deserves more than just gifts and cakes but beautifully coupled words of romance, prayers and wishes to celebrate her and further strengthen your relationship.

I believe with this collection of happy 42nd birthday wishes for girlfriend, your girlfriend will definitely be wowed even at her age. It will make her more relaxed, pleasured and loved.

You can also be in the groove, by sharing your comments on this collection and also share with your friends and loved ones.

Happy birthday to your lovely girlfriend!

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