Happy 49th Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Happy 49th Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

A year of industry, full of realities and actualities is the year forty-nine.

Forty-nine years of age is just a year to the celebration of the golden jubilee, fifty years of age.

As a man, celebrating your girlfriend who is forty-nine is much more than taking her for a treat because a man’s intention is more known in his words. So, saturate her heart with these words of romance, wishes and prayers to make her day more memorable.

I have put together here for you, a special collection of lovely happy 49th birthday wishes for girlfriend to say or send to that lovely girlfriend of yours. Make her day, surprise her and put more fire to kindle your love for each other.

Happy 49th Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

It’s a whole new year for you, my girl. Enjoy every moment for it is worth living for. My wish is more blessings, love and peace. Joy unlimited, happiness that knows no bound and love you dear, a happy and meritorious 49th birthday you, my love.

1. Happy birthday to someone so special and lovely to me. You are the epitome of beauty and love to me. May your heart be filled with happiness and joy. Enjoy your day, darling. Happy 49th birthday to my lovely girlfriend.

2. You’re ageing, yet you are greying in beauty both within and without. May you flourish and blossom like the birthing of the new sunflowers. I love you, my girl. Happy 49th birthday to you.

3. New age produces newness and freshness. May this new age of yours bring you newness in all of your life. Happy 49th birthday to you, girlfriend.

4. Life is beautiful. My love, number your days that you may apply your hearts to wisdom. I will be here with you all through. I love you before, now and forever. Happy 49th birthday, my love.

5. You have made me one of the luckiest men on earth. Having you as my girlfriend is something that I cherish and will continue to cherish. I love you now, then and forever. Happy 49th birthday, my sweetness.

6. Words can’t express how much I value you, you are worth more than money to me. You are my love. Celebrating you is much more important to me. You are my jewel. Happy 49th birthday to you, my girlfriend.

7. For all these years, being with you and having you in my life is brought me happiness and gladness all along. Happy 49th birthday to you, my love.

8. The day you were brought to this life was the day I became the luckiest person on earth. Loving you is a blessing to me. Happy and meritorious 49th birthday to you, my dear. Age gracefully.

9. Age is just a number of growing up beautifully and wisely in life. You are my girlfriend and I’m so much happy to have you in my life. I wish you a happy, sweet and lovely birthday, my love.

10. Love and fulfilment shall be yours more and more in this new phase of your life. Happy 49th birthday sweetheart.

11. Reality and industry are functions of the age 49, you are such an industrious lady. May realities of success and breaking of new grounds be yours in this new phase of your life, darling. Happy 49th birthday to you, my dear.

12. When dreams come true, realities are born, even at this age of yours darling, may all your dreams come true and become realities of life for you. Happy 49th birthday to you, my love.

13. Happy birthday to the girl with the loveliest smile, the warmest heart and most adorable soul. I love you, my girl. Happy 49th birthday to you.

14. Farther than the limit of the skies, deeper than the depth of the sea is my love for you. You are my jewel, and I’ll treasure you forever. Happy 49th birthday to you.

15. Even at your age, I’ve come to realize that our love grows stronger by the day. I cherish you and will always love you. Happy, sweet and meritorious birthday to you, my love.

16. On this special day of your life, dearie, I want you to know that you are worth more than riches to me. May this day bring you more beauty, love and happiness. Happy 49th birthday to you.

17. A woman of virtue, a lady of worth and substance, that what you will be made more of in this season of your life. I have loved you, I love you, and will love you forever. Happy 49th birthday to you, my darling.

18. The woman of my dreams, a lady every man will unthinkably desire for. I celebrate you today, darling and all that concerns you. Your being alive on this day shall bring to you, blessings unlimited and joy boundlessly. Happy 49th birthday to you, my woman.

19. Forty-nine years is at the brink of a golden jubilee. Celebrations, new achievements and love shall be your companion from now henceforth. I love my girl, age gracefully.

20. Happy birthday beautiful, happy birthday my love, happy birthday my special one. Forty-nine years looks good on you. Happy forty-ninth birthday to you, love.

Best 49th Birthday Prayer Messages for Girlfriend

My prayer for you, my lovely girlfriend, is that you will grow more beautifully within and without, more wisely and be blessed with unlimited blessings from God. Happy birthday, my sweetheart. A wonderful 49th-year celebration shall this be for you. Amen.

21. Hello beauty, it’s your birthday today, may you enjoy good health, saturated with blessings congealed and gladness undiluted. May your life be blessed with life and peace more and more. Love you, dearie.

22. Happy birthday darling, I can’t contest how much of a blessing you have been to me. You are my jewel. May you be blessed, my love. May this new season birth newness within you and around you. Happy 49th birthday to you, darling.

23. Congratulations to you, dearie. May this new age bring you more blessings, happiness and love. I love you so much. Happy 49th birthday, my love.

24. Your path shall be made sweeter, your life shall be enraptured with more grace and sweetness all around. Happy 49th birthday, my darling.

25. May your life be encompassed with joy and happiness. May this new age bring you favour and mercies unending. Always remember, I love you and will always. Happy birthday to my special one.

26. To my lovely girlfriend who adds another year today, even a year to her golden jubilee. I pray that this forty-ninth birthday shall bring you realities of remarkable experiences, happenings of joy and the sound of rejoicing. I love you so much
darling, happy forty-ninth birthday to you.

27. May your heart be made more golden. Your smile shall never go dull, neither shall your life depreciate love and happiness. I love you so much, my queen. Happy forty-ninth birthday!

28. Peace shall make your heart her abode, happiness shall lodge in you, and blessings unlimited shall be the order of the day for you all through. Happy birthday to my one and only. Love you!

29. For each passing moments, joy and gladness, every ticking second, wealthy ideas and gracious thoughts, each counting minutes, hours and days, blessing galore! All these and more shall be yours in this new phase of your life, darling. Happy 49th birthday to you, my special one.

30. Words are not enough to express how happy I am to have you as mine, most especially knowing that you are celebrating another year, it’s indeed another year of being together again and again. May this new year be a year of remarkable success for you, dear. I love you so much, my love. Happy birthday to you.

Happy 49th Birthday Girlfriend Quotes

Birthdays are once a year, but I am always looking forward to celebrating you always for you are my sunshine. Happy 49th birthday, my sunshine girlfriend.

31. Happy birthday to you, girl. You are blessed and favoured. This year shall be a year of blessings and mercies for you.

32. To the girl that strikes my heart with love, celebrating you is another beautiful thing for me. This year for you shall be a wonderful and lovely year for you. Happy 49th birthday to you, love.

33. A year with a difference for good. A year of favour and newness shall it be for you. Happy 49th birthday, dearie.

34. New things accompany a new day, freshness is a companion of a fresh new year. New things, new success and freshness all-round shall be yours. Happy forty-ninth birthday to you, my dear.

35. Sparkles and bubbles. Lit the candles and make your wishes. May your birthday birth newness and freshness in you and around you. Happy birthday, a woman of worth.

36. Your birthday is not just another time to celebrate you because you are a lady of beauty and an icon to many. And I am so lucky to have you as mine. This year shall be another year of remarkable success and unlimited blessings for you. Happy forty-ninth birthday to my lady.

37. Smiles are expensive to have, laughter is like a scarce commodity. May you have every reason to smile and laugh ceaselessly in this new season of your life. Happy birthday, my love.

38. Packages of gifts, packs of loveliest things make a wonderful birthday coupled with lovely and lively wishes of realities. I wish you a life full of happiness and devoid of sadness. Happy birthday, my sweetheart.

39. Happy birthday to my sweetest and special one. I love you so much, darling.

40. I wish you a golden jubilee in advance, sweetheart.

49th Birthday Greetings for Girlfriend

To a superb lady of worth and beauty, here are my greetings wishing you a happy and lovely birthday. To my special one and only girlfriend, may you celebrate more years to come. I love you, sweet babe. Happy 49th birthday!

41. I felicitate with you darling. I love you, so much sweetheart. Having you in my life is a blessing for me and me only. Happy birthday to you, my girl.

42. Happy birthday, darling. I will make this day a special and remarkable one in your life. I love you, dear. Long life and prosperity are yours.

43. A happy birthday to my lady, having you as mine makes me the proudest man on earth. I so much cherish you, my dear. Happy 49th birthday, love.

44. It’s another year of your life. And I am happy I’m by you celebrating your new age. Wishing more life, more peace, more success, more love. Happy forty-ninth birthday to you, my lady.

45. You are a year to your golden jubilee. Yet you are already golden. I bless the day I met you, love. Happy pre golden jubilee.

Cute 49th Birthday Wishes for a Girlfriend

True wishes are packages of realities of the heart. All my wishes for you are objects of realities waiting for manifestation. From me to you, my darling, I wish you a happy, favoured, sickness-free, lovely and lively 49th year birthday. Always keep in mind, that I love you and will always do.

46. I wish you a life filled with joy undiluted, happiness unlimited and successes unstoppable. I love you, sweetheart. Happy 49th birthday to you, my heartbeat.

47. My heart yearns out to my heartbeat pouring out my wishes and desires for you. A life saturated with joy, stocked with comfort and sweetened with blessings congealed. Happy birthday, darling. Your golden jubilee awaits you!

48. Today marks your day, a day of sweetness, a time of greatness and a moment devoid of distress and troubles for you. These and more are my wishes for you, darling. Happy 49th birthday to you!

49. Your smile lubricates the heavy-hearted and your touch softens the troubled stressed. I know I’m blessed to have you as mine. And I’ll love and keep you as mine forever. Happy forty-ninth birthday to my gold.

50. Cute you are, though ageing, yet ravished with beauty. My love for you is such that a moment without you is like a whole day without a smile. I love you, my love. I wish you a happy, favoured, sweet and meritorious birthday.

With this collection of happy 49th birthday wishes to girlfriend, your girlfriend will definitely be wowed and thrilled and you’ll also be strengthening the chord of your love that you both share.

As a man, you can also send this to your friend who is marking her girlfriend’s 49th birthday and help make her day really memorable.

It will also be appreciated to have you share your comments on this post as your comment means a lot to me. And also, sharing with your friends and loved ones who will also need them.

Thanks so much.
Happy 49th birthday to your girlfriend! Hurray!

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