Happy 31st Birthday Wishes Messages and Quotes for Wife

Happy 31st Birthday Wishes, Messages and Quotes for Wife

Birthday celebrations never go out of vogue! They’ve come here to stay. You can never go wrong celebrating your dearest wife’s birthday in special ways! As a matter of fact, men are getting more creative and competitive in lavishing affection on their wives in these days of social media craze.

Of course, you don’t have to do anything for the camera or to gain a public ovation, the only one you need to impress is your dear wife, heartthrob, queen of your heart and forever love. Imagine blowing your beautiful damsel’s heart away with heart-melting cute birthday messages? You can bet it will wipe off every lingering trace of resentment from any previous or unresolved arguments, that’s if there is any. Sending romantic birthday wishes to your precious wife will make her feel loved, mushy, and blushing.

Do you want to make your wife happy with cute messages on her 31st birthday? Do you desire to thrill her senseless with your loving words on her 32nd birthday? Need to make her feel special and loved on her 33rd birthday? Care to melt her heart with cute, loving and witty words on her much anticipated 34th birthday? Whatever you give to a woman, she’s sure to multiply and give same a thousandfold in return. Want to make her day amazing? She’ll make your life heavenly.

Yes! You are exactly at the right place. These lovely happy 31st birthday wishes for wife are what you need to wow your queen:

31st Birthday Messages for Wife

‘ It’s your birthday, Desire of my heart. I can’t help but love you so passionately and completely. Everything about you is a message in love. You love me in ways that melt my heart. Happy 31st birthday, my charming wife. It’s going to be an adventure in fun things!’

A dinky 31st birthday message for wife is certainly a smart move to snatch your wife back from potential wife poachers:

1. You are more than a wife. You are my soulmate, partner in love, gist and mischief, confidant and friend. Happy 31st birthday to my dearest wifey. I wish you a beautiful day filled with joy and full of wonderful surprises. Enjoy your day to the fullest.

2. Your birthday gives me another opportunity to write a love message to you, wife like no other. You are my life, my heartbeat, my love in whom I’m well pleased. Happy 31st birthday my precious gem, I cherish you. Have a lovely day!

3. A lovely birthday message to kickstart a beautiful day of an astonishingly beautiful wife. Happy 31st birthday, darling. Loving you is an honour, and being married to you is a blessing I do not take for granted. Hugs and kisses!

4. It’s not everyday one gets to meet and celebrate a star. Being married to one is a double honour. Happy 31st birthday to my crush and celebrity with a swagger. No long message; today and forever theme is love. I adore you, precious wife. Have loads of fun!

5. When life’s lessons are served to me like a bitter pill, your love is the overriding sweetener that brings so much joy. Happy 31st birthday, my bundle of delight. Dear wife, you’ll always have a metropolis in the most special place in my heart. Love you!

6. Happy 31st birthday to my better half. Legends are born on a day like this with a message of love and joy to the world. You are a rare gem, beautiful, lively and lovely, precious wifey. My heart is forever yours. Have a fabulous day!

7. Your love is more precious than all the riches in the universe. No message is truer that this. Happy 31st birthday, my beloved wife. Keep shining.

8. What’s a birthday without a loaded love message from me to you? You aren’t just an important part of my world, my beautiful damsel; you’re my world! Happy 31st birthday, precious wife. Keep smiling, sweetie!

Happy 32nd Birthday Wishes for My Wife

‘Happy 32nd birthday to my adorable wife. Today is going to be every shade of fun and memorable. Thank you for being a huge blessing to me. I wish you a birthday as amazing and striking as you are. Have a blast, sweetie!’

You can bet that your wife’s secret admirers have no chance to woo your stunning damsel with these cute happy 32nd birthday wishes for my wife:

9. You’re a year younger, cuter, and smarter, my beautiful wife. No words can truly express the depth of my love for you. I can only try. Happy 31st birthday, my love. I wish you loads of happiness today and always.

10. Happy 32nd birthday to the woman behind my success, smiles and inner strength. You’re exactly perfect for me. I wish you all the best this year and beyond. I love you, wifey.

11. Happy 32nd birthday to the extraordinary woman in my life. Darling wife, I wish you more blessings and more grace for greater exploits. Loads of kisses to you with all my love.

12. Happy 32nd birthday to my ravishingly beautiful wife. This new season, I wish you a higher level with more money in your pocket and your investment wallet. I love you so much, Honey.

13. Happy 32nd birthday to the most talented and charming wife in the world! Honeypie, I wish you lots of fun, laughter and joy with loads of love from me, on your birthday. Hugs!

14. A fantastic and happy 32nd birthday to my radiantly beautiful wife. I wish you a jolly and wonderful year ahead! Have a blast, sweetie!

15. Happy birthday, precious wife. 32 looks fabulous on you! Rock your thirties like a queen. I wish you a fulfilling new year and a fun-filled birthday!

16. All I am and all I have, I owe it to you and you unwavering faith my dreams and staunch support. Darling wife, I’m a remarkable success story today because I wrote the script, you edited and fine-tuned it to produce a topnotch performance and delivery. Happy 32nd birthday, my treasured gem. You deserve the best and I love you.

33rd Birthday Quotes for Wife

‘Quotes trigger desired emotions. My motive is clear enough, dear wife: bringing your love for me roaring to life, to match these explosive feelings I have for you. Happy 33rd birthday, Sugarpie. You rock!’

Your wife will readily fall helplessly in love with you all over again with this witty and romantic 33rd birthday quotes for wife:

17. A cute birthday quote is the best incentive to make you loosen up to enjoy the best of today. Happy 33rd birthday, darling wife. You surely deserve to enjoy today to the fullest. Have fun, sweetie! All is on me.

18. Happy 33rd birthday to the love of my life. Dearest wife, how do I quote the explosive love poem engraved in my heart to you without missing a word? Look into my eyes, my love blazes forth without restraint. You rock!

19. Happy 33rd birthday to my priceless gem. As I can quote the price of the most sparkling diamond to you without consulting the experts, you won’t know how much I adore you without digging deep into my heart. I love you, wifey. Keep rocking my heart, Honey.

20. Happy 33rd birthday to my special girl, my ‘spec’ and crush. Quote and echo my heart; you’ll forever be the reigning queen of my heart. I love you, dear wife.

21. The finest dining and wining fitting for a queen, with fine dancing, kissing and locked embrace; are some of the things quoted as listed in the menu of the day. It’s your day, darling wife. Happy 33rd birthday, sweetie.

22. Happy 33rd birthday to the one who makes everyday a celebration. You are a rare jewel. You adorn my life with so much goodness that I feel blessed to call you mine. Quote me anywhere; it’s a fact. I love you forever.

23. Happy 33rd birthday to my Queen.
You are the sauce and spice of my life; life with you is so meaningful and awesome. No love quote can be truer than this. I’m as head over heels in love with you today as I was when we first met. Sweeter and better. Have a superb day, my wife.

34th Birthday Wishes for My Wife

” You look so stunningly beautiful and young that I’m convinced 34 is the new 24. Happy birthday to my glowing beauty. I wish you love, light, happiness, good health and a healthy bank balance. Loads of kisses to you, my wife!’

Send these head-turning 34th birthday wishes for my wife to your babe:

24. Happy 34th birthday to my adorable wife. I’m positively enthralled by your charms. I wish you a most memorable birthday ever.

25. Happiest and loveliest 34th birthday, my sweet and sparkling wife. You are the light that always make my world glitter with radiance. Loving you is easy peasy like a cheese. My dearest wish is for you to never lose your shine.

26. Life is meaningful and worth living to the full with a beautiful and supportive wife like you, dearest wife. Happy 34th birthday to you with all my love. I wish you a season of overflowing indescribable happiness and pure bliss.

27. Happy 34th birthday to my classy premium wife. You are a complete package, dearest wife. Dearest husband, you’re my goodluck charm, to pure bliss, eternal joy and forever love. Babe, this party is never going to end anytime soon, it’s. We’re the producer, the director and the star actors of this blockbuster love story, with you as the real superstar. I love you loads, my Angel!

28. Happy 34th birthday to the love of my life. I love you for no reason, in all seasons, beyond measures. I wish you a lifetime of pleasure in stupendous riches, endless love and uncountable kisses.

30. Happy 34th birthday to my bundle of great delight. You paint my life with beautiful colours of love, fun and support. You are adventurous and phenomenal, darling wife. I wish you a new year full of sunshine. Loads of love to you.

A good man makes his wife happy at all times. An extraordinary man utilises every opportunity he gets to make his darling wife feel treasured. When you start your wife’s birthday with sweet birthday messages, you have set the tone to making her ecstatically happy. A happy wife makes a happier and contented husband.

Investing your time, emotion and resources to impress your wife with your love, devotion and generosity, is certainly worthwhile. Thumbs up! You did an outstanding job!

Thank you for choosing this happy 31st birthday wishes and quotes for wife to be a part of your lovely wife’s birthday celebration. She’s sure to be over the moon for your thoughtfulness. Kindly share with your friends, colleagues and family.

Feel free to comment, ask questions or make a suggestion. I’ll be glad to hear from you and respond accordingly.

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