Happy Birthday Prayers for My Wife on Her Birthday

Happy Birthday Prayers for My Wife on Her Birthday

One of the days those women look forward to is their birthdays. On this day, they are filled with so much gratitude for their lives. They are happier when being celebrated by family and friends, especially their husbands.

A woman will love to be celebrated by her husband, even if there was a fight earlier. It gives her so much joy seeing her husband shower love and encomium on her in the presence of everyone.

Your wife’s birthday should be a special day to you as well because two have become one. You should share in her every moment because she is your soulmate.

The happy birthday prayers for my wife on her birthday below will help you achieve all that you have in mind.

Happy Birthday Prayers to My Wife with Love

There’s no such thing as too many prayers, so I just might keep praying for you till we both grow old. Happy birthday, my wife. I love you more than anything in this world.

Some special birthday present for your wife.

1. Happy birthday to my wife and the mother of my children. You have been an amazing wife ever since we got married. I have no expensive thing to gift you today, but I want you to know that I will always love you. I pray that God blesses you with long life. Amen.

2. You are a prayer warrior yourself, so I doubt if my prayers will make sense to you, lol. Happy birthday, sweetheart. You are one of the best things that have ever happened to me. I look forward to spending each moment of this new year with you. God bless you.

3. If I have a way to make it to God without dying, I would love to meet him just so He can help me bless you abundantly. And also, so He can lengthen your years as that will help me spend more time loving you. Happy birthday, my love. Your heart’s desires are granted.

4. You are a goal-getter and a very hardworking woman. I don’t know how you do it, but I envy your strength. Thank you for always putting a smile on my face and supporting me. The Lord’s support is the greatest, and I wish it never leaves you. Happy birthday, baby.

5. There are no long talks today, as I’d be making everything very brief. I hope you know how great you are and never settle for less than you deserve. Thank you for being very patient with me, as I can be extremely annoying. I love you, baby. God bless everything that concerns you. Amen.

6. It’s your birthday, and trust me, if I could have my way, I would make every single thing on your wishlist come to pass. No one has ever sacrificed for me as you have. You are a very good person, and I’m not amazed at how things keep working out for you. Happy birthday, my love.

7. Life isn’t always as we’ve planned it. Some days, things are going fine. Other days, it’s a mixture of sadness and sorrow. I thank God it’s always been the former for us, and that’s because you don’t stop praying. I pray for long life for you as you mark your birthday. Happy birthday, dear.

8. Rise and shine because it’s your day! I have been waiting patiently for this beautiful day, and now it’s finally here. I’m so happy about how much you’ve evolved and advanced over the years. I’m so proud to be your supporter too. Happy birthday, baby. God is just starting with you.

9. We all love having you around because, with you, it’s always fun and exciting. I never knew I could be so lucky with finding a life partner, but God came through for me. I pray that you will never become irrelevant to the world. Happy birthday to you.

10. You are my knight in shining armour, the love of my life, the only woman I will continue to be in love with, the one who made me a father. I’m super grateful to God for making our paths cross. It’s been a worthwhile journey with you. Happy birthday, dear. You are blessed forever.

11. You are someone who doesn’t like to make mistakes; if at all, you quickly correct them without the attention of other people. I’m so lucky to have such a brilliant woman like me in my life. Your ideas are always the ones to sign great deals. Thank you for being my support system. Happy birthday to you. May God keep making it easy for me to love you.

12. Even though I find it hard to make efforts at times, you will always do before me. The home is in perfect shape because of you. Sincerely, you do too much and that’s why I won’t stop spoiling you. Happy birthday, my love. This year is the best yet!

13. I love that you’re not everywhere; you are always on your lane. You’re focused on more important things than following trends. You get yourself busy while you keep making money! I’m proud of you, my wife. With you, I smell no problem at all. Happy birthday to you. More doors will be open.

14. My lovely wife, how sweet can you be? For so many years now, you have made me a happy man. I find myself more focused than ever because I have a focused woman as my wife. Your presence in my life is a blessing. May God’s presence never leave you. Happy birthday.

15. Whatever it is you want today, count me in. I’m ready to stab work just to serve you today. You deserve much more because you’ve been the best. God knows more than I do, so I hope He fixes everything bothering you. Happy birthday, darling.

16. Apart from being my wife and the mother of my kids, you are also my best friend and number one cheerleader. I’m grateful, to say the least. Thank you for making my life colourful. Please, expect more blessings from God, as you go into this year. Happy birthday to you.

17. I’d rather be miserable than see you go through any form of unhappiness. I live for you, and you’re all that matters to me. Even though I don’t have the whole world to give you, I will always make efforts to make you happy. Happy birthday, my love. God will continue to keep you.

Birthday Prayers for My Lovely Wife

As the most important woman in my life, you deserve all the prayers you can get today. May God continue to make you function wherever you find yourself. You shall never be irrelevant. Happy birthday, my lovely wife.

18. Birthdays are special moments, and even though it’s just once a year, I never let that define how much I celebrate you. For me, every day is your birthday. God has been helping us, baby. I hope He never stops. Happy birthday to you.

19. If I tell you how beautiful you are, you will probably think I’m flattering you. You are even more beautiful than I always say. I’m happy a handsome man like me ended up with the most beautiful woman, no wonder how kids are just perfect. Happy birthday, my woman. May your life continue to be beautiful.

20. You have been going through some hard times and in all honesty, this has got me thinking. I want you to believe strongly in God, because He will always come through, no matter what. I see God lifting your burdens. Happy birthday, my wife.

21. My friends always complain about how much their wives stress them, and when I talk about how much peace you give me, they think I am lying. I have so many great people in my life, but you take the medal for the greatest. Happy birthday, dear. God bless you.

22. Who else makes beautiful babies other than my wife? When I see our kids, I automatically see you. You are beautiful inside out, your heart is even more beautiful. I’m still confused about how I got so lucky. Happy birthday, my wife. You’re blessed in Jesus’ name.

23. No one in this world is greater than you. To me, you are the greatest and the most beautiful, because you possess all the attributes of an amazing woman. I know you love me, but I love you much more. Happy birthday to you. May you remain happy for the rest of your life.

24. How humble can you be? As wealthy and comfortable as you are, you are so down to earth. No one has anything bad to say about you. How do you think this makes me feel? Proud, of course. Thank you for not bringing shame to me. Happy birthday. God will make you greater.

25. You are one woman who has been through so much, and in all of these, you never let your problems define you. The ones who know how great you are will continue to be proud of you. Happy birthday, my love. This too shall pass.

26. I love how you look into my eyes because it assures me that you are going nowhere. We have been in this love business for years and everything still feels the same. I’m so blessed, baby. Happy birthday to you. May you live long.

27. You have no idea the number of people who have walked up to me just to inform me about how wonderful you are and how lucky I am. I wish they knew how lucky you are too because iron sharpens iron. If I were a bad partner, they would be no good energy from you. Happy birthday. May God keep us in love forever.

28. You are the best thing that has happened to almost everyone who knows you. Sometimes, I can’t but feel you are an angel, because how can a human being be so selfless? Look, I will always be proud to have you. Happy birthday, my love. May God give you more grace.

29. I have been opportune to be where women tear themselves down, but it has never been the same with you. Even though you don’t have much, you make sure the little you have goes around. Your awesomeness is beyond me, baby. May God replenish you. Happy birthday to you.

30. Trust me, I will always have something good to say about you. You never change, you just keep getting better. Thank you for choosing me as your husband. If not, I’d have been a tool of mockery. Happy birthday, baby. May God return all the good things you’ve lost.

31. When I see you, I don’t only see my wife; I see true love, I see peace, I see understanding, I see serenity. It’s been such great years with you, and there haven’t been any regrets. God is the foundation of this marriage and He will continue to be. Happy birthday, dear. God bless you.

32. What do I want to say that I haven’t said before? You are the sweetest human being ever and I thank God for not making me a dumb person; I make sure to show too much encomium on you because you deserve it. Thank you for doing this with me. Happy birthday.

33. You are my wife, and that’s not a new thing. The new thing is that, as of today, you have a new title – my oxygen. Because without you, there’s nothing I can do. Thank you for being there always. May God never leave you alone. Happy birthday.

34. I am the luckiest and the most blessed man ever. Who else has an angel for a wife? I guess no one. God must love and have great plans for me, to have made our paths cross. I haven’t forgotten my vows; to love and cherish you forever. Happy birthday. God loves you more, though.

Birthday Prayer Messages for My Wife

I’m sure you know how much you mean to me. Even though I have too many presents in store for you today, I can’t let this day end without blessing you with some prayers, hence, this message. May true happiness find you, this year. Happy birthday, my wife.

Two beautiful places your wife would love to be on her birthday.

35. Some people call me a woman wrapper but I don’t care, as long as I keep putting a smile on your face. I have left this set of people to wallow in their ignorance, but they know nothing about love. Thank you for choosing me. I will choose you a billion times over. Happy birthday. God bless you.

36. Hey, you are not ready for what God is about to do in your life. You are an amazing person whose life has been a blessing to so many people. I’m proud to call you my wife, and you have my support forever. May you keep yourself from every evil. Happy birthday.

37. It’s your birthday, and all I can think of is praying for you because the last couple of months haven’t been really good. I’m hoping that God restores every good thing that’s been lost in your life. I’m rooting for you, baby. Happy birthday.

38. Looking for someone who will forever be in your corner, then here I am. You are the only woman I want to be with for the rest of my life. None of us is perfect, but we keep making efforts. Thank you, baby. Happy birthday, and be ready to live your best life.

39. You are my best friend and praying partner. Is there any prayer point we haven’t raised? We have done so much together within months of being together. You bring me my brightest moments too. I hope sweet smiles never leave your face. Happy birthday.

40. I call you my “madam” because you get things done without having to involve me. You always know what to do and you do it effortlessly. Thank you for being so strong. May God’s strength never leave you. Happy birthday love of my life.

41. I have never been so lucky to be with anyone, in my entire life. But with you, the story is different. You have been a lifesaver, from day one. I will never take what we share for granted. Happy birthday to you, baby. Trust God to make this year a better one.

42. What have I not been through? But in every single situation, you are the only one I see. Now tell me how I’m ever going to leave you. My prayer is that God makes us see beyond all our problems and always make ways for us. Happy birthday, my dear. I love you.

43. There’s nothing I will not do for you. Your happiness means so much to me. You are the only one who has never been absent in my life. I’m so blessed to have a wife like you. With the help of God, I promise to love you forever. Happy birthday, my wife.

44. I hope you know that God is still in the business of making miracles. He never leaves His own, so whatever you are going through is just a phase and it will pass soon. Please, keep holding strong while you wait. Happy birthday to you. Cheer up and feel good.

45. You are the woman of my dreams. The one I have always been wanting to be with. To me, you mean more than whatever you think. May your birthday bring you more beautiful moments. Amen. Happy birthday, my beautiful wife. God bless you.

46. I have great priorities in life, but the one that tops the list is making you happy. I prefer to sacrifice my happiness for you because you were there even in my darkest moments. May God continue to show up for you. Thank you for being a strong woman, it couldn’t have gotten any better without you. Happy birthday to you.

47. To almost all women, all men cheat. You are the only one who has ever believed I am not a cheat. I didn’t have to scream about or stress it before you could believe me. I’m so grateful for this level of trust. I promise not to ever hurt you. Happy birthday, my woman. God bless you.

48. God has blessed you more than you can ever imagine; this is only because you are not a selfish person. You keep looking out for others, even when they don’t care about your existence. All I can say is, God will keep pushing you forward. Happy birthday to you.

49. You are a wonderful woman; not just to me, but to everyone else. I’m a blessed man because I have you in my life. I thank God for making the resources to make you happy, available to me. I pray that He continues to uphold you. Happy birthday to you.

50. Life is nothing without you. I’m grateful for the memories we have and all the moments we share. I couldn’t have preferred to be so open to someone else. Happy birthday to you. May God hear all your secret prayers. Amen.

51. You would’ve thought I would end up with a sweet and awesome woman like you? Everyone thought I’d make a mistake in choosing a wife because they all felt I’m not worth a good woman. How do I thank you for coming through? May God thank you for me. Happy birthday.

Birthday Wishes and Prayers for My Wife

Some wishes come true, and that’s why you became my wife. For not leaving me alone, you shall never be left alone. God will make ways for you. Amen. I hope those prayers put smiles on your face. Happy birthday, my wife.

52. Because I have you, my life is evidence of true love. I never even knew I could be so blessed in my life. I guess God wanted to make something meaningful out of my life by using you. Thank you for heeding. Happy birthday, my baby. I love you.

53. Wherever I go, you go with me. I don’t mean it literally. I mean, even though we aren’t at the same place every time, I make sure I talk about you to everyone I meet. Now, they all can’t wait to meet the angel I call my wife. Happy birthday, wifey. I love you.

54. I have always known that God has a bigger plan for me. Even though there are things I’d love to achieve, I still trust God to come through with the best plan. You are God’s blessing to me, and I can’t stop cherishing you. Happy birthday. May God carry out His plans for you, this year.

55. I know you have issues and you wish they could be fixed as soon as possible. The only answer is God because He never disappoints. This year, make sure you give God all the attention He wants; praises and offerings. I will also make sure to join you. Happy birthday to you.

56. Me and the kids are so lucky to have you. What would we do without our mommy; you? You breastfeed our babies and spoon-feed me. You must be the sweetest wife in the history of marriage. Happy birthday, darling. God is doing wonders, this year.

57. Well, I just hope you stop giving me long lists of what you need; kindly start directing everything to God, as He is abundantly able. Lol. Happy birthday, my wife. Please, keep asking me for whatever you want. But if it’s not within my power, then it’s for God and He will do it. Amen.

58. I have the sweetest wife ever and no one can tell me anything different. You are so respectful and down to earth. The day I met you must have been my lucky day. Thank you for accepting to be mine. May God give us the strength to keep making this marriage work. Happy birthday, my wife.

59. There’s nothing too hard for you to do; from cleaning the house, taking care of the kids, going to work, creating time for yourself to creating time for us. You are an actual hard worker. Thank you for always holding it down. I wish you more strength. Happy birthday to you.

60. Happy birthday to my wife with whom I am well pleased. You have done more for this marriage than you’ve done for yourself. I see you getting better than you were before. I hope you never lose those smiles on your face. Amen. I love you forever.

61. I have never been so happy and interested in praying with anyone, in my life. To me, praying can be very boring but with you, it’s always lovely. If there’s an afterlife, then I would love to be your husband again. Happy birthday, my wife.

62. You know one thing I love about you? It’s the fact that you don’t allow situations to get to you. As a man, sometimes I feel down, but you come through to give me words of encouragement. I couldn’t have chosen any better. Happy birthday, my woman. Keep being the head.

63. You put so much effort into bettering your life that you have no time for irrelevancies. You are a downright amazing woman and I can’t be prouder. I know that God is about to do something miraculous in your life, this year. Please, be expectant! Happy birthday.

64. My love, it’s been years of learning, unlearning and relearning. Thank you for making me understand all that marriage entails. Even though it’s not easy, I still find myself falling in love with you. Happy birthday to you. You’re blessed and highly favoured.

65. I never knew a woman could have much effect on a man’s life until you became mine. You constantly make me have reasons to be a better person. Thank you so much for all you do. I hope our love keeps standing the test of time. Happy birthday, baby.

66. Whenever I am with you, I am bare! I just want to be myself without holding back any part of me. You complete me, so I see no reason for hiding. Happy birthday to you. This year, the Lord will go before you and make your future beautiful. I love you.

67. If I tell you how much you mean to me, you might put a hold on everything just to satisfy me forever. I won’t do that, because I want the whole world to know of your amazingness. Happy birthday, my love. I wish you long life and prosperity.

68. I never knew I was signing up for greatness when I asked that you marry me. I never even knew I was making the right choice because I just wanted to get married. Getting married to you has been the greatest thing ever. Thank you for being my safe place. Happy birthday to you.

Birthday Prayer Quotes for Wife

You deserve more than just birthday quotes, so today, I’m wishing you all the best through these prayers. May God always keep you above. You shall never be found wanting. Happiness will always be in your life. Amen. Happy birthday to you.

These things could hurt your wife if you say them on her birthday.

69. On your birthday, I won’t be saying many sweet words because you hear them every time, but I will be praying for you because that’s exactly what you need to go through this year. May God keep His eyes on you and have your enemies blame themselves. Amen. Happy birthday.

70. You are the sweetest person in my life. So many times, I have had to think of the next thing to do without success, but the moment you come in, there’s always a headway. Thanks and God bless you for being a solution. Happy birthday to you.

71. You are the only wife who still finds time to make her husband feel loved, no one can tell me otherwise. You are just so perfect at taking care of me. I hope your Father in heaven does not stop taking care of you too. Happy birthday.

72. Out of little or no time, you still find time to make me happy and comfortable. I have never felt any form of discomfort, ever since we got married. I never knew I was going into a lifetime of enjoyment and happiness. God bless you for making me happy. Happy birthday.

73. Even though I’m confused as to what to get you for your birthday, I won’t skip praying for you because that comes first in everything. As you celebrate your birthday, you will never know sadness and sorrow. You will always be happy for the rest of your life. Happy birthday.

74. You are my wife, but you don’t spare me when I err. You always make sure to point out my mistakes and correct them appropriately. I keep learning from you, and I’m sure you do too. Happy birthday to you. You will always be blessed amongst women.

75. You don’t know how happy I feel that I ended up with a great woman like you. I honestly must have been doing something different. Thank you for being all shades of sweetness over the years. May God bring you more sweet moments. Happy birthday to you.

76. Like I always tell you, your dreams are valid and there’s no limit to what you can achieve as a woman. You know that you have the power to be whatever you want, and I love how you use your power to this effect. You are doing well and I hope you don’t stop. Happy birthday to you.

77. Happy birthday to my lovely wife. I have so much to say about you today, but I’d just save that for our bedroom talks. I pray that you don’t stop attaining greater heights. I pray that you continue to excel. Amen. I love you.

78. I’m your husband and even though you are successful, I don’t feel intimidated at all. Some men have told me how it is wrong for a wife to be doing better than the husband, but trust me, I will never think in that direction. I will continue to support you because your win is my win. Happy birthday, baby.

79. I see you gathering more success than you have in the past. I see you making waves. I see you among the women changing the world. Sooner than you think, this will be your reality. Amen. Happy birthday.

80. All I feel for you is love. Where I want you to be is the top. I love you so much, and I will never wish for any harm on you. This year, I know God will make ways for you. Everything will work according to His plans for you. Amen. Happy birthday.

81. It’s going to be a very beautiful year because God is fully involved in your life. You are someone who thinks about others before even giving a thought about herself. I am that you’re doing well, but this year will have you doing great. Amen. Happy birthday to you.

82. Happy birthday to my wife who’s also the best thing to ever happen to me. I count myself lucky today because I have the best woman right beside me. Even though you aren’t perfect (no one is), I will continue to love you. And I know God won’t stop as well. Enjoy your day.

83. Times like this, I go all spiritual and pray for my wife because that’s all that matters. It’s that time of the year again, and I’m on my knees praying to God to make this year a great one for you. He will be before, with and after you. Amen. Happy birthday.

84. My darling wife, even your parents are not as lucky as I am. I’m the luckiest person to have you in my life. I have never been lucky with finding the right woman, but with you, I knew God meant business. Happy birthday to you. I wish you the best.

Special Birthday Prayers for My Wife

You are a special woman, and so you deserve special prayers on a special day like this. Happy birthday to you, my wife. You are already above, you shall never be beneath. I wish you the best for the years to come. Amen.

85. Even though you don’t know how special you are, I will keep making every day special for you because you deserve it. I’m so happy with everything that is happening in your life. I know God is just getting started with you. Happy birthday.

86. In case anyone is looking for the most special person in my life, tell them to look no further; you are the one. Since you stepped into my life, it has never remained the same, instead, it keeps getting better. Thank you for choosing me. Happy birthday to you. God bless you.

87. I couldn’t have chosen a better mom for my children, because there was none. You were the only one and I thank God you were available at that time. Thank you for turning my reproach into happiness. May God never leave you. Happy birthday to you.

88. Happy birthday to the love of my life, my wife, my joy, my happy place, and the mother of my children. You are the best mom I could have given these kids. Thank you for making our happiness your priority. May God, keep you close forever. We love you.

89. I keep thanking God every day for not listening to naysayers when they advised I leave you alone. They’ve all gone into extinction because they couldn’t stand this lovely marriage. May God keep making this marriage work. Happy birthday to you.

90. Trust me to always have something good to say about you. You’re the best woman on the earth. You have brought so many joyful moments into my life. I love and cherish everything we have, and I hope we don’t stop. Happy birthday to you. I wish you God’s blessings.

91. Thank God I didn’t follow people’s definition of marriage, if not, I would’ve blamed myself. I never knew marriage was this sweet. Thank you for opening my eyes to see this beauty. Happy birthday to you. I wish you all the best.

92. Happy birthday to the woman whose prayer sessions keep me awake every night. Even though you disturb me when you do that, I have no choice but to join in. May you keep being a useful vessel in God’s hands. I love you.

93. You know all I have for you is love undiluted. When it comes to you, I don’t mince words. Thank you for making it possible to live my best life, because it could’ve been worse with another woman. Happy birthday to you. May you know no sorrow.

94. My hardworking wife, when I see you go through hard times, I automatically feel sad. If there’s anyone, I want to be in the best position forever, then it’s you. No matter what you are going through, you will never go through them alone. We are conquering the world together. Happy birthday.

95. I’m yet to see a woman who loves her husband as much as she loves God. Sometimes, you have me feeling like I’m in some type of competition with God, lol. Happy birthday, my baby. Your best days are here already. Just be prepared.

96. You are the most prayerful woman I know. When you pray, you do so with all your strength. You pray like you are talking to God physically. My spiritual life is renewed because I have a prayerful wife. Thanks for always making me better. May God answer all our prayers. Happy birthday.

97. Let me be the first person to congratulate you because something massive is about to happen. I doubt you’re ready for what’s coming. God is coming in His full power and glory, so get ready. Happy birthday to you. The times you prayed for are here.

98. No one can tell me otherwise; I married the best woman. Every single person in my life feels your impact. God had my time when I was searching for you. Happy birthday to you, baby. I wish you more prosperous years to come.

99. I know I married the best woman, but you also can’t deny the fact that you married the best man. We were two outstanding people searching for life partners. Thank God for making our meeting possible. Cheers to greater things ahead. Happy birthday.

100. Happy birthday to my love; the first woman I fell in love with and the one I eventually ended up with. Thank you for choosing me amongst so many men. You knew what you wanted and you reached for it. I will continue to love you.

I hope you found one or two of those happy birthday prayers for my wife on her birthday up there helpful.

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