Corporate Happy Birthday Wishes to Your Boss Wife

Corporate Happy Birthday Wishes to Your Boss Wife

Sometimes, your boss’ attitude at work can be traced back to the treatment he gets at home. Simply put, if your boss is not happy in his home, chances are he nags and is violent at work; that’s if he is married. If you’re opportune to know your boss’ wife, then that’s great.

Either or not you have a relationship with her, it will be so thoughtful of you to celebrate her on her birthday. Appreciating her for being the great woman behind your boss is very important. You never can tell, this could spark a good and lasting relationship between you, and you know what that means.

Birthday wishes are a good way to make someone feel loved and appreciated on their special day, and selecting the right words to this effect is so very important because you are not sending a wish to just anybody, but your boss’ wife.

You could be lost trying to find the perfect words to use if care is not taken. That’s why I have compiled the best corporate happy birthday wishes to your boss wife below, and you could celebrate your boss’ wife with any of them.

Happy Birthday to My Boss Wife

Even though I haven’t met you in person, I could tell the kind of person you are, just seeing my boss. Thank you for giving us a good man. Happy birthday, my boss’ wife.

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1. Here’s wishing a happy birthday to an extraordinary woman. The wife to my outstanding boss. I can say for a fact that you make my boss a happy man, that’s why it’s been easy working with him. Enjoy your day, ma’am.

2. Happy birthday, ma’am. Thank you for extending your hands of love and care towards us your husband’s workers. May God continue to bless you with long life. Have a beautiful one, ma’am.

3. Your contributions towards the growth of your family can be seen in our boss’s work and family life. He is always happy and never frowning. Thanks for being a virtuous woman. Enjoy your special day, ma’am.

4. I want you to know that you’re very special to me. The love you show me still leaves me wondering till today. May God not allow me to disappoint you. Have a wonderful celebration today. Happy birthday, ma’am.

5. Congratulations to you on your birth anniversary, ma’am. Your husband is a good man and this is because you give him peace of mind. Thank you for loving our boss unconditionally. Happy birthday, ma’am.

6. Our boss talks well about you every time. Never has he said anything bad about you. We’re thankful for the fulfilled life you live. We’re also learning from you, ma’am. Happy birthday to you.

7. You’re a very good and patient woman. A lot is to be learnt from you. I have learnt two important things from you, as a wife; they are virtues and forbearance. Thank you for making our boss happy too. Have a swell time.

8. A happy man is happy because he has peace of mind. Thank you for making this and more available to our boss. He talks so well about you. May God bless you ma. Happy birthday to you.

9. Whenever you come around the office, I envy you a lot. The way you dress and carry yourself is so gorgeous to the eye. Thank you for tipping me whenever you come around. May God increase you abundantly. Happy birthday, ma’am.

10. You married a good husband, ma’am, and I’m sure it’s because you’re a good woman yourself. My boss will never deprive his workers of any good thing; always carrying us along. I’m grateful to God for you, ma’am. Happy birthday to you.

11. To the beautiful wife of the most outstanding and understanding boss I’ve ever had, here’s wishing you a happy birthday, ma’am. May you enjoy many more years with my boss. Love you, ma’am.

12. I’m yet to see a boss’ wife as gentle and meek as you. Oh, ma’am, you’re so beautiful and selfless. I love everything about you, ma; that’s a confession. Happy birthday to you, ma. You’re blessed and highly favoured.

13. Well, I do not know how you met my boss, but I want to congratulate you for deciding to spend your life with such a good man. I love you two together, you compliment one another so well. Happy birthday to you, ma.

14. You don’t only make us feel good around the office, but you’ve made it your duty to take care of us when we show up at your place. I’m yet to see the wife of a boss like you. Thanks for all you do. Happy birthday, ma.

15. Ever since my boss told me the story of how you met, I have had a hundred per cent respect for you. You’re such a cool-headed woman. Thank you for sticking with him through it all. Happy birthday to you, ma.

16. You have no idea how much you inspire me to be a good woman and wife. Your husband also inspires me to give my best to things I believe in. It’s safe to say God made the right choice for me by making our paths cross. Thank you for all you are. Happy birthday, ma.

17. My boss is the only boss you don’t work for. Yes, we work with him. When he tells us about his family, he mentions you uncountable times, this has got to show how much you mean to him. May your love never die. Happy birthday to you, ma.

18. The wife of my boss is also my boss, and that’s why I have taken it upon myself to wish you a very happy birthday, ma’am. Thank you for making our boss a happy man. You are so loved, ma’am.

19. Without no sentiment at all, our boss is an actual boss. He’s so sweet and fun to work with. Working with him has paved so many ways, and we can’t say all this without acknowledging you, his wife. Happy birthday, ma.

20. You’re such a strong backbone to your husband and family. We hear all you do behind closed doors, and we all are impressed with all you do, ma’am. More auction to function. Happy birthday to you, ma.

21. You and your husband are the most real bosses ever. We don’t just work for you, you guys impact us in every way. This message doubles as an appreciation message. Thank you for all you do. Happy birthday to you.

22. You are so supportive of your husband and all he does. You’re one courageous and strong woman. Thanks for loving our boss, despite his busy schedule all the time. Happy birthday to you, ma’am.

23. You have a very beautiful and amazing personality. Your attitude towards everyone around you is super cool. Thank you for accommodating us and all our excesses, even when it’s not convenient for you. Happy birthday, ma.

24. Nothing in this world will make me hate or talk ill about your ma. Your life is such a decent and inspiring one. The same way we love our boss is how we love you. Many more years to come. Happy birthday, ma.

25. Saying you’re sweet is an understatement, ma’am. Your attitude towards everyone anytime I get to see you is so inspiring. May your days be long. Happy birthday to you, ma. All my love.

My Boss Wife Birthday Wishes and Quotes

Sending you wishes and quotes might not be enough, but I’m sure you will appreciate them. You being my boss’ wife has opened my eyes to so many things about marriage. Happy birthday to you.

26. Thank you for showing me what it takes to be a good woman. You taught me how to be supportive of my husband and family. I work with your husband, but you teach me so many values. Thanks for all you do, ma’am. Happy birthday to you.

27. A woman so beautiful and calm, yet commands respect. This has only got to show how class oozes all over you. Thanks for being a great role model to me and everyone around you. I love you, ma’am. Have a happy birthday.

28. You should be celebrated every day of your life, and that’s why I do not wait for your birthday to celebrate you. You’re such a wonderful woman. Thank you for making work easier each time you come around. Happy birthday, ma’am.

29. Your life is a blessing to me and so many others. You’re one blessing I thank God for each morning. I might not tell you this always, but you are a blessing to me. Keep being beautiful for us all. Happy birthday.

30. Thank you for picking interest in me, the first time you saw me. You just knew I needed some exposure and guidance. Thank you for holding me by the hand and teaching me how to become a great woman. I owe my success to you and your husband. Happy birthday, ma.

31. What a beautiful and good woman you are, your positive vibes make anyone feel good around you, no wonder our boss never jokes with your matter. May your days be long in the land of the living. Happy birthday to you, ma.

32. I loved you from afar, even before I knew you were my boss’s wife. Your kind heart gave you out. Thank you for not resting on my case. Happy birthday to my super beautiful boss‘s wife.

33. I’m sure your kindheartedness was one of the attributes of you that made my boss marry you; it’s so evident. Thank you for introducing me to your husband, which is my boss. God’s blessings always. Happy birthday, ma.

34. You’re not proud or arrogant. You’re not self-centred. No one will ever know how wealthy you are if you don’t tell them. I really want to be like you, ma. Thank you for making wealth so cool. Happy birthday to you, ma.

35. Isn’t it wonderful how you know about our job even more than we. You’re so good at everything, you even help our boss with some of his assignments. You’re a rare wife. Happy birthday to you, ma.

36. Madam, permit me to say that your life is perfect. I mean, you have all you want in life, and you don’t even boast of your achievements. I love your kind of woman, and that’s exactly who I want to be. Happy birthday, ma’am.

37. The chemistry that exists between you and our boss is topnotch; like who even tries that at your age. It shows how loving you are, ma. Our boss is such a very lucky man. Happy birthday, ma’am.

38. My experience in your company is the best so far, ever since I have been working. You make us all feel at home, no matter what your mood says. I’m glad to have met a great woman in my lifetime. Happy birthday to you.

39. I love how you do things with your husband. The partnership between you two is so great. I love how you balance business and family with no issues at all. Happy birthday to a great woman. May you celebrate many more.

40. Your family is such a perfect and great one. You guys make me want to marry so bad. The most important thing is how you lecture us about marriage. God bless you more, ma. Happy birthday to the wife of my boss.

41. As a man, I’m glad I met you, ma. It’s such a great feeling to be associated with a woman whom my wife looks up to in everything and that has further pushed me to also become like my boss. Happy birthday, ma.

42. Thank you so much for being the source of joy to our boss for the past years. There wouldn’t have been this happy and outstanding boss without you. Happy birthday, virtuous woman.

43. Thank you for understanding the stress behind our work. Thank you for not complaining about our boss coming home late at night. You’re a great woman. May your days be long and filled with blessings. Happy birthday.

44. Woman who supports their husbands is always the most successful ones. You make marriage look so easy with how you help your husband with all he does. You’re such a great role model. Happy birthday, and many happy returns.

45. When women like you take their time to contribute to the growth and success of a home, it will surely turn out to be outstanding and worthwhile. Thank you for being such an exceptional lady. Have a beautiful birthday celebration.

46. The boss will never stop talking about how you are his jackpot, it shows your worth and value to him. It’s my wish to get together with a woman like you. Happy birthday, my boss’ wife.

47. Our boss has gone through a lot in the past couple of years, and you’ve never been found wanting. I heard you’ve been with him in worse cases. You’re a very good woman and you deserve the best. Happy birthday to you.

48. Please tell me where I can find a woman like you, and I will do anything to have her. You’re a one in a lifetime kind of woman, and we’re all happy our boss ended up with you. Happy birthday to you, ma.

49. You’re so adorable and your beauty is pleasing to the eyes. You’re a woman of worth and premium value. Thank you for loving our boss unconditionally. We all love you too and hope you have the best of your day.

50. I thought a woman like you can be found by any man, but my boss told me how much he worked on himself to be able to end up with a woman like you. I’m ready to take this challenge, as well. May God help me. Happy birthday to you.

Birthday Prayer Messages for Boss Wife

A wife like you deserves more than a million prayers. Your birthday reminds me that a woman can be whatever she wants to be even when she’s married. I’m sorry for only appreciating you with a message on your birthday. Birthday blessings, my boss’ wife.

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51. Happy birthday to the woman who never ceases to put a smile on our faces with her funny jokes. We’re so glad you are our boss’ wife. May you never be short of reasons to laugh. Amen. Happy birthday, ma. live a more beautiful life.

52. Blessed are you among all women, and more blessed is your husband to have found such a great treasure. You make us all proud of you, and it’s such a delight to be celebrating your big day with you. Long life and prosperity are yours. Happy birthday.

53. May your life is filled with gladness and may streams of joy never stop flowing into your family. May God bless and grant you more than you want. Amen. Happy birthday to the sugar in my boss’ tea.

54. The track record of your accomplishments so far is so inspiring. A woman that keeps winning even when she has a family to cater for. Just like your husband, you are blessed. Happy birthday, ma.

55. How you balance work and family is still a hard knot for me to lose. I have never seen or heard of a woman as strong as you. May you keep bagging more achievements. Amen. Happy birthday, ma’am.

56. Ma’am, you do a lot; I mean a whole lot. I do not know where you draw your strength from, but I know you are capable of doing great at all you do. Please ma, I will need you to be my role model. God bless you. Happy birthday, ma.

57. I do want to know how you got yourself a good man like our boss. He’s everything we need in a boss. I’m sure you made him who he is today, with your selfless and outstanding nature. Thank you for giving us the most loving boss. May you be blessed. Happy birthday, ma’am.

58. Behind a successful man, there’s always a woman. You are the great woman behind the successful man that is our boss, and we’re grateful to have you. May God keep elevating you, ma’am. Have a happy birthday.

59. I admire everything about you. Thank you for making me understand that there’s much more to being a woman than just a wife. May all your wishes come true. Happy birthday to you, ma’am.

60. Even though you are our boss’ wife, we still appreciate you as much as we appreciate him, even more. If not for you we would have to be battling with an angry boss every day. May you have the happiest birthday ever. We love you.

61. Only if people can see through your heart, they will realize that you only mean well each time you scold us to get to work. You are a woman worth more than any of us can see. You are truly someone special. God will perfect all that concerns you. Amen. Cheers!

62. You’re the reason behind the smile of our boss. You’re the one behind his success story. He talks about you a lot, and all he says are confirmed. May you be happy as much as you make him. Have a wonderful birthday celebration, ma’am.

63. We all thank God for making you age gracefully. You’re not only lucky but blessed. Your grace is what we pray to God to have. May you never lack anything good in life. Enjoy your birthday, ma.

64. You’re the only reason we see a happy boss every time. You make things easy for your husband. Thank you for always checking on us at the office. God bless you, ma’am. Happy birthday.

65. What’s not to celebrate about you? You take the affairs of this company more seriously than your husband. You just want to see things go well with everyone. May you always find God before you seek Him. Happy birthday to you.

66. I’m lucky to know a woman as beautiful, strong, loving and blessed as you. From the depths of our hearts, we thank you so much for loving our boss. May you have a wonderful birthday today.

67. No amount of gifts can sum up to how much we value you, ma’am. You’re indeed a mother and a great example to us all; both male and female. We are grateful for all you do. May your children find help too. Happy birthday, ma’am.

68. You have such a kind and beautiful heart. Thank you for always calling us to order without having to involve our boss. You deserve the absolute best. May God increase you on all sides. Happy birthday to you.

69. You are a great woman, and I’m not saying this because you’re my boss’ wife. I have known you for a while, and you have not changed a bit. You’re still the caring and sweet woman I met when I came for my interview. Thank you for your sweet memories. God bless you, ma’am. Have fun.

70. Happy birthday to you, ma’am. May God cause things to align in your favour. You shall be lifted above everything that makes you feel sad. Thank you for giving us a happy boss. God bless you.

Professional Birthday Greetings for Boss Wife

You can be professional and sweet at the same time. This birthday greeting doesn’t do justice to who you truly are. Thank you for being a good wife to my boss. Happy birthday to you.

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71. Not only are you my boss’ wife but also a friend and confidant. Thank you for always wanting the best for me. I deeply appreciate your kind gestures towards me and my family. Happy birthday, ma’am.

72. We all look up to our boss because of just one person; that person is you. Thank you for giving us this great man. It’s been fun working with your husband. Happy birthday, ma’am.

73. There’s absolutely nothing I can do to repay you. You are a blessing and I appreciate you a lot. Thank you for picking interest in me, it shows how much you believe in me. Have fun as you celebrate another year.

74. With the number of smiles you put on our faces, there’s no need to doubt where our boss got his happy life from. You’re such a lifesaver. We’re all happy you found yourselves. Happy birthday, ma’am.

75. Today is a special day, not only for our boss but for all of us in the office. It’s your birthday, ma’am. Enjoy each moment as you go about putting smiles on people’s faces. I wish you God’s speed in all you do.

76. Your act of kindness and generosity is second to none. You are so kind and we really appreciate all that you’ve done even outside of your family. Happy birthday to you, ma’am.

77. I don’t know why it always feels like your life is perfect. I have never seen you do any wrong at all. It just feels like you’re an angel. Thank you for giving us a conducive atmosphere of working. May your days be filled with blessings.

78. Yes, you’re kind; way too kind. I will be an ingrate not to acknowledge everything you’ve done, including getting me so many gigs. God bless you. Have a happy birthday.

79. You made me stop judging a book by its cover. I never knew you were this sweet until I got close to you. You could pass as an angel. Thank you for making every day in this office worth it. Happy birthday to you.

80. Each day I get to know you more, I realize you are truly someone with a large heart; so large that it can accommodate a lot of people. Thank you for all you do for women. Happy birthday.

81. To be very honest, if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be here. Thank you for calling me for the interview on that faithful day. You have no idea what you have done. Happy birthday to you.

82. You are the absolute best, not just for our boss, but for us all. You truly are a great example to us all. Thank you for seeing us as your own. Happy beautiful birthday to you, ma.

83. It’s a good thing to know that I’m safe around you. I mean, your impact on my life has changed how I reason about marriage. I can’t wait to start making you proud. Happy birthday, my boss’ wife.

84. All I have been opportune to learn from you is enough to satisfy me throughout my lifetime. You are such a wise woman, that’s why nothing bothers you. I’m aiming to be like you. Happy birthday, ma’am.

85. Your birthday is a constant reminder of how well we should be thankful for having your husband as our boss. Thank you for not making him a bitter man. Happy birthday to you, ma.

86. Your marriage to our boss is the perfect illustration of someone with good intentions marrying someone with good intentions. You guys are so perfect for yourselves. Thank you for extending your good intentions to us too. Happy birthday.

87. Thank you for feeding us on days business is not booming. You’re the perfect example of a supportive wife. Happy birthday to you. I wish I can celebrate you as you deserve.

88. Since the day you stopped by the office to help us, I have fallen in love with you, ma’am. You’re so selfless and supportive. You’re not proud at all. I wish I could be this simple when I finally make it. Happy birthday to you.

89. For having my back always, I just want to thank you. For your words of wisdom and encouragement, I’m grateful too. I thank God I have you in my corner. Happy birthday, ma’am.

90. I can’t get over how you always complain whenever I call you my boss. According to you, your husband is my boss, and so I shouldn’t mix business with our relationship. Only you can do this, ma’am. Happy birthday to you.

91. I had always thought that marriage could kill dreams until you made me understand that’s only applicable to lazy people. Thank you for giving me the ginger I need to become a great woman. Happy birthday to you.

92. I could go on talking about how helpful you have been to me. I’m grateful for them all, and I can’t wait to start doing you proud. Happy birthday to my lovely boss’ wife.

93. You already know how much I love you. I don’t joke with your matter at all. Thank you for being so nice to me and my colleagues. We’re grateful for the gift of you and your family. Happy birthday to you.

94. Well I don’t know where I’d be right now if I hadn’t met you. You took me from where I was and made sure that your husband gave me a good position in your company. I’ll be forever indebted to you. Happy birthday, ma’am.

95. God sees my heart, I wish I can do all that’s on my mind. You deserve all the love and respect you get today because you earned it. I’m glad our paths crossed. Happy birthday to you.

96. Happy birthday to an outstanding woman. Your worth is far more than rubies. I’m glad I met someone as purposeful as you. Many more birthdays, I wish you.

97. What would I have done without you? I have watched you closely, for years, and I can beat my chest to say you are loaded. Everything about you is spectacular. Made you my role model long ago. Happy birthday to you.

98. Thank you for making our job less stressful with how you help out. Your kind is rare, and we will keep celebrating you as much as we can. Happy birthday to you.

99. Always showing up at the office with freebies. The workers’ interests are always in your heart. You put us first when the need arises. We can’t thank you enough. Happy birthday, ma’am.

100. You are the epitome of beauty and brains. God really took His time on you, cos what? You’re too perfect. Thank you for going about with love in your heart. Have a happy birthday.

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