Happy 3rd Birthday Cousin Wishes and Quotes

Happy 3rd Birthday Cousin Wishes and Quotes

Hurray! it’s your baby cousin’s third birthday. Just watching him or her grow is super interesting. You’ll know that by knowing how to spend more time with family.

Listening to children say “I am three years old” in response to the question “how old are you?” is equally stupendous. Adding number three to those little counts of 1 and 2 is a major accomplishment to them.

You might only notice those tiny fingers, or the smiles that showcase pure teeth, or tiny cheeks that metamorphose into balloons each time you have them smile but you could actually miss the fact that they are becoming great personalities.

Birthday quotes, messages, wishes and prayers help you reinforce that sense of greatness in kids while making them feel loved. You want to remind your cousin that he or she is special.

So, on that day; when that your baby cousin would be turning 3 times wiser, it would be his/her greatest desire to watch you shower love and care as if it’s no one’s business. Below are multiple samples of birthday quotes, prayers, messages and wishes to start with. The best happy 3rd birthday cousin wishes and quotes.

Third Birthday Wishes and Prayers for My Cousin

Dear cousin, for every phase of your life, God has prepared blessings. My wishes and prayers are that you enjoy all of God’s blessings that come with getting to your third birthday. Get ready to step into higher dimensions of favour and God’s goodness as you celebrate your third birthday. Keep my cake for me, by the way.

1. For you to clock three, l believe God has a great purpose for you. I wish you the grace to fulfil His purpose three times better than you would have before.

2. As you clock three, God adds three very profound and outstanding blessings to your life.

3. I wish you a triplet blow of good news that will put smiles on your face– smiles that take you closer to your countless dreams and aspirations.

4. On this special day, three awesome stars have been added to your galaxy of stars. Use them wisely as you continue to shine at three, my cute cousin.

Third Birthday Messages for Cousin

As you turn three, expect more joy and safety. The kind of joy that cannot be bought. This is a message from my heart to you, Cousin. And I am sending this because I love you so much, and I believe you can become someone great. Enjoy your third birthday. Spiderman sends his greetings.

5. Watching you grow has always been our greatest joy. Today, that joy has been multiplied by three. Grow to become a vibrant and prosperous tree.

6. Hello, honey. Each day comes with its blessings. Your birthday comes with a sweeter flavour. Enjoy God’s goodness, my superhero.

7. Happy birthday cream pie. Here’s to the manifestation of God’s wisdom and grace over your life. Batman says he’ll love you to join his team. You have all it takes to be legendary.

8. Adventure time, kiddo! Receive more grace to run the race of life successfully.

Happy third birthday cousin quotes

Happy birthday. It’s my earnest prayer that you become all that God wants you to be in stature, wisdom, spirituality and capacity. All your good dreams become reality and you become all that God wants, in actuality. Enjoy your day. This a special quote from me to you as you celebrate your third birthday.

9. Now, the number three can boldly stand out on that birthday cake. I am proud to have a three-year-old cousin. You know, that number reminds me of the holy trinity. So, cheers to a new age of great spiritual upliftment. Happy birthday, Joe.

10. When Superman goes on a mission to save the world, he does so with so much passion and courage. You are not too small to make the world a better place, Bright. Be the best you can be. Beat the best. God will be using you in mighty ways to make the world a lovelier place. Happy Birthday.

11.Although I am much older, I sometimes envy you. Being a little kid must be amazing, isn’t it? Could we share your age? Wait. It’s 3, and 3 is not an even number, right? it’s not like 2 that you can share equally. That should remind you that you are unique and that’s God blessings for your life will not be delayed. Enjoy your age like no other’s business.

12. Letters, birthday cards, presents, cakes and drinks are not enough to tell you how very special you are. You are so valuable and important to God Himself. Continue to be the rare gem that you are. Happy birthday!

Birthday wishes for 3 years old cousin

Hey cousin, you clocking three is something to scream about. I wish you straighter paths than crooked ones. Straighter paths that will lead you to immense success that people will ponder about. As you turn 3 years old, you are free from the cold. You are enhanced to be bold and to achieve great things yet untold. Happy birthday!

13. Wishing you the best of the best of the best. Love ya!

14. I wish you more luck. Let’s see how you enjoy all of them. Remain blessed.

15. I wish you more success and miracles. Be able to achieve great feats that people call impossible. This new age brings greater opportunities, gifts and blessings.

16. I wish you the grace to become the best version of yourself. Your own unique self; Not a photocopy. In this new age, God has you chilling out in a larger pool of uniqueness and smartness.

Birthday Wishes for Cousin Turning 3

Happy birthday, cousin. As you are turning 3, I wish you 3 times more longevity, greatness, finesse, intelligence, strength and everything else worth multiplying by 3 in your sweet life. I also wish you a glorious age wherein you’ll thrive, grow and flourish. I Love you and Happy birthday.

17.As you turn 3 today, I wish you 3 Jaw-dropping blessings that you and your friends forgot to wish for. God loves you!

18. As you add one more stride to your journey in life, I wish you the very best of all.

19. Villains can’t stop you. Men can’t limit you. You are empowered to empower others. Have a blast!

20. Hey, my Queen. I love you so much. Here’s to wishing that you exceed the positive expectations of all of us around you.

There you have it. Celebrating your cousin’s birthday is an important occasion. The messages, prayers and quotes above will help you make them feel special on their day. Go ahead to use them without hesitation. Happy birthday to your cousin, by the way. God prepares him or her to do great exploits.

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