Best 18th Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Mom

Happy 18th Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Mom & Dad

Birthdays come every year but no two are ever the same. That is why the 18th birthday, the one that ushers one into adulthood shouldn’t be taken for granted by anyone; talk more of a mother taking it for granted.

Most times, the bond between a mother and a daughter is not too strong until adulthood. This is because, it is when the girl becomes an adult that she understands her mother’s love, thereby loving her more.

When as a mother you realize that your daughter has come of age and understands you better, you want to wish her the best.

Let me help you express your feelings and wish for her as I put the right words together in this write-up.

Read ahead and enjoy this 18th birthday wishes for daughter from mom and dad!

Happy 18th Birthday Quotes from Mother to Daughter

Sweet Happy 18th Birthday Quotes for My Daughter from Me (Mother).

1. I wish you the most wonderful adulthood as you journey along life. Happy birthday, my daughter.

2. I pray that this age announces you and introduces you to the world. You shall be seen and heard, my daughter. Happy birthday.

3. Just as you always give to anyone you come in contact with, I wish you joy and happiness. May this birthday marks the beginning of good things in your life. Happy birthday, my priceless jewel.

4. Birthdays are a reminder of when we are born but 18th birthdays come with a lot of freedom and responsibilities. Enjoy them to the fullest. Happy birthday, daughter.

5. May all the decisions that you make from now on, bring you good results. Happy birthday, my daughter.

6. May you live to see your daughter reach 18. Happy birthday, my ‘adult’ daughter.

7. I wish you came earlier, you would be 18 sooner and being my friend for longer. Happy birthday, my superstar daughter.

8. Birthdays remind us of the wonders of God’s creation, and I was given you to understand that. Happy birthday, my look-alike daughter.

9. You long became an adult, I only waited for today for it to be made official. Happy 18th birthday from the proudest mother.

10. I love that I mothered you and you ‘daughtered’ me. Happy birthday to the best daughter in the world.

11. Witnessing the 18th birthday of my daughter is a dream come true. I wish you a most wonderful birthday.

12. You are my daughter and you are a blessing. Darling, happy 18th. I will always celebrate you.

13. I am smiling and wiping away stray tears from my eyes as I type. Remembering your birth and journey to adulthood. Happy birthday, my pride.

14. Wishing you a super sweet 18. May your adult life be as sweet as you. Happy birthday.

15. Giving birth to you was my greatest achievement, watching you turn 18 is ecstatic. Happy birthday, my daughter.

16. You will never turn 18 again so I wish that today is as remarkable as you. Happy 18th birthday.

17. I wish I could have a million you over and over again but I look at you and realize that you are one in a million times over. Happy 18th birthday, my one in a million girl.

18. I can’t really put my thoughts to words now but I won’t bother because I know you understand. After all, you are an adult. Happy 18 birthday, my daughter.

19. This is not like your other birthdays and I pray that you are blessed specially. Happy 18th my daughter.

20. Happy 18th birthday to the girl whose arrival to the world made me a mother. I love you girl.

21. Being your mother is the best thing in the world. I wish you the best time of your life as you celebrate 18. Happy birthday.

22. May your 18th birthday introduce you to only the interesting parts of adulthood. Happy birthday, my daughter.

23. Now you don’t have to be restricted from taking any decisions. Take them wisely. Excel. Happy birthday.

24. I wish that you do everything responsibly just like an 18+ today and beyond. Happy 18th birthday, dearest daughter. I am proud to be called your mother.

25. Just like yesterday, you are 18 already and I cannot contain myself. I pray that good things come to you as you came to me. Happy birthday. I love you.

26. Happy birthday my miracle daughter. I wish that you find a miracle as you turn 18 today that will last you, your lifetime.

27. I have celebrated your birthday 17 times in anticipation of the 18th and today, it is finally here. I wish you good health and long life to see all your dreams come true.

28. Happy birthday, my daughter. I wish you a long, meaningful and happy life as you clock 18.

29. I wish that you increase in love, beauty, wisdom, knowledge and all the good things in life. Happy 18th birthday, Queen daughter.

30. You have so much Faith and I pray that your faith doesn’t fail you when you need it. Happy birthday, my daughter, my pride. I love being your mother.

31. Just as there are no longer age restrictions for you against anything you want to do, may there never be any restrictions holding you back on all sides. Happy birthday, my wonderful daughter.

32. Children celebrate birthdays but people celebrate adults. Happy birthday, my daughter. I am happy to celebrate you at 18.

33. May you find satisfaction in adulthood only like I have ever since I had you. Happy 18th birthday, daughter. I love you.

34. I know that God has love for me: deep, endless love. I see that in you, every time I look at you. Happy birthday, to you.

35. God’s glory revealed. May his glory reign supreme in your life, today and always. Happy birthday, my daughter.

36. I pray you love yourself enough to let yourself find yourself intriguing; for your own benefit. Happy birthday. I am glad that you are finally 18.

37. I wish you boundless expansions in your mind. Happy birthday, my daughter. I love you.

38. May you be able to use people’s negative opinion about you and their hate as a ladder to climb to your greatness in adulthood. Happy birthday, from your mother.

39. You mean so much to me, to the entire world and to God. I pray that you find the meaning of life. Happy birthday, my daughter.

40. You don’t need to be more, you are wonderful just the way you are, you are enough and I love you greatly. Happy 18th birthday, to my daughter.

41. I wish that you learn early that success is built on failure. Therefore, there is no such thing as failure; only what you call it. Happy birthday.

42. You have always been the best. In this new age, I wish you a better version of your best self. Happy birthday, my daughter.

43. As you reach 18 today, I wish that you learn that people’s opinion of you doesn’t matter unless you let it to.

44. The only problem of man is his mind. My wish for you as you clock 18 is that your mind will never be able to limit you.

45. Wait no more. You are limitless. Conquer the universe. Happy birthday, my daughter.

46. I wish you plenty of self love even more than the love I have for you. Only like the love God has for you. Enjoy your adulthood.

47. Happy birthday, my daughter. I hope you realized that the universe has just been blessed not by just another adult, but the most incredible one of all times. Happy birthday, again.

48. I pray that your passion and determination towards life do not consume you. You shall succeed. Happy birthday.

49. I pray that you are created anew today and recreated for the greatness that you are. Happy 18th birth anniversary.

50. You are the perfect example of an incredible daughter. I love that you are my daughter. Happy birthday.

51. I did nothing to deserve you if it was based on merit. I would never get a daughter nearly as superb as you. Happy birthday.

52. 18 years have passed and I still can’t believe I gave birth to such an incredible being as you. Happy birthday, girl.

53. I am already proud of all that you are going to be. Even more than you already are. Happy birthday my boundless daughter.

54. Nothing has made me prouder than raising such a quintessential adult. Happy 18th.

55. When you feel like you can no longer go on. I pray that you get overwhelmed with God’s glory. Happy birthday.

56. When I look at you, I see all the love and more that I and your father share. You are our love token. Happy birthday, our adult daughter.

57. Happy birthday to a winner I gave birth to and raised a winner. Today she is eighteen. Happy birthday, winner.

58. The most fabulous daughter birthday alert. Happy 18th to her.

59. You have had an adventurous life but, at 18, your adventures are just starting. Enjoy.

60. I see what happens when God loves someone when I look at you. You are the definition of God’s love to me. Happy birthday, my daughter as you turn 18.

61. I never heard myself think till I had you. When I hear you speak, you speak out my thoughts. I know that I truly have a daughter. Happy birthday.

62. You have the chance to make a choice: to create your life. You are an adult. Use it wisely. Happy birthday.

63. If I have to use my whole life to appreciate God for you, I won’t thank him enough. Same way, I wish you a lifetime and beyond of gratitude. May you always find reasons to be thankful.

64. Happy birthday to the reason I am called ‘mother’. May this birthday be the reason for many good things for you. Happy birthday.

66. You spur me to greatness with all the greatness inside of you. Happy 18th to the greatest person who happens to be my beloved daughter.

67. I wish that you make a move unto greatness as you reach adulthood because the world awaits your greatness. Happy birthday, my daughter.

68. On this birthday of yours, I wish that you become. Happy birthday.

69. I wish that you come to the knowledge of the realization that you are perfect in your imperfections for in them, lies your uniqueness. Happy birthday.

70. Just know that you are not alone when you don’t know how you feel. Happy birthday.

71. Be strong, be weak, be bold, be shy, cry, laugh, dance, scream, fall, rise, love, hate, have, have faith
Just live, you are an adult and you deserve to. Happy birthday, darling daughter.

72. Just know that I am not only your mother but also your friend. I love you just the way that you are and wish above that you love yourself even more. Happy birthday.

73. You are so precious to God that even if you are the only one in this world, he would still send Jesus to come and die. Happy birthday, my daughter. You are greatly loved.

74. You are one of a kind, you are precious and there will never be another you. Happy birthday, the unique one.

75. The only thing better than having you as a daughter is being you and I can not be you but I have you. Happy birthday, my girl.

76. I wish you the awesomeness that is effortless. Happy birthday my girl. Remain awesome.

77. Having you as my daughter is the best part of every day. May the dreams that mean most to you start coming through this 18. Happy birthday.

78. I have been trying to put words together to describe your awesome personality but I realized you can’t be bottled into a word. Happy birthday, girl.

79. I wish that you have more faith than me as you move into this next phase of your life. Happy birthday.

80. Even before the world began, God made you and you are desirable. Happy birthday, my desire.

81. You make being a mother sweet and exciting. Happy birthday, my exciting daughter.

82. Happy birthday, baby. I wish you absolute independence and strength. I pray that you don’t have to be dependent on anybody but you.

83. I wish you realized that you are so powerful that your powers can even scare you. Happy birthday to the most powerful daughter alive.

84. The wisdom you need not to all the freedom of adulthood become your enemy, receive it in Jesus name, Amen. Happy birthday.

85. Happy birthday to the one girlfriend who just made me the mother of an adult woman.

86. I can’t wait for you to become a mother now that you are an adult so that you can understand my love for you even when I do not seem to agree with you. Happy birthday.

87. To the one girlfriend who makes me Queen, happy birthday, my princess. Thank you for making me, Queen.

88. Wisdom, they say comes with age and experience, but I pray that you have wisdom beyond your age as you reach this new age. Happy birthday.

89. As you have never been a cause for me to worry, you shall never have any cause to worry from today. Happy birthday, daughter

90. May you never know failure. All round success is yours, my daughter. Happy birthday.

91. Having you for a daughter is everything. Happy birthday, to you, as you turn 18.

92. God gave you to me and allowed me to witness your 18th birthday, your movement into adulthood. Happy birthday.

93. Happy birthday gorgeous. Your gorgeousness is indescribable. Happy birthday, my daughter, my pride.

94. May all God’s promises be fulfilled in your life as you turn 18. Happy birthday to you, my priceless jewel.

95. Seeing your face alone brightens me up. May you be the shining light everywhere you find yourself. Happy birthday, my daughter. Shine on.

96. Happy birthday to the one who makes my family complete. I love you more at 18.

97. May God light up your beautiful face afresh every day. Happy birthday, my pretty daughter.

98. May you be an icon as you mark this iconic age. Happy birthday, my daughter.

99. Happy birthday to the world’s greatest. The one that makes life meaningful for her parents, your mother is proud to celebrate you today. I will always celebrate you.

100. Your love for God and humanity is evident in your sacrificial disposition to everyone. May God favour you today and always. Happy 18 birthday to you my girl.

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