Amazing Birthday Countdown Quotes for Best Friend

Birthday Countdown Quotes and Status for Best Friend

One of the realities of true friendship is putting in heart their birthdays even months before then.

Expressing your lovely wishes and amazing greetings this 2023 in advance to that loved one of yours for their birthday really shows your mindfulness of them all through even when they are not yet aware of it.

It will be so thrilling and heartily surprising for you start outpouring your happy birthday in advance wishes in quotes to constantly wow and cheek split them in this beautiful year, 2023.
That’s lovely right? It’s the real deal!

Even sometimes when you will not be able to be in attendance for your friend’s party, early wishes and greetings serve as your mindfulness of them and a reason for them to know how much you love them.
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Therefore search through and pick among the varieties of irresistible 2023 amazing birthday countdown quotes for best friend to constantly share with your best friend up till the actual day of celebration.

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Advance Birthday Countdown Quotes for Your Best Friend

Amazing Happy Birthday in Advance Countdown for Him or Her (Male or Female Friend)

1. Either early or late, it does not matter. Here is my happy birthday wish to you, best friend, may you be blessed with all the expected needs of your life at this present time of your life. Happy birthday in advance!

2. It’s just ten days to your birthday, dear but I am feeling so elated already. I wish you beautiful things for your existence in life. May you grow more in strength. Happy birthday in advance, darling.

3. Loading! Loading! Loading! The birthday of a wonderful friend of mine. I really can’t wait for the actual day. Kisses and lovely wishes all for you!

4. And the countdown is on, it’s just five days to go, and the party is already been felt here, friend. I sincerely long for the real celebration. Happy birthday in advance.

5. Hello friend, I have started planning and putting things in place for your forthcoming birthday, it’s definitely going to be a bombshell. Don’t be surprised dear, you worth more. Happy birthday in advance.

6. There are many wishes to say and many gifts to send, but let me start sending my wishes from this day. May your forthcoming new age celebration be of the setting of a new and greater platform for heights in life. Happy birthday in advance to you.

7. It’s almost like the celebration day should be here now. But notwithstanding, here are one of my countdown wishes to you, friend. May you age gracefully, dear. Happy birthday in advance.

8. The moment your birthday dawned on me, three days ago, I just can’t stop myself to start sending you my lovely wishes. New achievements shall come your way more and more. Happy birthday in advance, bestie.

9. As your birthday counts down to four days, may you be blessed with abundance of riches and peace all round. Anxiously waiting for the deal day!

10. Wishing a happy birthday from now on is already on my to-do list. I just can’t stop loving you, friend. More strength and vigour for you all the way!

Birthday Countdown Status for Best Friend

Make your best friend feel specially loved ahead of his or her birthday by using these happy birthday countdown status for him or her on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram Caption or any other socila media.

11. l do definitely outsmart my phone’s reminder to wish you a happy birthday in advance because I have it in my heart always. Happy birthday in advance.

12. Dearly loved is early to wish. May you grow in peace and prosperity all the days of your life. Happy birthday in advance, best friend.

13. I might not be available on your birthday. I really regret not being able to but here are my wishes of love for you dear. Long life and prosperity!

14. Saying happy birthday to you from now on makes no difference from the actual day. So here are my wishes, may you experience newness all round this year. Grace and peace be multiplied to you.

15. This life is just too beautiful to be celebrated once in a year, so here are packages of kisses and hugs for you dear before the deal day.

16. In the whole of 365 days in a year, just a day is not really enough to celebrate our birthdays even though our we were just born in a day. So I am celebrating you from this day forth, darling. New heights all along!

17. I shouldn’t let you know this now but I just can’t hold it anymore. The party plans for your birthday are already in completion. That day is going to be an explosion! Happy birthday in advance.

18. I am not just comfortable knowing I can just start sending my wishes from now on, dear. More blessings to you. Happy birthday in advance.

19. Things are better done earlier than late. Then wishing my lovely friend is one of those things. Lots of love, dear friend.

20. If three days are used to send my wishes before the actual day, it’s definitely not stressful or untimely. More life and prosperity to you.

21. I am so happy to send this seven days before your birthday. Wishing you more grace and mercy to succeed in life, dear. Expect more of this all through till the actual day. Happy birthday in advance.

22. One of the realities between true friends is remembering each other’s birthdays earlier. I am so happy to remember on time dear, happy birthday in advance to you. Kisses!

23. As you grow in age dear, may you also grow more in wisdom and wealth. That’s just a quick reminder to your birthday. I love you, dear.

24. It just occurs to me that regardless of whether your birthday is far off from now, I find it lovely to start wishing you a very meritorious and happy birthday in advance.

25. A little drop of water makes a mighty ocean. Therefore bits by bits of my wishes commensurate to the big day. Happy birthday in advance to you.

26. You know we are dear hearts and I can’t just wish you once in just one day. So wishing now, happy birthday in advance.

27. I will wish you today, dear and still do it again tomorrow until the actual day. Happy birthday to you in advance.

28. It’s so beautiful and lovely to me that I have the opportunity of wishing you a happy birthday five days before. It gladdens my heart so much.

29. As you age more in body, may you also age gracefully in spirit and soul. This is just one of my many wishes before your birthday.

30. You might have forgotten the nearness of your birthday now, but I am always so delighted in anticipating your birthday. So this is just one of my wishes before that day. May the light of God shine on you so well!

31. You are a special person to me, therefore you have a special place in my heart that makes me celebrate you even before the birthday. Happy birthday in advance.

32. I already planned to do this ever before anyone does. Happy birthday in advance. Many happy returns of the year!

33. For the reason that I won’t be around for your birthday does not mean I can’t start sending you my heartily wishes from now on. Here is just a tip of it, may you progress beyond every point of stoppage in your destiny. Love you!

34. Hey dear friend, coming your way now is just a tip of the iceberg of wishes for your birthday. I just can’t wait for that day. We’ll rock the day! Happy birthday in advance.

35. This is just like a dozen of the packs of wishes I have in stock for you. Favours and good health all the way! Happy birthday in advance.

36. Hello darling friend, since the countdown to your birthday is on, I am going to send you wishes till the countdown. And here is this first one, happy birthday in advance.

37. I really tried to wait for the actual day of your birthday, but I couldn’t for you are so special to me, dear. Here is a happy birthday in advance.

38. Sincerely speaking, I am very forgetful over some things but when it comes to my special friend’s birthday, I remember as early as possible. I love you, best friend. Happy birthday in advance.

39. Happy birthday in more more advance, happy birthday in more advance and happy birthday in advance to you. This simply means my wishes will be coming from this third day before your birthday. Here is the first, may all the labours of your hands find the favour of God all through the year.

40. You are such an awesome and amazing friend to me and I’ll wish you first before anyone will ever think of. Happy birthday in advance to you. God bless you!

41. I always do have you in mind at all times so it’s not fake or unintentional for me sending my wishes to you earlier. Thank you, dear friend, for being there. I love you so much. Happy birthday in advance.

42. Doing things ahead of time is actually the right time to do and definitely, your birthday is not an exception. Happy birthday in advance.

43. I really don’t care whether your birthday is in six days time, all I want to start doing from now is to bombard you with my lovely wishes. Here is one of them, age with tranquility and grow in wealth. More to come dear! Happy birthday in advance.

44. My love for you as a friend can’t make me to just keep silence until your birthday, so I’m sending my wishes from this day on. Goodness and mercy shall follow you all the days of your life and bring you to your blessings. The party plans are completed, wow! It’s going be fun!

45. To someone who really holds a place in my heart, that I can’t just celebrate in just one day. Happy, wonderful and splendid birthday to you in advance.

46. We have known each other for long now and has become more intimate. Then sending this on your birthday wouldn’t be a nice one but sending them in varieties from this day on. May your life receive more grace to succeed in all ramifications of your life. Happy birthday in advance.

47. I will be on a journey on your birthday, but I want you to know that this does not disrupt me from sending my wishes even from this day forth, darling. I am wishing you a more better life, clearer visions of God’s purpose for your life and an expected end in God. Happy birthday in advance.

48. Composing a song for you and writing of my wishes for you is just like a daily routine for me. So why do I need to wait for your birthday to do so? I love you, dear friend. Happy birthday in advance.

49. Only best friends will care to send their wishes before your birthday, unlike other friends who will do it on that particular day. I really appreciate being one of your best friends. Happy birthday in advance.

50. Hello dear friend, you will be so surprised on your birthday for you just need to come dressed and happily. Everything is set, let’s just rock the day!

51. I am just giving a tip of the iceberg of what is going to happen on your birthday. The cakes are already trooping in, the icings are mouthwatering and the gifts packages are already on ground. I know you’ll be surprised. It’s the little I can do as a friend. Happy birthday in advance.

52. You are my friend and my first chat partner, so, in wishing you, I should also be the first to send you my wishes even days before. Happy birthday in advance.

53. You worth just more than one wish in a day, for you so special to me. Take the one for today, dear. Greatness in all your pursuits. Happy birthday in advance.

54. Trying to couple words together for your birthday is just not good enough unlike wishing in bits like this which makes me feel more elated. Take today’s bit dear, favour and new strength from God shall be bestowed on you. Happy birthday in advance.

55. May your life be a life full of beautiful things and amazing moments this year. This is just a drop of the numerous wishes I have I stock for you. Expect more tomorrow and all through till your birthday.

56. On a very plain note, you worth more than just one wish for your birthday even one party, so expect the unusual for good from this day darling. Happy birthday in advance.

57. Age they say is just a number, that’s why I believe you’ll still remain stronger and rejuvenated even as you grow older. Wishing you your best wishes and mine as well. Happy birthday in advance.

58. Even when I tried to keep it as a surprise, I just can’t do that because you are so special to me. The party is rocking now for the countdown to your birthday. Come over, dear. And here is my first countdown wish. May you grow above every obstacle of your life and come out victoriously. Happy birthday in advance.

59. Besties are dearies, you are just so dear to me, for me to only wish you on your birthday. Here is one of the awesome wishes for today before that day. Grow gracefully and age peacefully.

60. May the light of God shine on you and cause you to be in good health and wealth. That is number one for the first day out of the five days before your birthday. Happy birthday in advance.

61. There are other things in my life I accept I am always late for but wishing you is something I do earlier. A happy and a fabulous birthday to you in advance, dear friend.

62. A lot of people will only ensure to greet you on your birthday but as my best friend, I can’t afford to not start sending my wishes from now on. Happy birthday in advance to you. Kisses!

63. For you are always in my thoughts, I just can’t hold up till your birthday. This is my wish for today, joy and peace shall find expression in your life. Happy birthday in advance, friend.

64. Do have a very fabulous and amazing moment on your birthday in the next six days. Best wishes!

65. Having you as a friend is a joy, so wishing you earlier is a special to me as well.

66. It is certain that most people are already sending their birthdays wishes earlier. The I want to be among the first f the first. Happy birthday in advance.

67. Being late is not part of me, so therefore happy birthday in advance to you.

68. The happiest birthday shall you have on that day! Happy birthday in advance.

69. You shall not fall victim of any evil circumstance this year. This wishes and more awaits you this five days before your birthday. Happy birthday in advance to you, darling.

70. Sending all my wishes to you on your birthday will be just too burdensome, so I am sending them one by one from this day. First of all, wishing you greater heights in all your endeavors. Happy birthday in advance!

71. Both later and earlier are better than never. But you are so dear to me, here is my earlier wish. Happy birthday in advance.

72. I am always excited to be the first to wish a happy birthday not just on that day but also in advance.

73. I have tried to see how I could ensure to attend your birthday celebration but all to no avail but there’s never an hindrance to wishing you earlier. Happy birthday in advance to you!

74. Before the kisses and embraces on your birthday, this is a special wish for you dear. Age in God and shine brighter. Happy birthday in advance.

75. My patience in trying to wait for your birthday has finished already. So here is my first release of wishes. Newness and freshness throughout the year for you.

76. I really don’t mind if the date if your birthday is still ten days away. I’ll send my wishes for each day. Here is today’s portion, may all your pursuits in life yield gracefully and bountifully.

77. I am so proud and elated to be your best friend just as I am so happy to start sending you my heartily wishes from now. Happy birthday to you in advance.

78. Real friendship is not stopped by the barrier of distance and time. My unavailability for your birthday is not even any reason for me not to be so happy for you. So here’s my five days countdown wishes to you. Happy birthday in advance.

79. It gives me so much concern that I will not be able to attend your birthday. But I have you in my heart always. And here are my pre-birthday wishes. Grow in more wisdom and strength to do more positive exploits in your generation. Happy birthday in advance.

80. Hello cutie friend, you are so dear to me and just wishing you once a day before your birthday is not too much to do. Age gracefully. Happy birthday in advance.

81. May you find grace to be excellent in all your endeavors this new year. Say amen to that, friend. Many more are to come before your birthday.

82. Just with the mind of saying happy birthday in advance to my darling friend.

83. Be positive and active. You are blessed abundantly, best friend. This is just the first of the many wishes coming your way before your birthday.

84. Don’t be surprised dear, I just wanted to be the first to wish you a happy birthday in advance and will endeavor to be the first also on your birthday.

85. I hope you know how much you’re dear to me that makes me impatient in sending my wishes from this day forth. Happy birthday to my darling friend in advance.

86. The joy of every true friendship is having your friend being the first to congratulate you even in advance. Smiles all the way dear.

87. It pains me to my bone marrow that of the special day of your life in the whole year, I won’t be around to celebrate it with you. Notwithstanding, please do accept my early and pre-birthday wishes. This year shall be to you a remarkable year of success. Happy birthday in advance.

88. Ahead they say is more lively. I am so happy to be ahead of others in wishing you a happy birthday in advance. Many more returns dear.

89. I know you’re actually not expecting this at this time but I couldn’t just hold it anymore. I wish you more beautiful things in your life this year. There are many to come each day till your birthday. I love you so much, darling friend. Happy birthday in advance.

90. You might be wondering what is this for. You are my best friend, so sending one of my best wishes before the best day of your life is a routine for me. Happy birthday in advance.

91. The option of greeting you in advance or in arrears was placed before me. Certainly, I chose greeting you in advance and added up till your birthday.

92. In about 120 hours from now, we’ll be celebrating a good friend and an icon. So here is my pre-birthday greetings. Wishing you a happy birthday in advance.

93. As you grow in age, may your coast be enlarged the more and your heart be made of gold. Accept this one dear friend for many wishes are still going to be coming throughout till your birthday.

94. Hey dear friend, I wish for you that may the best of your past be the least and worst of your future. Happy early birthday to you.

95. I am not trying to flatter you but I just can’t wait till your birthday before I’ll start sending this. May you attain and soar in greater heights this year. Happy birthday in advance, darling.

96. To my cutest friend, happy birthday in advance!

97. It’s definitely going to be my four-day countdown constant routine to send you my wishes. Here is the first one, grow healthier and wealthier. Happy birthday in advance.

98. It is certain that I will miss your birthday party so it’s better to make up by sending early wishes from now on. A happy and remarkable birthday to you.

99. I appreciate our friendship so much and that’s why I am so moved to start sending you my lovely wishes from this third day before your birthday. Happy birthday in advance to my bestie.

100. Today is the seventh day before your birthday, so seven times will I send my wishes to you. Receive the first one, darling. May your life be an embodiment of God’s grace and mercy to prosper in His will all through your lifetime. Happy birthday in advance.

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