Advance Birthday Wishes for Husband 1

Advance Happy Birthday Wishes for Husband in 2023

Birthdays are special occasions. The anniversary of one’s birthday is widely celebrated by all and sundry, in every part of the world. All, with the exception of a few religious sects, that is.

Birthdays celebration is a day of joy, appreciating God for the gift of life, wellness and well-being. It’s a day one remembers with excitement how far one has come. Sometimes, it calls for sober reflection, thankfulness and fun activities like partying, shopping, outings, gifts etc.

Birthdays can be celebrated solo, within the family, within a close circle of friends, or free for all affair with or without invitation. It can be organised and financed by the celebrants or loved ones.

Birthdays are even more meaningful when our loved ones make the occasion a special one with wonderful birthday wishes, prayers, greetings, gifts, surprise party, gigs, elaborate party or the likes. Birthday celebrants mostly feel loved and appreciated by such gestures.

Cakes, wines, gifts and other goodies are swelled! When they are accompanied with cute birthday wishes and prayers, it arouses the most awesome feelings in the heart of the recipient.

It’s your darling husband’s birthday, in a matter of hours, days or weeks; spring a surprise birthday wishes and prayers that will positively thrill him to his very toes, on him, to set the tone for an awesome birthday celebration! The element of surprise, by doing it in advance, is a romantic advantage, that will make your husband fall in love with you all over again.

What are you waiting for? That cute guy of yours; that amazing Soulmate, Prince Charming, and Hero, deserves some accolades, heart-stirring/warming wishes and heartfelt prayers… straight from your heart!

Want to charm your husband with advance happy birthday wishes for husband? Care to express your feelings for your doting man? Need to do something special for a change to make him realise he means the world to you, before his birthday?

You are at the right place. We’ve got you covered. You have a lot to choose from. It’s a ride destined for a good outcome. Here we are:

Happy Birthday in Advance Messages for My Husband

Cute happy birthday in advance text messages for my handsome husband.

1. A saint, you aren’t. You are just exactly right for me: my perfect fit! You mean the world to me, I can’t wait to celebrate you, dearest. Happy birthday to you, in advance, Honey.

2. Your birthday is a once in a year, celebration galore. You are the reigning celebrity of my heart. It’s going to be lit! It’s the King’s birthday: a royal occasion! Congratulations, my king!! In Addy of you!

3. Wow! It’s just a few days to my dearest birthday! I can’t keep calm; I’ve got to make merry noise! On this coming special day of yours, we are going to celebrate with a bang! I already ordered for the moon and other surprise packages… just for you, my love. Keep your fingers crossed! Happy birthday in addy to you, my Prince.

4. Just when I needed time to fly swiftly like the blowing wind; it’s taking its fine time by crawling like a snail! Something fantastically special is in the offing: your birthday, my darling! I can’t wait to celebrate you, my sweet love. Happy birthday to you in advance, my husband.

5. Every day is a gift. No one is entitled to life: being alive is a privilege. Your birthday is an extraordinary gift worthy of celebration, Honey. Without you, my life is practically colourless! You are my Sunshine and rainbow! I love you to the moon and back! Happy birthday in addy to the world’s best husband in the world.

6. I’ll never stop playing my favourite ringing tone of ” I love you, boo” to you. Loving you is one pleasure life keeps on expanding. You are an amazing husband! Happy birthday in advance, my crown. You rock!

7. Something awesome is going down in a few days! I can’t keep quiet, Honeypie! Celebrating you with a bang is a pleasure I can’t wait to unleash! You are the best, sweetie! Happy birthday in addy to you, my treasure!

8. Your birthday is still a few days away, but I can’t wait to celebrate you, my love. I feel like announcing it with a trumpet, but your aversion to attention is keeping a lid on my bubbling excitement. Still, I can’t wait to celebrate you with a bang. You are a rare gem, my quiet giant. Happy birthday, in advance!

9. Your birthday is a week away, I know. I can’t help but prep up for it! Let’s paint the town red, blue, yellow, green…and all shades of awesome celebration. You are the only celebrity that has my undying devotion. I’m crazy about you, husband. Happy birthday in addy to you, my Sunshine.

10. You can’t stop me! The coolest party of the century is going down in the neighborhood soon. It’s going to be a blast, be prepared! It’s your special day, Honey. We are going to have fun. Watch out! Happy birthday in advance, my husband.

11. Your birthday is but hours away; need we wait on the dot of the hour to start the celebration? Nope! I’m too excited to wait! Let the celebrations start from this minute: it’s the king of my heart’s birthday! Happy birthday in addy to you, my crown.

12. Ruling king of my heart; waiting till the Dday to celebrate you, is a crime of love. Some decades ago, my heart’s delight was brought into the world. I’m so glad God brought you into the world, to bless my heart. Happy birthday in advance, my loving husband.

13. I love you, my darling husband. You are my Pride and Joy. Everything about you pleases me, just about every time. Your birthday is around the corner already, make a wish and expect the miracle. An angel is on hand to make it happen. Happy birthday in addy to you, my love.

14. I can hardly wait for your birthday to make a wish for you, my gem. My wish and prayer is that God will fulfill all your dearest desires and satisfy you with good things, this new year. May the dawn of the day, ushers in testimonies and explosive blessings, just for you. Happy birthday in advance, my dearest husband.

15. As the number one person in your life; the one closest to your heart; it’s my due to beat Facebook, your banks, and other early bird well-wishers, to wishing you an awesome birthday celebration ever.
So, here’s wishing the reigning king of my heart, an amazing birthday ever, in advance! Love you, husband!

16. What’s life without love? What’s love but my darling husband? Angel of my soul, your birthday is fast approaching. May each day before the day, comes with awesome blessings; may the day itself be an explosion of joy, while ushering in a season of endless testimonies. Congratulations, in addy, my guy!

17. I can forget the most important thing in life, but there isn’t a thing about you, I can ever forget or skip. Everything about you is ingrained in every cell in my body, dearest husband. Your birthday is always so special that I find it impossible to wait for it to celebrate you, handsome. Happy birthday in addy to you, my love. May your joy no know bounds, henceforth.

18. I always come first: in your heart, considerations, vital decisions, affections, and practically everything in your life. I also love to be the very first; to wish you a happy birthday, shower you with prayers and gifts. You deserve this and more, Husby. Happy birthday in addy to you, my darling.

19. The countdown is on already, sweetie. It’s just but some days to your birthday. I wish you the very best life has to offer you, and more! May the Lord prosper your ways and cause His face to shine upon you, my love. Happy birthday to you, in advance.

20. To the special man in my life, hours before your special day; I wish you a happy birthday in advance. May the odds continue to favour you in all situation. Count on having a swell time, my darling husband. It’s going to be a blast.

21. I was going to wait till the wee hours of the morning to wish you the happiest day ever; but, I can’t. I’m so over excited that I’ve got to spill it. Happy birthday in advance, my Prince. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I adore you!

22. Tomorrow is too far! Suddenly, the arm of the clock has gone on vacation, as time seems to be dragging ever so slowly! Well, before tomorrow comes, I do wish you, my Pumpkin, the best birthday celebration ever, in advance. Love you loads, sweetie!

23. Happy birthday in addy to you, my husband. May the Lord open the door of heaven’s abundance and shower you with blessings. Have fun, dearie!

24. This is a year of stupendous surprises; let me be the first to surprise you with a birthday wish and gift, darling. Your special day is almost here, already. Happy birthday in advance to you, my dearest husband. May your joy be full to overflowing.

25. Hugs and kisses, blessings and favour, gifts and merriment; all these and more, from me to you even before your birthday dawns. Happy birthday in addy to you, my husband. May you receive grace to be outstanding in your endeavours this season.

26. The race is on, my baby! The children can’t wait to shower you with surprises, hugs and kisses; but I have the advantage of place- right here with you before they awake. Your birthday is but some minutes away: may your blessings, joy and expectations always arrive early. Happy birthday, darling. You are the best!

27. It’s my intention to beat all your early bird well-wishers’ reminders and notifications, this year. Birthday arrived early, just for you, my darling! Happy birthday in advance, Honey Pie. May you enjoy God’s extravagant grace this season. Love you loads, my Prince.

28. I don’t like competition! No one is allowed to beat me into wishing the love of my life a happy birthday! It’s just two days to your special day, mine; I wish you the happiest birthday ever, in advance! May you bloom and increase on every side.
Congratulations, love!

29. May the Lord’s blessing continually flow in your life. May your joy be full and your peace be like a river. Happy birthday in addy to you, my sweet husband.

30. Happy birthday in advance to you, my Sunshine! I know tomorrow is but some hours away, but the hours seem to be dragging too slowly for my liking. Tomorrow starts from now, my sweetie. Have fun, be joyful and expect surprises. Cheers!

31. May your special day be filled with fun, laughter and excitement. May you experience God’s blessings like never before. Happy birthday in addy to you, my darling husband. Have a blast!

32. You deserve the very best on your birthday, my sweet Honey. I can’t wait till then to celebrate you, Husby. Every day till then is declared for celebrations in our home: the party is unending! Happy birthday in advance!

33. To the most amazing man in the world, I wish you a wonderful birthday, filled with loads of surprises, in advance. Have fun, darling husband. Birthday celebration starts early this year!

34. To the man that discharges his responsibilities promptly or in advance, it’s with utmost pleasure that I wish you the happiest birthday in advance. For all your unfailing love and sacrifices, may you receive limitless blessings this new year. Have a blast, darling husband!

35. I love you, more than your wildest guess. You are my fantasy and reality; I adore you, just so! Happy birthday in addy to you, my Husby. I wish you long life, prosperity, peace and joy.

36. Happy birthday in advance to my husband, soulmate, lover, friend mentor, and inspiration. Loving you is a heavy load core course I can never graduate from. As your day approaches, may your worries disappear, and your miracles appear.

37. You are my dream come true, my greatest miracle of all. May you be favoured beyond your wildest imagination. Goodness is your portion, from today. Happy birthday in addy to you, precious husband.

38. Being unavoidably absent on your birthday is bad enough. Being possibly unreachable due to the bad network is worse. The possibility of not being able to get across to you is unimaginable. So, here am I, wishing the most important man in my life a wonderful day. Happy birthday in addy to you, my treasure.

39. The year I met you, Christmas came early with lots of goodies from Santa Claus. I got lucky by marrying you, so miracle made my home its abode. I love you. May you experience miracles every day. Happy birthday, in advance, my Crown. Cheers!

40. Happy birthday in advance, my bundle of surprises, joy and wonder. You never cease to amaze me, sweetish. This new year, you shall experience joy in wonderful ways. Have a blast!

41. May you attain heights hitherto inaccessible/unattainable to you, this new year. May you enjoy a season of all-round breakthroughs. May the Lord bless you richly. Your birthday is almost here, it’s time to rejoice. Happy birthday in addy to you, darling husband.

42. May the Lord beautify you and clothe you with honour and greatness. The Lord will give you a new song to sing, this new year. Your birthday is loading, happy birthday to you in advance, my husband.

43. The season of greatness is almost here! May the Lord clothe you with the garment of greatness, aura of favour, gallery of beauty and loads of fun. Happy birthday in advance, husband like no other!

44. My husband is love defined and personalised. You are fun loving, caring, generous, loving, kind, and charming! I love you! Celebrating your birthday before it even arrived is my way of showing you how much you mean to me. Happy birthday in advance, precious husband.

45. Life is always worth living with you by my side. It’s adventurous, fun and educative. You are an uncompleted and an uncommon breed, my amazing husband. I love you. Happy birthday in advance, love.

46. Waiting for your birthday on the hour is killing me softly! I’m so brimming with excitement that I’ve got to start celebrating you, my darling. Can’t afford to let lethargy setting in to spoil my surprise. You deserve this and more. Happy birthday in addy to my husband. God bless you.

47. May the Lord help you and surround you with helpers of destiny. May you fulfill your purpose without swerving. It shall be a year of God’s manifold blessings. I can’t wait to celebrate your birthday in grand style. Happy birthday in advance, my treasure.

48. This fast-approaching new year of yours shall usher in a season of abundance for you. Whatever that’s insufficient will receive the grace of abundance, henceforth. Your birthday is right at the corner, I celebrate you, Husby. Happy birthday in addy.

49. May you cease from struggles and endless toil as you celebrate your birthday tomorrow. God’s grace will take you to the realms of effortless blessings. Happy birthday in advance, my precious husband.

50. The awesomeness of God is evident in every area of your life, I can’t but appreciate God for you. May the Lord perfect His healing in your life and restore all you’ve lost, with manifold blessings. It’s your birthday, tomorrow; happy birthday to my beloved husband.

51. Happy birthday in addy to you, my love. As you begin a new journey in a few hours, may the Lord multiply you richly, in Jesus’ name. You’ll move from heights to greater heights. Cheers, my husband!

52. Happy birthday in advance, my husband. May you continue to be relevant in your generation. As you open a new chapter in your life tomorrow, favour will speak for you. Grace will be your mantle. God bless you richly, darling.

53. And so it happens, that in a matter of hours, my husband is growing smarter as he adds another year to his age. God bless your new age, dearest. May He crowns the year with favour, blessings, sound health and long life, for you. Happy birthday in advance.

54. Hurrah! It’s my husband’s birthday, tomorrow. I can’t keep quiet; I’m on a mission to make it loud and elaborate. Sorry sweet, I’m on a roll already; you can’t stop me. Lines shall fall upon you in pleasant places. Happy birthday in addy, my sweetie puff.

55. When the King’s birthday approaches like a rollercoaster; a state of emergency is declared. All hands on deck for the royal celebration. Special doesn’t even begin to describe what you mean to me, my gem! It promises to be awesome: how’s that for a subtle hint? Happy birthday in advance, Honey!

56. Hurray! It’s my darling husband’s birthday week! It shall be a week of joy, minus sorrow; of peace, excluding trouble; of blessings without calamity. God bless your new age richly, Husby. Happy birthday in addy to you!

57. Without you, life itself becomes lifeless and meaningless to me. This is my prayer for you as you celebrate your birthday tomorrow: sound health, prosperity, favour, joy, honour, laughter and fun; shall take permanent residence with you, in Jesus name. Happy birthday in advance, my husband.

58. This coming new year, you shall be celebrated. May life deal you with a great hand. You shall be honoured beyond expectation. May the Lord grant you good health, long life, and prosperity. Happy birthday in addy, dear.

59. May the Lord bless you so massively this new year, that you’d give in explosive praises in return. Your cup of joy shall overflow without a pause. Happy birthday in advance, sweetie pie.

60. I love parties, especially ones organised in your honour. Your birthday is almost here, it’s time to go all out for my heartthrob. I love you, is putting it mildly. I’m high on you and I love celebrating you. Happy birthday in addy to you, Sugar! You rock!!

61. Yippee! In just a few days, your much awaited birthday is here! God is faithful: it calls for celebrations! I thank God from the depth of my being for divinely sparing your life from that fatal accident. May He watch over you and keep you safe forever. Happy birthday in advance, my husband. Congratulations!

62. I’m most grateful for the gift of life. My precious gem, having you safe, healthy, well and bubbling; is purely a work of grace. I’m thankful. May you continually abide under the shadow of the Almighty. Your special day is peeping in, already: happy birthday in addy to you.

63. When the evil ones ring the bell of destruction, it shall continually fail in your life. May the protective arms of God encompass you now and forever. You shall live to celebrate your coming birthday and more years to come. Happy birthday in advance, my darling husband.

64. Decades ago, a Prince was born into a royal family; fair and comely to behold. And the Prince grew up to be a charming, charismatic, smart, benevolent and amazing young chap: the cynosure of all eyes! Waiting to celebrate your birthday on the D-day is an unpardonable crime: merriment and jollification start from now. Happy birthday in addy, Prince of my universe. You rock!!

65. In great anticipation of your big day; divine arrangements have been made to bring in unlimited blessings, overflowing joy and abundant grace, to you. May the Lord answer your prayers and satisfy your desires with good things. Happy birthday in advance, dearest husband.

66. Happy birthday in advance, my darling! Your coming birthday calls for celebrations with music, dancing, sumptuous food with exotic wines. May the day bring you joy, darling.

67. Life dealt me a great hand when it handed you over to me on a platter of gold. I can’t but appreciate God for the best gift of love, packaged in you. Undamaged, and without blemish. I adore you, so. Happy birthday in advance, my husband. It shall be well with you. Congratulations, dearie.

68. Happy birthday in addy to you, my unvanquished Hero. May you enjoy a season of greater exploits. Cheers, my husband.

69. My soft-hearted, soft-spoken giant, happy birthday in addy to you. You are the best!

70. May the Lord fill your mouth with songs of victory and thanksgiving, this coming new year. May you run without getting weary; fly/ soar, even on the wings of adversity. It shall be a year to remember! Congratulations, dearie. Happy birthday in advance to you.

71. Happy birthday in addy to you, my husband. I wish you many more years of absolute bliss, peace and unlimited joy. May you live out your years in perfect health. May the day of your celebration break with endless possibilities and achievements for you.

72. Happy birthday in advance, my Pride. I wish you many more beautiful years ahead. It’s celebration galore, from now till the D-day. I love you.

73. Yippee!!! My love’s birthday is almost here! No argument, we are going to have a swell time. Some birthdays are milestones, worthy of grand celebration. This is one. Prepare for a fantastic time as the day approaches. Happy birthday in addy to you, dearest.

74. Happy birthday in advance, my Gorgeous! May God shower greater blessings upon your life. Have a beautiful year ahead, dearie!

75. Too bad I won’t be around to celebrate with you in person, but I’ll head home as soon as I can get away. Your birthday is so special I almost cancelled this business trip, but I just had to listen to your voice of reasoning. I’ll make it up to you, I promise. Happy birthday in addy, my sweet husband.

76. Happy birthday in advance, Honey Pie. I wish you many prosperous years ahead. May God’s abundant grace be sufficient for you, this new year. Cheers!

77. Happy birthday in addy, my dearest husband. I wish a more successful year, more contracts in your business pursuits and more money in your account. Plan to come home for the celebration. It’s going down with a big bang! Count on it!

78. Wishing my darling husband a most wonderful birthday, in advance. May all your earnest aspirations be fulfilled. May joy unspeakable be yours. Nothing good shall be withheld from you. Tell me, sweetie, what would like as a gift? What kind of celebration do you have in mind? This is an open cheque affair…sort of. You choose.

79. Happy birthday in advance to the most awesome man on the surface of the earth. Darling, I know today isn’t your birthday, but I can hardly wait for the moment to come! May the Lord fill your life with glory and endless grace. Cheers!

80. To the most talented, intelligent, clever and complete gentleman in the world, a glorious birthday in addy to you! Your best is yet to come, my husband. Watch out for your breakthrough series, starting from your day. Congratulations!

81. Happy birthday in advance, to my wonderful friend of life. My darling husband, as you start a new life in a few minutes, I decree that heaven will open a new chapter of success and breakthrough, for you. Your expectations shall be exceedingly fulfilled. There shall be no better yesterdays. Have a blast, all through!

82. Happy birthday in addy, my sweetheart. I wish you long life, prosperity, peace, sound health and joy unspeakable. The hour is nearly here. Have fun, Husby.

83. Happy birthday in advance to my one and only husband. The only one with unlimited access to my control button; my joy activator; my energy booster; my number one fan; my everything. If I give you the moon, I’d still believe I shortchanged you. You deserve even more. You rock, dearest!

84. Happy birthday in advance, my husband. You’ve brought so much joy to me that I have no choice but to celebrate you every day of my life. Your birthday is a good place to start. Enjoy!

85. To the love of my life, on the eve of his special day, I wish you happiness, groundbreaking successes, greater level achievements. You are the moon, my husband. The stars fawn around you! Happy birthday in addy to you.

86. Happy birthday in advance, my sweetie buns. It shall be well with you, in Jesus name. Receive grace and wisdom to excel this new year. Remember: you are a champion, my hero! Cheers!

87. Extraordinary grace for extraordinary exploits, the Lord shall bountifully bestow upon you, this new year. May God visit you early and satisfy your desires with good things. Wishing you more amazing years ahead. Happy birthday in advance, my darling.

88. Husband like no other, that is you! You have the quiet grace and strength to carry my quirkiness, with firmness, fun and gentleness. You are exactly right for me, my Hero. I can’t wait till tomorrow to celebrate you; so, party starts from now. Happy birthday in addy, my love. Plan to rock the day.

89. My dearest, the man with the golden heart, generous hands and beautiful smile; can I ever say it all? You are all these, and much more. A wonderful husband and amazing father, tough but tender, strict but gentle; I’m thrilled to my toes you are wholly mine! God bless you trillion times, dearie. Happy birthday in advance to you.

90. The eight wonders of the world, still have me baffled. The more you grow in years, the younger you look. How young are you going to be in two days? Twenty sure looks good on you, my gem. You aren’t older, you are wiser and smarter! Happy birthday in addy to you.

91. To my beloved husband, friend and lover; I wish you the best birthday celebration ever. Happy birthday in advance. Have fun, my love.

92. May the undiluted mercies of God flow ceaselessly in your life. May He mixes it with flavour of divine help, garnish it with grace and spice it long life and prosperity. It’s going to be a swell time: the countdown is on already! Happy birthday in addy, my husband.

93. Happy birthday in advance, my Handsome. You shall fulfill the number of your days with sound mind, good health, prosperity and joy. Grace shall accompany you. Congratulations, darling.

94. To the man behind my smiles, I wish you a glorious birthday in advance. You are the script writer, director, producer and financier of my success story. I’m so proud of you, my love. You are a rare breed. Keep on soaring, it’s in you!

95. I’ll rather be early than being apologetically late or conspicuously absent on the list of well-wishers. Being busy with party things isn’t a tenable excuse. So, happy birthday in addy to my baby. You are the best husband on this side of eternity. Have fun!

96. Being married to you is thrilling. Being your love, lover, partner and friend, is a lot of fun. My staunch supporter, unruffled balm, solid pillar, I celebrate you today and always. Happy birthday to you in, advance. Congratulations!

97. Happy birthday in addy to my mentor, leader, and spiritual pillar. God will go ahead of you in the new year. He’ll give you grace to do exploits and empower you in all areas of your life. I love you, boo. You are the best!

98. Happy birthday in addy to you, my precious Jewel. I join the host of heaven to celebrate you today. I thank God for His special love and grace upon you. You are a light, you will continue to shine for the world to see. Congratulations!

99. Happy birthday in advance, my Sunshine. Your generation is blessed because of your light and glory. May your light continue to shine. This new year, may God’s peace fill your heart. It’s going to be a year of bountiful harvest for you. Congratulations, in advance!

100. You are an embodiment of simplicity, an exemplary husband, awesome lover, wonderful father, and a trustworthy friend. You are my whole world, Husby. I love you with my whole being. Happy birthday to you in advance. May your new age bring more joy, peace, fulfillment and achievement for you. You are unstoppable!

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