Happy Birthday to My last Born Daughter

Happy birthday to My Last Born Daughter Messages

You are excited, right? I guess it’s because It’s your daughter’s birthday who is the last born in the family. Your daughter will be expecting some kind of special treat from you as the parent on her big day and you can’t afford to disappoint her this time around. So, considering sending her some lovely and beautifully crafted words will go a long way to assure her of your unconditional love for her.

Wouldn’t it be the best thing in the world for your daughter to receive a message from you on her birthday, especially if she is your last born daughter?

Are you racking your brain over something that I have given you for free? Please, don’t stress yourself. Remind your beautiful daughter of how irreplaceable she is to you by sending some prayerful birthday quotes to add a little blessing to her on her birthday.

With these amazing happy birthday to my last born daughter messages, you are guaranteed to put a smile on her face when she reads them. Yes, watch that smile build on her face by choosing any of these  heartfelt messages for last born daughter.

Birthday Messages for Youngest Daughter

My dearest, I want to use this opportunity to wish you all the good things of life. From the day you were born, my prayer for you has been that the blessings of God fall on you. I wish you a magnificent happy birthday. Have a blessed and prosperous year. I wish you a happy birthday, my youngest daughter.

1. To my last born daughter, you are as beautiful as the draperies in a palace. On this special occasion, may your lips be always covered with kisses, and may you find love better than the best wine. Happy birthday, my love.

2. It is your birthday my dear daughter! A time for singing and to be merry, make sure you eat well and drink. You are allowed today. Enjoy your day my dear daughter, happy birthday.

3. My daughter your eyes are like the dawn, you are beautiful and bright. I’m proud to call you my daughter. Happy birthday my dear.

4. Beloved you are elegant; your movements are like a young stag on the mountain where good things grow. God really blessed me the day I had you. Happy birthday, dear.

5. On this special day the Lord will hear your voice from his garden, and his angels will be waiting for you to make a request as they take it to Him, quickly make a wish my dear. Happy birthday.

6. Today is your birthday, I wish you all the riches, gold and silver, enjoy your day dear. Happy birthday.

7. You are like a wall that houses a tower, where people can go to find contentment and peace. Happy birthday my dearest daughter. I love you so much.

8. Though your enemies may build a wall around you and shut you in with a gate, the Lord will destroy the walls and pull down the gate’s panels to set you free. Enjoy your day. Happy birthday, my dear daughter.

9. Let your passion for life always burn like a raging fire, water will not put it out, and no flood will drown it. Happy birthday, dearest.

10. Today is your special day, old and new delights have been kept from you, all the pleasant fruits are near your door. Wake up and enjoy them today. Happy birthday, my dear.

11. Your ears will be deaf to the advice of evil people, instead only godly people will surround you on this special day. Happy birthday, dear.

12. My daughter, you are like a tree that grows beside a stream, you will be fruitful, and your blessings will never run dry. Happy birthday, daughter.

13. So it’s that special day again, everything you do will be successful; you will be like a house built on a rock. Happy birthday, dear.

14. I pray for you my daughter on this day that you will be exalted by God, and kept apart for Himself under his protection. Happy birthday, dear. Love you.

15. Anyone who is planning your downfall will not know peace; their plans will be made useless. Forward ever is your portion. Happy birthday, dear.

16. Today, the lord will announce that you are his daughter, everything good is yours, and your enemies will be shattered like a clay pot. Happy birthday.

17. Today, the lord will be your helper; he will always answer you from his sacred hill, protecting you from your enemies. Happy birthday to you my last born daughter.

18. As you celebrate this special day, the Lord will protect you, when you are awake, as you lie down and sleep, all night long the Lord will protect you. Happy birthday, dear.

19. This day is a cause for celebration; my last-born daughter just added another year to many more to come. Age with grace my love. Happy birthday, love.

20. The lord will announce you; he will declare you are his daughter today. Today you will receive favours from unexpected places. Happy birthday, dear.

21. From today onwards you will be shielded from danger, your courage will be restored, you will not be afraid of the thousands of enemies that surround you because you will prevail. Happy birthday, dear.

22. My lovely daughter, you are getting older now, I still remember holding you in my hands like a baby. The good Lord will continue to increase you. Happy birthday, dear.

23. You will always receive an answer from the lord when you pray; he will hear you when you call to him. Happy birthday, dear.

24. Your joy today as you celebrate plus one will be more than anyone’s own today. Have a blast dear.

25. You will always be victorious because your victory comes from God, you will always be successful because your success comes from God. Happy birthday my daughter.

Happy Birthday Messages to My Youngest Daughter.

You are the youngest out of all my daughters, and that makes you more precious to my heart. The bible said the last shall be the first. So I’m sending this birthday message to you, so you know I did not forget your special day and I’m always praying for you. I wish you a happy birthday, my youngest daughter.

26. My daughter, as you get older, troubles will always come, but I pray the Lord will be always there to help you. Happy birthday my darling.

27. Darling, on the day you were born, so much joy filled my heart, I pray you to experience twice the same joy today. Happy birthday.

28. It’s that special day of the year again when my last-born daughter is celebrated. I’m sending all the joy and happiness your way. Happy birthday, dear.

29. On your special day, you will experience the lord’s mercy; he will give you many enjoyable moments and always be there to rescue you. Happy birthday my love.

30. Another year has been completed, celebrate, be merry, eat and drink to your full my daughter, we celebrate with you also. Happy birthday, dear.

31. My dear daughter, you are getting older and wiser now, remember to put the lord first in all you do and watch his blessings magnify in your life. Happy birthday, dear.

32. I always thank God for you, you have always been a treasure to me, a source of pride and happiness, and it is a privilege to call myself your parent. Happy birthday my dearest, have a blast.

33. I pray for the lord’s protection over your life today, he will keep you safe; all good things from him will come to you today. Happy birthday, dear.

34. Today and forever your cry to God will be heard, your prayers will be answered, you will walk in the joys and mercies of God. Happy birthday, dear.

35. No matter how many times your enemies attack you, it will be useless because the lord stands for you, today and forevermore. Happy birthday my dear.

36. You will never be neglected by God; he will forever hold you close like his only child, keeping you safe from all the dangers outside. Happy birthday, dear.

37. What a joyous day! My daughter adds another year. You will never be shamed, your enemies will never gloat over you, you are victorious, enjoy your day! Happy birthday.

38. You will always be prosperous, your children will possess the land, and the lord will be your friend and affirm his covenant with you today. Happy birthday.

39. Oh! What a joy feels my heart today, my daughter celebrates another year added to her life. Happy birthday my dear.

40. The lord will be good to you from now and forevermore, as he has kept you from the time you were born till now, he will continue to keep you for many years to come. Happy birthday.

41. Your sadness will be turned into a joyful dance, all your sorrows will be taken away, today is your day, enjoy it. Happy birthday.

42. Those who oppose you will be opposed by the lord. Those who fight you will be fought by the lord; those who pursue you will be pursued by the lord. Happy birthday, darling.

43. This moment as you celebrate another year added to your life, I implore you my daughter trust in the Lord and give yourself to him and he will help you. Happy birthday, dear.

44. The lords’ constant love will always be with you, his faithfulness will continue to endure in your life. Happy birthday.

45. My prayer for you as you celebrate your day is you will be pulled out of dangerous pits and deep waters, out of the deadly quicksand unto a firm rock and made secure. Happy birthday.

46. All things are done according to God’s plan and decision; it is God’s decision that you should see another prosperous year being added to your life. Enjoy your day my dear daughter. Happy birthday.

47. My dear daughter, I have never for once stopped giving thanks to God for you coming into my life. I love you so much. Happy birthday.

48. This date marks another addition to your life. You will be enriched in all you do. Happy birthday.

49. The wise say there is a time for everything. So I guess the time for you to celebrate and be merry is here. Happy birthday.

50. As you celebrate, today, God will bless you and keep your gates strong, He will keep your borders safe and satisfy you with the finest things of life. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday to My Youngest Daughter Quotes.

My dearest, another year has been added to you today. I still remember rocking you in your rocking bed, trying to put you to sleep. How time flies. I am sending this happy birthday quote with joy. Just know that I have always loved you. I wish you a happy birthday, my youngest daughter.

51. Happy birthday, my dear daughter, you will rise and shine like the sun, people will be drawn to your light, your days will be filled with joy. Happy birthday once again.

52. The lord is your protector, he will be your strong fortress, and with him, you will be safe. Happy birthday.

53. I pray for the light of the lord on your life to dispel any darkness. I pray for his strength and power on you to attack your enemies and overcome their defences. Happy birthday.

54. From today onwards you will receive every desire of your heart and all your plans will succeed. Happy birthday, dear.

55. God will celebrate you and your triumphs; he will answer all your prayer requests and give you victory. Happy birthday.

56. You will never be abandoned, your cry for help will always be heard, and you will always find rest. Happy birthday, dear.

57. As you add another year, the God I serve and put my trust in will always be there to see you through. Happy birthday my dear daughter.

58. The lord will be king over your life and rule over your affairs. You will tell people what he has done for you. Happy birthday, dear.

59. On this special day, the lord will declare you innocent and keep you safe from all dangers. Happy birthday my dear.

60. In times of trouble you will be sheltered by God, he will keep you safe in his temple and make you secure on a high rock. Happy birthday my love.

61. You will always obtain mercy. You will never be abandoned. You will always receive help and be glad. Happy birthday my dear.

62. The goodness of God will always be in your life from now and evermore, you will be restored to glory and blessed with peace. Happy birthday, dear.

63. Your enemies will never defeat you, suffering will never be your portion, and you are in the lord’s care. Happy birthday, dear.

64. All your paths in life will be directed by God, every advice you receive will be from God. Wonderful things have been kept for you. Happy birthday my dearest.

65. Your purpose will never be frustrated; all your plans will be carried out successfully. I’m sending love and happiness your way. Happy birthday my dear.

66. Those who try to kill you will be defeated; those who plot against you will be turned back and confused. They will be blown away like straw in the wind. Happy birthday, dear.

67. The good lord will always watch over you my dear and keep you alive. You will always have plenty even in times of scarcity. Happy birthday.

68. You will be guarded by the lord’s angels, they will always rescue you. You will enjoy life. Happy birthday.

69. Enemies will not see you to gloat over. You will be acquitted and shout for joy from evil. You will grow strong like the Iroko tree. Happy birthday my dear daughter.

70. Today people will hear all that God has done for you and they will praise him because of you, they will testify of his goodness in your life. Happy birthday, princess.

71. Your peers will clap for you; they will sing your praises loud because you will be always victorious in all you do. Happy birthday, daughter.

72. I pray for you my daughter that you will become wealthy, and even though you cannot take it to the grave your wealth will become greater. You will be successful. Happy birthday my dearest.

73. I woke up this morning to the feeling of joy in my heart, I sat up and asked myself “why do I feel so happy” and then it hit me, my baby is celebrating today. Happy birthday, dear.

74. You will always be the head and never the tail in all you do. Happy birthday my love.

75. Every time you celebrate another year, it reminds me of how merciful God has been to me, keeping me alive to see my children get older is a blessing for me. Happy birthday, dear.

Birthday Wishes to My Last Born Daughter.

It is that special time of the month already. Wow! So, my last-born daughter has added another year again. You deserve the best birthday wishes ever. You have made me as proud as a parent can be of their child. I always boast about you to my friends. I wish you a happy birthday, my youngest daughter.

76. Today the lord will rise and scatter your enemies and prepare a way for you. He will celebrate with you as we celebrate with you. Happy birthday.

77. Your harvest will fill up your barns my dear daughter, I pray for your prosperity and every other good thing this life has to offer for you. Happy birthday.

78. My beautiful rose flower, another year has been added, what are we going to do about it? Celebrate of course! Happy birthday, love.

79. “Train up a child in the way he/she should go and they will not depart from it” I have done my work and you are reaping the benefits, happy birthday my dear.

80. Live long, my daughter! She will see gold from Sheba, prayers will be said for her at all times, there will be plenty of grain in her barn. Happy birthday, my love.

81. Happy birthday my love, God will never abandon you, his joy will be with you forever, He will deliver you from all hardships. Happy birthday once again.

82. Wow! It was just like yesterday when I left the hospital with you wrapped in your blanket, you were so small. Now you have grown into a big woman, how time flies. Happy birthday, dear.

83. Your life will never be invaded; you will not be destroyed and left in ruins. Forward ever and backwards never for you. Happy birthday.

84. I can’t curtail my joy. My baby is celebrating another year, what could be better. Happy birthday love

85. Sitting still is impossible right now; I can’t wait for the hands of the clock to strike twelve so I can send you this message to tell you how much I love you. Happy birthday.

86. When you are helpless and weak, the Lord will rescue you. He will answer your calls when you are in trouble. He will be merciful to you. Happy birthday, dear.

87. Great things are about to be done for you, happiness is coming your way; prosperity is knocking at your door. Happy birthday, dear.

88. My dearest, today comes with many blessings for you, you will shine in the darkness, you will never borrow but will always have to lend people, all your needs will be divinely taken care of.

89. With all my heart I thank God that he has allowed us to celebrate you once again, I pray he grants us many more occasions like this. Happy birthday, dear.

90. What a wonderful day today is, the birds are chirping loudly, the sun is shining bright, and I guess they are celebrating with you. Happy birthday, dear.

91. Children are a gift from God; they are a real blessing. This means you are a blessing to me, my daughter. Happy birthday my dear.

92. “Peace is with you” I pray for the peace of God on you. Prosperity is yours. Happy birthday.

93. The Lord will keep his promise with you and be good to you as you add another year to your life. Happy birthday, dear.

94. The traps set by the wicked will not catch you, they will be caught in their own traps. You are divinely protected. Happy birthday.

95. We will pop champagne today and celebrate merrily because it is my dearest daughter’s birthday. Oh, what joy feels our hearts. Happy birthday, dear.

96. It wasn’t too long ago the sound of you playing with your Barbie toys filled the house, now you are grown and playing in the real world. Happy birthday, my dear.

97. Today, I pray God fills you up with knowledge of His will, with all the wisdom and understanding his spirit gives. Happy birthday, love.

98. This is a special day to laugh and sing for joy, the lord has done a great thing for you today, and he has added another year to you. How happy I am as a parent. Happy birthday, dear.

99. Children are a gift from God and you, my daughter, have been the best gift I have ever received from the depths of my heart on this special day, I pray for you to be fruitful. Happy birthday, dear.

100. Seven times each day I thank God for you, there is nothing I wouldn’t do for you, my baby girl. I love you with all my heart. Happy birthday, love. Have a blast!

What are you waiting for? Pick one or more of these happy birthday to my last born daughter messages above and send it to your last-born daughter and wish her a happy birthday. Watch her carry a smile on her face all through the day.

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