Happy 12th Birthday Wishes for Daughter

Happy 12th Birthday Wishes for Daughter

Daughters are beautiful to behold, especially when you have one or more in the family. They exhibit some unique character that is different from the male child, especially when it comes to domestic matters. No matter how busy we get, we should always remember their birthdays because of how important they are to us. Some of their birthdays are so special that they need to be celebrated in a grand style, and their 12th birthday is one of them.

It’s your daughter’s 12th birthday, right? This is a special occasion not just for your daughter but also for you as a parent. This is so because, after this year, she will be stepping into her teenage years, which are years that are said to be very tough for most parents. It’s another opportunity for you to celebrate her and show that you care by wishing her the best with lovely words on her birthday.

You can choose to arrange a party or give her expensive gifts but to make it more meaningful, you need to write her some heartwarming words as birthday wishes to make her feel loved and special, both in action and in words. It is a great way to celebrate her.

Here, you will find the best happy 12th birthday wishes for daughter to make her birthday more enjoyable.

Birthday Wishes for 12 Year old Daughter

It’s a pleasure watching you grow up into this lovely 12 year old girl that you are today. Sometimes I look at you and still see the adorable toddler, and other times I envisage the wonderful woman that you will become. I wish you stay blessed and happy all your life. Have a blissful birthday my daughter.

1. I have watched you explore this world and everything it has to offer for the past 12 years and it fills my heart with joy. Happy birthday, my beautiful daughter. I wish you the best of luck and an amazing time ahead.

2. May your life become filled with love and happiness as you turn 12 years old today. May your birthday fill your heart with joy and may success always come to you easily dearest daughter cause you deserve it. Happy birthday, my daughter.

3. As you turn 12 years old today, I wish all of your childhood dreams and wishes come true on this birthday to lunch you into your teens. Happy birthday, my dear.

4. Today this family’s little star turns 12 years old. It’s another chance to show you just how special you are to all of us who love you. Today we celebrate not only your birthday but also the moments you made our lives special in every way. Happy birthday.

5. Congratulations on turning 12 years old my daughter. You are growing into a woman from a girl and the journey has been awesome. I feel proud as your dad. Happy birthday, honey.

6. Being a parent is the most beautiful thing and we realized it when you came to the world. This is the day 12 years ago when you blessed us with your entrance into our lives. Happy birthday to the most beautiful daughter ever. We love you so much.

7. Today you are 12 years old. You are growing up into a fine young lady that I’m so proud of. I can’t wait to see the person you will become in future. I wish you a birthday full of fun and laughter and a year of great moments.

8. My princess is turning 12 years old today and that’s a royal day of celebration for our entire family. I wish you fun, good luck and a bright future. Have a fabulous birthday darling.

9. Our lives changed for the better when you came into it 12 years ago. I am enjoying every moment of it as your father. That’s the biggest achievement in my life. I want to wish my princess a happy birthday with lots of love and happiness.

10. I rejoice every day for having you as a gift. Your smiles take all the worries away and fill my heart with happiness. You are turning 12, today is a reminder that you are my most precious gift and nothing can compare to you.

12th Year Birthday Wishes for Daughter

Happy 12th birthday my darling daughter. I wish you a wonderful and bright future. May you continue to find joy in the little things life has to offer. May this special year give you some more wisdom and knowledge and may all your best wishes come true. Happy birthday.

11. May this special day gives you a special reason to be thankful, happy and cheerful. May this splendid day be an extremely happy one for you. Have a hearty 12th year birthday my daughter.

12. Happy 12th year birthday to you my precious daughter. One more year and you will be a teenager, so enjoy being a child this year.

13. May your 12th year birthday bring to fulfilment all the dreams which are hidden in your sweetheart. Have a fantastic day my sweet daughter.

14. We are so proud of you, my dear daughter. You have succeeded so much in every stage of life. We wish you a wonderful 12th year birthday.

15. Happy 12th year birthday my daughter. You are the best thing that happened to me and I hope each and every dream in your life come true. Enjoy the day dear.

16. May your 12th year birthday be the beginning of new and wonderful things, may you be blessed with joy, good health and success. Enjoy this special day my daughter.

17. I hope your 12th year birthday is so unique that you remember every wonderful moment of it until your next one. Enjoy your day darling.

18. As you celebrate your 12th year birthday, may this day bring glow to your face and the coming years bring nothing but joy, grace, and happiness to you. Have a great day princess.

19. It’s been amazing watching you grow into this pretty girl you are. You get prettier and more intelligent each passing year. I hope today bring you happiness and excitement. Happy 12th year birthday my daughter.

20. It’s your 12th year birthday my daughter. I wish you enjoy this beautiful and special day. My best wishes are always with you my amazing girl.

12th Birthday Messages for Daughter

This message is from your parents to you, my lovely daughter. You are such a wonderful blessing to us. You are charming, lovely and adorable. You fill our hearts with so much pride and gratitude that we were given the privilege to love you. Have a blessed 12th birthday dearie.

21. I am glad to have you as a daughter. Everything about you makes my heart burst with pride. May this day be as brilliant and radiant as you are. Have a glorious 12th birthday dear.

22. When you were born, I thought that was the most single amazing moment of my life but I was wrong. It is all the many priceless moments spent with you, loving you and watching you grow. Have a fun 12th birthday my princess.

23. Your life is a precious gift from above. May you grow up always feeling loved and adorable. I love you so much, my daughter. Wishing you a very happy 12th birthday and the best in everything you do.

24. On this special day, may you have all the happiness that your heart can hold. May you receive God’s abundant blessings. I wish you a very happy 12th birthday my daughter.

25. Wishing you a hearty 12th birthday my daughter. You have made my life so meaningful and beautiful. I hope all your dreams come true.

26. On this special day of your 12th birthday, let me remind you again that you are my life’s happiness. May you always find reasons to be happy and grateful because you deserve it.

27. The most precious memories and unforgettable moments of my life revolve around you, my precious daughter. I am glad to celebrate another great year in your life. Happiest 12th birthday sweetheart.

28. On your 12th birthday, I wish you joy, love and good fortune. I wish you all the best things this life can offer and happiness in all you do. Have a fantastic day my daughter.

29. Your 12th birthday is a big celebration for the family. We are looking forward to celebrating this day as a memorable one. I wish you good luck and success in the future, sweetheart.

30. Since you came into my life parenting has been fun and exciting. I can’t wait to share all the big and small moments with you as the years pass. Have a blissful birthday my daughter.

12th Birthday Quotes for Daughter

Here is wishing my daughter the happiest 12th birthday ever. I know you were born for greatness. Everything about you makes my heart burst with pride, I am blessed to have you as a daughter. Wishing you a year overflowing with love and happiness.

31. You are the daughter anyone will wish for. I know that you have an amazing future ahead of you because you are a serious and good girl. Have a fantastic 12th birthday celebration, my sweet daughter.

32. We forget all the problems and all the pains whenever we see you smile. Since you came into our lives, you made the family bond stronger. We hope your 12th birthday and the years to come to be as awesome as you are.

33. The sun has been brighter today, the stars are going to show their blessings because it’s my daughter’s 12th birthday. May this special day bring you everything you ever dreamt of.

34. Happy 12th birthday to my princess. Your entrance into my life brought me fulfilment. You are an inspiration to me and I am proud of you. I love you so much, my daughter.

35. No matter what you face in your life, you shouldn’t stop or give up. You will overcome all the challenges with hard work and dedication. Happy 12th birthday my beautiful daughter.

36. I am sending lots of love and warm wishes to you on your 12th birthday. I hope you will have an amazing future my loving daughter. I am always proud to be your mother.

37. You are like sunshine to our lives. You have brought lots of colour and happiness to us. Our lives has changed for the better because of you. As you celebrate your 12th birthday today, I wish you all the good things in life.

38. You bring joy and happiness to all those around you. Today is your birthday and we are very excited to celebrate this day with so much fun and celebration. Happy 12th birthday to you my wonderful daughter.

39. Having a daughter like you is the biggest blessing in life. Happy 12th birthday to you, dear. May the years ahead be filled with beautiful moments. Hope you have an amazing time on this special day.

40. Have a happy 12th birthday and keep blossoming like the beautiful girl you are. Sweetheart, I hope you will enjoy the rest of your life with so much love and happiness, that’s my wish for you.

Birthday Wishes for a 12 Year Old Girl

Happy birthday to the cutest 12 year old girl in the world. You are the one who has changed our lives. You are such a positive, charming, and absolutely adorable girl. I am so proud that I get to call you my princess because no other person could ever compare to you. Wishing you all the best in life.

41. Best wishes for the most significant 12 year old girl in the universe. May God make you happy and keep you healthy always. Have a great day.

42. The princess of my heart is 12 years old today. This is the best day for me. I am ready to celebrate this day with lots of fun and celebration. Happy birthday.

43. You are 12 and you act like an adult. We appreciate your intelligence and we are proud of you. We hope that you will have an amazing future ahead. Have a wonderful 12 year birthday my angel.

44. I wish that all of your dreams will come true and you will be the happiest person in the world. We love you so much. Happy 12th year birthday to you, baby girl.

45. Sending lots of love and great wishes to the most pretty 12 year old girl in the world. Happy birthday to you, honey.

46. You are the most beautiful 12 year old girl I have ever seen. I hope that one day you will become a successful and elegant woman. Have a great birthday sweetie.

47. As you celebrate your 12 years on earth, may this day bring you lots of reasons to smile and may you find happiness and love today and throughout your entire life. Have a blessed birthday dear girl.

48. You are a perfect 12 year old in my eyes. I wish you all the best in life. My blessings are always with you my lovely baby girl.

49. Hey baby girl, you are growing up so fast and you are the cutest 12 years old in the world. Today is your birthday and we are very excited to celebrate this day with so much fun and celebration.

50. Today is the best day of my life because I saw my little angel for the first time on this day 12 years ago. It doesn’t matter how old you get, you will be the same little girl to me. Have a splendid birthday.

Happy 12th Birthday to My Daughter Messages

My beautiful daughter, on this special day of yours, I wish that you have the most amazing day. Your heart is full of so much love and kindness and you share it with your family and all those around you. May you receive all the desires of your heart and may this message fill your heart with warmth and love.

51. May this day bring you showers of blessings, may the coming years bring nothing but joy, grace, and happiness to you. Happy 12th birthday my daughter.

52. Happy 12th birthday my wonderful daughter. It’s yet another day to show you how special you are. Your smile has the power to fade everything grey. We celebrate not just your birthday but all those moments that you made our life special in every way.

53. My dearest daughter, I wish you a very warm and happy 12th birthday. You are a true gift of joy. May you achieve and get all you ever wish for.

54. 12 years ago we were gifted with a gorgeous baby girl. She has brought many changes into our lives. I am lucky to call her my daughter.
Happy 12th birthday Sweetie.

55. Happy 12th birthday to the girl who only continues to grow into a beautiful young lady. Here’s to more success as you continue to grow and shine. Happy birthday.

56. Today, we want to let you know, that no matter how much you grow up, you will always be our bundle of joy. I am so proud of the woman you are becoming. Happy 12th birthday my daughter.

57. Happy 12th birthday my darling daughter. May the angels protect you, may your wishes come true and may you have an unforgettable birthday party.

58. Happy 12th birthday to my cute daughter. You are the best thing that happened to me. I love you more than words can say. I look forward to the best
years of my life with you.

59. Dear daughter, we wish you the best of everything every single day. But today being your birthday, we wish you double the best of everything. Happy 12th birthday dear.

60. Happy 12th birthday my sweet daughter. I hope you have the best birthday ever. Be happy and never let that beautiful smile leave your face.

Birthday Messages for My Daughter Turning 12

Dear daughter, this message is to let you know, that this is the last year you are going to be a child because next year, you are officially a teenager. No need to be sad, you still have a lot to look forward to now that you are turning 12. Have a blessed birthday, sweetheart.

61. Today is a very special day because it is the day when I first saw my angel and today she is turning 12. Happy birthday to my lovely daughter. You are the most beautiful gift I have ever received.

62. Today is all about our pretty little daughter who is turning 12. She came into our lives sparkling like a little star and radiating warmth like an angel. I hope to continue to nurture the perfect balance of sweetness and strength in her. Have a glorious birthday, dear.

63. You are the best. I love you more than words can say. I look forward to watching you continue to blossom. Congrats on turning 12 my daughter. Have a nice birthday.

64. Happy birthday to my precious daughter. You are turning 12 today, I can’t believe how time flies. You have changed so much in so many positive ways. I hope you have a great day today. Daddy loves you.

65. Be happy as you turn 12 today my beautiful daughter. This is the day you were brought into this world to be a blessing and inspiration to the people around you. May you be given more birthdays to fulfil all of your dreams.

66. It’s hard to believe that you’re already turning 12. Time flies when you are having fun. I am so proud of you and all your accomplishments. I love you to the moon and back, and I hope you enjoy your birthday.

67. On this wonderful day that you turn 12, I wish you a day that brings the same kind of happiness and joy that you bring to me. Happy birthday my lovely daughter.

68. Happy birthday to my wonderful little big girl who turns 12 today and who has made my life so amazing in a million ways. Being your mother definitely brings more happiness than I know what to do with, and I don’t know what I will do without you. I love you so much.

69. Screaming “happy birthday” loud and proud to my beautiful daughter who is turning 12 today. You are the most precious gift I could have ever asked for, and I love you to infinity. Have an awesome day and turn up hard with ice cream and cake. Enjoy your special day, sweetie.

70. Right from the very first time we held you in our arms, we knew you are special. Today we find ourselves happy to see you grow up so beautifully even as you turn 12 today. Happy birthday to our princess.

Birthday Wishes for Twelve Years Old Daughter

It has been so much fun to watch you grow into the incredible person that you are becoming. I am so proud of you and cannot wait to watch you continue to grow and be all the good that you can be. My best wishes are with you as you turn twelve years old today. Have a great birthday my daughter.

71. The girl that took a big piece of our hearts the moment she was brought into our world is twelve years old today. Wishing our sunshine a sweet happy birthday. Hope your day is just as magical for you as you care for us.

72. I know that you are so excited as you are being celebrated today. I will advise you enjoy the last moments of your childhood because it is a special time in your life. Happy birthday, dear daughter.

73. Congratulations on turning twelve years old my daughter. Every day you continue to amaze me, you are such a confident, cute, and caring daughter. May your birthday bring untold bliss and happiness.

74. Happy birthday to my cool twelve year old daughter. May this birthday be filled with wonderful surprises, terrific gifts, and all the people you love around you to celebrate your special day with you. God bless you, dear.

75. May this day bring more showers of blessings. You are an awesome twelve years old and I hope you get to enjoy each and every second of your day. Have a blessed birthday my daughter.

76. I can’t believe it’s been twelve years already since I was graced with this high-spirited bundle of joy. Watching you grow, amazes me how smart and silly you can be. You already have such a big personality, I know I truly am fortunate to get to be your mother. I love you more than words could ever express.

77. Your very existence has brought beauty and grace into my life. I hope you know that when you were born my soul was touched in a way I never thought possible. May this day that you are turning twelve be as marvellous as you are.

78. Every moment of these twelve years spent with you has been an absolute joy. You fill my days with laughter and my thoughts with love. May your birthday be as unforgettable as you are.

79. Congrats on turning twelve years old my little butterfly. You are my beautiful, smart, and passionate daughter. We have our differences at times, but I still love you no matter what. I’m glad to say that you are my daughter. I love you a million times. Have a fantastic birthday.

80. I thought I knew what love was, and then I had a daughter. It turns out I had no clue how much my capacity for love could grow. I am so fortunate that I have had all these twelve years to get to watch you grow into a fine girl.

Birthday Wishes for Baby Girl 12th Birthday

Happy 12th birthday to this pretty little baby girl who stole my heart when she was born. Live life to the fullest because every moment is precious and irreplaceable. I wish you an epic party that you will remember for many years to come. Have the best time with your friends and hope you get cool gifts.

81. On your 12th birthday baby girl, I hope that you will wish big and dream even bigger. Do things that make you happy and unleash your creativity. I know that your heart is in the right place, so I need not worry. I hope you have the most amazing birthday.

82. On your special day, remember how much beautiful and lovelier you have made our lives. I wish that you will always hold on to your kind and generous heart. Always be the kind and sweet baby girl that you are. We love you so much. Happiest 12th birthday.

83. I’m glad that I have another opportunity to send more love and affection your way. You deserve all the most wonderful things, not only today but all the days of your life. Have a blissful 12th birthday baby girl.

84. At your age, you are surprisingly wise and deep. You’ve helped me figure out some things in my life that just don’t make sense to me sometimes. Thank you for being such a breath of fresh air. I love you. Happy 12th birthday, sweetie.

85. Happy 12th birthday baby girl. The older you get, the more I love celebrating your birthday. That’s because I love you more every day.

86. May God bless you today and may you keep shining your radiant light to any person that you meet. Every day we thank God for giving you to us and for being such an endless source of happiness for us. Happiest 12th birthday baby girl.

87. Happy 12th birthday. I hope that your special day is filled with love and happiness. May all your wishes come true today and throughout the year. God bless you, baby girl.

88. Have a happy 12th birthday today. I wish you more wonderful birthdays to celebrate in the coming years of your life. You deserve all the wonderful things in this world because of your kind and gracious heart. Stay happy and blessed.

89. I wish you only love and laughter on your special day. A fine baby girl as you deserve only the best things in life. I hope you have the most wonderful birthday celebration. Happy 12th birthday.

90. You deserve to enjoy such precious gifts and wonderful celebrations because you have been a good girl. I know you will continue to make all of us proud. Hearty 12th birthday.

Happy 12th Birthday to My Daughter Quotes

You are the sunshine in our life. Your entrance has bought lots of light and removed all the darkness from us. We have been the best couple ever, because of you. We learn to love each other more since you came into our lives. Happy 12th Birthday to you my lovely daughter.

91. As you get older, your view of the world and of life also changes. Whatever happens, never lose your sense of wonder and your kind heart. Happy 12th birthday dear daughter.

92. Happy 12th birthday, my dear cute daughter. Thank you so much for coming into my life and making everything very special for me. You are the most loving person in the world, I love you so much.

93. There is nothing more special than the friendship shared between a mother and daughter. We have spent so many amazing times together and I’ll never forget them. Happy 12th birthday my angel.

94. You have reached the sweetest part of growing up which is becoming a teenager. I hope you grow to become a worthy daughter and make us proud. Happy 12th birthday.

95. Congratulations for passing another year in life. I am sending warm love and happiness to you. I love you so much and I wish you have an amazing future. Happy 12th birthday my lovely daughter.

96. My heart is filled with so much joy when I realize what you have given me over the years. Happiness, kisses, love, and gratitude. I’m so lucky to call you mine. Happy 12th birthday dear daughter.

97. It can be confusing faced between being a girl and a young lady. But the best thing to do is to enjoy every moment of the transition. Happy 12th birthday my daughter.

98. My daughter, you have wisdom beyond your years. I should be coming to you for advice, but I often find myself asking you questions. You’re my smart, lovely girl. Happy 12th birthday.

99. Happy 12th birthday dear daughter, thank you for being the reason I smile so much. You bring me so much happiness, my angel. Every day is a gift for me to have you.

100. No matter what you face in your life, you shouldn’t stop fighting. You have to win all the hardship with hard work and dedication. Happy 12th birthday honey.

I hope these happy birthday wishes make your special 12 year old daughter feel loved on her birthday and the words turn the simple birthday into one of the most unforgettable ones.

Hope you show some love by sharing with friends.

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