Birthday Message to a Close Friend

Happy 15th Birthday Wishes and Messages for Best of Friends

A friend can be likened to a companion or confidant. But there is a friend that is sometimes even closer than our siblings; that kind of friend that knows all your secrets but never judges you by them.

Everybody needs that kind of friend. And if you have one, you should make him/her feel special, especially on their birthday and even more especially, on their 15th birthday.

We all know the 15th birthday is regarded as a significant and milestone age. So, make sure your friend feel your love on such a day.

Here are the sweet happy 15th birthday wishes for friends for your close friend.

Happy 15th Birthday Message to a Close Friend

Below are lovely happy 15th birthday messages you can send to your close friend as he or she is clocking 15 years of age today. All you need to do is make your selections and send it across to him or her.

1. Happy 15th birthday to you, my dearest friend. The line of our friendship is 360 degrees, therefore it cannot be broken. I wish you sweet love as strong as the one we share.

2. Happy birthday to my sweet friend. May your life always be colourful and full of light.

3. Some people do not believe in luck. I do because it had to have been luck that made you my friend. I wish you a wonderful year as bright as your smile. Happy birthday.

4. I wish the world’s best friend the loveliest, wonderful and sweetest 15th birthday celebration.

5. Knowing you have a true friend is one of the most comforting things in the world. Thank you for giving me that feeling. Happy birthday to a true friend.

6. Happy birthday to you, best friend. You deserve to be celebrated for all the times you have been there for me and everybody that needed you.

7. Happy birthday, dear friend. Have a fun day and an even more fun year ahead.

8. Today is my birthday as well because my best friend is celebrating their birthday. I wish you all the greatness I wish myself.

9. Every year seems like the beginning of our friendship and it never gets old. Even as you are celebrating your 15th birthday again today, it seems like we are just beginning. Happy birthday, dear.

10. I can’t believe it’s your birthday again. It just seems like yesterday when we celebrated the last one. I pray every day of the year be celebratory for you. Happy 15th birthday, best friend.

11. Happy birthday to you, friend. When you blow on your candles today, make sure you wish big because someone is praying for all your wishes to come true.

12. Happy birthday, dearest. The world is too small for all the happiness I wish you. Have a blast.

13. It is weird when I hear people call us friends. You are my brother/sister in all sense of the word. Happy birthday.

14. You are my best friend, so you deserve the best birthday ever. You are a lovely friend, so you deserve the loveliest birthday ever. And you are a wonderful friend, so you deserve the most wonderful birthday ever.

15. We have so many memories together. Our birthdays being one. Today is your 15th birthday, and I know we are going to have another sweet memory again. Happy birthday, dear friend.

16. Happy birthday to you, my friend. I feel your prayers for me all the time. So I’m praying for you as well that your life will be full of testimonies.

17. You have always been there when I needed to cry. Somehow, you know how to make it better. So I celebrate with you on this great day. Happy birthday, dear friend.

18. The stars must have been smiling at me when you were made my friend. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

19. Happy birthday to you, my sweet friend. May showers of blessings fall on you today and always.

20. Happy birthday to my best friend in the world. My birthday is yours and your birthday is mine. So don’t eat the cake alone.

21. If I am told to count my best friends, I will count you twice. Happy 15th birthday to you.

22. Every year on your birthday, I thank God for the opportunity to know you. You are wonderful. I wish you the very best.

23. Happy 15th birthday to you, best friend. I hope today puts a smile on your face because your smile makes the world better.

24. Finding the right words to say to you today is difficult. That’s why I am going to wish you the best life has to offer. Happy birthday to the world’s closest friend.

25. Happy birthday lovely friend. I guess some people are blessed with great friends. I am one of them.

26. I know you have celebrated some wonderful birthdays in the past. I hope this year’s birthday is better than the past one.

27. Happy 15th birthday to you. Here is to another year of exceptional friendship.

28. Happy birthday to the only person who actually understands me.

29. I woke up today certain we were going to have a good time, with my silly jokes and you laughing at them. Generally, I hope we have a fun time on your birthday today.

30. Happy birthday to you my friend. This is a good time as any to thank you for being a good friend. I am grateful for you.

31. Today is your birthday. To me, it’s a chance to spend time again and make memories. Happy birthday, dearest friend.

32. Happy birthday to you, friend. Make sure you enjoy every single minute of the day.

33. There was a time when I didn’t have any friends. Now, it feels like I have a hundred just because of you. Happy 15th birthday.

34. Happy birthday to you, dear friend. May all your dreams come true.

35. I wish you many happy returns as you celebrate another year today. Happy birthday to you, dearest friend.

36. May this day be special for you because you are a special friend. Happy birthday to you.

37. I know you got plenty of gifts today. I wish you, above all, the gift of long life. Happy birthday

38. Happy birthday to you, my friend. May every moment of your life be full of wonders.

39. It is someone’s 15th birthday today. No wonder the sun seemed to shine brighter. Have a blast.

40. You are the one friend that makes me be myself and never judges me for it. Thank you and happy birthday.

41. I wish you long life in good health as you add another year today. Happy birthday to the world’s best friend.

43. Happy birthday to you. The whole world is probably envious of your friendship. And guess what, I don’t care. I wish you greatness.

44. Happy birthday to you, my friend. Every year at your birthday, it reminds me of how old I am becoming. I hope this year treats you well.

45. We are both imperfect but our friendship is perfect. Happy birthday, dearest.

46. Happy birthday to my friend, who I am confident will always be there.

47. Happy birthday, friend. Your cake was yummy. May your life be even sweeter.

48. For giving me a shoulder when I needed one, I celebrate you. For drying the tears in my eyes when I needed it, I appreciate you. Happy birthday to you, friend.

49. Happy birthday to you, friend. Enjoy your day.

50. When I am full of doubts, you always tell me I can do it. That’s why I know you deserve happiness all the days of your life. Happy 15th birthday.

Happy Birthday Wishes for 15 Year Old Friend

Birthday comes ones in a year and your friend’s birthday is around the corner. Why not celebrate him or her in a grand style by sending the following happy birthday wishes for 15 year old friend to him or her? As they are well constructed to suit the purpose.

51. As you clock another year today, I wish you a joyful day and an even more joyful year. Happy birthday, friend.

52. I pray that the memories you build from here on out be happy ones. Happy birthday to you, friend.

53. Happy 15th birthday to my best friend in the world. You always manage to look youthful.

54. Today is that special day because it is your birthday and you are dear to me. Happy birthday, friend.

55. Not everybody has the kind of friendship where they are allowed to be themselves. I have found that with you. Happy birthday, friend.

56. Happy birthday to you. I hope we are still friends many years from now, even when we are bent by age.

57. We spent childhood together being goofy. Now, we are in our teenage years. And as we grow older, I can’t wait for us to be responsible together. Happy birthday, friend.

58. Happy birthday to my best and amazing friend who made me believe in friendship again.

59. You have many great qualities. The greatest quality is that you have great taste in friends … meaning me. Have a wonderful birthday celebration, friend.

60. We have had so many adventures in the course of the years. I can’t wait to have more with you. Happy birthday.

61. Happy 15th birthday. Today is your day so I will indulge you; whatever you want to do.

62. Words are too limited to express my happiness at your birthday. It is because you are such an awesome friend. I wish you a blissful year ahead.

63. Happy birthday, dearest friend. May today mark a significant turn around in your life.

64. Happy birthday, friend. I wish you perfect health all the days of your life.

65. May life smile at you and take it easy with you. Happy birthday.

66. I never knew when we met years ago that you will be my closest friend one day but I couldn’t have chosen a different turn of events. Happy birthday to you.

67. Life comes with its ups and downs, everybody knows that. I hope you experience more ups than you do downs. Happy birthday.

68. All the wishes of this world are smaller than what I wish for you, even though I can’t put them in words. Happy birthday, dearest friend.

69. Happy birthday, friend. If everybody had a friend like you, the world will be a better place.

70. Happy birthday, best friend. I think this is a good time to tell you how much I love you.

71. We share a mutually beneficial friendship like two peas in a pod. That’s why I would always be a part of this friendship. I want to wish you a great life as you celebrate your 15th birthday today.

72. Happy fifteenth birthday, sweet friend. May you always have a reason to celebrate.

73. I can count my friends on my hand but you are worth a thousand. Happy birthday.

74. Happy birthday, friend. May your days be filled with joy and laughter.

75. Happy fifteenth birthday to my best friend. I wish that you will not experience sorrow all the days you have on earth.

76. Happy birthday to you. This is another opportunity to assure you that I’m a friend you can always count on.

77. Happy birthday to the friend I love for being herself/himself.

78. It’s my buddy’s birthday today, so we are going to paint the town red. Just tell me where you want to go and it’s done.

79. Today is a blessed date because this is the day an angel was born. Happy birthday, friend.

80. May your life always be relevant and full of impact. Happy birthday, champ.

81. Warmest regards from my heart to you on your birthday. Have a lovely one, dearest friend.

82. Happy birthday, buddy. You are someone we are all proud of.

83. One of the best gifts life ever gave me is the gift of friendship. Happy fifteenth birthday to my friend. I wish you happiness in all ramifications.

84. For you are a jolly good fellow, that’s why I am celebrating you today. Have fun on your birthday.

85. Happy 15th birthday, friend. I wish you God’s blessings all around.

86. As you celebrate your fifteenth birthday today, may you experience success in all the areas that matter.

87. Our Creator was thinking of me the day you were born. Happy birthday, best friend.

88. I pray this year be better than the past and continues like that. Happy birthday, sweet friend.

89. Happy birthday, BFF. It’s amazing how I see you in all my significant moments. You are a true friend.

90. It’s my dear friend’s 15th birthday. Another excuse to party.

91. When I am asked to define a best friend, I simply have to define you. Have a great birthday celebration.

92. Your fifteenth birthday is a good time to celebrate what a great soul you are and an even better friend.

94. Happy birthday, friend. Don’t be surprised if you see the wishing star today. I wished for it so you can have a chance at all your wishes coming true.

95. Happy birthday to a one of a kind friend. May your life continue to brighten each day.

96. May your life be full of pleasant surprises. Happy birthday to a true friend.

97. We have cried together and laughed together. Now, let’s have fun together on your birthday.

98. Sending warm hugs your way on your birthday. I hope you received them.

99. Happy 15th birthday to my sister/brother from another mother. You deserve all the joy in the world.

100. You are a true friend. That’s why I send prayers above for you that all your efforts will be crowned with success.

And there you have it. Now, you have no excuse not to celebrate your close friend on their 15th birthday. So, get to celebrate them with the happy 15th birthday wishes and messages for best of friends.

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