Birthday Poems to my Brother

Birthday Poems to my Brother

Brothers are blessings from God. It does not matter if they are adopted, foster or blood; the bond is in the strength of the relationship. There are many ways of making your brother’s birthday special, you can make the day spectacular in an unforgettable way. You can do this by writing a heartfelt emotion-laden poem to your beloved brother. A revealing poem of love and appreciation, packed with a touch of nostalgic memories.

There is no better day to do this than your brother’s birthday. A heartfelt birthday poem is guaranteed to turn an ordinary celebration into an extraordinary jamboree. The cute poem will set the tone for an awesome time. Your beloved brother surely deserves this!

Need help to make an unforgettable statement on your brother’s special day? Is your interest in lovely poems just right for your dearest brother? Want a birthday different from the past usual ones? These birthday poems for my brother will do the trick.

Birthday Poems to my Brother

Your kid brother or elder brother’s birthday is an opportunity to express your heartfelt love to him with powerful poems. These cute birthday poems for my brother, are exactly what you need to make his day memorable.

1. Love is my forever song for you;
On this special day of yours,
Reminiscent of the joy you brought to our hearts;
As you made a grand entrance,
Into a world eagerly awaiting your royal highness.
Like the king you are.
Happy birthday darling brother.

2. Loving you is so easy peasy simple.
You are that adorable, darling brother.
Even when you go macho on me;
Forming big guy to his big sister.
None of that, big daddy!
You can never outgrow your adoring sister’s hugs, pecks and tender loving care.
It’s a lifetime contract with no expiring date.
Happy birthday, little brother.

3. Your love for me shines forth like the sun.
Your being protective makes me feel like a Princess.
A role reversal is appreciated in every way.
Thanks for being a model kid brother.
Smartness is embedded in you
Kindness is your natural makeup
You are special in every way.
Happy birthday, kid brother.

4. If love has a definition,
That would be you, little brother.
If integrity is a currency, you’d easily be the wealthiest on earth.
If kindness is a star, you’d shine brighter than the sun.
Simply put, you’re the best!
Happy birthday, beloved brother.

5. May you glow like the sun,
Sparkle like a diamond,
And, glitter like a precious gem.
May you never lose your smile.
Happy birthday little brother,
Have a blast, munchkin.
Today and forever.

6. The charmer with a winsome smile,
The one with the vibrating vibes,
That brings radiance to everywhere
Dispelling gloom, expelling doom
Booming with life, vibrant with love
Special in every way are you.
Happy birthday, darling brother.
Shine like the star you are.

7. Life is full of ups and downs;
You are the ups that melt away the downs.
You are my blessing in disguise;
Always brightening my world with your sunny smiles and cheery presence.
My cute brother, who shares my pains and gains.
Happy birthday, my sweet brother.

8. A watertight fact is my unshakeable love for you.
Little but mighty, a brother like no other.
You are my sunshine and smile prompter.
When all around me is dark and gloomy;
You are forever my shining spot.
Happy birthday, brother dearest.

9. I am many things known to all;
Being your sister is the best of them.
I can’t describe the joy I have,
From constantly enjoying your awesomeness.
As my most favourite brother of all;
Loving you isn’t enough,
I cherish all that you stand for.
Here’s wishing you the best birthday ever!

10. I can download an encyclopedia for you, on this special day of yours.
Keeping it simple is the new rage in letting the message sink deeper.
No two ways of letting you in on this closely guarded open secret;
Being forthright it is!
I love you, darling brother.
Have the most wonderful birthday ever!

11. My heart is full of love for you
As my memory bank is full of wonderful times shared.
I cherish everything about you.
You make being a big sister so easy.
You are the coolest guy on earth; feel free to quote me.
I love you to the moon and back.
Happy birthday, dear brother.

12. Of the numerous hats I wear, being your sister is my favourite.
Since you were placed in my tiny arms;
Your tinier hands holding tightly to mine, clicking in an unbreakable bond.
A better yesterday will forever elude you.
Each new day will outshine the previous.
Happy birthday, little brother.

13. Close your eyes and make a wish.
No, make as many wishes as you desire.
Your fairytale mother is here to make it happen.
Your angels are ready to present the big ones to the Father.
Your dreams are about to come true.
Fly high and continue to excel, always.
Happy birthday, darling brother.

14. It was love at first sight;
from the first moment mom brought you home as a tiny fella;
Latching on to me like your life is dependent on the bonding.
I also held on for dear life and have never let go.
As long as I breathe, I’ll be there to hold your hands.
Through every phase of your life;
I’ll be your angel, not so little brother.
Happy birthday, munchkin.

15. You are one of a kind,
This remains unchanged.
You are loving, caring, carefree
Always a delight to have around.
You are the magic that dispels stubborn gloom and boredom.
Your charming smile melts the hardest of my heart.
Life with you is all shades of gay.
Happy birthday, little brother.

16. Life is beautiful because I have you as my brother.
Your positivity is catching.
Your zest for life is fascinating.
Your brilliance is electrifying
Your smile is captivating.
Everything about you is amazing.
Happy birthday, brother dearest.
You rock!

17. Young and dependable defines you nicely.
You’ve always been special;
From the cradle, toddler through adolescent till date.
You are a bundle of pure delight.
Always aiming to please; easily pleased as well.
It’s your birthday, champ.
Have a blast today and always.

18. No word ever invented; can capture the extent of my love for you.
Love so inspired, pure and magical.
Love for my genius of a brother.
Small in stature, huge in status.
I love you more than my favourite ice cream flavour.
To the moon and back.
Happy birthday, my little hero.

19. You are a bundle of joy
Full of boundless energy
Always ready to give
Of yourself and your possessions.
No sacrifice is too much for you to put a smile on others’ faces.
If ever there’s an angel in human form;
that would be you, little brother.
Happy birthday, darling. Have a blast!

20. You are my special gift;
that fills my heart with so much joy.
Never a dull moment with you.
Always with a mischievous smile
send my heart racing in excitement
Anticipating a fresh thrill from a new trick up your sleeve.
You are my sure buddy, brother.
Happy birthday to you, dearest!

21. You kept me on my toes all the time;
With your pranks and all.
Always dreaming up a new trick;
of bringing me out of my shell.
As your number one goal in life
is to make my life vibrant to shake me out of my otherwise less spirited existence.
I love you so much, my champion.
Happy birthday, darling brother.

22. Full of pranks, unapologetically mischievous.
Endearing smiles, soul-lifting hugs.
Handsome as sin, with a killer smile.
Irresistible charms, with a heart full of kindness.
Big like a teddy bear, yet gentle like a dove.
A gentle giant with the softest of hearts.
Happy birthday, kid brother like no other.

23. If I could, I’d offer you the whole world,
on a silver platter and then, some!
No doubt exasperating, yet so delightful.
On this special day of yours, I wish you nothing but happiness.
Happy birthday, little brother.

24. Without you, life would have been;
Bland is like ice cream without my favourite flavour.
You’re such an irresistible charmer;
worming your way into my heart and taking space as a general.
Have loads of fun today, baby brother.
Happy birthday, dearie.

25. When life offers you a rare gift like my kid brother,
Just relax and expect a jolly good ride.
Full of excitement and exhilaration.
No dull moment whatsoever.
You are my forever blessing, sugarplum.
Loving you comes from a deep place in the most special corner of my heart.
Happy birthday, brother dearest.

26. I’ve searched the whole world,
I’ve turned the internet inside out,
Yet, found none as uniquely special as you.
You’re a rare breed, little brother.
Witty, smart, brilliant.
Every second with you is life-transforming.
Rock your day like the star you are.
Happy birthday with love from me to you.

27. Now that you are a big guy;
It’s time to exact revenge for all the torments you put me through.
The unprovoked tantrums and screaming match.
Incessant ordering me around; just because you held the title of untouchable kid brother.
You have hereby appointed the role of my all-time favourite.
I can’t help but love you, still.
Happy birthday, brother dearest.

28. Being the chief of the unlikely fun-loving pair.
You are entitled to a day of fun, merriment and bliss.
Your team member is up to the task
Of making your day as awesome as you are.
It’s your day, kid brother; have loads of fun with tons of love from me.
Happy birthday, munchkin.

29. It’s an applaudable feat, really.
Younger, but proudly holding the title of the gang leader of a mischief-maker.
Proud CEO of merrymaking.
With loads of tricks up your inexhaustible sleeve.
One of a kind you are, little brother.
Your vibrancy brings out the glow in me.
Happy birthday, champ.

30. Your pranks are legendary.
Teasing is in your blood.
Charming is your identity.
Caring is your logo.
Dependable is your love and loyalty.
You’re the best kid brother ever.
Happy birthday, cute.

31. If I have to pay for all the times you make me laugh, you’ll be the richest man on earth.
If companionship is your occupation, you’ll be the highest-paid employee.
If loyalty has an award, the Grammy won’t be enough.
If love has a reward, the angels have to present it daily.
You are every shade of amazing, chum.
Happy birthday, darling brother.

32. What better to make you know how important you are to me than your birthday.
You are loving, caring, helpful and everything a brother ought to be.
And much more!
Any idea how much I adore you?
Much more than you think.
Happy birthday, darling brother. You rock!

33. Some brothers are thorns in the flesh, mine is around blessing.
Some brothers are always grabbing, mine is forever giving.
Some brothers simply don’t care, mine overindulge.
Some brothers are just there, mine is always there.
In and out of season, you are the best!
Happy birthday, brother mine.

34. Close your eyes, make a wish.
Bring your dreams, dare the universe.
Run with your aspirations and break the odds.
From your mouth to God’s ears,
Your dreams shall come to pass.
Your bucket list has been done to perfection.
Happy birthday, my genius kid brother.

35. Your love is absolute altruistic;
Your trust in me is total and whole.
To you, I am the big sister that can do no wrong.
Not because I’m perfect, but that you’re forgiving.
If I’m your fairytale heroine, you’re my everyday champion.
I love you, sugarplum. Now and forever.
Happy birthday, darling brother.

36. A big shout out to my number one support system.
My kid brother, whose magical love
gives me wings to fly.
The one who bask in the assurance of my love
Who restrains me not with impossible expectations.
Whose pride in me spurs me on to hitherto unattainable height.
Happy birthday to the best brother in the world, with all my love.

37. The sturdiest and loveliest of roses die if unwatered,
I’m an amazing big sister only because you’re a wonderful brother.
Glad to say I’m ever so proud of you.
A big hug to you from me with love.
Happy birthday to you, darling brother.

38. I love you dearly, that’s a fact.
If angels are human, you are one.
Adorable, helpful, insightful and full of life.
When your eyes light up in joy and your mouth quirk in a delightful smile;
All becomes well with my world.
I cherish you to the moon and back.
Happy birthday, brother.

39. Though we bicker and fight,
It’s no more than all siblings do.
When push comes to shove,
we always know blood is thicker than water.
So, we watch each other’s back without fail.
It’s your birthday, darling brother.
Rock your day with glee.

40. You know my tickle spot;
You have my control button
You know me better than most and can accurately decipher my mood.
You’re my twin brother less than a few years.
So great is our bond, unbroken by distance.
Love is our eternal language.
Happy birthday, darling brother. You rock!

41. If anyone is immune to your endearing smiles, it can’t be me.
I’m positively enchanted right from your birth.
So great is our bond: timeless and unbroken.
You are a rare breed, brother dearest.
A wonderful birthday to you.

42. My brother, doubling as my friend.
My companion and number one cheerleader.
Supportive, loyal and protective.
My mood detector and smile prompter.
My brother, my world.
Happy birthday to you, with all my love.

43. Stuck together, like peanut sticks to the roof of the mouth;
You and I.
Stuck together, like bread and butter;
You and I.
Thick as thieves, with nothing between;
You and I.
Stars are aligned, to make our dreams come true;
You and I.
The world is at our feet, as we take it by storm.
Whatever betides in the journey of life, you can always count on me.
Happy birthday, dearest brother.

44. Pranks, petty fights, bickerings; notwithstanding,
You’re a brother like no other.
We disagree to agree, then move on to the next one.
Taking life on, one issue/step at a time.
Having each other’s back, without wavering.
What the future holds in store isn’t as important as knowing;
I have my brother as my best buddy with me.
Happy birthday, champ. You rock.

45. It’s the world brother’s day!
My brother, my champion.
Poles apart in disposition with indestructible bond.
The one who publicly cover up my weaknesses
While privately calling out my excesses.
My brother, who personifies love.
Loving you is not a choice. It’s a must.
Happy birthday, bro.

46. Bold, courageous, daredevil; brother mine.
Inspiring, brilliant and a go-getter; that’s my brother.
Devoted, trustworthy and reliable;
That is you.
I am proud of you, little brother.
No accolade is sufficient to describe your sweet essence.
You are special in every way.
Happy birthday, darling brother.

47. Our choices may be different,
Our paths may diverge,
Our opinions may not be the same
We may be poles apart different in character, outlook or disposition.
It changes nothing.
Our connection is as profound as it’s deep.
Our love is as unquestionable as it is unflagging.
Happy birthday, brother.

48. Notwithstanding our differences or the distance between us that can’t be helped;
We may not see eye to eye on issues,
Our unanimous voice is as baffling as it’s unchanging.
A quick reminder to you on this special day of yours,
That I’m always a call away when you need me.
Happy birthday, brother.

49. If you want the universe on a platter of diamonds,
I’d try my best to make it happen.
Not because I’m rich or powerful enough,
My love for you is all the magic I need to make it happen.
You mean the world to me, darling brother.
A wonderful birthday to you, dearie.

50. I want you to be happy today and forever.
You deserve the best the world has to offer.
Mind naming your price?
I am here to make it happen;
I have the ears of the giver of all gifts.
The angels are ready to dispatch your desires.
Happy birthday, dearest brother.

Birthday Poems for your older brother

Big brothers are often unsung heroes. They are the ones who get the thankless jobs of watching out for their younger siblings. A daunting task they latter do not appreciate until years later. They are the unpaid protectors, guardians, providers, defenders and a host of other roles.

Your big bro sure needs a lovely heartwarming poem that will help capture your feelings about what he means to you.
These poems will evoke a great feeling in your big brother. You can count on it:

51. An angel is he that came before me;
To welcome me into the world.
With a smile so sunny, it’s blinding.
So bright, it shamed the blazing sun.
So infectious, it spread like a wildfire.
Happy birthday to my darling brother.
A big brother like you is uncommon.

52. You made a wish and I came along.
So proud were you, that your shoulders were widened at that young age:
To carry all my excesses;
To wipe away all my tears;
To give me out of the world, soul-lifting hugs, unforgettable horse;
rides and memorable swings.
Happy birthday, big brother, with all my love.

53. The Prince that named me a Princess;
And ensured the world treats me like a Queen.
The champion, ever ready to fight my cause.
My all-time hero, who protects and defends me ever so fiercely.
The angel that guides my way and bless my days with unimaginable thrills;
My big brother.
Have an amazing birthday.

54. A brother in a zillion you are.
Watching out for me is your job description.
Making me happy is your ambition.
Loving me to stupor is your great delight.
Indulging me is a way of life.
Disciplining me is an art you’ve perfected.
Protecting me comes with the territory of being a big brother.
Happy birthday, my brother. You are my hero.

55. Loving you is an understatement;
adoring you is close enough.
Cross my heart; you mean the world to me.
You are the world’s best big brother, ever.
It’s a befitting, well-deserved award and title.
May the universe be kind to you, always.
Happy birthday, darling brother with
loads of love unlimited 💕 from your adoring kid sister.

56. When I was damaged by pains,
Your strong grip on my hands helped in gathering the broken pieces of my life.
Your love held on as I heal up
Your unflinching support helped me to rebuild.
You paid the price asking for nothing in return.
Here I am, whole, upward mobile and glowing.
Happy birthday, big brother. You are the best.

57. Your love is magical, it gives me wings to fly.
Your support is phenomenal; it’s the wind beneath my sails.
Your sacrifices are without the shackles of impossible expectations.
A brother like you is surreal.
A love like yours, rare.
Happy birthday, big bro like no other.

58. You carry my burdens like they are yours.
It never became a weapon of emotional blackmail in your hands.
You are my GPS, directing, rerouting and applauding.
I am this confident because you believed in me.
Happy birthday, big bro. You rock.

59. For all your selfless acts to make me great,
May the stars align in your favour.
For all, you had to do without to support my dreams,
May the universe be kind to you.
For all that I am and will ever be,
I owe to you.
It’s not a promise, it’s what it is:
I will always be here for you.
Happy birthday, brother.

60. Just so you know, when you need me;
I will be here.
Let me make it clearer; you can always count on me.
As you have been untiringly there for me.
When your hands become shaky,
I’ll be there to steady them.
You are a treasure of great delight.
Happy birthday, big brother.

61. It has always been you and I against the world.
Team unbeatable.
The world may get tougher;
Your kid brother has got the hang.
Together, we’ll face life’s odd and remain,
Team unbeatable.
Happy birthday, big brother.

62. A gift from God you are to me.
Loving, tender and caring.
Life may be tough, your love is tougher.
I may not have the world to give you,
All that I have is at your disposal,
From the depth of my heart.
Happy birthday, big bro.

63. My big brother, my first boyfriend.
The one that made me realise I’m a Princess,
By treating me like royalty.
You are not perfect, but your love and support are flawless.
You are an exceptional brother.
I wish you the happiest birthday ever.

64. No one forgets one’s, first boyfriend.
You are mine, and much more.
My brother, teacher, friend, playmate, and much more.
My childhood was blissful because I have you like my awesome big brother.
I cherish all the memories.
Happy birthday, darling brother.

65. A brother like mine, scarce to find.
The custodian of my little secrets.
Supplier of many treats.
Best hugger in the world,
with the wildest, sweetest smiles.
I adore you big brother, more than ever.
Happy birthday with best wishes.

66. Thumbs up to the most heroic brother ever.
My shield from life’s storms.
My protector from daring bullies.
My sure ally in any dicey situation.
The best brother’s cap is all yours.
Happy birthday, bro.

67. I am proud to call you brother.
You are a star, always sparkling.
A genius, well-sought after.
The terrorist who stalked my shadows,
Just so I’d turn outright.
Happy birthday, brother dearest.

68. Who could have thought!
The mean, terrifying figure of my past,
would become a cool, calm and collected gentleman,
Watching out for me.
A great mentor and supportive elder.
Happy birthday, bro. I’m so proud of you.

69. You are my safe place.
Love, care, support and security,
I find in abundance with you.
With you, all is always well with my world.
May this new year be blissful.
Happy birthday, darling brother.

70. Your presence is always reassuring.
Same way, your absence causes a panic attack.
You are all a big brother should be,
and then, some!
Nothing is too complex to handle.
No time is too inconvenient for you to look into a pertinent matter.
I’m blessed to have you in my life.
Happy birthday, bro.

71. A special birthday treat for a special brother.
On this special day,
No compliment is good enough to lavish on you.
I wish you all the happiness you so richly deserve.
Happy birthday, brother dearest.

72. A surge of pride fills my heart.
For having an exceptional man for a brother.
For all your incomparable care and love,
You are the real MVP.
Happy birthday, brother dearest.

73. Heart thumping, not in fear
but with excitement.
A feeling of exhilaration
runs through my entire being.
At the prospect of celebrating
my brother in a big way.
You deserve this, big brother.
Happy birthday, bro.
74. A big hug to my big brother.
On second thoughts, several hugs will do.
For the readily available shoulders to cry/lean on.
For the countless times, you got me out of trouble.
For all the fun times we had together.
Happy birthday to you with all my love.

75. Love tested and trusted,
Love so true and pure.
Love of a brother without guile.
Love without a reason but thriving.
You taught me how to love;
I’m an expert in downloading love
and putting it on replay for you.
Happy birthday, big bro. You are loved.

76. It’s payback time, big bro.
When the carer gets taken care of;
with loads of interest,
for innumerable selfless acts.
You always come through for me,
Glad to say, I’ll be here for you.
Happy birthday, darling brother. You rock.

77. I owe you nothing;
Except for all that I am and have.
I owe you everything;
For giving up so much,
To make my dreams come through.
I’m here to give you the future you deserve,
For sacrificing your yesterday.
Happy birthday, darling brother.

78. We fight, we make up.
We cook up mischief to have our own brand of mischief.
Fun is our goal,
Strong is our tie.
Years have passed, still waxing strong.
Happy birthday, big brother. Have fun.

79. Today you are a year older,
Wiser, stronger and smarter.
Yet, unchanged where it matters;
The intensity of your love for your siblings.
To you, family comes first.
To us, you’re our unsung, now celebrated hero.
Happy birthday, big brother with tons of love from us.

80. As a brother, you are beyond special and extraordinary.
What other time to show how much you mean to us,
Than this special day of yours.
Happy birthday, brother dearest.
We adore you to stupor.

81. To a brother like none,
Your special day deserves a special treat.
If we decide to celebrate your awesomeness daily,
It’ll never be enough to repay your love.
Still, we’ll give this the best shot ever.
Happy birthday, exceptional brother.

82. I don’t believe in luck,
But I believe in love.
Love so pure, engaging and consistent.
I’m so proud to call you my brother.
Happy birthday with all my heart.

83. To my dearest brother on his special day,
A zillion birthday wishes.
As the air blows to refreshen your spirit;
and the universe works to prosper your ways,
Everything good shall be yours.
This new year and beyond.
Happy birthday, big brother.

84. I can’t repay your kindness to me.
I know my life is rich because of your love.
Big bro, you are all shades of awesome.
May you always win.
Happy birthday to you.

85. Warm wishes, packaged in love.
Awesome memories, untampered by time.
Amazing bond, unbroken in time.
A wonderful brother like you,
is a forever blessing.
Happy birthday, brother dearest.

86. Like old wine, you get better with time.
Richer, better, and more refined.
For perfect and pristine childhood memories of your making,
You deserve the best life has to offer.
I’m sending tons of love and best wishes.
Happy birthday, big brother.

87. No two ways to say it;
You are simply the best brother in the world.
Having you in my corner,
Is an endless buffet of joy.
Your wealth of experience,
Has equipped and enriched me.
Happy birthday, my beloved brother.

88. As the legend of big brother goes,
You charmed me with your selfless love.
I turned out well due to your diligence.
Love is not a currency to be repaid as debt.
It’s to be returned a million times over.
I love you, brother mine.
Happy birthday to you.

89. If loving you is by calculation,
Little wonder calculus and I don’t see eye to eye.
If loving you is logical, it’ll make no single sense.
I love you for all reasons with no explanation.
As brother goes, you’re exemplary.
Happy birthday, big brother.

90. When I need someone to lean on, I know I can always count on you.
You are my role model,
A perfect fit for an ideal big brother.
As always, our happiness is in each other’s joy.
Happy birthday, darling brother.

91. I’m thrilled to have you as my brother.
Strict but kind with a good heart.
Tough looking, but soft as jelly inside.
You are a blessing to me and all that comes your way.
Happy birthday, dear brother.

92. Thoughts of you fill my heart with joy.
Such bliss, having a superhero as a brother.
I feel so proud I feel like screaming in excitement.
I’ll make do with whispering through the air,
How cherished you are.
Happy birthday, darling brother.

93. When you nag me like a mother hen, I feel like a chick.
When you scold me like a father,
I feel like a recalcitrant child.
No resentment, though.
Nothing but love for you in my heart.
For your motive is pure and admirable.
Happy birthday, my superhero brother.

94. When you hang out with me, I feel on top of the world.
When you give me counsel, I feel exhilarated.
When I see how clever you are, I become puffed up with pride.
You are a treasure waiting to be discovered.
Happy birthday, big brother.

95. Your heart oozes out pure love.
Your bark is worse than your bite.
I can now take the world on; you prepared well for it.
With you as my brother, I can reach for the sky.
May the universe favour you, bro.
Happy birthday to you.

96. You showered me with constant praises.
Nurtured by abundant love.
I blossom under your watchful eye.
Little wonder you are my hero.
Happy birthday, big brother.

97. Put on your royal apparel,
Wear your dancing shoes,
Listen to the music,
Sway gently or shake in harmony to its melody.
It’s time to celebrate you, big brother.
Happy birthday, brother dearest.

98. Your constant love and support are incomparable.
Your help, invaluable.
It’s multiple scoops of fun having you as my brother.
Not a single dull moment with you.
You’re are delightful shades of fun.
Happy birthday, my sweet brother.

99. As the day breaks,
And the sun comes out shining brightly,
Your joy shall break forth and your breakthrough will come forth in multiple folds.
You’re an amazing brother.
Happy birthday to you.

100. Celebrating you gives me so much joy.
I can’t help but blow your trumpet.
You are God’s special gift to me,
Packaged as an older brother.
More like a champion, friend, tutor and much more.
It’s my hero’s day, may your world be filled with happiness.
Happy birthday, my brother.

Thank you for availing yourself of this awesome service to celebrate your darling brother on his birthday. I’m glad to be part of this celebration with these irresistible poems.

Your brother sure deserves this and pretty more. A brother worth his wealth in gold is qualified for a smashing birthday cruise. A stirring poem is one way of kicking off your darling baby brother or heroic big brother special day. This way, you’ve set the tone for an emotional, feel-good day of pure merrymaking.

Your birthday poem is sure to trigger sweet and nostalgic memories in your brother. It’s guaranteed to set the mood for a great day of jubilation.
You can be sure your darling brother will greatly appreciate the sentiment.

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