Happy Birthday Wishes for Pregnant Daughter

Happy Birthday Wishes for Pregnant Daughter

Pregnant daughters are one of God’s gifts that money cannot buy and a blessing to mankind as a whole. They are a joy to behold because the life of another being is growing in them.

They are God’s tool for bringing new souls to earth. Without them, life, as we know, would cease to multiply. If the human race was a meal being prepared, daughters are both the chef and salt. So, celebrating them on special occasions like their birthday is one way to show how much they are appreciated and loved.

Is it your pregnant daughter’s birthday? Are you racking your brain by trying to think of the best birthday messages to send to your lovely pregnant daughter? Why don’t you stop stressing yourself and choose to send some of the birthday messages for your beautiful pregnant daughter here?

I have lined up some of the best celebration messages to put a smile on your pregnant daughter’s face as she reads them. Make a selection from any of these lovely happy birthday wishes for pregnant daughter and sit back to watch the magic unfold.

Happy birthday pregnant daughter wishes

On this special day, from the depth of my heart, I wish you all the joy life has to offer. As you are pregnant, my birthday wish for you is that your unborn child will have the best of health and long life. Have a happy birthday, dearest daughter.

1. Happy birthday my beautiful daughter. On this day, evil people will not set their eyes on you and your unborn baby. I pray the good Lord keeps you both safe. Have a blast!

2. Words cannot do justice to the way I feel right now knowing you are adding another year and carrying a bundle of joy in you at the same time. I pray your day be as perfect as mine was the day God gave you to me as a gift. Happy birthday.

3. Today reminds me of the first day I held you in my arms like a baby. I pray you will experience that same joy with your unborn baby. That’s my birthday wish for you on this special day.

4. Happy birthday love, on this day it is rest assured God in heaven will hear your sighs and listen to your cry for help. Enjoy your day as we patiently await the bundle of joy you carrying to drop.

5. Happy birthday to you my princess, I pray on this day you and your unborn baby will be guided by the Lord and protected by him. Wishing you many more birthday celebrations to come.

6. Happy birthday daughter age with wisdom as you become a mother and I pray for God’s mercy over your life and your unborn baby.

7. It is your birthday and you are pregnant! May God continues to give you reasons to shine your thirty-two teeth happy birthday daughter, you are cherished.

8. On this special day may peace, joy and blessings find you and stay with you and your unborn baby forever and ever, amen.

9. You have been a wonderful daughter, I am sure you will make a beautiful mom, happy birthday love.

10. My dear daughter, my prayer for you on this special occasion is all the good things life has to offer comes to you and I hope you know that the best present is inside you. Have a happy birthday dear.

11. God has dropped a bundle of joy in your tummy; make the most of every day of your pregnancy. Happy birthday, daughter.

12. My love, I wish you the greatest birthday celebration ever with loving kicks from your baby in your tummy, good health and peace.

13. My lovely daughter, you are on your journey to becoming a mom and that means the greatest gift is yet to come. Happy birthday.

14. My dearest daughter, I hope you have a lot of fun on this special day with your bundle of joy inside of you, relax and enjoy your cake you deserve it. Happy birthday, dear.

15. You are a woman that brightens your family with your loving and caring ways. You have been such a blessing. Happy birthday

 Happy Birthday messages to pregnant daughter

The first day I saw you in the hospital and held you in my arms was the day I experienced the truest joy I’ve ever felt in my life. You are a message sent straight from heaven and I would lay down my life to protect you from the evil of the world. Happy Birthday, my pregnant daughter.

16. To my cute lady who is celebrating her birthday and also expecting a baby, may you have a lovely day as your little one leap for joy. Happy birthday.

17. I am so thankful to have been part of your life and still be part of it as I eagerly anticipate the arrival of the bundle of joy in you, wishing you a wonderful birthday. Enjoy your day.

18. I wish all the best wishes to my daughter and best friend. Life without you would have been impossible. Happy birthday my lovely daughter.

19. Women are precious vessels, now I have been given the opportunity to celebrate your birthday, what a blessing and honour it is. Happy birthday my love.

20. You have a gift that is more precious than any other physical gift I could have given you and it is in your tummy. It is a gift from God almighty.

21. Double wishes! One to you my dear daughter and the other to the bundle of joy kicking inside of you. Happy birthday, daughter.

22. There is so much to celebrate, your birthday and your little one’s upcoming birth. You are truly blessed and favoured by God.

23. I am wishing you a lovely birthday my daughter, now that yours is done, we are counting down to your unborn baby’s own. Happy birthday, love.

24. Pregnancy is a bumpy and smooth ride at the same time, enjoy every minute of the ride. At the end comes the most beautiful present you will ever receive.

25. Hey daughter, you know that very soon that bundle of joy will soon be in your arms and that’s the best gift you will receive this year. Happy birthday, dear.

26. As you getting a year older and wiser, a miracle is also growing inside of you. I pray this experience of growth brings joy and happiness to all your loved ones. Happy birthday.

27. Today I thank God for the privilege to be able to wish you my daughter a happy birthday may God forever rain his blessings on your life and that of your unborn baby.

28. Happy birthday mama, many more years to come, many more candles to blow out, many more cakes to be sliced.

Birthday prayer quotes for pregnant daughter

On this special day, a day you add one more year to your age come on earth and also another day closer to your bundle of joy dropping, I want to take the privilege to say a prayer to God to give you a safe delivery. Happy birthday to my beautiful pregnant daughter.

29. Happy birthday to you my princess, there will be always more to be celebrated in sound health, profound wealth and blessings in Jesus name.

30. Happy birthday my dearest daughter may God grant you infinite wisdom knowledge and understanding to bring up your bundle of joy growing in you.

31. My dearest daughter, I pray God keeps giving you reasons to have a smile on your face today and forevermore. Happy birthday.

32. Thank God for keeping you another year so you can celebrate again another addition to your life. With the best present yet to come.

33. On this special day I wish you increase in all that you do in life. You will always be number one in everything you do. You will be lifted to high places on earth and your unborn baby will bring you joy. Happy birthday, love.

34. When I prayed for a daughter, I never thought God will give me one as perfect as you, the day you came into my life was perfection and I relive it every day. I pray God gives you a child as perfect as you were. Happy birthday my dearest daughter.

35. I pray for good fortunes for you and your unborn child on this special day. On this day I pray all your kindness and generosity be rewarded. Happy birthday, dear.

36. You are blessed today because of the kindness you have always shown may God reward you with blessings on your baby’s life a hundred times more. Happy birthday, dear.

37. May your life be like a tree planted by streams of water which yield fruits in season and whose leaf does not wither, whatever you do shall prosper. Have a safe delivery and a happy birthday dear.

38. On this special day may the Lord be a shield around you and lift your head up high. I pray he protects you and your unborn child. Happy birthday, dear.

39. Today the lord has set you apart for himself and hears when you call on him; he will turn all your shame to glory on this special day. Happy birthday, dear.

40. I pray the Lord will give you and the seed inside of you peace and you will dwell in his safety. Happy birthday dear.

41. It’s your day. May the Lord lead you in righteousness and defeat your enemies and make your way straight. Have a safe delivery and happy birthday dear.

42. You are like a mare among the king’s chariot horses. I pray you find favour with God and I pray the good lord decorate your ears with beautiful earrings, and your neck with jewellery. Happy birthday, dear.

43. You will be like an apple tree among the trees of the forest. You will receive unmerited grace from the good lord as you add a year to many to come. Happy birthday, dear.

44. You are like a fig tree forming its early fruit; you are just like a blossoming vine spreading its fragrance as you arise. May you receive all the favours heaven has to offer. Happy birthday, dear.

45. May the lord keep away from you evil people, may he hear your cry and overwhelm your enemies with shame and anguish. Happy birthday, dear.

46. I pray on this special day the Lord takes you into his refuge and deliver you from all who pursue you. Happy birthday, dear.

47. On this special day, from the depth of my heart, I wish you all the joy life has to offer. My birthday prayer for you my daughter is that you and your unborn child have the best of health, safe delivery and long life. Have a lovely celebration.

48. Anyone can see God’s blessing on your life with this bundle of joy he has given you. Happy birthday, dear.

49. I thank the good lord for sparing your life and your unborn child to this moment so you can celebrate this special day. Happy birthday, dear.

50. God will on this special day give you victory in everything you do and look unto you and your unborn baby with kindness. Happy birthday, dear.

With all of these happy birthday wishes for pregnant daughter listed above, I am sure that you are very much ready to wow your pregnant daughter on her special day. Make sure you send these messages alongside some special gifts.

Please, do share with your friends and families.

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