Best Goodnight God Bless I Love You Quotes

2023 Best Goodnight God Bless I Love You Quotes

Every night comes with its own hurdles especially when the body and soul are anticipating for a good relaxation mode from the day’s hard struggle.

Even when the lovely movies, good food, cool drinks and/or a warm shower were able to do justice to calm the nerves for a while, leaving the soul to combat for its own relaxation mode.

Do you really want to know the sensation of what thrilling goodnight, I love you messages does to the soul, and the smile it brings to the face?

Why not try any of these amazing collections of goodnight messages and prayers for lovers, friends, relatives…and anticipate the amazing effect.

Let’s go…

Good Night Blessings for Him or Her

Make your friend, lover or loved one’s night a memorable one with these goodnight God bless I love you quotes and messages for him or her. Send Good Night blessings to them and be glad you did.

1. A million word is not enough to appreciate your beauty. I’m so favoured to have you. Have a blessed night, dear.

2. Rest well my love from the day’s hard work, for tomorrow is yet another beautiful day. God bless you, dear.

3. Nothing makes me feel much loved than your sweet memory that daily floods my mind. Good night to you, my adorable.

4. I can’t just get close nor think of any other person aside you my heartbeat. May this night bring you all the happiness you ever desire.

5. Your love that I daily feel is bigger than what my imagination can ever bring. In this light do I wish you a wonderful night rest. I love you!

6. I’ve been looking for a million ways to celebrate you. The only way I could utilise now is to send you my prayers to make your night a refreshing one.

7. Even if I’m yet to find the accurate way to idolise you my darling, I know my love for you knows no bound. Do have a blessed night rest.

8. You could be feeling lonely without my presence, but I send you my love and God’s safeness to liven your heart all through the night.

9. Only you hold the key into my heart. I will never trade your love for anything in this world. Good night and sweet dreams.

10. You are the only one I dream of every blessed day and hope this dream of having you all to myself come true someday. Good night, lovey.

11. My wishes for you is to see the stars accompany and safeguard you all through the night, while for me is to sleep assured of your unending love.

12. Before I drift to sleep, just to let you know that I love you, and also wish you sweet dreams.

13. Though my eyes may not be there to reach you, I know this SMS will go a long way to show you my affection for the night. Good night, God bless you!

14. Sometimes in my dream, I see how sweet you are, but having you in reality, your sweetness is beyond imagination.

15. Up the sky are bright and beautiful stars to showcase the spark in your lovely eyes. These stars are blessed for your sake, baby. Good night!

16. As I lay down waiting for the breeze of gentle sleep to take hold of me, I release you into the banner of God’s grace to envelope you for a blissful night rest.

17. Will this night pass away without me turning over the beauty of your eyes through this SMS? I sure won’t. Sweet night to my darling beauty.

18. The stars in the sky are sparkling just for you. And may these beautiful stars launch you into a beautiful sleep tonight.

19. Before I turn in tonight, I need to remind you of my affection and desire towards you. Dream of me, baby.

20. I need your cool voice close to my ears to lull me into a lovely sleep. No exception tonight, because I am getting used to it daily.

21. My every night is devoted to making you happy with my good wishes. Tonight will not pass by without sending you my goodnight hugs.

22. If only I could sleep in your warm embrace, I’d longed for it daily. But I will surely wait till you finally become mine. Good night, dear.

23. Trust me, your daily prayers for me work wonders. I also pray for you with the same measure of grace that God’s hand be upon you as you sleep tonight.

24. Even if my hands cannot reach you to send you warm hugs, this message proves to tell you how much I care. Good night!

25 Your true love has taken me to another level of intimacy with you. I pray you wake tomorrow into a deeper realm of intimacy with God.

Goodnight Messages and Prayers for Friends

Wishes your friends a lovely night and great dreams with these Cute Goodnight Sms and Prayers for Friends, all you need to do is copy and paste and send.

26. Refresh, cool down and reflect deeply about God’s faithfulness for the day. Thereafter, lay down and expect a relaxing dream.

27. It’s a wonderful night now, how about you take a warm shower and lay your head to rest.

28. May God’s presence be with you as you lay your head to rest this cool night.

29. The banner of God’s protection and love will never leave your dwelling this beautiful night.

30. I could keep counting your goodness in million ways and still not be able to exhaust how pleasant you’ve become. Good night, friend!

31. Your care and touch of love today was so dazzling. Thank you for being there. Good night to you, my friend.

32. As you lay your head to rest from the day’s hard work, may you find comfort and rest to your weary heart.

33. Lying down and waiting for sleep, my heart reaches out to you and it prays that you see the breaking of another lovely day.

34. After a hard day of work, this cool night will not pass away without letting you know how much you mean to me. May you find joy this graceful night.

35. Sleeping and waking daily is a special grace of God. Tonight will not elude you of God’s guidance and protection from every ill of the night.

36. God has assured you of His protection. Be calm and rest in the shadow of His wings.

37. You will surely have the most refreshing sleep as you go to bed tonight. I wish you a wonderful night rest!

38. Though I never saw it coming but you really dazed me today. I really appreciate you for everything. Goodnight friend!

39. God has promised you His protection, and I also pray you have the most comforting sleep tonight.

40. Just as the stars brighten the sky and illuminate into the darkness of the night, may the light flood your heart and calm your soul from the worries of the day.

Goodnight Messages and Prayers for Relatives

Below are lovely Goodnight Text Messages and Prayers you can send to anybody in your family and relatives.

41. Just accept for now a token of my heart to you, and my prayers to make your night free of mares and troubles.

42. With a goodnight prayer from me to you, be assured of a blissful rest and a sound sleep.

43. Before you sleep tonight, I want you to reflect and appreciate God for the protection of you throughout the day.

44. Do not sleep tonight without you reading your Bible and saying a word of prayers. It is a guaranteed way for safety from the woes of the night.

45. I know the buzz of my message will surely jolt you out of sleep because it’s what you always wish for.

46. To show how much I care, tonight will not pass without sending my goodnight wish and pray the angels surround you.

47. May the banner of God’s protection cover you like a blanket covering your body tonight.

48. You will experience the most comforting sleep as you lay your body to rest tonight.

49. The angels of the Lord will surely surround you, to watch over you and keep you in safety. Relax and enjoy your sleep!

50. If the Lord be for you, you have no cause to fear any evil because nothing whatsoever can be against you. Happy night rest!

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