Get Well Soon Prayers for a Friend

Get Well Soon Prayers for a Friend’s Speedy Recovery

One of the things money cannot buy is good health, for it is priceless. Health is a great deal to every human as it enhances spiritual, emotional, mental and physical balance.

As important as good health is, it’s one of the most serious challenges people battle with daily, having many undeniable factors that pose great threat to it.

Many efforts are usually being put in place but prayer is considered the most effective weapon to combat sickness, beyond what doctors can do.

So, wish a friend who is seriously battling with health challenge with any of the get well soon prayers for a friend’s speedy recovery below. This is to make them feel better as they also realise, they are not alone in their problem.

Do Have a Quick Recovery Prayers and Messages for Friends

That you’ve joined in the plan to make your friend get better soon means a whole lot to me. Thanks. So, here are get well soon and quick recovery Prayers and wishes for a Special Friend.

1. He alone who has the power to heal completely will surely flood your body with good health and strength.

2. This ill health is just for a while dear. I assure you, it will soon pass away with time.

3. No day comes without me remembering you in my prayers. You’re healed! Get well soon dear friend.

4. No matter what doctors might have diagnosed, or how much they seem to care, God remains the greatest Physician, and He will surely heal you.

5. Ever since you’ve been indisposed, I’ve missed our chats and gists. I pray you get better soonest as I look forward to us getting back together again.

6. No one has ever made the atmosphere as lively and interesting as you’ve always made it been. Get well soon because you’re seriously missed.

7. We really missed your presence and I pray you a very quick recovery.

8. No more fun ever since you’ve been hospitalized. I really pray you sound health and much fun as you return.

9. Never realised the import of your presence until your absence shows the difference. God will perfect your healing. Get well, friend.

10. Just be strong for me dear. Eat well and take your medications when necessary. It shall be well with you!

11. Many don’t value their health until they get knocked down. I know this will teach you a lesson to value your health. All the same, I pray you good health.

12. My heart longs for you as I wish you more delight and a mind that is sound.

13. I’ve always known the joy of having a friend like you. Not having you around beats me so hard. I pray that God takes away your illness. Please get well soon.

14. It is well with your spirit, soul and body. I pray you good health and sound mind.

15. Good health matters more than wealth. I know you’ve learnt your lesson to pursue wealth less while you prioritise your health. Get well soon

16. Health is wealth. Your health is my priority now than any other thing. I pray you get well very soon.

17. Nothing makes a man lively as much as good health does. Please get well soon and make us proud again.

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18. I’ve almost cried my eyes out seeing my very lively friend looking so pale and lifeless on the bed. Death is never your portion. Get well soon.

19. After now I know you will take your diet and relaxation more seriously. May God restore your strength.

20. There are many outings I’ve missed going just because you’re not there to go with me. Friend I miss you a lot. Please get well for me.

21. Good health breeds hope of a better future. Tomorrow promises to be great. So, worry less and stay healthy.

22. I pray it will not take so long for you to recuperate. All the same, you’re always thought of and prayed for.

23. I can assure you, this ill health is just a little challenge that will surely pass by. Everything will surely end in praise.

24. My prayer is to wish your days brightness and healing all over your body.

25. No day passes by without me saying a word of prayer that God keep and strengthen you.

26. Our togetherness gives me joy than any other thing. That’s why I need you here to be strong again and play safe.

27. Everyone here misses your presence and appreciate your worth no doubt. That’s why we all need you to be well and active again. Your health is restored.

28. A better life and good experience can only be enjoyed in safe health. So, I wish you a very fast recovery

29. My utmost desire now is to see you back on your feet looking hale and hearty.

30. Dear friend, you just need to be strong and fare better. I pray God restores your strength.

31. If only you can get up now and say goodbye to ill health while you rise to the sunshine of a brighter day.

32. May the dawn of this new day breathe tranquility and soundness into your ailing health.

33. I see this ill health as a relaxation mood for you to rest your head and mind. I look forward to seeing you in good shape soonest.

34. I see you walking on the path to sound mind and hale body. Your health is restored by God’s grace.

35. No one brings delight and brightness to the environment as much as your presence does. Your absence is greatly felt. Please, get well soon.

36. If flowers were wishes, then my wish for you is a blossoming and glowing health.

37. My attraction for you is related to your liveliness. Get well soon that I may find you much more attractive.

38. I’m sending you a hug that’s warm, a smile of peace, a shake to health, and the thought of good life for you.

39. Nothing thrills me now other than to send you wishes to make you fare and feel better.

40. These flowers are sent to you to wish you good health and a happier mood.

41. Nothing can be equated with good health. Please take adequate time to seek medical help. I pray you peace all around.

42. I pray you respond to treatment and recuperate quickly. God be with you.

43. This sickness should never make you lose hope but should rather increase your faith in God.

44. One may not realise how much he’s been overworking himself oftentimes until one gets ill. Now you’ll know better while you appreciate God more. Get well soon.

45. Please don’t get used to being sent a ‘Get well cards’ more often. I need you to get treated once and for all and stay stronger.

46. May hope flood your heart, and may strength fill your body. Get better soon friend.

47. My utmost confidence is in God and not in the doctors. So, I will keep praying to God till you’re up on your feet again.

48. My earnest desire now is how to get you out of that hospital. That’s not a good place for someone like you to even spend a night there.

49. I didn’t realise early enough that you’re indisposed until I got informed by a friend. Hope this is not coming late. Get well soon dear.

50. The best of you has been your cheerfulness and liveliness. Please, I need you to get back on your feet as soon as possible.

51. That body is not meant for sickness of whatever form. You’re healed by His stripes.

52. Please, I need those beautiful smiles back on your face. Cheer up and be strong.

53. Your presence brings joy to everyone around. Not having you here is even more sickening than anything else. Please come back we miss you.

54. I couldn’t imagine how much I’ll miss you until your absence created a big vacuum. Get well dear.

55. My wishes now are your speedy recovery and nothing more. Eat well and ensure you take your medications.

56. Your absence just made me realise how indispensable you are. I’m sending you my love and hugs to wish you sound health.

57. You’re such a rare gem and we can’t afford to lose you now. My prayers are for you that you get well on time.

58. You need a health booster and I’m coming over to give you a full dose. Above all, God Himself will fill you with sound health to the brim.

59. You have given your good support when needed and now, you deserve much more now that you need one. I wish you earnest recovery.

60. All you need now is just God’s touch and one word that you’re made whole. This shall be your portion.

61. I wish I could do something to hasten your recovery, but I know you will respond quickly to treatment.

62. I’ve missed having you around. Get well and return to work on time. It is well with your body!

63. Never have I realised your value as a friend, until this sickness took you away from me for a while. Please get well soon and come back home.

64. We are missing you, no doubt about that. Wish you a quick recuperation.

65. I need you to be back on your feet, looking active and better. Please get well soon.

66. Who else deserves so much attention at this time order than you, my friend. Stand up and get better.

67. You’re a good person and you deserve the best of treatment you can ever have. Get well dear.

68. I will not mourn over you because your health shall be restored unto you. Good health is part of God’s promise for your life.

69. Oh, friend, I can’t wait to see you up on your feet again. God will send healing to your ailing body. Get better, dear.

70. I pray restoration to your weary soul and health to your ailing body.

71. Please don’t be sad. Everyone has taken up the challenge to pray for you. You will get better soonest.

72. Be rest assured, no evil will befall you as I know you never wished anyone evil.

73. God’s banner of protection will envelop you even on that sick bed. You will surely make it. Get well soon.

74. If ailment can be shared, would have gladly helped out. You’re such a great personality and you deserve nothing lesser of better health.

75. I’m confident you will soon get better. I always remember you in my prayers.

76. Your jokes and giggles bring brightness to many. Now that you’re not around, your absence is felt greatly. May God restore strength unto you.

77. Everyone here wishes you a great deal of quick recovery. Accept our warm wishes.

78. I’ve been so used to always having you around that I can so much feel your absence. I need you to survive this ailment. Get well soon friend.

79. You do not deserve to be sick. You’ve always been up and doing. But rest well and get better. God be with you.

80. Right now, your health is my main priority as I long to see you in good health and sound mind.

81. You may have seen and tasted death but you will surely overcome. God is your everlasting portion.

82. I could gladly do anything to make you happy. Unfortunately, I have no power to share my health with you.

83. You’re missing a whole lot here dear. I wish you respond quickly to treatment and hope you get better soonest.

84. Come what may you still remain my best friend, as I ask God for His divine healing presence in your life. So cheer up and stay strong!

85. Hey buddy, I need you to survive this great ordeal. Get better for me and for others who need you around.

86. I earnestly pray this ailment will make you get closer to God.

87. I’m sure this will make you understand God better as the great healer, and not what you are capable of achieving by ordinary strength.

88. I pray you get better soon. So much that you’ll live to love and enjoy life again.

89. I’ve never seen any weakling as you before. Make sure you’re already up before I come pull you up myself. God be with you!

90. Ever since I heard of your ailment and how terribly you look, I couldn’t but feel so concerned about you. My heart reaches out to you and prays you sound health.

91. Please give yourself some break and take enough rest. This will help relax your body and boost your energy.

92. Whatever God does is perfect. He will perfect your health in no time. Get well soon dear.

93. Thinking of you this windy period and hoping the weather be favourable all through for you.

94. Just to let you know what you’re always on my mind and I will keep praying for you. Get well soon dear.

95. I am trusting God to see you through and give you the best of surgical operations you could ever think of.

96. Doctors care, only God heals. The more reason why I will look up to Him to heal you completely!

97. You will soon come around. It’s just a matter of time. Get well, soon friend!

98. You are a very strong personality and I know you will recuperate with time. God cares for you and will not leave you alone in this condition.

99. This sickness is not beyond the healing power of God. I know you’re stepping out victorious.

100. You’re not just a friend but you are already a big member of this family. No wonder everyone can’t stop praying for you. I wish you quick recovery friend.

We hope you’re satisfied with this compilation of wishes and prayers. Use any and share freely.

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