Cute Good Morning Messages for Your Female Crush

Cute Good Morning Messages for Your Female Crush

You know how having a crush makes you feel, right? Some people will say the person gives you butterflies in your stomach, but you and I know that “butterflies” should be replaced with “eagles” in that phrase.

However, you need some good morning messages for a girl you have a crush on. It can be because you consider using them to be one of the interesting ways to get closer to your crush or because you want to use them as a medium to remind her that you still have a crush on her. Or because of something else.

But if you ask the cute messages here, they’ll tell you that they are the perfect messages to use in sending your female crush the morning greetings, and if you ask me, I’ll tell you they are correct.

And just saying, it’s good to know interesting ways to tell your crush about how you feel.

Shall we move on to the cutest of messages to use for saying good morning to your girl crush? Go into the cute good morning messages for your female crush below.

Good Morning Messages to A Girl You Like

“Note to all girls like you: In beauty, you’re a 5 out of 5. Keep it that way, please. And if you ever see anything that says “you are beautiful,” know that it’s talking to you. Good morning to you, beautiful lady.”

1. Who cares if the Earth changes into a cube. One of the girls who make me happy is awake and alive today, and that’s all I care about for now. Good morning, beautiful lady.

2. Your eyes opening today is the permission the sun needed to rise. Thanks for giving it. Good morning to you, darl.

3. Your secret, the one about the stars getting their brightness from you, is safe with me. Good morning to you, pretty.

4. Who tells you every morning that you’re prettier than the word “prettier” as soon as you wake up? Can I be that person? Good morning to you pretty lady.

5. If the lady reading this right now is not beautiful, may the cloud directly above my house take a stroll in the sky. Good morning to you, beauty.

6. You’re sure beauty doesn’t come from sleeping on a milk coated bed? I care because I would like to help make the beauty stay forever. Good morning to a lady I like very much.

7. Can I guess? You’re between 1% to 1000% prettier than you were yesterday? Good morning, my lady.

8. For me, it’s your beautiful hands holding your phone as you read this message. Good morning to you, beautiful girl.

9. Which team are you on? Team So-Beautiful-That-All-(insert your name)-Can-Think-Of-Is-You? Good morning, beauty.

10. I can bet that my favourite member of girls (insert your name) is crazy about is reading a message right now because this is the message. Good morning, beautiful.

11. All members of my crew, the one that includes my heart and my brains, agree that you’re worth my daydreaming of being with you. Good morning, girl.

12. Some of us have that beautiful girl that must get a good morning message from us today. You are mine. Good morning to you, pretty girl.

13. I’m happy to heaven that my hands can say my thoughts of you — that you’re a beautiful and smart girl — in a good morning message. Good morning to you, girl.

14. All I want is for you to have one among the messages you get this morning that says I give you a five-star beauty rating. Good morning to you beautiful girl.

15. I walk around knowing that I will freeze if I see you, and that’s cool. Good morning to you, girl.

16. My eyes have given you a five-star beauty rating. And my hands are happy to tell you about it in as many messages as they can type. Good morning to you, pretty.

17. I was this age when I realised that saying God gave you all the beauty in his store when he made you is saying nothing but the truth. Good morning to you, girl.

18. Some of us know that God also sends some of his most beautiful works to Earth. But I like that you remind me of this. Good morning, beauty.

19. God sends the most beautiful girl to Earth and she comes my way? Talk about me getting the first thing on my wish list. Good morning to you, girl.

20. The question “why are you lying to yourself?” is on my tongue, waiting for the day you’ll say you’re not beautiful. Good morning, beaut.

Good Morning Messages to Impress a Girl

“You were there for me when I wanted to see a girl whose beauty and intelligence will impress me, and you’re still here for me now that I want a pretty girl to receive a message that sends greetings to her. Good morning, darl.”

21. For me, it’s that you are the reason I can bet that beauty is not overrated. Good morning to you, beaut.

22. I feel all my organs trying to take a look at you through my eyes when I’m looking at you. Good morning to you, pretty lady.

23. If your skin changed colour anytime I wished to see you, it would have been a million colours just this morning. Good morning, pretty.

24. If you had a dream where your beauty impressed me, know that that dream falls under a category of dreams called reality. Good morning, beautiful.

25. Wave at the ceiling as soon as you wake, so I can tell my friends that a girl whose beauty has stolen my attention waved at her ceiling as soon as she woke. Good morning, darl.

26. Does nature’s waiter know that all I want to order this morning is you? Good morning, beautiful girl.

27. I have a hundred things in my mind I don’t like, and I’ll say you’re one of them if I want to tell a lie. Good morning, hon.

28. Are you obsessed with yourself? So, I’ll know if I contracted my obsession with you from you. Good morning, girl.

29. Let’s just say that my mind is a fridge and you’re the milk in it. Good morning to you, beautiful.

30. Hope you did not leave the knife you used to tear your way into my mind in my mind? Good morning, dearie.

31. Am I just a boy who wakes up to thoughts of you or am I more than that? Good morning, beautiful.

32. I should have cleaned my mind while I slept, so I won’t have you in a dirty place this morning, but I guess you don’t mind. Good morning to you, pretty.

33. You think I’ll no longer be impressed by your beauty one day, and that’s how I know you’ll be disappointed. Good morning to you, dearie.

34. Do I want to be your bulb, watching you as you sleep at night? You can bet on it. Good morning, darl.

35. I see you have among your messages one where I admit I wish I was the bed you slept on — this one. Good morning to you, girl.

36. Tell me you want to spend as many hours as the number of words in this message, please, so I’ll be the happiest person in human skin. Good morning, beautiful.

37. Nothing much here, just one message from a guy who was under peer pressure to send a message to an angel. Good morning, girl.

38. You’re so important to my day that, if my day was a university, you’ll be the whole university. Good morning, beauty.

39. God first looked at you, was impressed with his work on you and thought that it was good. Exactly what happened when I first looked at you. Good morning, pretty.

40. I’ll type messages to tell you how beautiful you are without my thumbs’ approval, anything to impress you. Good morning to you, girl.

Good Morning Messages for Crush Girl

“It’s a beautiful morning to ignore the argument between my heart and my brain over which of them has a bigger crush on you and drop this question for you: you agree that beauties like you should enjoy today, right? Good morning, girl.”

41. I promised to make someone see the truth after waking up today. And here it is: You’re beautiful. Good morning, beautiful.

42. It’s time for today’s episode of Truths, and the truth for today is that I have a giant crush on you. Good morning, pretty girl.

43. Hope you’ve ticked “being the most beautiful girl in the world” off your bucket list? Good morning, beautiful lady.

44. Should I climb on my roof and scream that I have a crush on an angel tomorrow morning, or are the messages okay? Good morning, beaut.

45. Just to inform you of my plans to merge my house with yours, so I can feel the way I feel when you’re around me more. Good morning, darl.

46. Nothing much here, just a boy who thinks his crush is so beautiful she deserves messages saying good morning. Good morning, pretty.

47. Who’s a good boy? Me! Who does he have a giant crush on? You! Good morning, beaut.

48. Note to yesterday: hope you recorded seeing the face of the beautiful lady reading this message as one of my biggest blessings? Good morning, beautiful lady.

49. If you were Champagne, I’d have a problem with my favourite artist being called Champagne Papi. Good morning, my lady.

50. If I write “spending all day with you” on my wish list, my wish list will ask me to write something it doesn’t know about. Good morning, beautiful.

51. I slept in a different way, but it did not shrink the size of my crush on you. Good morning, pretty.

52. It’s a beautiful morning for my crush on you to grow four times bigger than it was four days ago. Good morning, beautiful.

53. Jump on my mind again and see if I won’t punish you with messages that paraphrase the statement “your beauty rating is five stars.” Good morning, hun.

54. If you slipped when you landed on my mind, I apologise. I love having you on it. Good morning, dearie.

55. I wonder if my crush on you will starve if I miss breakfast this morning. But I’m here to say good morning, beaut.

56. It’s either someone sprinkled sugar on my mind or it’s the thoughts of you that makes me feel that way. Good morning to you, beaut.

57. Is today too late to send today’s good morning message? Is one message enough? This is me being concerned about what my crush likes and wants. Good morning, pretty.

58. Will it not slap if you wake up three years from now with me next to you and a ring from me on your finger? Good morning, beautiful.

59. If he sends two messages to you without visiting his gallery after the first to take a look at your beautiful face, he is not me. Good morning, baby girl.

60. What should I expect to find in my mind now that you’ve been on it for days? Good morning, beautiful girl.

Sweet Good Morning Messages for Crush

“You’re sweet, and your sweetness, if rated, will be a ten! And now I know that someone’s crush just read a sentence that says her sweetness if rated, will be a ten. Can the breakfast I’m making be for you and me? Good morning to you, beautiful lady.”

61. Let’s just say that you’re wine. My wish is to be the bottle that holds you. Good morning, beaut.

62. The world is a sweet place, that’s if the world is my world, and you are my world. Good morning, pretty.

63. We both know God is smiling because one of his crushes, me, has a crush on one of his crushes, you! Good morning, pretty girl.

64. Nothing much here. Just a boy in love, trying to be sweet in the inbox of a girl he can’t stop thinking about. Good morning to you, beautiful.

65. Are you not the newest and only member of the community called Thieves Of (insert your name)’s Heart? Good morning, baby girl.

66. There must be sugar in the water tank that is linked to your shower. And that must be why you look sweet. Good morning, darl.

67. Today, I’m thankful that I am not the love emoji in the messages I send to you, but a real person you can hug. Good morning, sweet girl.

68. You’re beautiful, and if the punishment for lying about this is losing sleep forever, this message will still be the same. Good morning, beaut.

69. If the Earth had one mountain for every blessing it has, then one of the biggest mountains on it will be the one for you. Good morning, pretty.

70. Take it from dust with the breath of life in him, you’re one heaven of an amazing woman. Good morning, beauty.

Cute Messages for Your Girl Crush To Wake Up To

“Today, let me make my cute crush wake up to a couple of truths. You’re a human skinned angel I cherish, you’re good for me, and your beauty is something I rate ten over ten. Good morning to you, pretty girl.”

71. Is the way your bed treated you last night not its way of verifying your beauty? Good morning, pretty girl.

72. Wake and go about your day, knowing that there is someone whose eyes change into hearts whenever he sees you. Good morning, beautiful lady.

73. Nothing here, just me making you wake up to a message that says you’re beautiful, and adding to the other messages — and I’m sure there are many — that says you’re more beautiful than the word “beautiful.” Good morning, beaut.

74. Go to a world where everyone says what was on their mind and you’ll hear that you’re beautiful a million times daily. Good morning, pretty girl.

75. Somehow, I’m not slipping notes about how cute you are under every door I see. That’s self-control on my part. Good morning to you, beauty.

76. It was the day I met you that I realised that I can achieve all my long term goals by the end of today if you are the reward for doing that. Good morning, baby girl.

77. Hello, nature. Should I plant a tree to thank you for bringing this beautiful lady I have a crush on my way? Good morning to you, hon.

78. Note to God: changing your mind from using dust to create the girl reading this and using sugar instead? Fire! Good morning, beautiful.

79. If your alarm is a song that has a line that reads “you are not beautiful”, that is a false alarm. Good morning, sweet girl.

80. I think of you so much that sometimes I wonder if there’s a hologram of you on my head. Good morning, baby girl.

Best Good Morning Messages for your Female Crush

“If one truth strikes out a lie, I want to cancel the lie “life is simple” with the truth “I have a big crush on you” and the lie “Jesus is fiction” with the truth “you’re my favourite female.” Hope your sleep was the best anyone had last night? I wished that for you. Good morning, beautiful lady.”

81. You have my address. Send an optician if ever you wake up to a message from me that says you’re not the most beautiful female in the world. Good morning to you, beauty.

82. Now I remember where I first saw you. It was in the picture where God showed me the most beautiful and the best things on Earth. Good morning to you, pretty.

83. I have sleepy eyes right now. Walk into this room and see them wake up completely. Good morning to you, beautiful.

84. If there’s a video that only contains the best things on Earth, my favourite part of the video will be the part that shows you. Good morning to you, darl.

85. Is it possible that the phone number saved with your name on my contacts is not my favourite phone number to send messages to? Is it possible to take pizza from Earth to heaven? These questions have the same answers. Good morning, girl.

86. It’s obvious that you deserve a five-star beauty rating, as obvious as it is that you’re female. I said that for the love of truth. Good morning to you, hon.

87. Now, your birthday is my Personal Beautiful Women’s Day. Now, my crush on you is as big as Jupiter. Good morning, pretty girl.

88. Instead of comparing the size of my crush on you with that of a mountain, why not compare the size of your laptop with that of the space bar on the keyboard? Good morning to you, baby girl.

89. Since your birth, you’ve had my permission to change your name to (insert your name)’s crush, and permission to enjoy today. Good morning to you, pretty.

90. Is today the day that starts with our favourite thing on our minds? Because my day started with you on my mind. Good morning to you, baby girl.

Good Morning Messages for a Girl You Want to Win Her Heart

“My eyes once saw a girl and it felt like they were being rewarded for doing something good. I’ll win any challenge if the prize is seeing her again. You are that girl. I want to greet someone with a golden heart, and that’s why this is coming to you. Good morning, beaut.”

91. How old were you when you realised that you’ll get double of what you want this morning if what you want is half of me? Good morning to you, dearie.

92. You are prettier than you were when you started reading this message, and I think a girl like this should have a great day. Good morning to you, beaut.

93. Congratulations on the win. Not everyone wins the challenge of waking up prettier than they were when they slept. Good morning, beaut.

94. My heart doesn’t know that its beat is just an instrumental for the love song that you and I will become. Should I tell it? Good morning, pretty girl.

95. Hundred over hundred? That looks like the possibility of me wanting you to have a great day, and to spend the rest of your life with me. Good morning, darl.

96. If a page with her name looks like a page with the lyrics of my favourite song, then she is you. Good morning, beautiful lady.

97. I woke up this morning and checked for signs of the possibility of thoughts of you being evicted from my mind. I found none. Good morning, pretty girl.

98. If you see yourself today, tell her she has a five-star attractiveness rating. Also, tell her I wish her a beautiful day. Good morning, beautiful girl.

99. Nothing much here, just my mission to fill your inbox with messages that say you’re beautiful in progress. Good morning, hon.

100. Does the English language have a word for statements that are too true? Statements like “(insert her name) is beautiful”? Good morning, girl.

Now that you’ve read through, is that thing the cute messages on this page said about them being the best messages to use in saying good morning to your female crush a lie? I’m sure your answer is “no!”

Go ahead and use as many as you like, but before you leave this page, can you do something for me? Please, tell me something you like about your crush in the comments.

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