Cute Paragraphs for Your Crush to Wake Up To

Cute Paragraphs for Your Crush to Wake Up to this Morning

Virtually everyone at a point in their lives has had the moment they are crushing on someone. That particular person whose thoughts of them is enough to make your insides go all tingling. You see them outside and you can’t help but break out in a sweat, your mind is starting to stutter even before the words are formed. There’s a rush of adrenaline building up inside of you. You wonder for the umpteenth time whether to say a simple “hi” or act invisible and just let them go on their way.

Most relationships and love life started out as a crush, so, it is not totally a wrong thing. In case you need some help with how to get over shyness, this post on the cute things to say to your crush when they wake up in the morning is very useful. They can be sent across as texts, of course, it can greatly help if you are the shy type who’s finding it difficult to communicate perfectly with the one you’re crushing on.

Real life interaction can be hard but with these texts and paragraphs, you’re not at loss of what to say in the morning. You need some love tips and this post is the first step for that. Don’t forget that learning your partner’s (or potential partner) love language is important

When you make the people you love and the ones close to you smile, you’ve already achieved a great feat, so, why don’t you check out these cute paragraphs for your crush?

And when you get to some stages in love, you will need more than enough tips on a lasting and perfect relationship to keep your love going. You should know that it’s not totally a bad idea to have a cute name for your lover as well.

Send any of these cute paragraphs for your crush to wake up to in the morning as a sweet message perfect with some emojis, that way, you’ll make them have a great start for the day.

Sweet Paragraphs for Your Crush To Wake Up To

This morning, the first thought on my mind was of you and I realize it’s about time that you wake up. One of the many sweet things I want to do for you is sending you this paragraph of how unique you are. Good morning, my dearest crush, may today be a perfect day for you.

1. I actually look forward to every morning because I’m comfortable with always reaching out to you first. Thoughts of you are enough to give me a perfect day. Good morning, dearest.

2. Even the thoughts of you is more than enough to make me feel alive with each new day, so, how could I not wish you a good morning since you make it all feel so perfect?

3. Good morning to you! It’s another perfect time to look forward to your beautiful smiles today. I hope you’ll have a good day ahead!

4. I know you get a lot of it all of the time but let me say it to you yet again; you have the most beautiful smile. Good morning, adorable.

5. You are one of the greatest reasons I look forward to each new day, thoughts of you make me feel so special too. I wish you a very happy day ahead.

6. Good morning! It’s another perfect time to feel alive and good. I wish you a very nice day ahead, just make sure you smile at all times today.

7. A special good morning to a very special person. I hope you had a good night rest? You are the one who’s in the middle of my heart always.

8. Every morning presents you more beautiful moments than the day before and that’s just so perfect.

9. I don’t know how you might feel about this but the thoughts of you actually kept me awake for a long time overnight. Good morning to you, my dear and I wish you a nice day ahead.

10. A new day and I’m here with a greater optimism that you will think of me today. Good morning to you, sweet, how was your night?

11. My favourite time of the day is the mornings, I get to be the first to wish you so that you can have a good day ahead.

12. Rise and shine, it’s time for your morning hugs from me. It’s free don’t worry, but the bill is on my heart.

13. I don’t want you to go into today with the tiniest feeling that you’re alone because you’re definitely not. Good morning to you baby.

14. Good morning to the most interesting human I’ve ever known. Keep your head up today because you got it in you. Have a fun-filled day ahead.

15. Meeting you and having to know you is an interesting game that I’d love to relive again. You are always fun to be with and I wish you wouldn’t stop, not for anything. Good morning to you dear.

16. I don’t know if anyone has told you lately how interesting and wonderful you are, but if not, I’m saying that to you right now.

17. I wish you a day that’s as perfect and awesome as you are. Good morning to you dearest lovely angel.

18. Being around you is a great sport in itself, there’s no dull moment with you that I always look forward to spending time with you. Have a great day dear, good morning to you.

19. I love seeing you smile and watching you laugh, it’s the most interesting feature of you. That’s why I’m saying “good morning and have a perfect day” to you

20. You have a warm and very charming heart, that’s one of the reasons I am attracted to you. I wish you a very nice day ahead today.

21. You look beautiful when you smile and sound intelligent when you talk, sometimes I wonder where this angel is from. You’re perfect always my dear.

22. Today, I hope that you wake to see the beauty in every situation so that you can have an awe-mazing day. Good morning angel.

23. Thoughts of you are enough to invoke smiles on my face and happiness in my heart. I just wish you’ll know what you do to me at all times.

24. Good morning to the ONE whose thoughts make me smile brighter each morning. I’m hoping to have a nice day with you today.

25. Just like the morning sun, I hope you’ll rise this morning and brighten my heart. Good morning to you, sweetness, make sure to enjoy your day because it’s going to be a good one.

Good Morning Texts to Your Crush Paragraphs

Morning texts are not just texts to me, in this paragraph, there are hidden messages of “I’m thinking of you this early and I’m wishing you a good day ahead no matter what”. I hope you’ll think of me every moment of this day my crush, have a perfect day ahead.

26. There’s no way I’m hiding how I truly feel from you. I just hope you’ll understand me and let me know what you feel, too. Good morning dear, how was your night?

27. I love texting you and talking to you especially in the mornings. It makes me feel better and greatly improves my mood for the day.

28. You have a remarkable aura that mere thinking of you is so beautiful and feels like the right thing to do. I hope you’ll feel the same way too about me, soonest.

29. One good reason to keep going on with each new day is you! You are like the perfect rhythm to my heart’s melody.

30. Today again, I woke with the wish that one day, you’ll come to terms with how much I adore and cherish you. I’ll be waiting patiently. But till then, let me be the first to wish you a good morning, each day.

31. Sometimes, I don’t always have the right words of exactly how I feel about you but I’m sure it’s a beautiful feeling. Good morning to you sweetness.

32. The good thing about each day is that you’re the first thought I always have and that’s just perfect. I wish you a very lovely and sweet day ahead.

33. There is no bad weather that can spoil the days that I start with wishing you a good morning. That’s just how special that you are.

34. I wish you a day so warm and comfortable that you won’t have anything to worry about at all, and so shall it be. Good morning to my favourite person on earth.

35. It’s your beautiful face and enchanting smiles for me, they are always my booster for the day. Make sure to take care of yourself today, good morning sunshine.

36. Let me tell you a secret, wishing you every morning is one amazing way to start my day too that’s why I made it a point of duty. Good morning dear, never forget that you’re special.

37. I hope you won’t have to wake to any worries today, just take a deep breath and relax yourself because it’s going to be another wonderful day ahead, just for you. Good afternoon sweet.

38. Every morning as I wake, I look forward to talking to you and wishing you a very beautiful day ahead. After then, can I have a good morning myself? Good morning beautiful.

39. Your brilliance and beauty are non-comparable to anything that I’ve seen before. I’m glad that you are in this beautiful morning with me, dearest.

40. Today again, as I wake, the thoughts of you take my breath away and I remember that I’m yet to wish you. Good morning most precious, how was your night?

41. Happy new day dearest and most beautiful one. May this day bring to you positive vibes and amazing opportunities even more than you expect.

42. Good morning! Even the sun is jealous of how brightly you shine every day. Make sure to make the most of this day, you deserve it.

43. I have just one wish for today, and it’s that you step out and take full charge of everything that comes your way. Have a very lovely day dear and please think of me.

44. There’s a goal that I’ve set out to achieve and it’s a secret for now. Hope you had a good night rest dearie? Make sure to have a nice day, please.

45. Another morning and it’s another perfect opportunity to tell you that I woke up to the thoughts of you on my mind. Good morning to you and have a nice day today

46. I don’t know about much, but I’m sure that making sure that you wake with a smile on your face is my goal always. Good morning to you babe.

47. You’re special, you’re loved, you’re unique and you’re awesomely beautiful in all that you do. Good morning to you my most precious treasure.

48. A beautiful smile on your face, that’s what I want all through the day and I hope you will oblige me. Good morning dearest, you’re loved always, never forget that.

49. The only way I can have a great day is when I am the first to wish you a good morning. Enjoy your day lovely one, and make sure that you smile always.

50. There’s no better way to start a day than the knowledge that someone somewhere is praying for you and wishing you a very good day ahead. I am someone and I say; Good morning to you, sweetness.

Good Morning Paragraphs to Crush

Every morning that you wake with a message from me is a good one already, with no doubt. I may not come up with enough words and sometimes, it may be in paragraphs but I want you to know that you’re always on my mind. Have a sweet day, my forever crush.

51. Another morning, another day, another opportunity to look perfectly beautiful. Good morning your royal sweetness, make sure to have a beautiful day ahead.

52. I want you to wake with the thoughts that someone cares so much about you and wishes always to see you happy, every morning. That’s me.

53. I love how the thoughts of you make me feel, just wishing to see you and then a smile creeps up to my face. You lift my spirits in ways that I can’t totally explain, you seem like the best thing to happen to me.

54. I don’t want to hide my true feelings anymore, because seeing you, hearing you, thinking of you, it all makes me smile. You are special always and that’s just the way I want it to be forever.

55. Everything around me makes me think of you. I worry about you at all times and wonder if you’re doing fine too. I may not have the right words at all times but this once, trust me when I say you have got me hooked totally.

56. Sometimes, I wish I could let the entire world know just how I feel about you, maybe then, it will make my expression come out easier. You’re specially loved always dear.

57. The first time I held your hands made me realize I never want to let your hands go ever again. I have come to cherish every moment with you as it turns out to be the best of my time. I wish you a nice day ahead dear.

58. Wake up with the morning sun! I hope you’ll always smile today no matter what. Good morning to you and have a day as sweet as you are.

59. There’s no feeling that can compare to how I am when I’m with you, it fits perfectly like the right thing to do. You’re the best and most suitable distraction I could get from the regular. Have a nice day ahead dear.

60. Every new day will find me confessing my feelings for you until you perfectly understand that it’s not something I’ve got control over. My heart and love for you are pure and true always.

61. I have gotten so used to you that I even hear and feel you when you’re not there. The sound of your voice the smell of your hair, the glaring of your eyes, and every other little thing are all in my memory. That’s about how much and more you mean to me.

62. You’re the one that makes me lost for words and nervous. I don’t mean to stutter but you always have me lost in your eyes that I always have to struggle to be myself. I just hope you’ll understand me completely soon

63. One day, I’ll get to tell you how I really feel about you in all of my honesty. How you are the one that makes you the totality of my thoughts, but for now, let me keep wishing you a good morning, good day and good evening.

64. Not just your beauty, but your nature and endearing abilities struck me and got me hooked on you. I hope you’ll understand me or do I need to properly explain more?

65. Don’t blame me if I’m always onto you and can’t keep away, you’re the one who’s made up of everything I love. What am I to do when I like you this much and can’t get you out of my mind?

66. Let me tell you this; the best way to start my day well is to wish you first thing in the morning. That way I can be confident that you’ll have a nice day and I can get started myself. So, good morning to you dearest one.

67. The light in your eyes and the beauty of your smile is enough motivation that it’s always going to be a good day. I hope you’ll never lose this hold you have on me that makes you irresistible always.

68. You are one person whose charm I can’t ever resist. I’m not even mincing words when I say that you have a heart that is so pure and spotless. May today be another good day just for you.

69. What do I stand to gain if I don’t wish someone as unique as you a very good morning first thing for the day? Good morning handsome, go out there and work your magic on everything that you touch today.

70. It’s a good morning and I just want to wish you good luck for the day. May you get all the strength, support and energy you need for today.

71. I’ll give anything to make sure that I make you smile first thing every morning. I may not be around you as much as I want to, today, but know that you’re always in my thoughts. Good morning to you handsome.

72. Every morning is a perfect countdown to when I’ll get to see you again so, I’m not bothered that you’re not here right now. I wish you a very perfect day because when you’re happy, I’m contented. Good morning beautiful one.

73. I love the silence that we both share, it’s not even awkward in any way at all. It reaches my core and makes me babe a connection so strong with you. I hope you’ll know that you have my heart in your hands. Have a nice day, sweets.

74. One thing I’ve learnt over time is that, with the right person, not many words are needed. And that’s what I share with you. This connection is deep and intense, I can feel it.

75. I hope the thoughts of me will make you smile so that your heart is light today. I’m going to keep you in my heart always because it helps me and gives me the strength that I don’t even know I’ve got.

Wishing Your Crush a Good Day

Tell me one thing that’s more perfect than having to wish you a good day ahead and I’ll wait. You already know this is not just about being a crush anymore, you’re always on my mind and I’m so sure that I’m loving you already. Good morning to you, sweet, I wish you a day that’s as perfect as you are.

76. As much as my feelings for you are real, I wish that one day, you’ll get to see how much you mean to me and how I already can’t do without you. This is my greatest wish with every morning.

77. I’m just glad that I have you to love. Even if it’s from afar I’m so contented, trust me. You mean so much to me that I can’t even dare to start my day without wishing you a good morning. I hope you have a chance at enjoying today completely.

78. What will I do if I don’t have the thoughts of you to wake up to every morning? Well, I’m certain of one thing, that day will be a dull and gloomy one. You are more than enough for me and my thoughts. Good morning to you dearest.

79. There’s one thing that I wish for every morning, and it’s that I get a chance to love you as much as you truly deserve. I won’t give up and I’m sure you’ll see my feelings for you as true, soon. Let me keep wishing you a very good day ahead.

80. A lot of attachments is sent along with this text and they include smiles for the day, kisses to warm your heart, hugs to let you know that you’re always in my mind and my heart that is filled with nothing else but admiration and love for you always. Now, good morning to you my cupcakes.

81. Good morning to you beautiful, how was your night? It’s another time to let you know that you’re perfect and you’ve got it all. I can’t wait to hear that you’ve had an amazing day. Make sure to take care of yourself.

82. I wish you all the best of today dear, it’s the least I can do. I hope you’ll get to know how much you really mean to me, soonest. Have a good one ahead and be fine.

83. You have a heart and face that’s so adorable and definitely endearing. You are not just loving but caring and supporting in every way that I know of, and I don’t have any reason why my heart won’t fall for you. Good morning to you my super handsome friend, have a good day ahead.

84. This morning, the thoughts of you woke me and I became very aware of how you are always close to my heart. I smile more because you are my motivation always. I hope you’ll be motivated to have a good day ahead too.

85. The things you do to me are very interesting and quite fascinating that I can’t think of anything or anyone else to complete me. I hope you understand or should I explain more?

86. In case you haven’t noticed, you’re the one person I could be myself with, with no restrictions at all. I smile more and feel very much happy because you are always in my thoughts. I hope you have a good day as I plan to do myself.

87. With you, there’s no holding back of any emotions that I feel. I am interested in every detail of you and genuinely care about you. You are like my favourite part and my resting place. Can I say that I love you already?

88. One sure way to have a good day that has worked for me is waking with the thoughts of you in my mind. I know you’ve heard it a number of times and I won’t get tired of saying it because I truly like you. I wish you a nice day ahead.

89. Your smile is the most beautiful thing that I look forward to encountering every day and even for the rest of my life. I believe that having you in my life will be my greatest blessing. Good morning and have a good day ahead my favourite man.

90. Should I tell you what will be perfect for a very good day? A cup of coffee, a warm shower and the warmest of all, your smiles. I’ll give anything to have the last one though.

91. My favourite time of the day is morning, I get to enjoy thoughts of you uninterrupted before I get busy with my activities for the day. That’s my perfect push for a great day. Good morning to you prince charming.

92. When I’m asleep, you’re in my dreams, when I’m awake, thoughts of you occupies me and it feels just like the right thing to do always. What do you think about making all of these real and permanent? I’m falling for you with each new day.

93. I want you with all of me, and totally too. That’s why I’m contented with waiting for as long as it’ll take you to come through to me. I wish you a good morning and a very nice day ahead babe.

94. I’m not obsessed with you, I’m just into you totally and that’s a reasonable thing to do because of how sweet that you are. All I want the most is to wish that you have a day as sweet as you are.

95. Every moment you’re in my thoughts and that’s why I could always wish you a good morning every new day. Don’t stress yourself, just relax and let everything take its right shape.

96. I would like you to have it in mind as you go into today that I’m right there in your heart, rooting for you and wishing you all of the best. You got it no matter what, so you’ll do just fine. Have a good day, sweets.

97. Good morning to the one whose thoughts and the sound of his voice makes me excited. I am more than happy that you are my person always. Have a nice day ahead dear, you’ve got this

98. The days are just too short and the nights are definitely too long, but I’m okay with the fact that no matter what, you are in this life with me. I wish you a very nice day ahead dearest.

99. I definitely have no power to control what and who my heart falls for, but then it’s all good because my heart knows the best. I am thinking of you always and that’s why I wish you a good day ahead.

100. Going after you every day is not much of a comfortable sport for me anymore, can you please stop running away from me and listen to my heart for once? I’m looking forward to another perfect day with you today. Have a nice one ahead.

You know that you are doing the right thing when your efforts put a smile on your crush’s face and one great way to achieve that is to send them any of these good morning messages and paragraphs for them to wake up to.

Don’t restrict your heart and feelings, let it flow so that you’ll have no regrets in the long run.

I hope this post helps you a great deal so that you’re not at a loss for what to say to your crush because they are just like creative love notes, so let me know what your thoughts and opinions about this post are, will you?

Sharing will go a long way to reach others. So please, do so before you go.

Thank you for your time.

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