Get Well Soon Wishes Quotes for Your Best Friend

Get Well Soon Wishes Quotes for Your Best Friend

Best friends are a wonderful and beautiful part of our lives, if not the best part. They are always there through it all; never relenting, never tired of you. Before one can be a best friend, then such a person must have been through your downtimes with you. A best friend is someone who loves and sees the best in you, regardless of what people say.

Such a person deserves to be adored not just on their birthday or when they are ill, but every day, because they are not easy to come by.

In case you have a best friend that goes all hard for you, we are on the same page. Getting the perfect words to wish someone like this a quick recovery from their sickness can be quite hard and make you very emotional.

To save you the emotional stress, I have some get well soon quotes and wishes to help you with it. You just read through and pick the one that will make your best friend think less about their condition.

Get Well Soon Messages for My Dear Best Friend

I may not be with you physically, but trust me, I am with you in the spirit. I hope that this get well soon message makes you see the need to hold on to God, my dear best friend. I love you.

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1. No, it’s not easy for me, either. The truth is, we’re both in this together. Get well soon, my friend. I am sending you loads of good wishes for your fast recovery and good health. I love you.

2. Your sudden sickness came as a rude shock. I’m sorry for not being there as I should. I’m praying for you. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Take care of yourself and get well soon.

3. Dear friend, I see all your struggles to pull through. I’m not happy about your condition. I can feel and see through you, friend. I hope that you come out of this real soon. Get well soon my friend.

4. Your happiness means a lot to me, my friend. Having to see you cry and go through unbearable pain gives me heartbreak. I want you to know that we are in this together. I love you, and please get well soon.

5. My lovely best friend, it’s been months since this illness. God is the only one to look up to, let no one tell you otherwise. I’m sending my heartfelt wishes and prayers your way. Be good.

6. This is a very trying and challenging time. My friend, I’m hoping that you find strength in this trying time and get well very soon. My love to you. I wish you a speedy recovery.

7. I still feel there’s no need for crying at all. Whatever you leave in God’s hands is settled already, just trust the process. From now, please take care of yourself, rest properly and get well soon. I love you.

8. Here’s wishing you a speedy and very full recovery, dear best friend. You do not deserve all you’re going through, but God knows best, and there’s a reason for everything that happens to us in life. Get well soon.

9. I can’t stop crying. I can’t deal with this heartache. Your condition will be better with time. I won’t relent in prayers. I pray to God that you feel better through each passing day. Take care.

10. My wish is that you stand up from that bed alive, so you resume your normal life soon. I miss you, I miss us. I can’t deal with the troubles of this life alone. Please come home soon, so we can continue to do life together. Stay good.

11. This is just a test of faith. Yes, the devil knows he’s losing this battle already. Do not lose faith in God. May he bless you with a speedy recovery and good health. Get well soon, my friend.

12. You’re my best friend, the one who has been there for me through it all. I can’t possibly leave you to go through this alone. I hope that you feel better soon and come back among us. Take care of yourself.

13. unfortunately, you have to go through this. I’m so sorry about it. Hoping for you to get well very soon and come back among us, even better than before. I love you so much.

14. Looking forward to the day I will set my eyes on you again. Ever since you travelled for your surgery, things have been on standby. I can’t do anything without you, my best friend. Make sure you get well soon.

15. Whenever you need my help, do not hesitate to let me know. If you don’t tell me things, people will think I’m a bad person. I want us to go through this phase together. Get well soon, dear friend.

16. I know for sure that you’re going through a hard time, but trust me when I say we both are. Your condition bothers me too, and I truly do hope that you snap out of it, real soon. Take care.

Health Recovery Messages to Best Friend

My best friend, I know the condition of your health is so bad, right now, but there’s nothing impossible with God. Your recovery will come soon. I hope this message meets you well. Take care.

17. You must be going through a hard time. It’s so sad that I am not around, right now. I can’t even do things well. My sincere wishes are with you. Get well soon, my friend.

18. You have been my best friend since God knows when. I have no record of ugly stuff about you. You definitely are not the one to be going through all of these, but God is not asleep. He will bring you out. Get well soon.

19. It’s been such an emotional rollercoaster for me. I miss the great moments we shared. I don’t know how to get past this, but I know you will be fine again. Get well soon, dear friend.

20. I know it’s not your fault, and you have no choice, but I just wish that you can get over this sickness. Saying I miss you is an understatement. I know you will be fine soon. I will be with you at the hospital soon.

21. I’m a good friend to you; always have, and will always be. So please, do not take any chance to tell me how you feel. I know things are on their way to getting better. Please, take care and get well soon.

22. The only thing I can do is pray to God to heal you, even though I wish I could do more. None of my prayers will go unanswered. I’m sorry about your health challenges. You will rise again.

23. I miss you so much and so does everyone else. We all miss you and wish you a speedy recovery. Take care and know that we are eagerly awaiting your return.

24. Please, do not worry about your present situation, because it will only cause more health problems. I’m believing in God to get you out of it real soon. Please, take care. This is only a phase.

25. Never have I stopped praying for you, since this ugly incident started. I was almost on the road to depression, but I had to be strong for you. Get well soon, my best friend.

26. I want you to know that you are in my utmost thoughts and prayers. I pray for you even more than I do for myself. It’s not a funny situation, and God alone is to be trusted for a full recovery. I love you.

27. No matter what anyone tells you, God alone has the power to bring you out of this. Don’t stop praying. Do not relent, at the same time, don’t fret. God is still in the business of making miracles, and yours is next. Amen.

28. You have been bedridden for almost one year, tell me what else could be more depressing. I used to lose hope in your recovery, but now my hope is tripled. Hoping for you to come back stronger and healthier.

29. I know you are weak in the body and soul. You are probably thinking about taking your own life. But please remember some people are in worse situations. I’m sure you will recover in no time. Be positive.

30. We are going to fight this sickness together, and we will win. I just need you to gather more courage and positivity, please. Don’t relent in prayers. God has not forgotten you, and your healing will be swift. Amen.

Messages for Sick Best Friend in Hospital

Never have I pictured seeing my best friend in a hospital or a sickbed. This sickness is only temporary, you will be fine soon. I can’t wait to see you. In the meanwhile, let this message ease your pain. I love you.

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31. This is a hospital, definitely not your home. For this reason, you will leave very soon. Just don’t stop praying and praising God. Behave as though you are healed already, and watch God’s miracle locate you.

32. Take a lot of rest, because you need it. If possible, switch off your phones. Focus on getting better, and don’t forget to say your prayers. Get well soon, because I cannot wait to have you back.

33. Everywhere I go, people ask about you. I feel so horrible doing things alone. I don’t know what to tell people or how to face them anymore. You really need to be out of this condition. Get well soon, dear.

34. I know I have not been there like I should, but classes are stressing me out. Your condition on the other hand gets me worried always. But not to worry, may God help you recover and make you as fit as before. Get well soon.

35. I know this is the hardest situation you will ever go through. Believe me, it is for me too. I have never been so sad about anything. But please, let’s just have good faith. You will recover very soon, my friend.

36. My love is with you. God’s love is ever sure for you. You already have all it takes to be well, you just need to push in some more prayers and positive thoughts. Don’t doubt God. He’s making ways. Get well soon.

37. I have always prayed to God not to make me go through situations above me. But the devil keeps waging war. God is more powerful, and He will heal you, my friend. Get well soon, as I can’t wait to have you back home.

38. This illness has done more harm than good. On the other hand, it has also made you know the real and fake people in your life. I’m glad to be one of the real ones. This sickness, we go through it together. Get well soon.

39. Babe, I know you. You’re confident, you are a fighter. You do not give up. Don’t let this illness be an exception, please. You can get through this with God’s help and your determination. Get well soon, my friend. I miss you.

40. Pain is only temporary. You are not going to go through this alone, I promise. I will be there with you, and even after all of this. Don’t be sad, I’m right here for you. Get well soon, baby.

41. Nothing is impossible for God, not even you getting out of this sickness soon. He will do it, and you will come home happy and healed. My prayers and thoughts are with you. I love you.

42. I feel so useless, right now. Trust me, if I were around before this sickness started, I wouldn’t have travelled for my Master’s Degree. I’m so sorry I’m not there with you. I hope that I hear that good news soon.

43. Keep your worries aside, and keep your spirits up. Nothing in this world is worth your life. God gives me takes but He’s not taking your life soon. May you scale through this phase. Get well soon.

44. I hope that you have all the love and peace you need to go through this painful experience. You deserve a better condition, not this. Get well soon, my lovely friend.

45. No matter what you go through now, you will rise again. Trust me, conditions like this only make us stronger. You will be healed very soon. Do not allow anything to shake your faith in God. Get well soon.

46. You should have more hopes than you’ve ever had in your life, this period. Keep yourself grounded in God. Don’t worry about how you feel now, because you will feel better soon. Do take care of yourself.

Prayer Messages to Ill Best Friend

Dear best friend, I have decided to share this message with you. I have never stopped praying prayers of healing for you. You’re my best friend and I feel sad seeing you go through this painful experience. You’re ill, but you will be healed.

47. May God’s healing hands touch you in every part of your body, filling you with energy and light. I’m so sorry about your condition, and my love and prayers will always be with you. Get well soon, my friend.

48. This is such a challenging time for you. My prayers are with you, as you go through this. I will not stop making my presence available too. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

49. I love you, I do love you. I just realized this, when your sickness started. I have been unable to lay my hands on something productive. I have not been useful for myself, and I traced this to your condition. May your healing be perfect, my friend.

50. I hope that all your thoughts are always positive, though. Because that’s all you need to go through this. Prayers are needed too, and that’s why I haven’t stopped praying. May God see you through this.

51. Amidst all these pains, I hope that you genuinely find the reasons to be happy and grateful to God. Some are in worse conditions, and they still thank God. Don’t stop being hopeful. Your healing is here. Amen.

52. For you to be well again, you’ve got to be very prayerful. I haven’t stopped praying for your healing, really, but you need to do better than crying all day. This isn’t going to help in any way. May God lay His healing hands on you. Amen.

53. See why I have always told you to be prayerful. Days like these are bound to come. Your praying life will only make you ready for worse days. Not to worry it’s not too late for you. Start praying and trusting God now! You’re healed, in Jesus’ name.

54. I pray that you rise above this illness. May all the prayers we pray go from our mouths directly to God’s ears. I’m praying that God heals and restores your body and soul. Amen. Get well soon, dear friend.

55. Trust me this is an unfortunate and very ugly situation. You don’t deserve this, because you’re one of the most amazing people I have met. May God ease your pain and grant you a speedy recovery. Amen. Get well soon.

56. I have been in worse conditions, so I understand how you feel. Don’t worry, for better days are ahead for you, my friend. May God keep keeping you for us. Amen.

57. You are one of the strongest people I know, if not the strongest. Don’t let this sickness weigh you down or trample on your faith. Leave God to do things His way. May you get back on your feet soon. Amen.

58. I have known you for a very long time now. You’re not the one to ever withdraw, not when victory is visible. Don’t be disturbed by the things the devil do. You’re a child of God, and that’s all that matters. You’re healed, by His stripes. Amen.

59. I want you to know that God allowed this accident for a reason. You’re not a mocking tool for the devil. Your comeback will certainly be greater than all the setbacks you’ve experienced. Amen. My good wishes are always with you.

60. That hospital is not your space; it doesn’t belong to people like you. I’m sure God is working out something great in your favour. You will be fine very soon, my friend. Be strong and happy.

Funny Get Well Soon Messages for Best Friend

My best friend, I decided to send you a funny get well soon message, and then I realized that I don’t know what to say besides get well. So, get well.

Pranks to play on a sick friend.

61. I guess you are now enjoying all the attention you have been craving for a long time now. Get well soon, because I need my own attention too.

62. I can’t stand you at all. You are now a hospital prisoner, that’s quite awkward. You better stand and get out of there before you suffer more than you already have. Get well soon.

63. The meaningless jokes you have been making me tell you are enough to get you through your sickness. If you like, don’t get up. I do not have more to tell. Get well soon, though.

64. Now that you’re being deprived of taking chocolates, can I eat the ones I brought for you? Don’t tell me to keep them, because I have no idea when you will leave this hospital. Get well soon.

65. You’re beginning to sound like a broken record now. It’s beginning to look like you’ve been faking this illness to run away from the chores at home. Guess what? You lie! Get well soon and come back to cooking for us.

66. I never knew you were this weak. Like, ordinary headache, you’re making it seem like you want to kick the bucket. It is well with you. Just get well soon, because I miss you.

67. I think I have prayed enough, and I’m about to give up if you don’t leave that bed. You have done enough in that hospital, your bed is at home waiting for you.

68. You really know all the tactics and gimmicks about how to fake a sickness. Haven’t you done enough already? You should be done by now. Pack your things and start coming home.

69. You really shouldn’t have gone to the hospital, you know. I would have treated you for free. All I need to do is just start feeding you with your poop, you would have been well by now.

70. If I wish you get well soon, it might not be soon enough. I want you to get well now because I miss you so much. When will you be done with your sickness?

71. You think you can get away from school works and domestic work by faking your sickness? Well, I’m sorry to burst your bubble, the exam starts tomorrow. You had better get well.

72. I have been through a lot in the past few days. From throwing up to feeling unwell. You better get well now, because you are not seeing me in that hospital anymore.

73. Well, since you can’t eat cakes and chocolates because of your sickness, trust me to do that on your behalf. Till you get well soon. Bye, dear.

Get Well Soon Quotes for Best Friend

I might not send more than quotes, but believe me, I have your interest at heart and I wish you get well soon, my best friend.

74. I might not have been saying this often, but you are the only motivation I have when going through stuff. I can’t stop crying and praying that you get well soon. God will heal you. Amen.

75. As my best friend, I have always been praying for you, I only need to do more with your condition. Prayers are up, dear and God will answer them. Get well soon, my friend.

76. You have always been concerned about everything I do. Your intentions towards me are pure because I can see through them. This is your hardest time, and I pray that God is with you and give you strength. Amen.

77. I am praying for you, my friend. Your present condition is nothing compared to what God is planning for you, trust me. You will be amazed at how much God loves you. He will give you all the strength you need to get through this. Amen.

78. The fact that you still smile on your sickbed is something to happy about. You’re a very strong lady, and I can see you trust in God. God will answer all our prayers over you. Amen.

79. I’m so glad I could make you happy with my dry jokes. I’m not that useless, after all. Thank you for finding strength even in your troubles. For this reason, God will heal you totally. Amen.

80. This sickness is only here for a short period. I believe you will be over this soon. God is not dead, so He sees and knows all that is happening. I won’t stop praying that you get well soon, because I miss you, my friend.

81. I miss you and all of your mischievous ways. Thank God for giving you all the strength you need. I can see you’re already getting better. I’m praying for you to see better days in good health and sound mind. Amen.

82. I know those pills are bitter, but it’s just for the meantime. They are to get you ready for your healing. Remember pills and prayers go hand in hand; one can’t work without the other. So please, do both. You are healed, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

83. Don’t you ever think that God does not love you. This is just a phase, and it will pass. Give it your best; prayers, positivity and happiness. You’re getting there. Love you, babe.

84. I believe that this sickness is long overdue. The devil must be thinking that he’s one superman, but God is greater than him and his tricks. May God be with you every step of the way. Amen.

85. In the times when you don’t see people like me, God is who you will see, so start trusting in Him. Be happy and cheerful. Stop crying, for God will turn your pain into happiness. Amen.

86. You know I care so much about you, but God does more. You’re the apple of His eye, and He doesn’t joke with you. Just talk to your father, and watch Him fight all your battles. I love you, girl.

Get well Soon Wishes for My Best Friend’s Speedy Recovery

For your speedy recovery, I’m sending you wishes that you get well soon. You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me, that’s why you are my best friend. I love you.

How to be there for your sick friend.

87. Your illness has rendered me almost useless. I can’t possibly think of what to do without the thoughts of your illness. My heart is so heavy, but I know you will be fine. Sending you love and prayers for a quick recovery.

88. I’m so sorry you’re feeling unwell. Sneezing and coughing could be caused by cold, so I’m guessing it’s nothing really serious. Don’t be too comfortable in that hospital. Be home soon.

89. I heard you’re a little under the weather. I’m so sorry, darling. This season comes with little sicknesses here and there. You will be fine. Just take your medicine and be hopeful. Get well soon.

90. I miss your innocent smile. I miss our long late-night conversations. It’s been weeks without you, and this is getting me worried already. But be well, so we can continue our lives together.

91. Honey, don’t worry about what’s not. This sickness is on its way already. Just take enough to the rest, so your recovery and recuperation can be very fast. Get well soon.

92. To be very honest, I have not been the same without you. I can’t even go about my day to day activities anymore. I’m seriously hoping that you recover quickly, and get back home soon. I love you.

93. Your friendship makes me a complete person. It means the world to me. It’s so sad knowing that you’re not well. I hope you recover soon so we can get back to doing things together again.

94. I’m glad I could feel the pain with you, even though not totally. But trust me, I wish I had a superpower to take this pain and bear it for you. As it is, all I can do is remind you that you’re not alone and that I’m rooting for you. Get well soon.

95. If there’s anything I can do to put a smile on your face or make you get over this soon, please let me know. In the meanwhile, I will be praying that you get well soon. I’m here rooting for you, my friend.

96. You are strong, and you can get through this unscratched. Your healing is of paramount importance to God, so He’s working out something for you. You’ll get through this, real soon.

97. Remember that what doesn’t kill you only makes us stronger. You have always been strong, so this sickness will find its way out of your body. All you need to do is keep taking your medication and praying. Get well soon.

98. You need to start recuperating. I know it’s not easy but look at us all. Look what we’ve turned out to be because of you. Please, get well soon for us. Don’t complicate things more than they already are.

99. Being sick only shows how much you can endure pain. You have been through worse situations, so this will take care of itself. I hope that you recover very quickly and be all goofy again.

100. With all you’ve been through, it’s safe to say you are a warrior. This illness has claimed so many lives within the shortest period, but here you are smiling and being grateful. Let’s keep hoping on God. Get well soon.

Hey there! I hope you were able to get something to tell exactly how you feel about your sick friend, from the get well soon wishes quotes for your best friend I have on this page.

I hope that your friend receives his/her healing after reading from you. Please, stay glued for more interesting contents. Thank you.

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