Get Well Soon Prayer Messages for My Sick Husband

Get Well Soon Prayer Messages for My Sick Husband

Nothing else makes sense once your significant other is sick. It could affect your health too. It can be draining and traumatizing at the same time. The struggle of having to rush to the hospital, prepare food, stay with him, take care of the home and kids (if there’s any) can be overwhelming. While, seeing your husband lying on the sickbed brings nothing but sadness, especially when the condition is critical.

Someone in this kind of situation needs all the love and attention he can get. Apart from doing the things I listed earlier, prayer is equally very important. Prayer is the key to all good things. It’s important to pray for him and with him.

Are you confused about what prayers exactly you should pray? These get well soon prayer messages for my sick husband below are everything you need and even more.

Powerful Quick Recovery Prayers for Your Husband

Hello darling. How are you feeling today? I will be at the hospital very late today, because of work. In the meanwhile, I will keep saying powerful quick recovery prayers for you, my husband. You will rise again. Get well soon.

Is your husband sick and you want him to recover very quickly? Then these powerful quick recovery prayers below will make him feel better because they are very effective.

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1. Honey, this sickness will never take you away from me. I have watched you struggle for your life on your sickbed. The thought of that alone scares me, but I trust God to heal you. Get well soon my love.

2. No, you won’t die but live to declare the works of the Lord in the land of the living. Death can’t be your portion now. We still have many things to achieve, including conquering the world together. Get well soon, my love.

3. I miss your hugs and smiles, I miss how you bite my ears while we play. Nothing is the same without you. I can’t continue living without you. Please, get well soon for me and the kids. We miss you so much.

4. Life isn’t worthwhile without your love, my husband. I miss being by your side and looking into your charming eyes. Your sickness does nothing good to me, I’m almost damaged. But I have to be strong for you. Please, be strong for me too. Get well soon.

5. Nights aren’t the same without you. I miss your cuddles and the way you kiss me to bed. I miss seeing you lovely and jiggy, I will do anything to get you out of this, provided I have the power. Get well soon, my inamorato.

6. You promised to be my best friend, not a best friend to sickbed, doctors and nurses. You can only make me happy by putting yourself together, and face life with me. I love you so much. Get well soon, baby.

7. I am sorry I had to be this far away. Your sickness disturbs me, I won’t lie. But I am here for the benefits of you and me. Please, don’t do this to me. I know you love me, so please get well soon. I love you too.

8. You’re the most important part of my life, and I’m not going to lose you to the cold hands of death. Sudden death will never be your portion, as God lives. Please, don’t stop hoping for a miracle from God. You will be out of there soon. Get well.

9. In the name of Jesus, no evil shall befall you. This sickness will never know your end. I know you’re going through pains, and I understand. We are going to fight this battle till we see its end. I love you and get well soon, my love.

10. If you stop believing in God, that’s a loss for you and a gain for the devil. The Lord owns you, He sees everything that’s happening, and trust me, He will soon strike with full force. You will be fine, Amen. Get well soon.

11. You’re my husband, and I hate to see you go through all this. I feel so bad that I can do nothing to bring you out of this unfortunate condition. I will not stop fasting and praying for you. Get well soon, hubby.

12. It hurts to see you sleep on that sickbed day and night. It hurts even more that I can’t do anything to take you out of that condition. I’m so sorry, my love. Please, get well for me as soon as possible. I love you.

13. You have always been all healthy, confident and full of life, till this robber of a sickness showed up. Nothing can stop your greatness, my love. You will come out of this even stronger. Get well soon.

14. Even though I am so scared, I can’t stop hoping on God. This is only a phase, and I know it’s ending very soon. You are always remembered in my prayers. Please, get well soon.

15. Our kids miss you. They cry every day, hoping you will come home soon. I’m tired of lying to them that you travelled. Honey, it’s not easy without you. Please, be strong for us. We need you alive and happy. Get well soon.

16. The only thing I want to see is you, my love. Your sickness has brought me nothing but sadness. I’m not myself anymore. It hurts more to see you wallow in pain. I’m sorry for not being able to help. Get well soon, my love.

17. Your presence means a lot to me. I’m sorry for ever taking it for granted, now I know I’m empty without you. You’ve done enough in the hospital, please come back soon, my love. Don’t you miss me at all?

18. My whole life is on hold because of this sickness. It’s so unfortunate that we have to go through such an unfriendly situation. I will always be here, right by your side. Don’t you ever leave me alone. Get well soon.

19. May the healing hands of God touch you on that bed. May all that’s lifeless in you begin to live again. God will not watch you suffer, not when He’s still your Father. Divine healing is yours. Amen. Please, get well soon.

20. It has never been this bad for any of us. I’m so amazed at the stupidity of the devil. If only he knows how powerless he is. All power belongs to Jesus, and He will never leave you to suffer. Get well soon, darling.

21. Since your illness, I have been unable to go to work. Always by your side, because I can’t function without you. It cost me my job, but I know I’m doing the right thing. I can’t wait for you to get back on your feet. I wish you miraculous and fast healing. Amen.

22. I have always known you to be a fighter. You don’t stop on whatever you believe in. Now is the best time for such energy. You need to fight so hard for your life. Don’t relent in your prayer, too. Get well soon.

23. Remember there’s still a whole lot to accomplish together. I can’t do anything alone. Try harder to get well, I know you can do it. We all miss you over here, and we’re praying for you. Get well soon, love. Kisses.

24. I have never been this far away from you (I couldn’t have tried it.) This sickness keeps getting worse, but I still believe the only thing to do is to keep praying and hoping for perfect healing. I see all your struggles, dear. You will be well soon.

25. You have always been there for me, so I won’t leave you to this. Everyone lost hope already, but I believe God is in for something great. All I want is you to come back stronger and healthier than before. Get well soon, my love.

26. Lord, heal my husband. He’s all I have got. Do not allow me to be mocked. Your perfect hands of healing from above are all we need, right now. I know You can do this. Lord, answer my prayers for my husband to get well soon. Amen.

27. I know you’re not finding it easy there. But what do we do, though? I miss you every day, but prayers are the only remedy I know, asides from being treated medically. We all miss and can’t wait to have you back. Get well soon.

28. I pray that you get back home as soon as possible. I miss you a whole lot. I don’t know what I would do without your wonderful presence in my life. I hate to see you in this condition. Please, get well soon enough. I love you.

29. The Lord sees my heart, I don’t feel well at all. My life has since paused. Thinking about your sickness brings tears to my eyes. You have never been the one to bother me. Please get well soon for me.

30. Your sickness has made me know that you’re the only companion I have. I have been so stupid all along. I’m a changed person now, and I can’t wait to right all my wrongs. Get well soon, darling.

31. How do you cope in that hospital? I have been sick since I came to check on you. Now, I really feel bad for not picking your calls, then. The accident wouldn’t have happened. I’m so sorry you had to go through this. Get well soon, my husband.

32. All of my life misses you, my husband. Life is meaningless without you. I wish I could get you out of this condition, but only God can. He will come through for you, soon. Amen. Get well soon, dear hubby.

33. Even in condition, you remain the best husband. What’s not to love about you? May God heal you completely, and make you reunite with us, very soon. Get well soon, my love.

34. I bet this sickness won’t last at all. It’s just fever and before you know it, you will be fine. God will make things work in your favour. The hospital bed isn’t your place to stay, so you will be home soon. Get well soon, dear.

35. Is there any condition you can’t face? I doubt that. You are the bravest man I know, and you have faced worse situations. This pain is just one of those things, it will pass. Get well soon. I love you.

Prayers for Your Husband to Get Well Soon

The only thing I wish for now is for you to get well soon. I keep saying prayers to this effect. I can’t stand seeing you in pains, it’s so unbearable for me. Please, get well soon so we can go back to our normal lives. May God heal you, Amen. I love you.

Apart from running around from pillar to post, you can pray for your husband to get well with the prayers below.

36. Your sickness is nothing, compared to the love I have for you. You have been with me in worse situations, so I have no choice but to stay with you. May God complete your healing, my love. Get well soon, baby.

37. Without you, I have been unable to do so many things, even to smile. I miss you every day. I love and cherish your presence more than every other thing. Please, do us a favour by getting well soon. I love you.

38. I can’t wait to see you back to your normal and happy self. You’re such a happy and loving husband, and you have left us hopeless since your sickness started. I know you miss us, so please get well soon.

39. Before you know it, we’re going to be happy together again. We will even throw a Thanksgiving party, to show how grateful we are to God. Just keep hope alive, and don’t stop praying. God be with you, Amen.

40. I can’t bear to see you on that sickbed. It hurts me badly, and it feels so sad I can do nothing about it. It’s something I’m never going to get used to because I see you coming out soon. Amen. Get well soon darling.

41. Even though my life is on hold right now, and I’m on the verge of losing all I have, I won’t keep hoping and praying that you get well soon. Please do, so we can recover all we’ve lost. I love you so much forever.

42. I wish that you don’t stop hoping. There’s no situation too big for God to settle. I don’t feel good too, but I have to be strong for you. I know it’s not easy, but please try and get well soon. I love you.

43. The whole of me miss you. I can barely attend to important things. I’m going crazy, and you’re not by my side to help. Don’t do this to me, please. I know God will come through for us, and we will laugh at last. Amen. Get well soon.

44. May the Heavens stay by you, as you battle this illness. May God show up for you at every point you feel pain. May your days be longer than you want. Amen. I am praying for you, and I won’t stop. Get well soon, dear.

45. You have never left my side even in worse situations. You’re too supportive of me, and the least I can do as a wife is stay with you on your bad days. May God see us through this phase. Amen. Get well soon.

46. Because there’s nothing too big for God to do, receive your healing right now! May every dead thing in your life begin to live again. You shall not die but live. Amen. My heart and prayers are always with you, darling. Get well soon.

47. My dream would’ve been shattered if I hadn’t met you. You give me hope more than anyone else. So what’s an illness that will keep me away from you? It can never happen. May your body, soul and spirit be touched by the hands of the Almighty. Amen. Get well soon.

48. To be honest, Your illness is making me ill already. It’s getting longer than we thought. One thing is certain, God shall not leave nor forsake you. You shall leave this hospital alive. Amen. Get well soon, hubby.

49. My husband, you’re the Lord’s chosen, so you shall not die young. I believe God is working things out in our favour. God didn’t promise there’d be no problem, but He said we should worry not, for He has conquered the world. May the Lord be with you. Amen. Get well soon.

50. If there’s only one thing I am sure of, it’s the fact that you will be healed in no time. God does not sleep, neither does He slumber; He will do what He says He will do. Be of good cheer, and don’t stop praying. Get well soon, my love.

51. I’m glad you’re recuperating gradually, that’s the power of prayer. It can only get better from here. God will perfect your healing soon, and we will be happy to have you back. Amen. We all love and miss you.

52. If only my hugs and kisses could heal you, I have them in excess. Prayer is the only key, nonetheless. I will keep praying till you get well. It’s not easy without you. May you reunite with us in perfect condition. Amen. Get well soon.

53. You’ve got this, my darling. I see all your struggles to be out of this. You will be out soon. Let’s not stop hoping and praying to God for a perfect condition. You’re healed, in Jesus’ name. Amen. Get well soon.

54. You have no idea how much I fast and pray for you to be well. I’m not fine, myself. I don’t know what else to do other than to keep praying. I have an assurance that God will answer all my prayers. Amen. Get well soon, my love.

55. I miss the times we prayed together. Praying together has kept our marriage outstanding, over the years. Well, circumstances have got us praying separately, but soon, we will resume again. Till then, I will keep praying for you. Get well soon.

56. Prayers take time to come to pass, but it’s the most potent tool to get through anything difficult situation. I will keep on praying till my prayers are answered. Get well soon, my darling husband.

57. Till now, I haven’t regained my sanity totally. It still feels like a dream. We were both involved in this accident, why does it have to be you that’s taking all the pains. I feel so useless and guilty. I will keep praying for you, my love. Please, get well soon.

58. The only living God that we serve will never allow us to mourn over you. You shall not die a painful death. Memory loss is not your portion. You are higher and stronger than any illness. God’s got you, hubby. Get well soon.

59. I never knew how to pray this much, your sickness has made me closer to God. I will do anything to see you out of this illness. May God continue to be with you, my dear. Get well soon.

60. The beauty of every marriage is to grow with your partner beside you. No dear, you will never leave me alone. We shall grow toothless together. I won’t stop praying that you get well. I love you very much.

61. You’re all I have got, so you will never perish while I’m alive. You shall live longer with peace and love. Your children and grandchildren shall surround your table and call you blessed. Amen. Get well soon, my husband.

62. I never knew I could pray so perfectly until your illness surfaced. I have been fasting for more than a month now. There’s no how God will not answer my prayers. You’re His son, and no evil shall befall you. Amen. Get well soon, God’s own.

63. You’re not one of those lives that will be cut short. Longer shall you live in the land of the living. Don’t stop praying. I’m not stopping either. May God perfects all He has started. Amen. I love you and get well soon.

64. We all miss you at home. Your presence was all we needed to be fine. We can do nothing without you. We keep praying day and night so you can be with us soon. May our prayers never go unanswered. Amen. Get well soon, our hero.

65. For you, I will travel a million miles and back. You mean the world to me, and it’s painful to see you in this kind of condition. God will not allow you to die of pains. You will be out of this hospital with your two legs. Amen. Get well soon.

66. Great is God’s faithfulness; new each morning. Nothing can beat it. This is the time to be closer to God. Talk to him like a son to his father. I keep talking on your behalf too. He will listen and grant our wishes. Amen. Get well soon.

67. Never have I gone through such a painful and unfortunate situation in my entire life. I have no regrets about going through this with you. May God bring us out of this. Amen. Get well soon.

68. I’m confident in Jesus, I know He is working out miracles for your sake. He will see you through this. God is not deaf, keep talking to Him. I am doing the same here, let’s not stop. Get well soon for us. We love you.

69. Without trials and tribulations, nothing is going to make sense. This is just one of those times God talked about know the Bible. We will pull through stronger. Get well soon, my baby.

70. Even in your illness, my love for you keeps going stronger than ever. I can’t leave you, not even because of an illness that will soon expire. You’re going to be fine, my love. Get well soon.

Speedy Recovery Prayer Quotes for Husband

I can’t stand you going through such pains. I hope that these speedy recovery prayer quotes help in some ways. I will be home, praying that you get well real quick. You’re all I have, my husband. I can’t wait to see you happy again. I love you.

Your husband needs some speedy recovery prayer quotes for the husband to feel better on his sickbed. This will make him see that there’s still hope for the living.

Things not to discuss with your sick husband.

71. For days, I have watched you lay on your sickbed helplessly. It’s a pity I can’t help you. The only thing I can do is to keep praying for you. God cannot be mocked. We shall be victorious. Amen. Please get well soon for me.

72. Seeing you lying on the hospital bed brings me nothing but sadness. I can’t even remember the day we last laughed together. I am feeling so lonely without you. I can’t wait for you to get well soon, my love.

73. Believe me when I say I can feel your pain; literally sharing it with you. I miss your presence everywhere, even the smell of your body. Without you, the house has become empty. I miss you so badly. You’re healed in Jesus name. Amen. Get well soon.

74. My life is incomplete without you in it. You’re the best companion anyone could ever ask for. I can’t do life alone without you. God has to take this illness away from you. I miss you every day. Get well soon, hubby.

75. Waking up to just pillows is so frustrating. I can’t seem to wrap my head around your illness. You’re the sick one, but I’m more affected. I keep praying for you to get well soon.

76. The doctor said your chance of living is 50/50. This isn’t the time for us to relent. God is not dead, so He can hear us. You shall not die. You shall live. You shall be healthy. Amen. Get well soon, baby.

77. I know for a fact that you are stronger than this illness. You need to stay strong and fight back hard. You shall see the end of it. My prayers are with you. Get well soon. Amen.

78. I just can’t stand you going through such pain, that’s why I can’t stay with you at the hospital. I prefer to stay home and pray for you. May you come back soon and be among us. Amen. Get well soon.

79. Even though your illness has chased so many people away from you, God is still with you. I’m still with you. We will forever be with you. I hope you are much better than before. We can’t wait to have you back. Get well soon, my love.

80. At this point, I don’t care about anything anymore, not even my life. There’s no meaning to life without you. I won’t stop praying for you to get well soon. God will answer our prayers. Amen.

81. My entirety is nothing without you, my husband. I have been talking to God in prayers, and He’s assured me that everything is under control. That means you will be fine very soon. I miss you, though. Get well soon.

82. Yes, I feel bored and sad without you. Your kids can’t even go to school, because they are all down. I’m only trying to play string, but I’m also not having it. May God spare our family. Amen. Get well soon for us.

83. I don’t know how you feel, but I feel like you should get well soon already. It’s been months, and we still haven’t gotten what exactly is the problem. To be honest with you, I’m tired of praying already. I’m sorry for yelling, it’s just frustrating. I won’t stop praying. Get well already. I love you.

84. The doctor said you’re now getting better. God must have answered my prayers. Honey, I am so proud of you. Never thought you could fight that without surgery. I will throw a party when you’re back, I promise. Keep getting well.

85. Indeed, life is not a bed of roses, but we are strong enough to go through any situation together. May God help us on this one. Amen. Always with you, darling. Get well soon.

86. I’m seriously praying for better days, as I look forward to your speedy recovery. You’re strong, so please hang in there. I know my prayers will be answered soon. Get well soon, my husband.

87. All my life, I have always known you to be a fighter. You fight strongly for whatever it is you want. There must be no exceptions, this time. Fight this illness back. You’re taking the crown. Get well soon.

88. Marrying you was the best decision I ever made, and nothing is going to take you away from me, not even this illness. The plan is to grow old together, and it will come to pass. Get well soon, my love.

89. I’m earnestly praying for your quick recovery. It’s not been easy without you. The kids are not finding it funny at all. Please, come home before I lose my mind. I pray you to get well soon, all the same. Love you.

90. It’s so sad that I can’t do much. Seeing you in this condition is really devastating. I know God has plans, and you will be healed. I miss our talks at night, baby. Get well soon for me.

91. This is another problem we need to tackle together. I will never leave you to face this alone; we are in this together. We shall come out strong and victorious. Amen. Please, get well soon. Kisses and hugs.

92. I will take this as a test for our love. It’s not easy, but no matter how hard this illness tries, I’m going to be holding your hands till old age. We’re growing old together with our love stronger. Amen. Get well soon.

93. I crave your attention day and night. Now, sickness has and enjoys it more than I do. Soon, I will have what belongs to me, because God will lay His healing hands on you. Amen. Get well soon.

94. I’m so sure God will answer all our prayers soon. It’s not over until it’s over. Your life can’t be over now, it’s just starting, rather. God will perfect your healing. Amen. Get well soon, my love.

95. No matter what life throws at you, never lose your faith in God. It’s always needed to recover from some ugly situations. Today, I join my faith with yours and believe God will heal you. Amen. Get well soon.

96. It hurts to see you on that bed. It’s not even our matrimonial bed, and it feels you’re comfortable with sleeping on it. I know it’s not your fault. May God keep you alive. Amen. Get well soon, my love.

97. You are strong. You’re going to come out of this with my love, prayers and support. I wish I could stay with you till you get better, but the kids won’t allow me. I wish you a speedy recovery. Get well soon.

98. We have a lot to accomplish together, and this is not the time to give up. It may seem as though you’re not getting any better, but God has promised to heal you. Please, trust Him. Get well soon, dear.

99. Sticking with you in times like this is the least of what I can do to help. You’re not a bad person, so I owe you my love and loyalty. I hope that you come back home stronger and healthier. Amen. Get well soon, babe.

100. Lord, my husband’s health is in your hands, please heal him. The pain is too much for him to bear. I pray that You give him reasons to stay alive. Amen.

Going through an illness with your husband is something very unfair and sad. I hope you got some prayers for a quick recovery for your husband from these get well soon prayer messages for my sick husband.

Kindly do well to share this post with others. Stay tuned for more exciting contents. Thank you.

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