Happy Birthday Boss Status for Whatsapp and Facebook

Happy Birthday Boss Status for Whatsapp and Facebook

You will agree with me that most times, a boss is a very big part of someone’s life. Even though there are rude and brutal bosses, there are still good ones everywhere. A good boss is the prayer of every employee, because if your boss makes you feel unwanted, then you’re never going to enjoy, either the job or working with him.

A good boss has a unique way of motivating you. In short, you can’t go astray once you have a good boss, provided you know what you’re doing. A boss like this deserves all the accolades in the world, especially on their special day.

There’s nothing too big to celebrate a boss, either good or bad, he’s your head. So either there’s a cool relationship between you both or not, it’s a must that you celebrate your boss. It’s also important to be careful with your choice of words when doing this, that’s why I have collated some birthday statuses that are suitable for WhatsApp and Facebook, to avoid stories that touch.

Below are the best happy birthday boss status for WhatsApp and Facebook for your boss, which will make your boss know that you care.

Best Boss Birthday Wishes Status

A boss like you deserves everything good one can think of. But for now, the best I can give you is a happy birthday wish status. I am making this public so everyone can know how much you’ve contributed to my growth. Happy birthday, boss.

Thinking of celebrating your boss the best way on WhatsApp or Facebook? Here are the best boss birthday wishes status below will help you with that.

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1. It’s my boss’s birthday, and I just want to let you know that all the great things I have achieved in my career have been because of his kindness and love towards me. I’m so grateful, boss. Happy birthday, sir.

2. Your act of kindness shall never go unnoticed. You are a once in a lifetime boss. Thank you for making it easy to fall in love with my job. I’m so proud to be sharing the same workspace with you. Happy birthday.

3. Best wishes on your birthday. You are an extremely devoted boss. Thank you for always leading by example. I am very grateful to be working with you, sir. Thank you for always carrying everyone along. Happy birthday to you.

4. Over the years I have been allowed to work with you, I have always been grateful to be associated with you. Your resourcefulness and sense of humour are invaluable qualities. God bless you, boss. Happy birthday.

5. I want to wish a powerhouse of strength and ideas a very happy birthday. Boss, no one will know you’re the boss in this company. You are dedicated, and you aim at giving your best always. I’d love to be like you. Enjoy your day, sir.

6. You are hardworking, industrious, and reliable, and so you deserve nothing but the best. Here is to your amazing day and a fantastic year ahead. Happy birthday, boss.

7. I know you have so many awards already, but you deserve the award of the best boss. Thank you for grooming me to be better in my field. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and a prosperous year ahead.

8. I’m so blessed to have a great boss like you. I am glad I was given the opportunity to join this team. All thanks to you, sir. Hoping to have a closer relationship with you, sir. Have an amazing day.

9. Dear boss, the anniversary of your birth means so much to me, as I wouldn’t have this golden opportunity if you weren’t existing. I’m grateful for everything you do, sir. Happy birthday to you.

10. You are highly respected, boss. You’re different from all other bosses. You don’t just leave your employees to do the work, you show us the way. I’m sure my colleagues are grateful to you too. Happy birthday, sir.

11. My boss is the best; no one can contend with him. He gave me the position where I will thrive and yearn for more. Thank you for making me the responsible and hardworking man I am today. God bless you and your family. Happy birthday to you.

12. Dear boss, seasons come and go, but my respect for you will only keep increasing. You’re not only responsible at work, but also at home. You have never stopped leading by example. I hope that you enjoy this day and the year ahead. Happy birthday, ma.

13. I hope that as you start a new year, new endeavours, hopes, dreams, and beginnings shall be your portion. You mean so much to us all. We wish you never cease to celebrate in your life. Happy birthday.

14. You’re the boss of all bosses, and I am filled with nothing but pride celebrating this day with you. When thinking about a boss like you, I see endless possibilities. You make work seem so easy. Thank you for everything you do for us. Happy birthday, sir.

15. Dear boss, as you celebrate your birthday, I pray that your remaining years in life are filled with overflowing joy. May you keep waxing stronger than ever. Happy birthday, sir.

16. All the words in the world will never be enough to describe how much we value you as a boss, father, and friend. You give your best, always. We appreciate you for showing us how it’s done. Happy birthday to you, sir.

17. To a boss that could easily pass as a father, saying I am grateful for this opportunity I enjoy is an understatement. You have been there from day one. Here is to your happiness, good health, and prosperity. Enjoy, sir.

18. I’m yet to see a boss so selfless like you. You stay back to watch how we do things, so you can make corrections. You are so thoughtful and kind, sir. I am glad to have you as a boss and mentor. Happy birthday to you boss.

19. Things will not make sense, without your little corrections here and there. This has helped in shaping who I am, today. You matter to me, sir. Happy birthday to the best boss ever.

20. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me since I started working. Coming into your company, I never knew it was the beginning of my greatness in life. You put me on the right track, without minding what it would cost you. I’m so grateful, sir. Happy birthday.

21. I can’t show enough gratitude for what you have done, sir. No one would ever believe you’re not my father. You gave me a befitting job and took me as your own. On this special day of yours, I just felt that you must know how much I appreciate what you do for me. Happy birthday.

22. You bring so much positivity, joy, and kindness to everyone you come across. I wish that you get the same energy that you give out. You deserve nothing but the best. May your day be filled with all the blessings from above. Happy birthday.

23. Because you see us all as not just your employees but your sons and daughters, may God keep blessing you. We wish you all the best on this special day and hope for more good things to come. Happy birthday, sir.

24. Dear boss, I want to wish you a very happy birthday. Today’s the perfect day to celebrate what a great person and boss you are. Thank you for always supporting me. I wish you all the best in life, sir.

25. To the boss of all bosses, you have been a very great person, even the newly employed can testify. I hope this day is special and that it brings all the happiness you truly deserve. Happy birthday, sir.

Whatsapp Birthday Status for Boss

You’re a boss that inspires and motivates. Your hardworking spirit is what I follow day in day out. A birthday status on WhatsApp might not be befitting for a boss like you, but know that I appreciate everything you do for me. Happy birthday, sir.

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26. You work so hard, boss. Sometimes, I see no reason for working that hard when you have more than enough workers. I got to discover that it’s your nature. Best wishes for your birthday and enjoy your celebrations.

27. Thank you for always hammering it to us that hard work pays. It’s the only reason I am in this position today, despite thinking I wasn’t qualified. You’re truly heaven’s sent, sir. Happy birthday.

28. I have achieved a lot in such a little time because I’m associated with you. No one will ever remain the same after their first 24hrs with you. I wish for nothing but the best in all your endeavours. Happy birthday, sir.

29. If not for you, work would’ve been too much for us, in this company. Thank you for always sharing this burden with us. Thank you for choosing not to be like other bosses. We truly appreciate having to see you work with us. Happy birthday, sir.

30. I’m so glad I was accepted into this team and family. It’s been full of insight and focus. Thank you for hiring me, sir. I wish you nothing but long life and prosperity. Happy birthday to you.

31. By now, you should know I don’t joke with anything that has to do with you. I hold you in very high esteem. You have been such a great boss. I wish you a wonderful and more successful year ahead.

32. Dear boss, you have always been so inspiring to us all; always leading by example. It is an honour to be associated and be able to work with a boss like you. God bless you, sir. Happy birthday, sir.

33. I have benefited from your good deeds personally, way before you gave me this job. No one ever has something bad or uninteresting to say about you. I wish you a very happy birthday and hope that you have a great, healthy and blessed life ahead.

34. You are someone I respect so much. I know you have recorded so many successes, but here’s wishing you more success than ever in the upcoming years, sir. Happy birthday to you. Many happy returns of the day.

35. I almost forgot your birthday, but because of how special you are, I quickly remembered. Many happy returns of the day, sir. May you be blessed with all the happiness that you deserve. Have a blissful day.

36. I’m the most fortunate employee to be able to work with a great boss like you. It’s such an honour and a privilege, sir. I appreciate the relationship we have, and I am willing to keep it forever. Happy birthday to the most understanding boss ever.

37. No amount of time can be wasted when with you, even if it’s a minute. You have a way of piercing your advice and words of encouragement through is all. Thank you for all the advice and valuable times you spend with us. May God bless you forever and always. Happy birthday.

38. Your doggedness is one to be studied. It remains one of the admirable traits that you have. I’m proud to say I’m taking after you, sir. Happy birthday to the greatest boss of all time.

39. Despite always being on the move, you have never for once stopped inspiring us to be our best. You’re a great boss, and we are all taking after your footsteps. Happy birthday, boss.

40. This will surely not be new to you, as I celebrate you every time. I want to thank you again for being the most inspiring boss and mentor anyone could ask for. I wish you many happy returns of the day, boss.

41. It’s such a delight to be working with someone as influential as you. Through you, I have made lifelong friendships. You are such a great leader and you deserve a happy birthday greeting on your birthday.

42. For you, I will do anything. You brought my hope alive when I thought all hope was lost. I would never have believed I will amount to anything. Thank you for being my helper. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays.

43. Because you deserve the best, it wouldn’t stop coming to you. You’re too accommodative for a boss. Thank you for always being there, and for treating me with respect. Happy birthday, sir.

44. This work environment is conducive because you made it so. You’re not one of the bosses their workers run from, rather we all want to have you around us. Thank you for always scolding and correcting us all. Happy birthday, boss.

45. I want to thank you for everything. For the days I under-performed and you scolded me with love. For the days I came late to work. For the days I couldn’t contribute at the board meeting, thank you for overlooking my shortcomings. Happy birthday, boss.

46. I am sure I’m on the path to greatness. You’re always pushing me to greatness. With you, there’s no such thing as competition. Thank you for caring for us all. Happy birthday to you, sir.

47. You made me understand that competition is not healthy; and that your only competition should be who you were yesterday. This and more, you always tell me. They’ve all kept me on the right track. Thank you always, boss. Happy birthday.

48. You are a source of motivation and inspiration to us all. As you proceed into another year, know that you’re a blessing to so many of us. You have touched so many lives, at your age. Happy birthday, great boss.

49. I want to keep thanking you for being a great boss and for always leading by example. Even though I can’t wait to become a boss too, I would love to keep working for you. Happy birthday to you, sir.

50. You keep working hard, boss. You’re never resting nor relenting. You give yourself the push you need, without expecting anyone to tap you on the back for a job well done. This is so remarkable, sir. I love you so much, sir. Happy birthday to you.

Birthday Caption for Boss

Thinking of the best birthday caption for an outstanding boss like you can be tasking. You’re all-round good, hardworking, nice and great. Please, don’t stop motivating us all. Happy birthday to the best boss I have ever worked with.

51. May your day be blessed with lots of love, memories and attention from people that matter to you, boss. Happy birthday to you, sir. May the Lord keep blessing you and your family, always.

52. No one can pay you back fully for all you do. We can only wish you well and hope God compensated you hugely. May the Lord be with you and bless you forever. Have a great birthday, boss.

53. You’re such an amazing mentor and boss. You’re the envy of all bosses and employees. Hope you get all your dreams fulfilled, sir. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays. I will come with your gift, later.

54. You deserve all the good things of life, boss; so does your family. You’re just too selfless, always looking out for others. Your heart is so pure too. I envy you a lot. I know with perseverance and determination, I will get there. Happy birthday, sir.

55. Even though you suck things up, because you’re a boss and you don’t want to be referred to as weak, I know you go through stuff too. But whatever it is, may God comfort you and lead you aright. Happy birthday, sir.

56. Some bosses use their employees anyhow, but you’re never one of them. You have our interests at heart, always looking out for us. Thank you for the undiluted attention and love always. Happy birthday to you.

57. I can only promise to make it up to you because, in reality, you do so much for me and my family. You’re a boss with great examples to emulate. May God keep increasing you, sir. Happy birthday to you.

58. You have made such a huge contribution to my career and life. Sometimes, I just wish you were my father; the relationship would be stronger than this. I thank God for your life, sir. Wishing you have a happy birthday.

59. The perfect example of a true leader, that’s who you are. Thank you for always leading us right, and even helping out when the workload is extreme. I wish you a very happy birthday today, sir. God bless you.

60. You deeply motivate and inspire us all through your words and works; they speak for you. You are a total rare breed, and we are thankful for God’s gift to us through you. Here’s wishing you all the best on your birthday.

61. You are not a regular boss, you’re a boss with a difference. You are the only reason we keep getting inspired day and night. Thank you for always pushing us to success. Happy birthday to you, boss.

62. Truly, you are a great teacher. When everything seems knotted, you break it down for us. You have inspired thousands with your works and personality, and we will always look up to you when everything seems like it’s ending. Happy birthday, ma.

63. We have recorded so many successes, because of your little corrections here and there. You’re never tired of putting us through. Thanks for making it all make sense. Sending you lots of love on your birthday, boss. Have a great year ahead.

64. You will not reap all you’ve sown alone, your family and everyone associated with you will also be partakers of this goodness. May you have all the happiness that you desire. Happy birthday, sir.

65. I have worked with several bosses, but the experiences will never be as great as the ones I’m enjoying right now. People don’t even believe that you’re the boss here, because of how lowly you are. Thank you for always inspiring us. Happy birthday to you.

66. Never has it felt so good being under someone. I’m glad I’m lucky enough to be working with you, sir. It feels magical to be under your watch and guidance. I wish you all the joy and happiness on your birthday.

67. No one will be close to you, and not learn a thing or two from your experiences in life. You’re a great leader, sir. May this birthday bring great happiness to you and your family. Enjoy your day.

68. We all are so glad to have you in this team. You take our work problems as yours and fix them accordingly. How sweet can you be? We are more glad that we’ll be spending this year with you. Happy birthday, boss.

69. It may seem as though you’re a very strict boss, but I understand you. Things will never move well without a little bit of strictness from you. No one will ever want to take their job seriously. So when others complain, I don’t, because I understand you. Happy birthday, sir.

70. I always want to have you by my side. You are like a mother to me. Your role as a leader has never stopped you from being reachable to us all. This is a very great one, ma’am. Cheers to a year filled with excess love and sweetness.

71. I can’t wait to be where you are. I keep working my assignment out because I see you as an inspiration. You inspire me a lot, even though I don’t get to tell you that. Happy birthday, my inspiration. God refill you with the well of success. Amen.

72. You are a major part of my wins. It has always been my dream to work with a boss as selfless as you. I’m glad my dream came to pass, through you. You will forever be my hero. Happy birthday, boss.

73. It’s such an honour to work with you, ma’am. You have proven time and time again that one’s gender isn’t a criterion for delivering their roles well. I’m glad I get to drink from your well of knowledge. Happy birthday to you, ma.

74. You’re a boss filled with visions. Always thinking and acting ahead. I love you for being resilient and resourceful. My wish is to be where you are, one day. I know I will get there. Happy birthday to you.

75. You keep setting new bars. I’m sure you’ve lost track of how many achievements you’ve had. You inspire us all to go for whatever it is we believe in. You’re such a great push. Many happy returns of the day.

Facebook Status for Boss Birthday

To think that I met you on Facebook, before sending you my CV when you asked. I never thought something good could come out of a platform like this. That’s why I have come to write a birthday status for you on the same platform. Happy birthday, boss.

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76. No one will feel unlucky to have you in their corner, boss. You’re the perfect push/boost everyone needs in their lives/businesses. I’m so glad I met you. Sending you warm wishes on your birthday.

77. I’m beyond grateful for all the kindness, support and encouragement you have shown us over the years. It’s such a great delight to have a boss like you; beautiful and accommodating. Thank you for making it all worth it. Happy birthday.

78. Even as a boss, anyone can walk up to you for advice or help; you’re always willing to be useful. I envy your simplicity and kindness, sir. I would love to be like you when I attain such a position. Happy birthday, sir.

79. You’re an embodiment of beauty and brains. You are so beautiful and knowledgeable. Your qualities feel like they are inbuilt, but we all know you’ve worked so hard on yourself. Always inspired by your story. Happy birthday, boss.

80. I consider it such a great achievement to be working with you, sir. If only you know how people sing your praises. You’re the only one I look up to in this business. I wish you all the best on your birthday.

81. You’re the best boss I have ever come across; never nagging or domineering. You love and care for your employees like they are your family. You are just too good at being nice, sir. Happy birthday to the most amazing boss ever.

82. Working with you has opened so many doors for me. It has made things so easy; a pleasant experience it is. Thank you for always being a leader with a difference. I love you and respect you so much, boss. Happy birthday.

83. You are never selfish in taking steps. You carry each and everyone along, all the time. We all keep benefiting from your good deeds. You are a great boss and role model to us all. Happy birthday, sir.

84. May your joy and happiness be full, on your birthday. May you continue to be the loving and caring boss that you’ve always been. Today is your day, enjoy it to the fullest. Happy birthday, boss.

85. You go overboard sometimes, but we’re not going to deny how sweet a boss you are. You have always been my motivation and inspiration to do more in life. I will never stop appreciating you for always accommodating my excesses. Happy birthday, sir.

86. Unlike some other bosses, you work with your team. You bring great ideas to the table, you do more than us. It’s glad to see you lead by example. You’re our inspiration. Thank you for everything, boss. Happy birthday to you.

87. You trust your workers so well, and this has given room for great rapport between us. You want to see us succeed, even outside of work. You are the best, sir. Accept my token of appreciation for everything you do. Happy birthday, boss.

88. Dear boss, workdays are fun with you. You have such a beautiful and large heart that’s enough to accommodate everyone, not minding their backgrounds and interests. You are a king. I wish you heaven’s best, on your birthday.

89. Even though sometimes I am not fully prepared, I look forward to workdays because of you. There’s always a lesson or two to learn from you, sir. May you keep increasing in knowledge. You are certainly the best boss ever. Happy birthday.

90. I believe you deserve true and sincere people who are genuinely happy for you, but you lack them, even as wonderful as you are. May God bless you with people with good intentions, this year and always. Happy birthday, sir.

91. You work so hard, you forget to make time for yourself most times. Today is your birthday, and I’m sure you will still show up at work. Well, after work comes the party. I can’t wait to see you enjoy yourself, because you deserve it. Happy birthday.

92. I tell my friends every time that my boss is better than theirs. You carry us along in every single thing about this company. You will never stop being relevant. May you have a wonderful birthday, boss.

93. I think that you are the best leader in the world, you triple as a wonderful mentor and a great friend. You have all the features and qualities of a great leader. Thank you for leading us all right. Happy birthday to you.

94. You’re such an impeccable leader. We are so grateful for all the insights you have shared and the depths of wisdom that you have imparted to us. On your birthday, we wish you full joy, success and happiness. Happy birthday, boss.

95. You are the only reason I don’t want to stop aiming at greatness. When I see you, I’m motivated. Before you open your mouth to talk, I’m inspired. Your whole life sends a powerful message. I’m glad I met you. Happy birthday, boss.

96. Sometimes I feel like you are the best, and then you come up with the statement “I want to be better.” If someone like you says this every time, then I have no excuse for remaining at a spot. Don’t stop saying that, sir. Happy birthday.

97. I know you know that you’re an amazing boss. It takes only an amazing boss to keep up with the excesses of workers as many as us. You are the blueprint, and we want to be like you always. Happy birthday, boss.

98. It means a lot to work with someone as kind, hardworking and accommodating as you. I’m one lucky employee. You don’t know how much you touch lives with your simplicity. May you continue to be highly blessed and favoured. Happy birthday.

99. Here’s to let you know that you are loved. There’s certainly no boss that can be as great as you. If we are permitted, we will keep celebrating you every day. It’s your birthday, sir. Have a happy one.

100. Happy birthday to a great boss and mentor. Today is special to you, so it is to us. Our amiable leader was born today. Thank you for being a good friend to us all. We are never going to disappoint you. Enjoy your day, sir.

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