Goodnight Over Text to Your Crush

2023 Cute Ways to Say Goodnight Over Text to Your Crush

So you have a crush and you’re looking for cute ways, say the cutest ways, to say goodnight over text to them?

If you found this page easily, then I guess you’re of all men most lucky, because this page has the perfect collection of samples for you. You can just copy your favourite or tweak it to fit the gender of your crush, and you have your text right there.

We hope you enjoy reading through it while wishing you achieve your aim with the text you’ll send.

How to Say Goodnight Over Text to Your Crush in Romantic Ways

You want to stand out and say the best of goodnight to someone you’re crushing on? These romantic and cute ways to say goodnight over text to your crush will show you how. Send to him or her and lock yourself in their heart for as long as they breath.

1. I hope the night, through your rest, draws you closer to finding all you need. Goodnight to you.

2. I call you my friend, but I know that we can be more. Enjoy a blissful night rest.

3. As cute as you are, I find it hard to believe I wasn’t in the picture when God created you. Goodnight to you, dear.

4. All the ways I can think of to forget the moments I spend with you are failing woefully. Well, I wish you a blessed night rest. I miss you.

5. To me, you’re more than just any friend. You’ll find out what you mean to me soon enough. For now, sleep like a baby. Happy night rest to you.

6. There’s so much to tell you tonight, but all I’ll say is goodnight because the “so much” is too heavy for me to say right now.

7. Over the weeks and months, I’ve come to find out a lot about you, so sleep well, for I haven’t found anything I dislike in you. Goodnight, dear.

8. I feel so much like this text is the most important text I’m sending this month. Good night, friend.

9. May your night be filled with blissful thoughts and dreams, especially now that you know I have a crush on you. I wish you a good night.

10. All I wanted to do today was see your pretty face and all I want to do now is wish you a good night rest. Goodnight.

11. Goodnight, dear. Hope your day was awesome? I hope your night is even more awesome.

12. I spent the whole day thinking of you, and I hope I crossed your mind today. Heaven and even hell know I wish your day was awesome and that you have a blessed night rest. Goodnight, dear.

13. If I could spend my night in a different way, I’ll want to spend it with you. Good night, friend.

14. Class don’t compare to trash, but you’re more than class, you’re a school. An awesome night rest is yours.

15. I really wish I could tell you all that’s on my mind right now, but I should let you have a peaceful night rest first. Don’t worry or fret, I’m not in any trouble. Goodnight, dear.

16. Hey, dear. How was your day? Hope you dreamt of me when you had your siesta? Dream of me again tonight. Goodnight.

17. I just discovered that, if you give me all of you, I’ll have no more needs. I mean it. For now, enjoy the best of sleep and of the night.

18. You’re amazing and I thought to remind you of that before you go to bed. There’s a lot of great thing for you on earth and you should wake up tomorrow to continue picking them up. Goodnight, love.

19. Somewhere in my mind, I’m wishing you’ll let me call you “darling”. While waiting for a response, this is to wish you a very sweet night rest. Good night.

20. You’re amazing, girl, and I’m glad I know you. I wish to see you again tomorrow, so stay safe tonight. Goodnight to you.

21. It’s night and it’s beautiful but no night has ever been as beautiful as your dark skin. I wish you the best of nights. Goodnight.

22. I’m excited to announce to you that I’m blessed to have you as a friend, to even have met you in the first place. Hope you had a lovely day? I just stopped by to say goodnight.

23. Thanks for existing, for living, for being human. Now, I can have you as a friend, a good one even. Thanks for living through today. I wish you a sweet night rest.

24. What are you trying to do when you tap me on my shoulders? I hope it’s you trying to say I can be yours and you can be mine. Goodnight, dearie.

25. All I’ll rather spend tomorrow doing is looking at you and telling you how awesome you are. I hope you’d love to spend your day as my object of admiration. Have a sweet night rest, honey.

26. Goodnight to you, dear. I refuse to call you sister because that zone won’t be good for me at all. Enjoy the best of the night.

27. May an auto crush happen to everything that will come in the way of you having a sweet rest tonight. Goodnight to you, dear.

28. I want to see the best of tonight, which definitely includes you having a peaceful sleep. May your night be as beautiful as your fine face. Goodnight.

29. I’m not fit to craft words to say the perfect goodnight to you. Or maybe I am. Well, until we figure that out, enjoy a beautiful rest tonight.

30. Your face is all I want to dream about. And, if you feel good about this text, let that feeling stay with you all through the night. Goodnight, dear.

31. Confession time: I find it easier to love a person as much as I love myself when that person is you. Have a beautiful, sweet, blessed night.

32. My battery is on 1% and there’s no power here, but I’m willing to risk losing the 1% to wish you goodnight. Enjoy every bit of the night.

33. Nights are for secrets and privacies. So here’s a secret I want to share with you: I have a huge crush on you. Goodnight, my “friend”.

34. When I think of how we came to be friends, I become surer that God has big plans for us, and I think I know what it is. Goodnight.

35. Please, sleep knowing that I love pets, but that I’ll never choose to spend time with a pet, no matter how cute it is when I have the option of spending time with you. Goodnight.

36. To say goodnight to you right now felt like the perfect thing to do, so here is me doing it. Goodnight, dear.

37. I just want to thank you for being someone I can love and lean on. Thank you, dear friend. Goodnight.

38. Hello, to someone that just had the most amazing of days. I said it was amazing because how amazing you are can’t be covered by whatever happens during the day. I wish you an amazing night too. Goodnight.

39. The ways to people’s hearts can be anything, and one of the surest ways, in recent times, to my heart is you. I thought I should bring this to your notice before you hit the bed. Goodnight.

40. I want to tell you a story if the most beautiful girl on earth, but that girl is you, so I guess you know the story better. Goodnight.

41. Goodnight to the prettiest girl to walk the earth. Enjoy everything you want tonight, knowing that I got you. With love from me.

42. Never have I ever wished to have a person in my life that will replace you. As you sleep, I hope you dream of what you love to dream about. Enjoy.

43. I’m beginning to wish I can just keep you for me alone. Well, they said dreams come true, so I’ll be hopeful. Goodnight to you, boy.

44. There’s a lot I would give up right now, and you are far from that list. I pray your night is filled with bright dreams. And if you can dream of me, well, go right ahead. Goodnight.

45. Only few days in my life and I’m already spending nights thinking about you. Well, goodnight to you, dear. Enjoy every hour of it.

46. I just thought to tell you that I still haven’t forgotten the feel of your skin on my hand today. I hope your sleep is sweet. Good night to you, dear.

47. Hey, girl. I think there’s a lot of good in me having you around and I hope there’s a lot of good in it for you too. Well, for now, goodnight.

48. Good night to you, dear. Apart from “you’re beautiful” and “goodnight”, I really don’t want to tell you any other thing this night.

49. However tonight goes, I want you to know that, apart from God, there’s a girl somewhere who cares about you. Goodnight to you, “friend”.

50. When I stay a day without seeing you, like today, I don’t have the best of nights. Well, I hope you have the best of nights, however. Enjoy the seven hours of sleep that you rock!

51. I love to think that we will be friends forever because I can’t start to think of living without you as a friend of mine. Good night to you. Enjoy every part of it.

52. There are over two hundred ways to say goodnight and this is the way I choose to say mine. Good night to you, dearie.

53. One day, you’ll sleep with a human in your hands instead of a pillow. I’m just here wondering how lucky that human will be. Good night to you.

54. How often do you wonder, about the beauty of the universe, about the water and the land, about the existence of mountains, about the beauty of our friendship? Good night to you, friend.

55. Can I guilt trip you into wanting to be mine? Please say yes, so I can sleep well tonight. Lol. Have an amazing rest tonight, dear.

56. If no one has ever told you, then take it from me that you’re still the most beautiful girl in the world. Now, sleep like the queen of queens that you are. Have a blessed night rest. Goodnight.

57. You like what I like. Have you noticed? Maybe it means something, or maybe not. Or maybe yes. Or maybe not. However, goodnight, boy.

58. I can be weird to be with, but you have been filling some spaces in my life lately. May the spaces in your nights that need to be filled also be filled. Amen. Good night, dear.

59. I was asked who you are to me. I replied that only you and I know that. What do you think I should have replied, though? Goodnight, dear.

60. Life can be very boring sometimes, but I’ve never had a boring time with you. Next time we meet, I have something very sweet to tell you. Good night, dear.

61. I have had crushes but none has ever crushed my innermost being as much as you do. By the way, I’m still hopeful. Good night to you.

62. You, my dear, deserve all the beauty that comes with the arrival of the night. I pray your sleep is more beautiful than you can imagine. Goodnight.

63. The best of nights you had in the past is nothing compared to the one you’ll have tonight. You can be sure of an awesome night because I’m the one wishing for it for you. Goodnight.

64. I’m thinking about you right now, and I decided to let you know that I am, and that’s why you’re reading this text right now. Goodnight to you.

65. May your night and nights be so good that goodness becomes something you’re so used to at night that you always expect it at night. Goodnight, darl.

66. People have different ways of saying things, and maybe this goodnight text is just a way of me saying you’re special to me. Good night to you, babe.

67. When I think of the song “You are important to me; I need you to survive”, your image pops up in my mind. Well, I hope you have a good night.

68. If I don’t see you tomorrow, I’ll find you. I’ve missed you and can’t wait to see you again. Good night to you.

69. In my head, there are over seventy things I want to say to you, but the one I choose to say right now is “Goodnight”. Goodnight, dear.

70. Everywhere I turn, I see you in one way or another. You are becoming a part of me and I love it! I love every bit of it. Good night to you for now.

71. When I see you, I fly straight to the rainbow. I don’t know how that sounds, but I just had to let you know how I feel about being around you. For now, I wish you a good night.

72. No matter how the day goes, I’ll never refuse a chance to hang out with you, if I can afford it. And that’s just one of the reasons I’m wishing you a good night rest. Goodnight, dear.

73. Right now, I want to spend my night among the stars and I’m wishing you will come with me if I can go there. Goodnight to you, my friend.

74. Hey, babe. These days are beautiful ones to tell you how beautiful I think you are, so let me start with this today: you’re as beautiful as the word itself. Goodnight to you, love.

75. From about half of this text until I finished typing it and had to select your number to send it to, I actually thought I was typing it for my mom. Goodnight to you, dear.

76. I think there are a lot of spaces in my life for you to fill, that’s apart from the ones you’ve already filled. Think about it. Good night to you, love.

77. Over the days, I’ve come to realise that having you in my life has more advantages than I bargained for. Can you make my day by just tell me you’ll never leave my life? Goodnight to you, dear friend.

78. There’s plenty of beautiful things for me to show you, but first I should remind that none of them is half as beautiful as having you as a friend. Enjoy the best of nights. Goodnight.

79. A quick reminder that you are single and so am I. Well, for now, I wish you an awesome night. Goodnight to you.

80. You’re actually just another beautiful girl on earth, and I’m just another guy on earth. But I think to us, we are not just another person on earth, and I love that. Goodnight to you, fam.

81. It was a beautiful day for me, and I hope it was for you too. However it was, I wish you the most beautiful of nights tonight. Goodnight, dear.

82. The love I have for beautiful nights is so strong that I can’t bear to hear that anyone dear to me had a horrible night. Goodnight, friend.

83. It’s because of you that I am awake till this time because I wanted to send this text at night. Otherwise, I would have slept by six o’clock. Goodnight to you.

84. Do you know that I’ll stick to only one kind of food if you were food? I guess that you now know. Have a very awesome night rest. Goodnight.

85. I’m hoping that tonight brings you all that you need to smile throughout tomorrow. And I wish for an even better night for me. Lol. Goodnight.

86. All the cute ways I can think of to say goodnight to you are not as cute as you are. So I’ll just say Goodnight, dearie, and sleep off.

87. Of all the things I want to say to you, the only thing I’m permitting myself to say right now is “Goodnight”. Goodnight, love.

88. Over text, I wish you well. And even when there’s no texting, I still have your good as a priority. May God bless your daytime activities and give you the best of nights. Goodnight.

89. I was challenged to send a goodnight text to my crush. And that’s why you are reading this. Goodnight, crush.

90. I don’t care how your day went, but I want a good night for you and that’s what you will get. Goodnight, dear.

91. I have come across a lot of people and you may just be another one of them, but what meeting you has done to me is so unique and beautiful that I want you around. Goodnight, dear.

92. You, on your own, are a bundle of love and joy to me, and, I’m sure, to a large number of people too. You deserve a good night rest. Goodnight.

93. I want to ask what you think about how our day together went, but lemme not delay your rest. I hope to see you again soon. Goodnight to you.

94. Signs and symbols cannot convince me to believe you are not a sweet and lovely person. So I wish you a night so awesome that you won’t forget it in a hurry. Goodnight.

95. Even if I had slept off, something would have made me wake up to wish you goodnight, because you deserve all the best wishes and even more. Good night to you.

96. I’m here hoping and praying that I’ll be the instrument that will be used to bring things that you will never forget into your life. Because I also want you to never forget me. Goodnight, honey.

97. I decided to say goodnight now before the clock strikes midnight, so it doesn’t get to your phone when you are gone. Goodnight to you.

98. We’ve been so close recently and I love it. Tell me, should I start practicing how to dance? Will I need it? Goodnight to you.

99. It doesn’t hurt to make any sacrifice for you. FOR YOU. Now I feel like I’ve never made a sacrifice for you, because of how easy it is for me. Goodnight.

100. Times can keep changing. Everything can change. But I don’t want your beauty to change, except it’s changing for the better. Goodnight to you.

101. Hey, dear. This is not me trying to be a gentleman. This is me trying to reach out to you. Enjoy your night rest. Goodnight to you.

102. The cute thing about this text is that it is from me to you. I am hoping your day was fire and wishing that your night will be a blast! Goodnight.

103. Ways to shoot shots: (1) Send her a goodnight text as often as possible. Me: Say no more. Then this text happened. Expected more. Goodnight to you, dear.

104. I’ve been in my best frame of mind recently but I doubt if I’ll still be in it if you’re not in your best. Well, I wish you sleep well and awesomely. Goodnight.

105. I so much enjoy being around you that I’ll kidnap you soon. Lol. Fear not. I’m just messing with you. Goodnight to you, dear.

106. How will you feel if I say today would have been horrible if I had not spent it with you? Well, I wish your night is awesome. Goodnight.

107. At least, be reminded, even though I’m sure you never forgot, that I’ll never wish you a horrible night. Lol. Goodnight to you, dear.

108. For every second, may your night be sweet. If you are to tell of bad night experience, it will either be fiction or the story of another person. Goodnight to you.

109. There are two things I want to tell you this night. One, that I think I won’t get tired of you, even if I spend everyday with you. And two, that your night has no choice than to be sweet. Goodnight, dear.

110. I hope you’re smiling wherever you are. I also hope that that smile will never leave your face, except it’s going to be replaced by something better. And I hope you smile throughout the night too. Goodnight.

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