Best Morning Prayer Quotes

2023 Best Morning Prayer Quotes

Waking up on the right side of the bed does very little to avert the evil of the day and to guarantee a blissful experience. Hence, the importance of prayer as soon as the sun rises.

Prayers are the key that unlock the goodness that abides in the heavenly into the earthly realms for our good. They’re what challenges and changes everything along with the faith in our hearts.

So, open the flood gates of heaven and let it rain goodness upon you and the people you care about simply by starting your day with 2023 Best Morning Prayer Quotes.

You’re only a click away to experiencing or making your loved ones experience the best days of their lives.

Good Morning Prayers and Quotes

Whether you want the best of the morning for yourself or you have someone to share some inspiring good morning prayers and quotes with, these awesome good morning prayer quotes are all you need.

1. I pray for wisdom, knowledge and understanding to live this day.

2. May the angels of favour beckon upon me as I go out and come in today.

3. I pray that you find peace and comfort in the places that you dwell.

4. May the good Lord order your steps for exploit and success.

5. I shall not fear either shall I be drown in the issues of this turbulent world.

6. Like an eagle, I shall soar and win. Many harvests shall I gather. Whatsoever I lay my hands upon shall flourish.

7. No weapon formed against me shall prosper. I shall become immune to the problems and wickedness of this world.

8. The counsels of the wicked shall be brought to nought and their devices shall be of no effect upon your life.

9. On the dawn of this day, you shall enjoy the amazing grace of God and His infinite mercy shall abound around you.

10. May I gather and not lose. May I stand out and not be trampled upon.

11. May the evils of the wicked ones catch up with them whilst I escape their trap and devices.

12. Under the wings of the Lord, I shall dwell. Under His mighty arms shall I take shield.

13. May the peace of the Lord that passes all understanding dwell with you in your time of need.

14. My God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory.

15. Violence shall not be heard in your land, neither wasting nor destruction in your borders.

16. I pray divine protection over you. By no means shall any evil come near you.

17. You shall overcome by the blood of the Lamb. Your victory is sure on this day.

18. May the grace to possess your possession be bestowed upon you, sweetheart.

19. The authorities shall release from the high places that which belongs to you.

20. Your blood, your systems, your organs and your skin are cleansed by the precious blood of the Lamb.

21. I decree favour like a shield over me.

22. In my hands shall prosperity dwell. Lack shall not be associated with me.

23. May you reap a hundred folds from your investments and from that which you sow.

24. The Lord shall fight your battles and you will hold your peace.

25. I rebuke every spirit of depression and sadness residing within you. May the joy of the Lord be your strength.

26. Your joy shall be like a river and favour shall fall upon you like plentiful rains.

27. Your life is hidden in Christ; evil shall not come near you.

28. May the Lord show you the way. May your confusion be cleared by the wisdom and direction of the Holy Spirit.

29. May the Lord bless you with the spouse of your dreams.

30. In good health shall you spend the many days of your life set before you like the sun.

31. The Lord shall prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.

32. Upon yourself shall your crown flourish. It is your enemies that shall wear the garment of shame.

33. May your today be a better testimony than yesterday.

34. May you never go weary in the race of life. May the grace of the Lord sustain you.

35. May the good Lord strengthen, settle, perfect, and establish you before all men.

36. I decree that your time to rise before all and sundry is now, for your light has come.

37. May I obtain the forgiveness of the Lord over all of my mistakes and sin.

38. My God shall perfect that which concerns me.

39. The Lord shall preserve and sustain you and your family with abundance and peace.

40. You’re marked for favour and exploits.

41. I pray that you find your purpose in this stage of your life, dear son.

42. May the anointing that breaks the yoke fall upon you, my love.

43. I decree that you’re blessed beyond the curse, dear daughter.

44. When men shall say there is a casting down, you shall say there is a lifting up for you.

45. May every dent of shame and ugliness upon you be wiped away by the precious blood of the Lamb.

46. May the Lord attend to all of your heart desires.

47. May your gifts be celebrated in this season. Your name shall be acknowledged and appreciated.

48. I shall possess my possession in the different parts of the world.

49. May I please the Lord with good faith in Jesus name.

50. May the good Lord open before me the doors of favour and prosperity that can never be shut.

51. May this morning be the best you ever had. May God guide your steps.

52. No matter how yesterday was, this day shall be far better than the former.

53. I’m going higher on this day. I’ll prosper, cause joy comes in the morning.

54. May I defeat failure. May I overcome every obstacle. This day of my life shall be great.

55. Good morning, dad. May your help come in the early hours of today. You shall never be hopeless.

56. May you experience the faithfulness of God today. May His mercy and goodness be your portion.

57. Good morning, sis. May the strength to overcome all of your life challenges be given to you. May you be lifted from the mire unto a peaceful place and a solid ground as the mountain.

58. May you experience healing in your body. May your health be restored back to normalcy.

59. I pray that my life be as refreshing as the morning dew.

60. Good morning, dear. May God fight your battles and give you the victory you so much desire.

61. Wherever you turn to, may the heavenly angels locate you for good.

62. May your benefactors recognise you once you step out this morning, my love.

63. The Holy Spirit shall guide you into excellence and victory. Defeat and failure are things of the past.

64. The Lord shall have mercy on you and do something new in your life today.

65. No matter your shortcomings, your sins shall be forgiven and your past shall be wiped away.

66. Good morning, mum. May you find peace this morning and for the rest of your life.

67. I pray that your business experiences unusual growth and patronage today.

68. Wherever you go, favour will find you. Mercy shall locate you and joy shall be your portion.

69. God will bestow His love upon me and I’ll be known as the Lord’s favourite.

70. May the angels calm every storm in your life. May God speak peace into the depth of your soul. You shall never be a prey for the devil.

71. The wisdom you need to get to your next level, may you obtain it this morning.

72. May your life become beautiful and more fulfilling than it ever was. A new dawn is here for you.

73. May the heavenly angels deliver you into joy and happiness. May the pain in your heart be overshadowed by this joy.

74. May your harvest every good seed you have sown. May your harvest be bountiful and not sparing.

75. May the Holy Spirit capture your heart and kick out the spirit of laziness and unwillingness in you. Every resistance to your excellence is terminated this morning.

76. You shall experience a turnaround. Your life shall become beautiful. Good morning, best friend.

77. As you go out today, may the world find you lovable. You shall be favoured and not despised.

78. Your mouth shall be full of praises this morning and beyond.

79. All of your mistakes shall be overlooked. The Lord shall not consider your past but give you a beautiful future.

80. May you be full of praises and new songs this morning. Mourning and sorrow shall be far from you.

81. What to eat on this day shall not be a problem for you. You shall have in abundance the good food of the land.

82. Wisdom, knowledge and understanding shall be your portion. You shall be noticeable amongst others.

83. Your life shall know peace, joy, prosperity, progress and satisfaction. It’s the beginning of a new dawn for you.

84. The way out for you has come this morning. Your solution is here. You’re no longer in obscurity.

85. Your sweats shall turn into a river of joy. Your efforts shall not be in vain.

86. Good morning, handsome. May your beginning this morning be beautiful and may your evening today be worth thanksgiving.

87. You shall not fall into the temptation of the devil. You shall be strong in faith and be rewarded like Abraham.

88. May you be preferred in whatever you do. You shall always be the head and never the tail. Good morning, my darling brother.

89. The secret to your success shall be revealed to you by the Holy Ghost today. You shall walk in the path of light and wisdom.

90. May you be known for greatness. You shall achieve all that your heart is set to do this morning.

91. You shall not be weak. You shall be strong and fit. Your health shall be renewed every morning.

92. Your steps shall be ordered by the Lord. May you never find yourself in a quagmire

93. May your morning be brighter and more beautiful than you have ever experienced.

94. This day shall I know for good. May I never record any causality.

95. Crisis shall never befall you. You shall be a victor and not a victim.

96. You shall get to your destination. The Lord shall hasten your step and lead you aright.

97. You shall rejoice and have cause to glorify the Lord this morning.

98. You shall be like the birds without worries. All of your challenges shall succumb to your victory.

99. Your helper shall locate you and bring to you that which your heart is desperate for.

100. May you never lose your peace of mind. May you find joy and happiness at every point of your life.

With these 2023 Best Morning Prayer Quotes, you can be sure to have a good day along with your loved ones.

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