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Cute Instagram Captions for Boyfriend’s Birthday

Sending birthday wishes to the one you love on their birthdays can be one of the best ways to express one’s love and affection for them or another way to let them know how much you esteem them. While birthday wishes tell more of what is in your heart, and how much love you harbour therein, it also goes ahead to convey the wishes of goodness, success and dreams.

It comes in many sizes and forms — from a short “I love you” to a never-ending wish of love— just the right kind of words that will capture how you feel in your heart about that special someone especially if it’s your boyfriend or girlfriend’s birthday.

I guess you want to really celebrate your boyfriend’s birthday in a unique and dynamic way this time around. Once in love, always in love, right?

Here are some cute Instagram captions for boyfriend’s birthday that you can post even on Instagram to let the world know how much your boyfriend mean to you.

Boyfriend’s Birthday Instagram Captions with Quotes

Below are best boyfriend’s birthday Instagram captions with quotes in love to send to your cute boyfriend to make him feel special on his special day.

1. My day doesn’t start with the sunrise and ends with the sunset without you. We’ve come a long way honey, and with a heart full of love, I say Happy birthday, sweetheart.

2. It is not about the beginning of things that matter, it is about the end. Unfortunately, life has no end until death, so you just live every day as an end. On this wonderful and unique day Sweet, I wish you love, love and love for strength. Happy birthday, my Love.

3. The heavens bear witness this day, that a lover, a strength, a man, a rare gem was born today. Let me the stars convey my love, let the sun send my wishes. Let the moon carry bear my heart towards you. Happy birthday, dearest.

4. I waited and waited for sleep this awesome dawn, but it comes. Why? Because is so excited to speak to the one of my heart. I love you so much Sweet, and I send hugs as a birthday heart–full gift. Happy birthday.

5. And I’ve loved everything about you from the beginning of time. I love the smile, the cute love and adore the finest charactered young man. Happy birthday, my love.

6. To me, yesterday is today. Today is today. The day after will become today — because I stop the excitement welling up in my soul. Happy birthday fairest one.

7. It is the joy of knowing, that a lover, a husband, a father will be plus one today. Happy birthday to the love of my life. I heart you dearly.

8. In you I saw wisdom, I saw grace, I saw knowledge. You lighted my path and gave me a new life. How can I ever stop loving you? Happy birthday my most adorable Love.

9. Just lying down on my bed, eyes to the empty space before me, I can only think of one person, waiting – as the time tickles into hours, minutes, second. Each tick is precious – it’s my dearest’s birthday. Happy birthday, my love.

10. I waited this long, and it seems time tick. I just wait to be the first to wish you a warm happy birthday. Happy birthday, sweet.

11. My soul sings of your love continually. The thought of you can’t just leave my head. I love you! I love you! I love you! Happy birthday my one and only.

12. I love you today more than yesterday, more than every day of my life. More importantly, love you tomorrow even more, and as the days graduate to seasons. Happy birthday my love.

13. Your love has given me strength, given me hope, given me a future, given me a reason. You gave life meaning to me. Your love gave me a new beginning. Happy birthday Sweet Love

14. To many, just like the ordinary man walking on the street. To me, you are a star, a priceless jewel – the love of my resume. Happy birthday as I celebrate you today.

15. Happy birthday my love. Life could not have been any better without you. I love you for everything gained from loving you.

16. Happy birthday to my heartbeat, my Onion, my love. Today we live for the future. Tomorrow we celebrate success.

17. It has never been easy on every journey of life. But like they say, love makes it worthwhile. Happy birthday, sweetheart. I pray that this love takes you across the mountains.

18. On this special day, shut the door, shut our eyes, and enjoy the very best of nature as it offers everything at the table. Happy birthday My Love.

19. You shine like the moon in the night and the sun in the day. May this sun never stop shinning, otherwise, darkness would swallow my heart and the world. Happy birthday My Love, and keep shinning.

20. Let the rain come down so the flowers can blossom. Let it rain but let it rain moderately, so the bugs can spring forth. Today and forever, I celebrate you, My Love. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

21. You only live once. You only grow once. Life is a phase. It is full of phases. Today, you make add a plus to your life. So does everything around you, including me. I love you, baby. Happy birthday.

22. Every day, I count myself, one lucky woman, to have you in my life. You in me, I in you. Today is not an exception. Happy birthday My treasure. And stop at that

23. Yes! Indeed we have come this far. We will keep heading forward in the quest. I celebrate my Love. Today is your day, tomorrow will be mine. Happy birthday the love of my life.

24. There is no person that can fill the vacuum in my heart but you. Without you, life is an empty dream. You give me every rear smile. Happy birthday, dearie.

25. More and more, life has become very meaningful to you. You are a special one, a rare gem – a lover and a lifter of spirits. Today, I just want to say how much I love you and will always do. Happy birthday, Dearest One.

26. You can’t imagine how I count my blessings over and over again just because I have you. Keep shining my sun. Happy birthday to you.

27. I waited, counting every day until this special day. My heart could not sleep well since the beginning of this month. All I wanted was to be the first person to wish you a happy birthday. Happy birthday My heartbeat.

28. My treasure, my life – I want to be the first person to wish you a warm birthday. Come to my house today to give you a special treat. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

29. You are the greatest gift I’ve received in my lifetime. So today, I want to give you my special gift as well – it is a love undying – my heart and will. Happy birthday, Love.

30. When I look at you, I only see love. Live and nothing but love. You look at me what do you see…. I love you sooooo much. Happy birthday My one and only.

31. Forever, for love, for work, for life…. It is you and me. Today we celebrate ourselves. Tomorrow will still be us. Happy birthday My own.

32. Love is a test of time and season. We’ve come this far. So far, there is nothing else to test. I love you dearly. My heart speaks of you. Happy birthday handsome.

33. Almost forgetting it is your birthday, I dreamt of you and me wishing you a warm birthday Love. So you see you’re in my heart forever. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

34. I love you today, I will love you tomorrow, and will still love you the day after. It is a never-ending live Sweetheart – today and forever. Happy birthday dearest as I celebrate you everywhere.

35. Come and I’ll tell the flowers to give freely to you. Come, and I’ll tell the Baker to bake you something nice. Come, and I’ll tell my heart to out its contents to you. Happy birthday, Love.

36. You are the most beautiful and treasurable treasure u want to have always. Happy birthday the one and only soft true heart.

37. Every day, you keep adding in everything. Every day you draw closer to becoming that dream. Every day, you draw closer to the place of destiny. Don’t give up yet My Love. Happy birthday to you.

38. Last night, I woke you up very early. Today I will wake you up much earlier, and tomorrow I will let you rest. Happy birthday My beautiful one.

39. Be the star that never quenches no matter what cloth tries to shade it. Be the sun that never stops shining even on rainy days. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday My dear.

40. I love you most, I love you much, I love you more. Happy birthday dearest as the day keeps drawing nearer and nearer your dreams.

41. You cannot imagine how happy I am we can spend your special day together. Take it! Live it! Love it! Happy birthday my dearest one.

42. Take my shield, take my life, take everything I have to offer. It’s your birthday. So enjoy. Happy birthday to you.

43. Oh babe, as we celebrate this special day – your birthday. I pray that you keep blossoming as the stars of heaven. Birthday My Love.

44. Today is today, tomorrow will also be today. Let heaven’s rainfall on you. Let the light illumine your dark arches as you wrestle on this journey. Happy birthday My dearest one.

45. As you celebrate today. Just want to let you know just how much you mean to me. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

46. I know you love me! I love you too, more than anything else you can think of. You are my sunshine and shade. Happy birthday the love of my life.

47. You know definitely that no one can stop you from shinning. Go forth and show the world what you’ve got. Happy birthday My Love.

48. As you celebrate today, I just want to let you know that you mean the world to me. I love you with my heart baby. Happy birthday to you.

49. You have been my happiness since time immemorial. You will continue to be my happiness even in times to come. Happy birthday My Lover.

50. You have been my glory, my happiness, my comfort that I imagine a life without you. Today I celebrate with you. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

51. You brought me, love, you brought me hope, you brought me joy unbound. How can I ever stop loving you? Happy birthday My Love.

52. Today is definitely your day and I celebrate it with you. If you are happy, I am as well happy. If you are sad I am sad. What affects you affects me also. Happy birthday, Love.

53. Like they say – the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. You have come this far my dear and can’t afford to miss it. I pray for strength for continuity. Happy birthday dearie

54. Because you are strong; because you are brave; because you are the best man I have seen with a bent knee towards success, I know you’ll make it through. Happy birthday My sweetest one.

55. You helped me find me find hope. You gave me peace and brought me fulfilment. I love you so much, dear. Happy birthday to you.

56. You are the man I have – you are the man I want – you are the man I want to be with forever. Happy birthday My Love.

57. I hear the sound as I sleep through, I hear your sweet voice I awake – it echoes at work. I just cannot stop thinking about you, my dear. Happy birthday to you.

58. You are just an irreplaceable treasure to me, dear. Today I celebrate with you as you celebrate this special day – your birthday. I give you my love as the special gift before my presence. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

59. Some people say I am too obsessed with you. I tell them I just love you and will stand with you in any of your decisions. Happy birthday, dear.

60. Your heart belongs to me. You and I have come a long way. I rejoice and celebrate with you the joys of today. Happy birthday My Love.

61. If it is your smile I wake up every morning to see, that would be enough for my fulfilled day. Can’t stop having a lot of you. Happy birthday My dear.

62. You are my origin and I the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. I love you because I love you. Happy birthday My one and only.

63. You are just one priceless being, unique in your own way. I love the day I met you. I bless the day I saw you. Happy birthday, dearest one.

64. Days have gone, weeks, months. Seasons have come and gone. But forever you are ever anew in my heart. Happy birthday My dear.

65. So since the beginning of the year, I had been counting. As the seconds passed to minutes, and minutes to hours… I sat deliberating and planning this very day. Come out for a treat dear. Happy birthday to you.

66. You have been a source of inspiration, my grace, my wisdom. You should be the way out of no way. You are forever irreplaceable my dear. Happy birthday treasured

67. Thank you for blessing me with your affections. I must say you spoilt me already. Now I can’t have you out of my head. Happy birthday My Lover.

68. Your love has taken over me; my being. You give me every reason to say I love you. Today I will say it over and over again. Happy birthday My Love.

69. One thing at a time is enough for the day. But today, everything at the same time would not even be enough. Happy birthday My sweetest one. Love you.

70. Sometimes, I think my whole life. But it’s not far from the truth if I should say, because you remain the good and best part of my life.

71. Your warm and suiting embrace gives me strength and vibes for the day’s activity. Happy birthday, my Love, and come by today for your most precious gift.

72. A plus to everything is usually the symbol of birthdays. So today, and for everything you do, there is a plus. I. Already a plus in your life baby. Happy birthday, Love.

73. Yesterday I could not sleep with the thoughts of you in my head. You even occupy me unconsciously. Love you like no other. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

74. Tonight, while I lay in my bed, I beg for sleep to come. But I find it. Nothing could actually make me sleep because tomorrow was going to be special. Cannot Wait for honey to be the first to wish you a happy birthday. Happy birthday My Love.

75. You have been with me from the beginning of life: my strength, my arm, my love. Happy birthday as you age again today.

76. So sleep fled from my eyes yesterday. The thoughts of you and the fact that today was your born day made me dance in tune. Happy birthday to the love of my life. I hope I’m the first to say this.

77. Who is in the garden – a big fine man. Can I come and see him? Yes yes yes yes… today is his birthday. Happy birthday My Love.

78. My joy every day is waking up beside you with arms around you; feeling the falling and rising of your chest. Happy birthday the love of my life.

79. It is the promise of a lifetime. It is the sounding alarm of a promising future. Today and forever, I will stand by you to give you all the cheer you need. Happy birthday My Love.

80. Many times, the storms rose above us and swallowed us in the quest for a brighter future. Determination and passion have however kept you thus. As we celebrate you today, I pray for more doggedness. Happy birthday, Love.

81. Stay in my bed, close your eyes, open and still find me here – an assurance of love everlasting. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

82. The sun rises in you in the morning. Let it also set out to give you a suiting atmosphere. Reap and shine like the heavens. Happy birthday, dear.

83. Today and forever, I will keep falling in love with you. We celebrate the life of fulfilment and love eternal. Happy birthday My treasure.

84. Sometimes, words are not enough to convey our love to our lovers. But the heart is always true to the end and speaks in every action. Happy birthday to the one and only in my life.

85. We have come a long g way, through all the thorns of life. But your life did uphold us. And every day, the warmth I feel around you speaks a thousand. Happy birthday My dearest one.

86. The day I fell in love with you was the day I pledge to be there in rain and in sun. So even when you are down on your birthday, I am here to lift you. Happy birthday My heartbeat.

87. Today all of a sudden becomes special and unique. Do you know why? It is your birthday, hurray! Happy birthday and cheers to a heartfelt celebration.

88. There are many a time I felt this was not going to work… but today, I realize how much I understand and love you to stay. Happy birthday to us dearie.

89. Let the sunrise and set with you. Let Moonshine start and end with you. Let life live and live with you. Happy birthday, dearest one.

90. We have come through all the affairs of life. Your love has upheld me. I feel safe. I feel the warmth. I feel love. Happy birthday My dear.

91. Today is a special day for you. It is a special day for me too. Your heart belongs to me and mine to yours. Happy birthday the cutest man in my life.

92. What do I say now to you on your birthday – on this special day? A heartfelt love, kisses and hugs. A warm heart pledge to you to be yours only for today. Take my time Baby. Happy birthday.

93. Hehehehe, come and be even more mischievous today because you know I’ll let go. Commit all the sins now… it is a blank check – a special gift to celebrate a birthday. Happy birthday, Love.

94. How time flies! Only yesterday we celebrated you. Today we are celebrating again. Happy birthday to My heart.

95. Rise, your Majesty, it is dawn. What would I offer at your feet? It is my most special gift to you on a special day like this. Happy birthday My life. I love you.

96. I’m so glad you were the one that captivated my heart that very first day. It remains special to me every special day like this – you are priceless darling. Happy birthday.

97. Through all the trials of life; through all the temptations and hurdles – you stood by me. Today, I stand with you in your circle. Happy birthday My one and only.

98. You know I’ll tell you something…. I’m so glad you made my heart skipped that first day we met. Today, I look at you and I know I made the right choice. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

99. What would you bring to your table, your Majesty? It is your day, name it. Happy birthday, my love. I love you.

100. What more can life offer than this pleasant day in a year to celebrate you? Happy birthday to you, dearie.

101. Your love has been invaluable to me. Your affections, your warmth my dear. I love you and I join you to celebrate your special day. Happy birthday, my boyfriend.

102. My joy is waking up this beautiful morning – watching the rise and fall of your chest and observing as your eyes flip open to behold me. Happy birthday, dearest.

103. I say we enjoy now. We live in the present. We live today to celebrate the future. Happy birthday My dear

104. It is the promise of a life of authority; a promise of a life full of love and peace. It is the promise of a promise made. As the day’s tick and hours pass, we come to a time of fulfilment. Happy birthday, dearest.

105. It is the honesty in you that I find captivating – the train eyes, the sincerity in your voice, and your touch that says: baby I love you. I love you too dear. Happy birthday.

106. It is the breaking of a new dawn, and as usual, u want to suck everything the morning offers. Then suddenly I remember it is my baby’s birthday. The day suddenly becomes very special. Happy birthday My Love.

107. My whole life now revolves around you – my agility, my weakness is yours. Happy birthday My heart.

108. O dear, there is absolutely nothing in this world that I would not do to lit up that face of yours. It is a special day for you and I. Happy birthday, boyfriend.

109. Every time I look into those beautiful eyes, I am reminded of a fortune, of a privilege and luck to have come across someone like you. You are indeed special my dear. Happy birthday to you.

110. Close your eyes, and feel my warm embrace around you. It is a symbol of my love and commitment to you forever. Happy birthday, my dear.

111. Baby, I love you with every single bit of me. Never forget that. Happy birthday, my boyfriend.

112. You mean the world to me because you are my life and success. My life will remain unconditional to you. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

113. I could live a whole year without anything else but you. That’s how my heart beats for you. Happy birthday to you, again and again, my friend.

114. We stand the test of time and build love upon love in a house full of love. That is how to celebrate success. Happy birthday, my love.

115. Sometimes, I can’t help it thinking of how my life would have been without you. You bring sunshine to my heart every time you smile. Happy birthday, my heart.

116. Who can take your place in my life? Absolutely no one. You are irreplaceable dearest one. Happy birthday to you with hugs.

117. May our love become bigger and stronger each passing day. I would do anything to make you happy my dear. Happy birthday, boyfriend! I celebrate you today.

118. Today is truly a unique day because it is the day God decision brings out the o e for me. I love and I love you over and over again. Happy birthday to you, my dear.

119. Because it is your birthday, I guess I will have to think of you for the rest of the day. Happy birthday My one and only. Let me not look for you in my thoughts.

120. If it is your love I can think of the whole day, I’m positive I Wouldnt want to have any other thing to take. Your love is capable of satisfying me. Happy birthday My dear.

121. When someone becomes special to you, everything about him/her becomes the best. My love you are the most beautiful thing in the world to me. The world will stop to take another look. Happy birthday, dearest.

122. Happy to my hero – my comfort, my all in all. Happy birthday the best man on earth. Happy birthday.

123. Come, lemme tell you what I think of my love – she is the morning and my evening. My whole life revolves around her. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

124. You know you’ve saved my life a thousand times. es that I cannot count. Happy birthday to you again and again for I cannot stop loving and celebrating you.

125. My defence, my wisdom, my strength. Everything I find in you. You are the one truly meant for me. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

126. You are the only one I want today, tomorrow and the next. You are the one I want for life. Happy birthday, dear.

127. Can you remember? Yes! I remember that very day he walked up to me and kissed my unconsciousness to consciousness. Happy birthday My Love, my one and only. Happy birthday to you.

128. Go ahead baby and kick the devil in the butt today. You will make it whether he likes it or not. Happy birthday My life.

129. You are the only one I have ever loved – the only one I want to live with again and again. I love you dearie and a warm happy birthday to you.

130. Thank you for your love, your support, your body you gave to me to lean on. I live to love you again and again. Happy birthday, dearest.

131. Every day I wake up from sleep, I seem to realise the sonnet: I keep falling for you even in my sleep. Love you, my dear. Happy birthday, my best friend.

132. If the power of times were in my hands, I will take us back to have our good time once again. Happy birthday sweetest.

133. I blow the candles of your take today. It is a symbol of my commitment to you. Happy birthday, my own money

134. For all the ways I have offended you, forgive me and accept my sincere love. I cannot afford to miss a special day like this. Happy birthday to you dear.

135. Your smile keeps me up which is why I can’t stop making you smile. I pray that today be one of your sweetest and cherishable moments. Happy birthday to you dear.

136. On your special day today, I wish you the very best. Have fun today but not without me. Cheers until I see you.

137. I love you too much never to let you go even when the going gets tough. Happy birthday Love and cheers to a long life of love.

138. Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you my sweet one. I love you so much.

139. You came into my life and made me a new man. Tell me why I would stop loving you? I’m never letting you go honey. Happy birthday, my heartbeat.

140. When I look for a heart to lean on I lean on you. When I look for a chest to cut on, I see you. When I Look for the o e live with, it’s you My dearest one. Happy birthday, Love.

141. I hope I can bring happiness to you today as much as you have brought to my life. Happy birthday, my love and wait for my driver. Cheers.

142. On this day, I want to thank you for the much love you have shown these past years. I love you and may this love bring happiness to us. Happy birthday, my dear.

143. When I reach the place of despair and anxiety, your gentle voice and warm smile bring me around. I’ll always do my best to keep you happy my dear. Happy birthday, my heart.

144. On your big day today, I want to say I love you and will always love you. I will do everything to make my queen happy. Happy birthday, my dear.

145. The first day my heart leapt as the day you said I love you. The second is today – your special day. Happy birthday, my love as you sour high.

146. So today I sat down and made a list of every place I want to take you. You are special to me and need to be treated as one. Happy birthday, dearest one.

147. Babe no one in the world loves you the way I do. Happy birthday to you dear as I celebrate you in my life. Cheers to a life of fulfilling love.

148. To love, to life, to years of fulfilling dreams, I say cheers. Happy birthday My Love.

149. You are my dearest one, the only one I want to live and spend the rest of my life with. I celebrate you today and forever. Happy birthday My Love.

150. You make the first and last of my life. You make the beginning and end of my success. You are my sunshine, my love, my life. Happy birthday, my heartbeat.

I hope you enjoy going through the cute Instagram captions for boyfriend’s birthday above. Go ahead and make your boyfriend’s birthday super exciting with them.

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