Countdown to 21st Birthday Quotes

Countdown to 21st Birthday Quotes

Have you ever been delayed at the airport because of a cancelled flight? INTERESTING? Definitely NO.
Ever waited for your dad, mom or cousin at the airport? EXCITED? Maybe. ANXIOUS? Yes. That’s the feeling when the birthday of a loved one or yours is in days and you beginning a countdown.

But then, how do you start a countdown for a birthday? You may decide to start at any day depending on how long you can keep up with it. Believe me, a countdown for the birthday of any beloved person has a special way of making the joy in any person skyrocket. There are many tools and ways to start a special countdown towards a birthday, especially a unique one like the 21st birthday.

So, if you are looking for the best ideas on how to start a birthday countdown or what to write in a countdown message for a 21st birthday for your friends, cousin, nephew, niece and the likes, including yourself, then, you don’t have to go anywhere else because I have decided to follow you through these top countdowns to 21st birthday quotes; starting from 20 days countdown to 1 day count down quotes.

10 Days Countdown to 21st Birthday

10 days to your birthday, nay, 10 days to your 21st birthday. Yes, it is a special birthday and these 10 days will only make the day more elaborate. happy birthday in advance!

1. It’s just 10 ten days to your 21st birthday. 21st birthday has the semblance of the 21st centuries where the greatest of inventions came to the limelight. You are the special one. Happy birthday to you.

2. This year is already winding up for you though it is just beginning for some other people. 10 days from now, you would have successfully left the group of the 20-year olds to ride into your 21st birthday.

3. The journey of life they say begins with a step. Your journey into the 21st edition of your birthday begins in 10 days.

4. 10 days… and BOOM! You are 21 years. Wow. Happy birthday to you.

5. Your years are getting more and more beautiful and with 10 days left to your 21st birthday, I can hope for the best for you.

9 Days Countdown to 21st Birthday

For 9 good days, we are going to wait for your 21st birthday to show forth. I can’t wait to see you in your new age. Happy birthday in advance.

1. I’d love to compose a song for the countdown to your birthday, yes, and the 21st edition of your life. Congratulations in advance.

2. 9 days look too long, but gives me an avenue to have fun with the countdown to your 21st birthday. I could go on and on till the last day. Happy birthday in advance.

3. The entire social media space must hear about this special 21st birthday of yours. 9 days to go. Let me scream ahead of others. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

4. What do 9 days tell of? It tells of the special event we are planning for; your 21st birthday. Let the countdown begin!

5. In 9 days, a new feather will be added to your cap. YES. You would be amazingly 21 years old. Happy birthday in advance.

8 Days Countdown to 21st Birthday

What rhymes with eight? It’s definitely your day. Happy birthday in advance. It’s just 8 days to your 21st birthday.

1. The date has been saved. It’s 8 days. I am looking forward to celebrating your 21st birthday amidst all the merriment. Congratulations.

2. Who hasn’t heard must hear. Who doesn’t know will know. It’s 8 days to the 21st birthday of my beloved. Celebrate him and save the date.

3. 8 days and we go all town painting everywhere blue and brown. Your 21st birthday is my delight. I can’t wait. Congratulation, my buddy.

4. In a matter of 8 days, we go on a bumpy ride celebrating your 21st birthday. Happy birthday to you, my dear friend.

5. How many weeks are there in 8 days….WOW. it’s approximately a week to your birthday, I can’t wait. Happy birthday, dear.

7 Days Countdown to 21st Birthday

Exactly 7 days to your 21st birthday and I can’t breathe again because of the joy I know will come on that day. Happy birthday to you in advance.

1. 7 days make one week. This week seems very long because there is a big party waiting for us in 7 days. It’s your 21st birthday. We will be there.

2. The last one week of my life seems like it’s been crawling. With 7 days to go, I feel like pressing the skip button to the days in between, but I must wait. 7days to your 21st birthday.

3. Life begins at 21. If anyone asks you how sure you are, tell them to call me. It’s 7 days to that special event. Happy birthday, my dear.

4. What good thing it is to clock 21 years in 7 days. I will wait patiently to celebrate with you on that day. Happy birthday in this countdown.

5. The countdown is getting closer and the closer, the more the frenzy. Your 21st birthday will appear in 7 days. Wow.

6 Days Countdown to 21st Birthday

Less than a week to your birthday. This countdown is on day 6. We have 6 days to9 go to your 21st birthday. We keep waiting.

1. Less than a week today. I mean it’s 6 days to your 21st birthday. Happy birthday to my precious friend.

2. This will match the longest waiting I have endured in my history. 6 days to your 21st birthday and I can’t keep calm. I am eagerly waiting. Congratulations.

3. Birthdays are special occasions but there’s something unique about your 21st birthday that keeps me elated. It’s 6 days and I am eager in anticipation. Congratulations.

4. In addy to my bosom friend on this occasion of 21st birthday. I cherish you and I can’t wait for these 6 days to pass away. 6 days countdown running.

5. You have been so amazing as a 20-year old that I can’t wait to see the exploits you will make as a 21-year old. 6 days to go. Congratulations.

5 Days Countdown to 21st Birthday

In 5 days, this countdown will elapse and we launch directly into the funfair of your 21st birthday. Can you wait? I can’t.

1. I am beginning a countdown from today. It’s a 5- days countdown. Join me as I count FIVE…..FOUR…..THREE…..TWO…..Congratulations on being 21 years.

2. 5 fingers and 5 days to your 21st birthday. Your amazing journey around the sun this year is coming to an end in 5 days. Congratulation.

3. In 5 days, you will be translated into a newer level of glory. I can’t wait to behold your face on that day. I am in full gear of anticipation.

4. Everyone must ear. Across the border and hills. The social media space wouldn’t be enough as in 5 days, your 21st birthday will be LIVE. Let the countdown begin.

5. There are numerous things to hop and wait for but your 21st birthday tops the chart now. In 5 days, you will be 21 years. Congratulations.

4 Days Countdown to 21st Birthday

4 days to your birthday and we will start the merriment to your special 21st birthday. You deserve this special countdown. Let’s go there.

1. How long can 4 days be? Well, if you have something like the 21st birthday of a lovely person like you, the 4 days countdown can feel long. I can’t wait for the next 4 days for your birthday.

2. In four days, you will be TWENTY…….pause…..TWENTY-ONE. Wow. I am very happy to know that your 21st birthday is just in 4 days. Congratulations.

3. The whole world can wait for your birthday is in 4 days. Happy birthday to you, my dear buddy. In 4 days, you will climb to the 21st rung on the ladder. Cheers.

4. The countdown to your 21st birthday is in 4 days. Congratulations and happy birthday in advance.

5. My heart is racing, trying to catch the next few days to your birthday. Believe me when I say 4 days to your 21st birthday is very long. Let’s get there!

3 Days Countdown to 21st Birthday

A special birthday like the 21st birthday deserves strong preparation like a special countdown. So, 3 days countdown is beginning now.

1. In 3 days’ time, I’ll be celebrating the 21st birthday of the rare gem. Can I get to the exact day quicker? Well, I have to imbibe into myself the virtue called patience.

2. 3 days to go. In addy to you, brother. I can’t keep calm. Everyone must know that you are clocking 21 years in 3 days. Congratulations.

3. The best of you is yet to come to the limelight and that is why I can’t wait for these 3 days to come and go so that we can have the best version of you at 21 years.

4. For what can we do to publicize your birthday? Yes, a 3-day countdown will be very good. It’s the beginning of the 3-day countdown to your lovely 21st birthday.

5. My beloved, your 21st birthday in 3 days. Congratulations. You are unique and when you celebrate, we must all look forward to it.

2 Days Countdown to 21st Birthday

2 days to a much anticipated birthday, especially your 21st birthday is one that will bring in more fun and excitement as we can’t linger any more. The countdown is going down.

1. There is no missing it. No one is permitted to send a belated birthday message because we are going to give a reminder to all through a 2-day countdown to your 21st birthday to everyone.

2. We are going to break the internet. Trust me when I say that your birthday is going make the new. The 2 days left till your 21st birthday, will be glorious.

3. When your birthday is just remaining 2 days, then the noise about it should be louder. Woah Woah Woah. It’s 2 days left for the special 21st birthday of this amazing young man.

4. I have to celebrate you, dear sister. Your 21st birthday is an amazing one and as I look forward to it in two days, I know it would be glorious. Shalom.

5. Your 21st birthday is just in 2 days. Let’s count again.TWO, ONE, BOOM. Have the best of fun ahead.

1 Day Countdown to 21st Birthday

When it is just a day to your 21st birthday, then the countdown is winding up and the fun is nearer than ever. Looking forward to your birthday.

1. What’s the day called tomorrow? Wow. Your 21st birthday is just 1 day to go. Can we make some noise!!!! Happy birthday, sweetheart.

2. Tomorrow is not just an ordinary day. It’s the 21st birthday of your living here on earth. I can’t wait for this 1-day wait. Happy birthday.

3. Happy birthday to my darling angel. You will be 21 years in 1 days’ time. HURRAY! Let your birthday be the most memorable.

4. Sound the alarm. It’s just ONE, I repeat ONE day to the birthday of this wonderful lady. Happy 21st birthday to you, dear.

5. I can hear the sound of great rejoicing. I can feel the celebration in the air. Oh, it 1 day to your 21st birthday. Let the hours begin to wind down.

You don’t have to be late every time; you can even be early. Being early and making it fun has a way of creating better bonds. Start a countdown for yourself and your beloved’s 21st birthday now with these countdown to 21st birthday quotes.

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