Happy 7th Birthday Wishes, Messages and Quotes to My Niece

Happy 7th Birthday Wishes, Messages and Quotes to My Niece

Virtually everyone desires baby nieces; those tiny eyes, countable numbers of teeth and frequent nudging to carry. They are wonderful and so they deserve a special place in our hearts, even on their birthdays. What is special about 7th birthday? There are many local beliefs of the seventh number and for your niece to celebrate the 7th birthday, you should also make it special regardless of any special attachment to the number or not.

So, what do you write in a 7th birthday card for your niece? The answer lies right here as I urge you to look through the under-listed happy 7th birthday wishes and quotes to my niece and see what to say exactly to a baby niece on her birthday. Turning 7 years old is a beautiful thing and since you have a niece, you should celebrate her with the messages here.

The messages here are loving, beautiful and cute. You should look and read through it all to see the one that matches your desire for this special occasion.

Birthday Prayer Messages for Your 7 Years Old Niece

Happy birthday to my baby niece. This prayer is for you on the occasion of your 7th year birthday. I pray that your little of today will grow into a great light that will shine brighter and brighter.

1. Dear niece, I love that your teeth are beginning to get a well-defined set. They sparkle both in the day and at night. On your 7th birthday, I pray that your sparkle more than your teeth. Happy birthday to you.

2. My dear niece, loving you is my responsibility and celebrating you is worthwhile. Here I am sending you all the prayers that will take you through your life as you keep growing up. Happy 7th Birthday to you.

3. Happy Birthday to the most beautiful niece in the world. There are many happy birthday niece songs download but I would prefer to sing mine to you. I pray for divine guidance over your life. Happy 7th birthday dear niece.

4. The feeling of seeing you grow into a little girl gets more and more awesome by the day. Happy 7th birthday to my lovely niece. The beauty of your life will never erode.

5. I can’t believe that you are just seven years because you have already set for yourself a pattern to be identified with. I pray for an increase in your wisdom. Happy 7th birthday to you, my lovely niece.

6. My little niece, happy 7th year on earth to you. You are the most beautiful niece I know. I pray that you will always see the help that will push you to greatness. Happy birthday to you.

7. You are the most curious niece in the world, Happy birthday to you, my adorable niece. I pray that your quest for excellence will not be frustrated.

8. My precious little niece, happy birthday to you. I ask that you will always grow ten times better than your peers and colleagues. Happy 7th birthday to you.

9. May everything you need for growth and development be abundantly supplied to your family. Happy 7th birthday to you, darling niece.

10. Your new age will give you the platform to shoot for greatness. You are just beginning the greater part of your life. Enjoy a smooth ride. Happy 7th birthday to my lovely niece.

11. A niece like you bring joy to the heart of parents on special occasions of birthdays like this. Happy 7th birthday to you. May the joy over your life never diminish.

12. Dear little niece, congratulations on being 7 years old today. Seven is a special number and may everything about you become special. Have a great day.

13. What I can say about my 7-year old niece. She is an amazing little gem. I pray for divine wisdom and understanding to come upon you in your journey. Happy 7th birthday, pretty girl.

14. There are seven things I wish to send to you; love, peace, joy, blessings, wisdom, patience. Fill in the last one. Happy 7th birthday to you, dear niece.

15. May the breeze that blows your way this morning give you peace and prosperity. You are an amazing niece. Happy 7th birthday to my niece.

16. The birthday of my niece is today and she is 7 years old. Happy birthday to you. May the glory upon you continue to shine.

17. Today is the birthday of my niece; a special day. Happy birthday to you, my favourite niece. May the goodness of God never deplete in your life.

18. Happiest birthday to my beautiful niece. As you clock 7 years old today, I ask for the divine guidance from above and strength to see you through all the journey of life.

19. Happy birthday baby girl niece. Your birthday is a special one because the number 7 is a perfect number. Enjoy the best from today.

20. As you celebrate your birthday, my dear niece, I pray for all that concerns to begin to work out and may you never fall into the wrong company. Happy 7th birthday.

21. Your type is very uncommon, my dear niece. You are special and I pray that the value of your life will continue to increase in worth. Happiest birthday to my niece.

22. There are many nieces in the world but only a few are as wonderful as you are. On your 7th birthday, may the lines begin to fall in a pleasant place for you. Happy birthday to my beloved niece.

23. Your birth gave your parents the long-expected happiness and joy in their lives. I pray that you shall never turn into a source of sorrow and gloom for them. Happy 7th Birthday to you.

24. Happy birthday little princess niece. Let this feeling of joy in your life be one that will continue to shine and shine till the perfect day. Happy 7th birthday to you.

25. My niece is 7 years old today. Happy birthday to a very special niece. I pray for a better understanding of what life has to offer for you.

26. My baby is 7 years old. Blessed be the day you were into our family. I am most blessed to have you as a niece. Happy birthday to you.

27. The birthday of my niece must be celebrated because she is 7 years old. I ask that every step you take shall be ordered by the Lord. Happy birthday to my awesome niece.

28. Best of my wishes to my favourite niece at 7 years. A very big congratulation to you. As you blow out those candles on your cake. May every evil around you be blown away.

29. I am very proud of you, dear niece. On behalf of everyone above 7 years welcome you to the seven years old gang. Happy Birthday to my cute little niece.

30. I partnered with the wind this morning and asked it to send this load of long life, good wishes and beautiful feelings to you on your 7th birthday. Happy Birthday to my dearest niece.

Best Birthday Messages for a Niece Turning 7

As you turn 7 years today, I wish you good health and favour all the days of your life. You will always have reasons to be hopeful and blessed all the rest of your years.

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31. Talented people are not always older people. Kids like you have shown to the world that talents are innate and can be manifested in infancy. Happy birthday to my precious niece turning 7 today.

32. I don’t just have a beautiful niece, I have a brilliant and intelligent angel who is 7 years today. Happy birthday to the most beautiful niece in the world.

33. I have no doubt that the future old better things and hope for you and I know that you will be up to the task. Happy 7th birthday to the best niece. Have a splendid year.

34. I wish you the best in life with loads of good wishes, and love for you as you turn 7 years. Happiest birthday to the cutest niece I have.

35. Happy birthday to my gorgeous little niece. With the support of your parents and everyone around, I know that your future is bright. Happy birthday to my darling niece turning 7 years.

36. Dear niece, as you turn 7 today, I pray that nothing will impede your growth in all areas and that you will continue to excel. Happy birthday to my grandniece.

37. My beautiful niece, happy birthday to you. I know you had a great day with everyone and I also know how much you love to eat meat. Enjoy all today as you turn 7 years.

38. ONETWO.THREEFOURFIVESIX.SEVEN. Woe, see how big you are. You are 7 years today. Happy birthday to my favourite niece.

39. Dear niece, I hope you enjoy your sumptuous and succulent cake specially designed for you as you turn 7 years today. Happiest birthday to my precious niece.

40. The future ahead of you is bright, the life ahead of you is awesome and the glory ahead of you is excellent. Happy 7th birthday to my adorable niece.

41. May all your dreams come true. May your 7th birthday mark the glorious entrance of your life into a realm of excellence. Happy 7th Birthday to you, wonderful niece.

42. The most fabulous niece in the world is turning 7 today. I am delighted to celebrate you today. Happy birthday to my darling niece. Hurray!

43. I pray this new age brings to you the blessings you need and the joy you deserve along with lots of happiness and joy. More are my wishes for you. Happy Birthday to you, dearest niece.

44. May God send you all the helpers you deserve and all the grace to follow up with greatness, my little niece as you turn 7 years today. Congratulations.

45. May God bless you and add all the happiness and joy to your life on this wonderful birthday of you, Happy Birthday to you, dear.

46.I am sending you all the best wishes and love for you on your 7th birthday. As grow to turn 7 years today, may your growth continue to be from glory to glory. Happy Birthday to you, wonderful niece.

48. I hope you did not end up messing the entire cake as you did some few years ago. Remember you are turning 7 years today and the best is expected of you. Happy birthday to you, my lovely niece.

49. Dear niece, last year we joked about how big you would have become on your 7th birthday. To see how big you have grown is such a delight. Happy birthday to my wonderful niece as she turns 7 years.

50. May you continue to shine with great brightness and glow with perfect radiance. I hope you have a fantastic day on your 7th birthday. Happy birthday to my niece.

51. My baby niece is turning 7 today. Hurray! I pray that you continue to excel and that the grace to be ahead will rest upon you and be with you. Happiest birthday to my niece.

52. The beautiful morning that you have woken to see will give unto you the comfort and love that you deserve and the blessing of your life be released upon you.

53. Dear niece, for six years, you have shown that you are to us a bundle of joy. I pray that as you turn 7 years today, the joy will also take a leap and multiply in your life. Happy birthday cute niece.

54. My beautiful niece, you have added lots of happiness and joy to me and your family. You are such a blessing to us, as you turn 7 years old today, I wish you a blessed life in all you do.

55. I am a proud uncle today because you have been a wonderful niece. As you turn 7 years today, I ask that the glory of the Lord shall overshadow you and you will continue to rise above the challenges of life.

56. You have made your parents very proud not just on your birthday but by your steady growth in wisdom and intelligence. May your life be a positive example to your peers. Happy 7th birthday, my dear niece.

57. Happy birthday to the awesome niece in the world who is turning 7 today. I am convinced that success and happiness are loaded into your life. Congratulations, my dear niece.

58. I have got the cutest niece in the world and she is turning 7 today. May you find all the grace and peace in your life. Happy birthday to you, my niece.

59. Dear niece, be rest assured that you have the best people around you starting from your parents

60. Dear niece, watching you grow up from infancy to seeing you crawling on all fours and taking your first walk. It reminds me of beautiful memories. Happy birthday to you as you turn 7 years.

Happy 7th Birthday Niece Quotes

A niece at hand is more than a thousand niece elsewhere unknown. That’s my quote for you on your 7th birthday because you are to me, a very precious little niece. Enjoy your day, happy birthday dear niece.

61. Your birthday is not just a day of joy to you alone but to the entire family. Happy 7th birthday to you.

62. Today, my favourite niece is turning 7. The merriment will be extended and the fun will spread to all. Happy Birthday to you, dear.

63. Hi sweetheart, today is just the beginning of your life as you turn 7. I encourage you to always propel forward and never look back. Happy birthday to my amazing niece.

64. Wishing you all the best in your future and beautiful life. Happy 7th birthday to you, my baby niece.

65. I am sending all my best wishes and love for you on this day as you turn 7 years. Today will always be a day of joy for you and your joy will never be limited to just a day. Happy birthday, niece.

66. Seven is the number for perfection. Your 7th birthday is one that should launch into a realm of perfection in all you do. Happy birthday, beautiful niece.

67. Your 7th birthday is a huge milestone for you and the family. These past years have been amazing and your presence has added spice to every bit of our joy. Happy birthday to you, my baby niece.

68. Success is not only in great achievement but in doing little things with a touch of excellence, may everything you lay your hands on be with that touch. Happy 7th birthday to you, dear niece.

69. With continuous diligence and hard work, the road to greatness is never missed. Happy 7th birthday to you, my beautiful niece. May you never miss the road to greatness.

70. I am delighted to know that in few years you will celebrate the milestone of 10 years, but while we count to ten, this 7th birthday will bring you goodness and favour. Happy 7th birthday my dear niece.

71. To be special is not necessarily by the position you occupy but by the things you do. Happy special 7th birthday to you, dear niece.

72. Happy birthday to my beautiful niece. Always remember that there is great potential inside of you and that you are limitless.

73. The future belongs to those who have confidence and boldness to live out their dreams. I pray that with your 7th birthday, you will receive grace to pursue your vision.

74. The today we live in presently was the tomorrow we were looking forward to yesterday. I pray for your progress, everything will work out well for you. Happy birthday, darling niece.

75. Happy birthday to my little champ. You burst out to the earth with such temerity of purpose. I pray that your life will never be frustrated.

76. The life ahead of you is filled with great opportunities and challenges. Let every opportunity not pass you by and let challenges not hinder you from moving on. Happy 7th birthday to my darling niece.

77. Keep dreaming big, my dear niece. The earth is big enough for exploration. Happy 7th birthday to you.

78. My cute niece, happy birthday to you especially as it is your 7th birthday. May everything about you be blessed as you go on your fulfilled part of life.

79. You are the cutest niece I have seen. I am proud of you. Happy 7th birthday you.

80. I pray that you become very special and spectacular in society and may life treats you well. Happy 7th birthday to an amazing niece.

Happy 7th Birthday Wishes for Niece

Happy 7th birthday to you, my little niece. I wish you a life full of hope, love and blessings. Happy birthday to you, my dear little niece. Have a splendid day.

81. It’s your 7th edition, happy birthday to you. Today may be just another day to anyone but to you and us, it’s a wonderful day of your birth. Happy Birthday to you, fabulous niece.

82. Happy birthday to my cool-headed but intelligent girl whose birthday is today. I wish you add the peace, harmony and calmness of life. Cheers.

83. My beautiful niece, happy 7th birthday to you. May you be blessed in the city and the home. May you called the anointed of the Lord. Happy birthday to you.

84. The apple of everyone’s eye, happy birthday to you, cutie. I wish you lots of love, joy and happiness. Happy 7th anniversary of birth.

85. If I could compose a song, then I would sing to you a happy birthday niece song to celebrate your 7th birthday. You are blessed beyond curse. Happy birthday to you.

86. I have every reason to give thanks to God for you came to our family and made me a proud aunt. Thank God for your new age of 7 years. Happy birthday to you.

87. Happy birthday to my superstar niece. Wow, you are too hot to handle. I wish you divine security and protection from on high. Cheers.

88. Who would believe you are just 7 years? With the type of questions you ask and the contributions you give. I ask for more wisdom and understanding for you as keep growing. Happy birthday to my special niece.

89. The feelings of an uncle to me is one of the most wonderful feelings. Your birthday gave me this first feeling. Happy birthday to my niece at 7. Congratulations to you.

90. You are a gem, a moving treasure. You have added much joy and happiness to my life as an uncle. May joy and peace surround you every day.

91. Dear niece, I am sending you all the best things that are to be given as you celebrate your 7th birth.

92. May all the blessings and good wishes of today be for you on your 7th birthday. Leave no stone unturned in having a splendid day. The day belongs to you, dear niece.

93. No one would live with you and not desire to have a kid like you. You are an amazing and intelligent niece. Happy birthday to you on your 7th birthday.

94. The story of our lives, the account of joy cannot be stated without you playing a very big role. Happy 7th birthday to you, lovely niece. May all the blessing of the new age rest upon you.

95. The expression of our joy and happiness is in the party we have organized for your birthday, my special little niece. Receive my best wishes as you mark this beautiful 7th birthday.

96. There is no birthday without cake. As you mark your 7th birthday, my dear little niece, enjoy every yummy taste of your cake and have a beautiful life.

97. The number 7 is a special and lucky number. It signifies a perfect life. My wishes for you is that your life has no dent of imperfection as you aspire for greatness. Happy 7th birthday, my niece.

98. Seven years came so fast, and with the rate of your growth, I can’t be surprised because you have shown that the potential inside of you cannot be estimated. Happy 7th birthday to you, my adorable niece.

99. My little princess niece, you are an angel. You came forth into the world to bring positivity to our family. Happy 7th birthday to you. Wishing you long life and prosperity.

100. Happy birthday to a pretty girl capable of ruling the future. My best wishes for you today is that you will not be left behind in the scheme of life. Happy 7th birthday to you.

Don’t hesitate to send these happy 7th birthday wishes and quotes to my niece to your niece either by proxy through her parents or directly by yourself. Don’t wait till it becomes a belated birthday wish.

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