Congratulations to My Son on His Achievement Messages

Congratulations to My Son on His Achievement Messages

To be a man is not easy, as so many things are expected from the male child. A man needs all the encouragement he can get. And when he wins, he needs to be celebrated by everyone who means well for him, especially his parents.

If you’re a parent, and your son just achieved something, whether it’s a promotion at work, marriage, the christening of his child, or anything you can think of. These are great achievements, and it’s the best thing for you to celebrate him in a very nice way. It’s okay to do whatever is on your mind, but it’s very important to put your thoughts into words.

Now, that’s where I come in. The congratulations to my son on his achievement messages below, are the best you can get anywhere. They will convey your thoughts and feelings in the best way possible. Your son will love to have one from you.

Congratulating My Son for His Achievement

It’s a good day, son, and we are all here to celebrate you. You’ve been a great part of our lives, and today, we thought it wise to come and make your graduation day a special one for you. We all hope you have all the fun you deserve. Congratulations on your achievement, son.

1. I don’t even know how to thank you for always putting a smile on my face. I’m lost for words to appreciate you for always going the extra mile for this family. Today, I celebrate you for this beautiful addition to your family. I hope that she lives long to declare the works of the Lord. Congratulations to you and your family.

2. Finally, you’re done with school, today. This is a great achievement, not just to me, but to everyone in this family. I’m super grateful to God for giving me one of the smartest kids around. Thank you for putting in your best. At the end of the day, you got what you deserve. Congratulations to you.

3. Only God knows how you were able to pull that up. Despite all we were going through while you were in school, you still made it to the top of your class. I can’t thank you enough for always saying focused, even though things don’t seem to be good. I hope that things continue to work out for you. Congratulations, my dear son.

4. The day is here, and we are all excited to celebrate with you. Gaining admission into the college and coming out with distinctions, isn’t a child’s play. I’m grateful to God for seeing you through it all. It’s a new dawn for you. I hope you’re headed for greatness. Congratulations on your achievement, my son.

5. I can’t even begin to count all your achievements. I can’t even count how many times you’ve made me happy in this life. I still do not know what I have done to deserve a great son like you. I’m so happy for you, today. I hope it’s the beginning of more achievements to come. Congratulations, once again.

6. You have been on this for a very long time. Even when it seemed as though nothing was forthcoming, you raised your hopes! I’m super proud of you. I’m very happy that you finally got the job. I hope that your dreams keep coming through one after the other. Congratulations, son.

7. I definitely am the happiest mom, right now. I still don’t how you manage to do the things you do. You always surprise me! I’m very happy that you brought home a very beautiful and well-mannered lady. Here’s congratulating you ahead of your wedding that is coming up, soon. I wish you both the best of luck. Congratulations.

8. Even before you were old enough, I have always been very proud of the things you do. Now, I’m even prouder of the man you have become. I respect and love you a lot. Thank you for coming home with the best results ever. I hope that good things begin to follow suit. Congratulations on your graduation.

9. I can’t believe you’re a graduate, already. Despite all you had to go through while in school, you still made it as the top person in your class. My dear son, this is a very proud and emotional moment for me. I’m just grateful that you made it at last. Congratulations on your graduation, my son. I love you so much.

10. Never have you ever disappointed me. In fact, I doubt it has ever crossed your mind to do that. You always do things that make me happy and proud of you. Today is one of those occasions, where I find it so difficult to stop the tears from rolling. Thank you for being the best son ever. Congratulations on your graduation.

11. This might not seem like an achievement to you, but honestly, it is. Bringing home a lady who’s as respectful and responsible as this is everything. I have always been praying for a day like this. Thank God, it happened today. I hope that this decision of yours will never be the end of you. Congratulations, my dear son.

12. It’s been such a very long year, but you still decided to end it on a good note. I’m glad that this is coming at the end of the year. It only means that greater things than this will happen in the next year. I will still be very happy to celebrate your wins with you. Congratulations on this and many more to come.

13. My son, I have always wished for the best of everything to happen to you. Never have I been caught wanting something bad to happen to you. This is because you are my joy. I am naked without you. On this day of your graduation, I want you to know that my support will always be for you and you alone. Congratulations, my darling.

14. You mean everything to me, so whenever you win, it’s a win for us. Today is your wedding day, and nothing brings more joy into my heart than this. We have all been waiting for a day like this, and we are thankful that it’s finally here. I know you feel super pumped right now. Congratulations, my son. I love you.

15. I am very happy that you brought home a very beautiful lady. She’s not only beautiful but respectful and amazing. You didn’t disappoint me on this one, just like you’ve always been doing. Today, I bless you both and wish you the best of marriages. Congratulations, once again.

16. Dear son, you’ve been through so much in life. You’ve been ridiculed so many times. You’ve been talked and looked down on. But you never allowed any of these to keep you down! You always rise above the hate and jealousy of bad people. Today, I’m very happy that people like that are here to celebrate and rejoice with you. Congratulations, my son.

17. This is the achievement of the year! No one in this family has ever achieved something so great. You have paid your dues fully, and you deserve to enjoy every single thing that comes afterwards. Congratulations to you, my sweet son. This is the beginning of greater blessings to come. I love you.

18. It’s been such a year! Nothing has ever gone as you planned. Things kept going down and slow. But now, I’m very happy to see that good things have started happening to you. I hope you don’t snooze because you’re up to something great. Congratulations, my son. Keep moving!

19. You have no idea how much I talk about you outside of this family. You’re a son who’s worth all the hype! Today’s one of those occasions when I celebrate you. I’m glad to still be alive to be doing this, my son. Thank you for always inspiring and encouraging people to be better at what they do. Congratulations to you and the entire family.

20. You’re very young, yet no one takes their time to inspire and motivate others, like you. You’re a very serious-minded individual. Never have you been caught wasting time on frivolities. You always make sure to represent this family in the most wonderful way ever. It’s your turn to be celebrated, and I am saying congratulations.

21. Yes, being a year older is an achievement. So many people would’ve loved to still be alive, but they couldn’t. I’m grateful to God for keeping you alive, hale and hearty. You’re a sweet person, and I’m glad to know that you’re getting all the love you deserve. Congratulations on your special day, my son. Enjoy.

22. Disappointment is never in your dictionary. You always keep to whatever you say, no matter the condition that comes with it. I’m very proud to be the mother of a king. You’re a wonderful person, and I am happy that only wonderful things like this, keep happening to you. Congratulations, my love.

23. I can’t believe my son is now a house owner! I am very happy to hear this news. I have always been waiting and praying to God for a day like this. Today, I feel so thankful to see that one of my numerous dreams finally comes to pass. I am happy for you, son. Now, start planning to build mine. Congratulations, once again.

24. My darling, you work so hard! I’m yet to see any man who’s worked as hard as you do. You don’t shy away from any form of work. Honestly, I am very happy to be the mother of a responsible champ like you. Today, your hard work finally pays off. Congratulations to you and your teammates.

25. It’s been such a beautiful ride with you, my son. It’s been years since I had you, and never have you disappointed me. No matter how far away you are, the moment I request to see you, I run down here. What would I do without you, my son? Thank you for always showing up, even on short notice. Congratulations to you, sweetheart.

Congratulations Messages for Son’s Achievement

My son, whenever you achieve success, I am happy and feel grateful. You’ve always been a wonderful son to me. I hope that this latest achievement opens the door for many more. This is definitely the least of what’s about to come. Congratulations, dear son.

26. I can’t believe you now have a car of your own. I have been patiently waiting for this day. It got to a point, I thought you weren’t hardworking enough. I’m very sorry for doubting how much work you put into your business and life. Glad to see the results. Congratulations on your new ride, my son.

27. Just like all other days, I am very happy for you, today. This is a very well deserved achievement. You worked your ass off just to make sure that you come home with this. I’m glad to know that the award is yours. I’m thankful to the organizers for seeing what others couldn’t. Congratulations, my son. I love you.

28. It’s been a long time coming. You’re my best friend and son. Never have you taken me for granted. You’re always there to lift me, even when others don’t see the need to. I can’t be grateful enough. You’re just the best, and I am very happy to be by your side, on a day like this. This is our achievement. So, congratulations to us.

29. I am so happy to know that, you were focused and determined, through it all. Things like this don’t come easy. I know this because I have been there. Some day, I felt like quitting school, but I am thankful for my parents who stood by me. I’m glad to be doing the same for you, today. Congratulations on your graduation.

30. I can’t believe you got the promotion! You have been in this firm for years, and nothing has ever been done to promote you. Even those who came after you have been elevated a couple of times. I am very happy that this is happening to you. I know you’re very happy too, so let’s pop some champagne. Congratulations, son.

31. Congratulations is the only thing I love saying to you. Whenever you win, I am happy and proud over again. This is the day that the Lord has made, we should rejoice, celebrate and be glad in it. Congratulations, my lovely son. I wish you many more to come.

32. Nothing beats being there when a child is winning; it brings joy, beautiful emotions and thoughts. I am glad to know that my prayers for you, didn’t go to waste. God has decided to put a smile on my face today, and I am very happy about it. Congratulations on this, my son. I wish you many more achievements to come.

33. It’s been such a long year for you, but nothing has stopped you from achieving your set down goals. You keep coming for them, one after the other. If anything, I am very happy to be a part of your success story. It gives me so much joy to see how much you’ve grown. Congratulations again, my son.

34. The day is finally here, and I am hoping that you will let me rest, now. Honestly, I am very happy to see that you’re doing well. I’m even happier to know that you do all these for me to be happy and proud of you. Sincerely, I am satisfied with how much you go all out to put a smile on my face. I am grateful, my love. Congratulations to you.

35. I bet you’re the happiest man, right now. Trust me, I understand. I do because I have been there. While I was, I didn’t take it lightly. I talked about it everywhere I went. Thank you for being an inspiration and motivation to so many people. You’re not doing this for yourself, but for the world. Congratulations.

36. I watched you cry! I watched you punch the wall, several times. I watched you have sleepless nights. But in all of these, I never saw you question God. You’re a great person, and your faith in God is very strong. I’m glad that you still acknowledge His presence, no matter what you’re going through. No wonder He came through for you, today. Congratulations to you.

37. One of the best things for you is to tell you congratulations. You have no idea how much this puts smiles on my face. It’s not easy to be a mother to a stubborn person like you, but God has always helped me in dealing with your stubbornness. I am a proud mom, yet again. Congratulations to you.

38. To me, no win is small or big; a win is simply what it is; a win! I am very happy to finally know that you got that job you’ve been applying for. Despite the years you’ve laboured and cried, God decided to come through at this time. Those years weren’t a waste, anyways. Congratulations on your new job. God bless you.

39. You’re someone who’s always happy for others, no matter how left behind you feel you are. Something in you just makes you celebrate others, regardless of your present state. I am very proud to be your mother. I raised you so well, and it’s good to see that you are attaining success, already. Congratulations to you.

40. The arrival of this special day, puts a smile on my face. I can’t even tell exactly the last time I felt so happy. This makes me feel good, honestly. I feel like the happiest and proudest mom, right now. I didn’t know how you managed to scale through, but I am sure you went all in. Glad to see that your hard work paid off. Congratulations to you.

41. The whole family is rejoicing because it’s your graduation day. Trust me, we all can’t wait to throw a party. You have made everyone here so proud. We can’t keep talking about how much work you put into achieving this. The stress and headaches didn’t go in vain, after all. Congratulations on your graduation, son. We all love you.

42. If you weren’t loved, this place would never have been full. We all have your best interest at heart, that’s why we’ve left everything behind just to focus on you, today. It’s your big day. We are happy to know that you’re thriving, despite all that’s happened in the past. God is indeed a great God. Congratulations to you, son. Love.

43. You have done it, again. You have made me proud, again. You are the reason I feel like a proud father, today. Honestly, I doubt I should be here, despite all I put you through. You still found a place in your heart to forgive me. For what you’ve done, I promise to be a better father. I’m so sorry, son. Congratulations to you.

44. I have always anticipated a day like this. A day when I would sit down and be referred to as the groom’s father. This is such a proud and emotional moment for me, son. I’m so happy that you followed my footsteps and made me proud, at last. Congratulations on your wedding. I wish you both a blissful marriage. Enjoy!

45. You’re by far the best thing that’s ever happened to me. No one has ever gone the extra mile to make me as happy as you do. I have only just been delivering my fatherly duties, but you’ve decided to do even more for me. Trust me, I am grateful. It’s your graduation day, son. Thank you for coming out of school in flying colours. Congratulations to you.

46. No many how much the congratulations are, they will never ever be enough for a hardworking and focused boy like you. You did all you had to do, just to make sure that I am not painted as an object of ridicule. I appreciate this, and the many more you will still do. Congratulations, my son. I love you.

47. I have never stopped being there for you because you’ve made it the easiest thing for me to do. You always make sure that I am happy with whatever you do. Honestly, I feel like a great father, over again. I’m very happy that you take after me in everything. Congratulations, my son. Can’t wait to celebrate many more successes with you.

48. Whoever messes with you will have me to contend with. I do not joke with you at all, because you always do things that make me bless the day you became mine. It’s your birthday, and I see it as an achievement to be alive. So many of your mates are long gone, but here you are, hale and hearty. I am happy for you, my son. Congratulations to you.

49. I doubt I have ever seen a tear in your eyes. Whatever you’re going through has never been a yardstick to how you appear on the outside. You always keep good and happy energy, no matter what. If only you know how many people you’ve liberated from the pool of depression. I hope that you never stop being celebrated, just like it is, today. Congratulations.

50. So many people have good things to say about you. You’re just an amazing person with a good heart. I love that I am your mother. I love how much God is intentional about making me happy. I am so happy for you on this endorsement deal. I hope that many more follow. Congratulations on this huge feat, my son. I love you too much.

Congratulations Wishes Son’s Achievement

Feel good, it’s a happy day. I’m so delighted to know that you keep winning at life. Everything seems so beautiful, and that’s all I have always wanted. I hope that many more beautiful moments come into your life. Congratulations on your achievement, my son. Best wishes.

51. Celebrating you, comes naturally; I do not have to push or force it. I am so happy to see that you’re making waves in your preferred niche. It hasn’t been easy, but you’ve been pulling through, with the help of God and your family. I hope that things begin to be easier for you, son. Congratulations, once again.

52. I don’t even know what to say. I am just very happy to be alive on a day like this. Finally, you decided to bring your fiancee home. Trust me, she is very beautiful and charming. You really did your best in bringing the best woman home. I just hope that she finds it easy to be your peace. Now, let’s set a date for the wedding. Congratulations, son.

53. I doubt you’ve ever judged anyone. Each time I do, you correct me with love. Honestly, I have never seen a child who seems wiser than the parent. I keep learning from you, with each passing day. It’s your graduation today, and I feel truly blessed to be your parent. Congratulations on this achievement. Many more to come.

54. The only thing I don’t ever want to experience, is losing you! I hope it never happens because I will end it all. You’re my life and essence. You mean the world to me. I can’t even function without you. Thank you for getting me a beautiful car like this. Yes, it’s an achievement for you, also. A lot of your mates can’t boast about this yet. Congratulations to us.

55. That you’re still standing tall, is by the grace of God. You’ve really been through a lot, but your head is still very up high. It’s good to see how determined and strong-willed you are. That is what has gotten you this far. Congratulations on this wonderful win. I can’t wait for many others to come. I love you, son.

56. Giving birth to you, has always been an achievement to me. Ever since you came into my life, it’s been all beautiful and amazing. I have never been very happy like I am now. It’s all you, dear son. It gives me great joy to see that you’re leaving college, today. Thank you for making me proud, despite all people had to say. Congratulations.

57. Congratulating you today, makes me reach some level of peace and joy. I am proud of myself for doing all they thought I would never. I am very happy to regard myself as a proud and responsible mother. Only a few mothers will do what I did. My son, thank you for not disappointing me, as well. Congratulations to us.

58. If only you know how much this means to me! I have been waiting for this very day. I’m so happy that it’s finally here. You have always been making me proud, since the inception of your education. It has never been easy, but I understood because it didn’t promise to. I’m so happy that it all ends, today. Congratulations, my dear son.

59. You have laboured so much to get this job. The insults, ridicule and downgrade were just too much. Today, I congratulate you on getting the job of your dreams. You were determined and passionate about getting it, despite everything that happened. I’m so proud to be your mother, right now! Congratulations, my son. I can’t wait for your promotion.

60. We all have dreams and aspirations in life. Some are easy to achieve, while some are far fetched and take a lot of swear, tears and blood. I am glad to know that God has made it very easy for you. You didn’t have to go through any form of stress before He showed Himself. Congratulations to you, my son. I hope you continue to serve Him in truth and in spirit.

61. The Lord has done it, yet again. I have another graduate son. My darling, I don’t need to know all you did or how you went about getting yourself here. All I care about is, you are here and that’s enough reason to be happy and rejoice with you, today. Congratulations, my baby boo. I wish you all the best.

62. Of all my children, you’ve always been the most brilliant. Before anything is said, you already know what it is. You’re so proactive in learning new things. Honestly, I don’t know what to say to you, today. I just want to appreciate you for taking your life and career seriously. Congratulations on your latest achievement. I love you.

63. Good things don’t come easy, and that’s exactly why you had to go through all that, just so you can get here. I am very happy to see you at the top. I hope you know that there’s another top. Don’t stop working towards getting there, son. I can’t wait to see you at the level you’ve been wanting to reach. Congratulations on this one. Love.

64. I only know of a few people that can inspire others to achieve greatness as you do. In fact, you’re by far the best of them all. When you teach people, you hoard nothing. You come out plain and clear. You don’t mince words. You’re as transparent as you need to be. No wonder your knowledge keeps increasing. Congratulations on training so many people. Bless you.

65. I don’t need to ask anyone; I already know that I have the best son. From the things you do and how you do them, even the dumbest person will know that you’re the best. Today, I congratulate you for being the best amongst so many others. I am super proud of you. I can’t wait for more achievements to come. Enjoy this beautiful win, my love.

66. Making me happy has always been of utmost priority to you. Honestly, if I had the chance, maybe I would’ve made my parents happy too. You are one of those people who mean so much to me. As your mother, I feel so elated to welcome you into this new phase of your life. I am very sure it will be beautiful. Congratulations, my son.

67. Your knack for success is one of the admirable traits of yours. I have never seen anyone who’s keen on making success look like an easy thing. Your drive and passion are infectious. I am just super proud that I have you as a son. Congratulations on your success. I hope that you enjoy every bit of it. All my love.

68. Up till now, I still wonder how you managed to pull that off. What manner of son are you? You don’t ever joke about anything that has to do with your education, just because you know how much I labour just to make sure that you have the best. You should thank me, but I shouldn’t fail to acknowledge that you really tried. Congratulations to you.

69. At this point in my life, you’re the only thing that matters to me. You’re the only one I want to keep clapping for. You’re the only one I want to keep expecting the best from. You’re the only one I want to keep loving and supporting. I know you won’t do anything short of these to me. Today, I clap for you, because you won, yet again. Congratulations, champ.

70. Honestly, God really loves me, and you’re an evidence. I have never thought about having a life as blissful as this. I have a son who does nothing, but make me happy at every slightest opportunity. What more can I ask for? I think I have everything, already. Congratulations on winning the entrepreneur of the year award. I love you, son.

71. You have never been found lazying around. You know exactly what to do and the time to do it. Sometimes, you’re the one who even plans for me. I am happy to know that our plans came out so beautiful. You won the award, my son. Congratulations to you. Now, start putting in more works. Love you.

72. It’s not how far, but how well. You’ve always been expectant of this day, but after so many years, God decided to make you happy. I am the happiest father on earth, right now. It’s good to see how you keep winning back to back. Whatever you need to keep being a better person, I promise to make it easier for you by supporting you a hundred per cent. Congratulations.

73. The Lord is my witness, I have never stopped wishing you well. If only you know how happy and proud I feel, whenever I tell people about you. You have made me a global mom, with all the things you keep doing. Everyone now knows that I am your mom. My darling, I am super proud. Congratulations to you on this particular win.

74. It’s a wonderful occasion because it involves celebrating you, my son. It’s your graduation, and everyone is here for you. You’ve been a light on our path, in a way or the other. There’s just so little we can do without you. We are here for you, despite our busy schedules. We hope that good things like this never cease to happen to you. Congratulations.

75. Sometimes, I am go engraved in work that I even forget that I have a son somewhere. But you’ve always looked past my inabilities to deliver. You always wish me well. You’ve literally been the mother and father of yourself. It’s so good to see your wonderful life has turned out. I hope it’s the beginning of greater things to come. Congratulations.

Congratulations to My Son on His Achievement Quotes

It’s a good thing that I am alive to celebrate this special day of your life. I can’t believe you now have a wife, and will soon have a beautiful family. I promise not to ever give up on you, no matter how bad it gets. Congratulations on your achievement, my son. I love you.

76. We have always been best friends. There’s nothing going on in your life, that I do not know about. The fact that you always tell me everything, despite your age, makes me very happy. Thank you for always being vulnerable around me. It’s your graduation day, and I feel so proud over again. Congratulations to you, my dear son.

77. This is our win! I was there, through it all. I didn’t stop calling to ask how you were faring. I didn’t stop praying for you, neither did I stop loving you. The glorious day we’ve been waiting for, is finally here. I feel so proud to see you in your graduation dress. I’m thankful for the journey so far. I can’t wait to unlock the next with you. Congratulations.

78. Our lives are filled with so many tasks, but we’ve made it compulsory to be here, just to celebrate you, today. Being your father has taught me so many things. I consider it a privilege and blessing to be a father to the most amazing son ever. I don’t take it for granted, son. It’s your graduation day. Congratulations to you on making it this far. I love you.

79. I will never allow anything bad to come near you. You mean the world to me, and that’s why I have always been supporting you. Even though you’re a very stubborn boy, I will never fail to deliver my role as the best father. Thank you for taking your education seriously. That’s the only reason you got here. Congratulations to you.

80. Congratulations feels like the easiest thing to say to you because you always break limits! You always do things that make this family proud. You’re a wonderful boy who makes life easy for himself and many others. Trust me, I see you doing very well in life. I can’t wait to celebrate more wins with you. Congratulations, my son.

81. While your mates were busy having as many girlfriends as possible, you were only focused on your academics. I doubt you had a social life, while in school. Honestly, I am grateful to you for doing all that, so you can get here, today. You made it big, my son. Congratulations to you on this, and many more to come. I love you.

82. I salute myself for being there every step of the way. I never left you, even when things were bad back at home. I’m thankful that I stayed with you, through it all. I’m also grateful to you for putting in the required work, not minding what comes with it. You made it at last. Congratulations to you.

83. You have always brought me happiness. I have lost count of how many proud moments I have recorded, just by being your mother. If there’s such a thing as an afterlife, I would love for you to be my son again. Thank you for making life so easy for me. I celebrate you today and forevermore. I love you, son.

84. You know why you’re the best son? Because you always make me happy. You celebrate me, not minding if it’s my birthday or not. You always come through for me, even when you’re going through hell. I can’t thank you enough for always making me feel like the best parent. It’s your day, and I am very happy for you. Congratulations, son.

85. I am the happiest parent, right now. Whenever I think about how much you’ve lost because of this job, I cry. I never knew God had a greater plan for you. Now, you have the job. Now, you can get everything you’ve always wanted to have. Congratulations to you, my son. I am expecting my car in my garage. I love you so much.

86. As a proud parent, I am thanking you for making this day a reality. I never knew it would come this fast. I’m thankful that I took all the decisions I did. I am thankful that God saw me through every single obstacle. I am grateful that we both came out alive, despite all that happened. You’re my miracle child. Congratulations to you, son.

87. You should know that I will celebrate you over and over again; I have no other job. You’ve been my happiness and best friend since I had you. Even though I am your mother, I tell you about everything that happens in my life. It’s such a great day for me. Even though I am emotional right now, I can’t stop smiling, at the same time. Thank you for doing this. Congratulations to you.

88. My darling son, because of you, I have perfect health. Because of you, I have so many reasons to be happy with life. I’m just grateful to God for all He keeps using you for. Today, you beat your failures, against all odds. You are officially a graduate, after all, you went through. I am super proud of you. Yes, you have your dream job waiting for you. Congratulations.

89. It’s a beautiful day for everyone in this family. Our tradition has always been to celebrate everyone, no matter what they’ve done to us in the past. I’m sure you know how stubborn you are, and this has made you not be in the good books of many people. But we all are looking past this, and coming through for you. Congratulations on your latest achievement. We love you.

90. I am a father to the best son in the world. You’re a son who has seen through me. You’re a son who has learned from my past mistakes and is doing everything to be better than me. I’m grateful to have gone through all those, just so you don’t make the same mistake. I thank God for making you the MD of your company. That’s a great one right there. Congratulations to you.

91. You have always been filled with excellence. You’re so brilliant in every way. I honestly don’t know what to say to you, today. But I want you to know that, whatever it is that this after school life would bring, I will always be ready to weather the storm with you. You will never be alone. Congratulations on your graduation, son. I love you.

92. Yes, having a child is an achievement. You have given me a grandchild, and that’s an achievement to me, as well. We both are proud parents and grandparents. Thank you and your wife for putting a smile on my face. I can’t wait to carry my grandchild and rock him to bed. Congratulations to the entire family.

93. There are certain things in life that weigh us down. You have been through these things and came out unscratched and unharmed. I wonder where you get your strength from. I was aware of everything that happened in your school, and I still wonder how you managed to graduate with distinctions. I am proud of you. Congratulations, son.

94. Failure to celebrate you today, will automatically mean that I am a bad parent; and that’s not what I want to happen. You haven’t come this far, just be sitting in a spot or lazying around. You made your way here, by dedicating your whole life to being the best wherever you find yourself. That’s the spirit, son! Congratulations to you. Be great!

95. When I see greatness, I celebrate it! I’m even happier that you are my son. If I fail to realize how much you’ve made me proud, then I will come off as an insensitive and useless parent. I can’t believe you made it this far. You have done very well, and your father and I am proud of the man you’ve become. Congratulations.

96. You’re my best friend, and you automatically mean everything to me. Life’s hard without you, and that’s why I always take my time to celebrate your wins; whether small or big. You have done it again, and this time, I will let the whole world know that God has done me well. Congratulations, my son. Love you.

97. I have watched you go through stuff, while you cry and feel depressed. You’re really a strong man, and that’s why I am celebrating you, today. This isn’t because you are my son, but because you’ve proven to be the best amongst every other. Congratulations, my boy. Keep it moving!

98. Everyone knows that you’re the best part of me. In fact, I do not joke with whatever has to do with you. I’m glad you reciprocate this so well. On your graduation, I just want you to know that, I am very pleased with all you did while in school. It’s the outside world; I hope you do better. Congratulations, once again.

99. I don’t even know what to say or where to start, because I am lost for the right words. You’re just the most amazing, and celebrating you today puts so many smiles on my face. Thank you for everything, dear son. I hope that the universe continues to work in your favour. I love you so much.

100. Having a son like you, means everything. I’m very sure I will make heaven because I have you. In fact, I will be on the right-hand side of God. Here’s another proud moment, and I am grateful for it. Congratulations, my son. Keep up the good work.

Hello there! I hope you’re feeling good. I trust you had a good read with the congratulations to my son on his achievement messages up there. As usual, I will need you to drop your comment(s) and also share it with other people who have amazing sons. Thank you.

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